“Exporting Democracy” to Bolivia – Global Research


25-10-19 06:51:00,

On October 23rd, Bolivian president Evo Morales gave a press-conference in which he stated that a right-wing coup d’etat was underway in the country. With victory practically assured in the first round of the presidential election, the returning incumbent claimed that widespread right-wing extremist violence was being used in an attempt to interfere with vote counting and certification of the election’s results.

Morales said

“A coup is underway, carried out by the right-wing with foreign support…what are the methods of this coup attempt? They’re not recognizing or waiting for election results, they’re burning down electoral courts, they want to proclaim the second-place candidate as the winner.”

This bears many parallels with Bolivia’s regional geo-strategic partner, Venezuela. Following the clear victory of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro in his 2018 bid for re-election, the US regime-change machine went into fifth gear, with the attempt to install the usurper Juan Guaidó as president through a combination of right-wing extremist violence and quasi-legal subterfuge. Both countries possess extremely valuable natural resource deposits which make them compelling targets for American neo-imperialism in what many American foreign policy thinkers (including, most famously, John Bolton) see as “our hemisphere.”

Morales also stated that one of the strategies of right-wing extremists attempting to disrupt the election was to find ways of rendering the votes of rural and indigenous communities uncountable or otherwise irrelevant. He has always received the overwhelming electoral support of rural and indigenous communities. This is entirely predictable, considering that rural and indigenous communities in Bolivia have been the principal economic beneficiaries of the revolution which has been undertaken since Morales was first elected president in 2006.

It is indisputable that Bolivia’s politico-economic spectrum has an ethnic dimension, just as Venezuela’s does. Both countries are highly multi-ethnic, but the overwhelming majority of right-wing extremists using violence in an attempt to unseat Maduro and Morales have been urban, middle-class and, broadly-speaking “white.” In Bolivia, some of these elements resent the effects of Morales’ revolution, which has been to redistribute wealth to rural and indigenous communities through land-reform, but also through the state-sponsored modernization of agriculture. Poverty has been cut in half since 2006.

The seed-capital for this modernization of agriculture was generated by the nationalization of certain strategic industries,

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The meaning of democracy? | KenFM.de


14-10-19 08:51:00,

A point of view from Jochen Mitschka.

Not the quality, but the implementation of self-determination is decisive.

Again and again it is emphasized that the quality of politics can only be kept high with the professional machinery of the political parties and their primacy of politics (1). Now there are enough examples that the so-called political elite has made horribly wrong decisions, but then still hangs medals around each other’s necks. Each of you should have examples in mind. But that is not the point. No, the realization of democracy does not have the goal of realizing the „best possible“ policy. Because „best possible“ will always be defined subjectively from the point of view of the observer. So it is not the „optimal“ policy that is the actual goal of democracy, but the realization of people’s self-determination. And the result is a policy that is supported by all people, that generates loyalty to the state, that also makes political change possible without bloodshed.

If it were a matter of making the „best possible“ decision, the electoral system would also be absurd. Then one would have to introduce capability tests that would first entitle the voters to vote. Perhaps professors should be given more voting rights than an obviously ignorant voter, although I will not give any examples here in order not to discriminate. It is not about knowledge and understanding alone. It is about people feeling integrated and knowing that their voice has weight.

In her speech in 2010, in which Angela Merkel invoked the „primacy of politics“ and declared that the parties make politics and that the people have to nod off politics (1), she revealed a diametrically opposed understanding of politics and an elitist point of view. Such a view in no way distinguishes today’s politicians from the „benevolent monarchs“ of the Middle Ages. But they claim that anything else would lead to chaos, that a new Hitler would come, or that the economy would go under in international competition if one did not pursue a policy „for the markets“.

In other words, the politicians of the established parties are not about the people. Their aim is to pursue a policy that is accepted by „the markets“,

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Brexit, the EU and democracy, by Thierry Meyssan


10-09-19 06:58:00,

For Thierry Meyssan, Boris Johnson’s policy is in perfect continuity with British history. If we refer to the writings of the British Prime Minister and not to her campaign remarks, she is much more guided by the danger felt at the birth of a continental supranational state than by a desire for economic independence.

