De-Dollarization Escalates: “African Economy Needs More Usage Of Chinese Yuan”

De-Dollarization Escalates: “African Economy Needs More Usage Of Chinese Yuan”

03-06-18 07:19:00,

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Consanguineous marriage (aka “inbreeding”) dates back to early humans.   Royal families commonly married cousins as a means of keeping wealth and power concentrated.   Consanguineous marriage occurs between genetically close relatives such parent-child, siblings, and cousins.   Higher rates of cognitive developmental problems such as mental retardation, as well as higher rates of various infectious disease, due to comprises to the immune system occur in offspring of consanguineous marriages.

While consanguineous marriages have declined substantially in developed countries, marriage with relatives continues to occur at substantially high rates in various parts of the world and typically involves categories of cousins, and, in some cases, uncle–niece unions.    Consanguineous marriage is especially common today among Muslim and Hindu populations in Africa and Asia with a consanguinity rate of 25-80% and a high percentage of first-cousin marriages.  There are 10 million newborns each year in North Africa and the Middle East combined, with the majority of the population being Muslims, mostly Arab, and most from consanguineous marriages.    In parts of Asian, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, especially among Moslems and Hindus, such marriages continue to take place on a large scale and show only a slight indication of decline.  It is especially common in Arab communities in both Christians and Muslims.   Higher fertility rates are found on the whole among women married to relatives.   For example, in Ghana, a man had 100 children and his family comprised 35% of the entire tribal village.   He almost married one of his many daughters.     Inbreeding is common in many countries in Africa, likely due to situations in which high fertility rates combine with the Muslim religion to sanction consanguineous marriages.   Also, polygamy is sanctioned in the Koran so Muslim men marry many wives.   This causes a decrease in genetic diversity because a few men are having a disproportionate impact on successive generations.    Random genetic mutations become more important.

The prevalence of consanguineous marriages varies throughout the world.    Rates of 50% and higher are found in countries such as Sudan,

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