Vaccine Damage is Far Greater Than Long-Held Views


11-06-19 02:51:00,

By Laraine C. Abbey-Katzev, RN (emeritus), MS, CNS

How much death or life-long health damage will it take for the world to wake up to the dark side of vaccines?  The stories are legion; the independent science stands in opposition to safety claims; the industry science is misleading, manipulated, and outright fraudulent in some cases. Scientific peer-reviewed journal articles, highlighting all manner of concerns, are steadily accumulating.

While the autism/vaccine debate rages on, MIT researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff tells us (based on current trajectory) by the year 2032—50% of all children, and about most of the boys— will be autistic! How will they be cared for, and by whom—especially as they age and their parents pass away? How does a country survive if 50% of its children are severely disabled and in need of lifetime care? The astronomical cost of their desperately needed services will consume and destroy whatever is left of our economy.

Despite Big-Pharma’s wishful non-sense claim that the science is settled on vaccines and autism, independent observers, researchers, and health professionals are declaring in ever increasing numbers that vaccines are contributing to the exponential rise in autism, other chronic conditions—particularly auto-immune disorders.

Having tracked this issue over many years, it is beyond clear to me that we are trading PERCEIVED BENEFIT in vaccine-preventable infectious diseases, for damaged brains, dysfunctional immune systems and a growing list of vaccine induced chronic maladies that include childhood diabetes. J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Apr-May;16(4):495-508.;

Autism, currently said to affect 3.5 million people, represents only a portion of the neuro-developmentally damaged youth that make up one-sixth of the kids we see in our classrooms today. When we view ALL types of chronic disorders the number rises to approximately 50%, a statistic never experienced until recent times. As a retired nurse, born when such percentages were unthinkable, I am heartbroken at our national loss of health.

While we can’t lay all this at the ‘feet of vaccination’, there are multitudes of unvaccinated children who have NONE of the disorders so exponential in our time. Families with vaccine damaged children who stop vaccinating their later-born children, consistently report how healthy and bright they are—no ear infections,

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