JPEG - 43.2 kb

During the dissolution of the USSR, France and Germany tried to maintain their place in the world by solving the problem of their size against the US giant. They decided to reunify the two Germanys and to merge together in a supranational state: the European Union. Armed with their experiences of inter-state cooperation, they thought it possible to build this supranational state despite Secretary of State James Baker’s dictate of forced enlargement to the East.

During the debates on the Maastricht Treaty, the Gaullists opposed “European supranationalism” to “sovereignism”. They equated the national framework with democracy and the European scale with the bureaucracy. On the contrary, President François Mitterrand and Chancellor Helmut Kohl, to overcome their resistance, began by confusing democratic sovereignty (only the people are sovereign) and nationalist sovereignty (the nation is the only known framework for exercising democratic power). Then, they assimilated all forms of “sovereignism” to “chauvinism” (the fact of considering everything that is national excellent and despising all that is foreign).

This Treaty was adopted and transformed a system of inter-state cooperation (the European Economic Community) into a supranational state (the EU), even though there was still no “European nation”.

History is rewritten both to equate nationalism with war and to erase the traces of anti-Russian chauvinist politics. France and Germany created a binational television channel, Arte, whose programs were to present Nazism and Sovietism as two totalitarian regimes produced by the same nationalism. German nationalism was confused with Nazi racialism (although it is incompatible with the Germanic national idea based on language and not on race). And the traces of Soviet efforts to seal an anti-Nazi alliance were erased. In this way, the significance of the Munich Agreement and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was changed [1].

Thirty years later, institutions designed at 6 and developed at 12 were unmanageable at 28 as the US had anticipated. The European Union has become an economic giant,

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Real threat to democracy: Media meddle in Democrat debate by siding with Harris, demonizing Gabbard


02-08-19 09:06:00,

Why would the most talked-about candidate at the Democratic Party debate be almost entirely invisible on Twitter and attacked on cable networks afterward? Perhaps because the establishment protects its own.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) was the most searched-for candidate in every single state after Wednesday night’s second Democratic debate, according to Google trends. Conservative news outlets Breitbart and the Drudge Report also declared her the victor, with 50 and 39 percent of the vote respectively.

However, you wouldn’t know that if you had been watching CNN or MSNBC. While Gabbard is a foreign-policy focused candidate who has repeatedly stated her opposition to “regime change wars” abroad and her appetite for criminal justice reform at home, MSNBC couldn’t move past a meeting Gabbard had with Syrian President Bashar Assad in 2017, in a bid to bring a resolution to the county’s long conflict.

Tulsi Gabbard explodes on MSNBC after they repeatedly press her for meeting Bashar al-Assad, who gasses children: “these are talking points that Kamala Harris and her campaign are feeding you because she’s refusing to address the questions”

Gabbard claims it’s “propaganda” pic.twitter.com/FvRMs23RFR

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) August 1, 2019

Pressed to denounce Assad, Gabbard snapped. “You’re talking about a meeting that took place, what, three years ago?” she shot back. “And every time I come back here on MSNBC, you guys talk to me about these issues, it sounds like these are talking points that Kamala Harris and her campaign are feeding you because she’s refusing to address the questions that were posed to her…this is where the propaganda comes in.”

The attacks on Gabbard indeed followed her debate skirmish with Harris, a senator from California and another contender for the Democrats’ presidential nomination – but more on that in a moment.

CNN also used the Assad meeting as a club to bash Gabbard. On Wednesday night, Anderson Cooper pushed the congresswoman for two-and-a-half minutes to denounce Assad as a “murderer and a torturer.” The Washington Post got in on the act on Thursday, declaring in a headline that “Tulsi gabbard’s Syria record shows why she can’t be president.” 

Gabbard seems to have attracted all this media flak only because she “destroyed” the establishment darling Harris during the second debate.

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Money and Democracy: Why You Never Get to Vote on the Most Important Part of Society


10-07-19 06:57:00,

Op-Ed by Jamie Redman

It’s very odd that citizens never get to vote or have any say in regard to society’s money, even though it’s one of the most important aspects of everyday life. In fact, in developed countries, most central banks are institutions that are privatized from political interference and history explains why.

Money: The World’s Most Powerful Weapon

Most people think they understand how governments work. People assume this because a bunch of people pay their taxes in the belief that ‘representatives’ are doing their bidding when it comes to law and order. What the majority of folks don’t understand is that there’s one very important aspect of society that taxpayers have literally no say in — the creation of legal tender and the country’s monetary system. Many people believe the black swan of Bitcoin was born because modern society is now dictated by private, central banks that have irresponsibly printed vast quantities of fiat and manipulated the world’s economy in the worst way. Bureaucrats have given central banks the world’s most powerful weapons. Even worse, the banking cartels are never held liable for the inflation and the rampant busts and booms that have plagued the world’s economy for many decades.

Money and Democracy: Why You Never Get to Vote on the Most Important Part of Society

From Simple Stock Traders to the Money Trust and the House of Morgan

People who question the ethics of the State understand that central banks arrogated to themselves a compulsory monopoly over society’s monetary system. The consortium of modern central banking started in the 17th century and one of the first known central banks was the Swedish Riksbank spawned in 1668. Following the Riksbank was the creation of the Bank of England in 1694 and 100 years later the Banque de France in 1800. In the U.S., President Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve System the day before Christmas Eve in 1913 in response to the economy and the banking panic of 1907. That year the ‘Banker’s Panic’ or ‘Knickerbocker Crisis’ saw a nationwide run on banks and trusts throughout the U.S. Even though the Federal Reserve was initiated in an act of Congress, it is considered politically independent and not legally owned by the U.S. government. The Federal Reserve is the quintessential example of a 21st century central bank created by a group of bankers called the Money Trust more than 100 years ago.

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Democracy vs. The Putin-Nazis


23-05-19 02:42:00,

Back in January 2018, I wrote this piece about The War on Dissent, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is going gangbusters. As predicted, the global capitalist ruling classes have been using every weapon in their arsenal to marginalize, stigmatize, delegitimize, and otherwise eliminate any and all forms of dissent from neoliberal ideology, and in particular from their new official narrative … “Democracy versus The Putin-Nazis.”

For over two years, the corporate media have been pounding out an endless series of variations on this major theme, namely, that “democracy is under attack” by a conspiracy of Russians and neo-Nazis that magically materialized out of the ether during the Summer of 2016. The intelligence agencies, political elites, academia, celebrities, social media personalities, and other organs of the culture industry have been systematically reifying this official narrative through constant repetition. The Western masses have been inundated with innumerable articles, editorials, television news and talk show segments, books, social media posts, and various other forms of messaging whipping up hysteria over “Russians” and “fascists.” At this point, it is no longer just propaganda. It has become the new “truth.” It has become “reality.”

Becoming “reality” is, of course, the ultimate goal of every ideology. An ideology is just a system of ideas, and is thus fair game for critique and dissent. “Reality” is not fair game for dissent. It is not up for debate or challenge, not by “serious,” “legitimate” people. “Reality” is simply “the way it is.” It is axiomatic. It is apothegmatic. It’s not a belief or an interpretation. It is not subject to change or revision. It is the immortal, immutable Word of God … or whatever deity or deity-like concept the ruling classes and the masses they rule accept as the Final Arbiter of Truth. In our case, this would be Science, or Reason, rather than some supernatural being, but in terms of ideology there isn’t much difference. Every system of belief, regardless of its nature, ultimately depends on political power and power relations to enforce its beliefs, which is to say, to make them “real.”

OK, whenever I write about “reality” and “truth,” I get a few rather angry responses from folks who appear to think I’m denying the existence of objective reality. I’m not … for example,

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DEMOCRACY: Politikcontrolling & Bürgerlobbyismus 2019 | KenFM.de


24-03-19 01:14:00,

Pressemitteilung von DEMOCRACY Deutschland e.V. vom 24.03.2019.

  • DEMOCRACY Deutschland e.V. bringt mit DEMOCRACY+ den Wahl-O-Meter, Wahlkreis-Community-Ergebnisse und neue Interaktionsmöglichkeiten
  • Monatliches Crowdfunding von 10.600 Euro erforderlich

Eine digitale Chance für die Demokratie – das ist die 2018 gestartete DEMOCRACY App. Mit ihr können Nutzer direkt über alle Gesetze und Anträge abstimmen, die gerade im Bundestag beraten werden. „So bringen wir Bürger und Politiker endlich wieder richtig miteinander in den Diskurs: alle vier Jahre zur Wahl zu gehen und seine Vertreter zu wählen ist gut, sie zu kontrollieren und ihnen gegenüber täglich seine politischen Präferenzen zu äußern ist besser“, sagt Marius Krüger, Initiator des Projekts.

Sein Ziel ist es, das große Geld aus und die Bürger wieder viel stärker in die Politik zu bringen. Als Motor der Veränderung sieht er das Internet. Was wäre eigentlich, wenn wir totale Transparenz über das Abstimmungsverhalten unserer Volksvertreter und Parteien im Bundestag hätten, fragte sich Krüger im Oktober 2016. Und zwar übersichtlich, einfach zu bedienen und mit Hintergrundinformationen zum Abgestimmten. Diese Transparenz wäre einzigartig, denn so könnte der Einzelne seine Wahlentscheidung ständig in Echtzeit überprüfen. Liegt die Partei, die er gewählt hat, immer noch auf seiner Linie? Wie stimmt die Abgeordnete ab, der man sein Vertrauen zugesprochen hat?

Seit Oktober 2018 kennt diese Idee einen Namen: DEMOCRACY. Als Smartphone-App bringt sie den Deutschen Bundestag in Echtzeit in das eigene Wohnzimmer und informiert interessierte Bundesbürger über die aktuellen Parlamentsabstimmungen sowie deren Ausgang. Verifizierte Nutzer können zusätzlich eine eigene Stimme zu den Vorhaben abgeben.

Sonntagsfrage: Wie steht die Bevölkerung zur Änderung von §219a?

Alle auf diese Weise getätigten Einzel-Vota werden vom Service der App anonymisiert und deutschlandweit sowie je Wahlkreis zu einem Community-Ergebnis zusammengefasst. „Meine Generation interessiert sich viel weniger für politische Farben oder dafür, wer etwas sagt, als für die konkret vertretenen politischen Positionen. Die Sonntagsfrage sollte damit nicht lauten: Wie steht die Bevölkerung zu Angela Merkel, sondern wie steht die Bevölkerung z.B. zur Werbung für Schwangerschaftsabbrüche (§219a)?“, fordert Krüger. Für den Berliner ist die DEMOCRACY App ein wichtiges Werkzeug dafür, das herauszufinden. „Vor allem aber ist sie die Chance Übereinstimmungen bzw. Differenzen in der politischen Vertretung zu erkennen“, vervollständigt Krüger.

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Why Calling US a ‘Democracy’ Is Both False & Dangerous to Do


15-03-19 12:52:00,

Why Calling US a ‘Democracy’ Is Both False & Dangerous to Do

It’s false because it is definitely untrue, and that’s not merely because America has a higher percentage of its residents in prison than does any other nation on this planet, but also because the only scientific studies that have been done of the matter show — they prove scientifically — that the US is a dictatorship by its very wealthiest residents, against all the rest of the population. Traditionally, that’s called an “aristocracy,” not a democracy, but ever since Mussolini in the 1920s, it came to be called “fascism,” which is the successor to “feudalism” and thus is merely the modernized form of feudalism. What used to be called by such terms as “monarchy” or “aristocracy” is thus now called “fascism” but the leopard is the same regardless of what it is labeled, and what it really is a dictatorship. Mussolini sometimes instead called fascism “corporationism” and it certainly is today’s United States Government, even if some people choose to call it ‘democracy’. It’s what the US Government has been scientifically proven to be: dictatorship, by the richest few (the controlling owners of the international corporations), against the entire public.

But even worse than being only false, calling the US a ‘democracy’ is also itself extremely dangerous to the entire world, and here is why:

Every time that the US perpetrates a coup (such as it’s trying now to do against Venezuela) or a military invasion (such as it did to Iraq 2003 and Libya 2011 and Syria 2012- and to Yemen 2015-, and many others) the US regime and its propagandists call it an action ‘for humanitarian purposes’, and for regime-change ‘to bring democracy and human rights’ to that country, and it’s always lies, which wouldn’t even be believed by anyone who knows that the US itself is actually a dictatorship, which it is. So, the lie of calling the US a ‘democracy’ is actually okaying a lying dictatorship by using, for it, the term “democracy,” which this particular dictatorship chooses to refer to itself, for PR purposes.

Calling the US a ‘democracy’ is to support this government that the entire world (in the only polls that have been done of the matter) recognizes to be the most aggressive and dangerous regime on Earth.

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Democracy and the Corrupt Seven – Craig Murray


20-02-19 08:36:00,

I have heard it argued again and again on television this last 48 hours that it is deeply undemocratic for the electorate to be offered a choice that is any more complicated than between Red Tories and Blue Tories. It is apparently unthinkable and deeply wrong that Corbyn’s standard German style social democracy – which is routinely labeled “hard left” and “communist” – should be proffered to voters for them to support, or not.

The overwhelmingly Blairite MPs have put this case again and again to Labour Party members in repeated leadership elections, and have been roundly and repeatedly defeated. But now, according to no less a person than Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the party, the losers’ policies must be embraced by the Party and adopted by its leadership, as to do otherwise is an affront to democracy. I confess I find this argument impossible to follow.

Corbyn has compromised already to a huge extent, even accepting that a Labour government will retain massive WMDs, in deference both to the imperialist pretensions of the Blairites and the personal greed of the demented Strangeloves who comprise the membership of the GMB Union. Labour’s pro-Trident stance will persist, until such time as enough Blairites join this forced march, or rather chauffeur driven drive, across their personal caviar and champagne strewn desert to their promised land of media contracts, massively remunerated charity executive jobs, and non-executive directorships.

Democracy is a strange thing. This episode has revealed that it is apparently a democratic necessity that we have another referendum on Brexit, while being a democratic necessity not to have another referendum on Scottish Independence, while the notion that the MPs, who now have abandoned the party and manifesto on which they stood, might face their electorates again, is so disregarded that none of the fawning MSM journalists are asking about it. In rejecting this option, the Corrupt Seven are managing the incredible feat of being less honorable than Tory MPs defecting to UKIP, who did have the basic decency to resign and fight again on their new prospectus.

Dick Taverne is a more directly relevant precedent, particularly as he was deselected as sitting Labour MP precisely because of his support for the EU. Taverne resigned, and fought and won his seat in a by-election in 1973,

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‘Nothing to do with aid or democracy’: Roger Waters slams ‘humanitarian’ concert for Venezuela


20-02-19 08:34:00,

Pink Floyd ex-frontman Roger Waters is slamming Virgin tycoon Richard Branson’s aid concert for Venezuela as a sham, warning fans and performers not to be “led down a garden path that ends in regime change.”

Branson’s “Venezuela Aid Live” concert “has nothing to do with the needs of the Venezuelan people, it has nothing to do with democracy, it has nothing to do with freedom, and it has nothing to do with aid,” Waters declared in a video released on Tuesday.

The musician and political activist tore into the western media narrative depicting Venezuela as the victim of a humanitarian crisis created by socialism. “There is no civil war, no mayhem, no murder, no apparent dictatorship, no mass imprisonment of opposition, no suppression of the press” under President Nicolas Maduro, he said, citing friends “on the ground” in Caracas who could confirm this.

Venezuela Aid Live will take place on Friday in the Colombian border city of Cucuta. Branson has announced a fundraising target of $100 million to purchase food and medicine for Venezuelans suffering the privations of socialism – or US sanctions, depending on which version of the narrative one prefers.

Waters reserved special scorn for Branson himself, “with his bleeding heart worn openly upon his Virgin Airways t-shirt,” claiming the magnate has bought into US propaganda. A spokesperson for Branson told the National Post that the US was “not involved in any aspect of this” and that the concert was “not a political statement.” 

Also on rt.com
Venezuelan military rejects Trump threats, reiterates loyalty to Maduro

The US-backed would-be regime change in Venezuela has not gone as smoothly as planned, with the country’s military still loyal to Maduro despite National Assembly leader Juan Guaido having declared himself an ‘interim president’ over a month ago. On Monday, US President Donald Trump gave a speech warning the Venezuelan military to follow Guaido or “lose everything.”

Waters finished his speech with a warning to friend and fellow musician Peter Gabriel not to fall for the US line,

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Broken Democracy — America detains US-born journalist without charge | New Eastern Outlook


26-01-19 03:12:00,

JOURNAL NEO Marzieh Hashemi

“… Iran does it too!” When confronted with news that FBI had detained US-born journalist Melanie Franklin (better known as Marzieh Hashemi) without proper due legal process and in clear infringement of her constitutional rights, US media were only too happy to justify the move by arguing tit for tat with the Islamic Republic.

If the argument seems abysmally incoherent it’s because it is! To rationalise a crime by arguing that others do it would be to justify the murder of Jamal Khashoggi by virtue of other nations’ heinous crimes against humanity … the exercise is not only foolish it is down right irrational.

Marzieh Hashemi, a US- born journalist and TV anchor for Press TV (Iran) was detained by FBI on January 14, 2019 after she landed at St Louis airport where she had travelled to from Iran to visit her terminally ill brother and complete a documentary on the Black Lives Matter movement. As the holder of a US passport, Ms Hashemi had every right to enter the United States of America – as she had done dozens of times prior.

With the authorities keeping mum as to why Marzieh remains in detention her friends and colleagues are not short of theories. A fierce advocate for human rights, religious freedom and nations’ right to political self-determination as well as a civil rights activist Ms Hashemi has amassed as many fans as she has generated detractors.

The timing and circumstances of her arrest scream political censorship at a juncture in America’s history when speaking truth equates to a declaration of war against the ‘powers that be’ aka Trump & co.

Whether Marzieh was targeted for the opinions she holds, or her religious beliefs, or even her political affiliations and choice of residence: Iran matter very little … her rights as a US citizen and law-abiding individual were violated in the most despicable manner and fashion.

Speaking to the press Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif commented: “The misbehavior of the US government indicates that the US does not abide by any principles protecting rights of those criticizing the system and is now turned to a dangerous country for reporters.”

I would go as far as accuse the United States of purposely seeking to do Ms Hashemi harm by depriving her of food and proper clothing in the middle of winter.

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British Democracy Nears Meltdown as Parliament Deadlocks Over Brexit


16-01-19 05:56:00,

To say that the United Kingdom’s system of democratic governance is showing signs of strain, the day after Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed deal to exit the European Union was rejected by Parliament in an unprecedented landslide, would be a considerable understatement.

That’s because the massive vote against May’s compromise Brexit plan — by a coalition of members of Parliament who want a more radical break from the EU and those who want to remain closer to, or even inside, the trading bloc — reveals that something far closer to a systemic meltdown is already in progress.

The core of the problem is that the country’s representative democracy, in which decisions are traditionally taken by a government acting on behalf of a majority of Parliament’s members, was thrown into crisis in 2016, when the public voted in a referendum to withdraw from the EU, despite the fact that most legislators, including May herself, had argued against a British exit. It didn’t help that the pro-Brexit campaign succeeded in large part because of exaggerations and outright lies about how painless a divorce from the EU would be.

The prime minister has also ignored the fact that, as pro-EU voters continue to point out, the vote in favor of Brexit was a narrow one — the measure passed by a 52-48 margin.

While she has steadfastly refused to say that she thinks Brexit is actually a good idea, May has committed her government to carrying out what she describes as the will of the people to leave the EU, but also worked to limit the inevitable economic damage of cutting ties with her nation’s leading trade partners.

But now that May’s compromise deal with the EU has been rejected by 230 votes, and there appears to be no majority in Parliament for any other version of Brexit, the political system seems to have arrived at an impasse, just 10 weeks before the country’s membership in the union expires on March 29.

The parliamentary gridlock, and a lack of clear options for how to proceed in a country without a written constitution or any rules or procedures for how to implement a referendum result that most of the people’s elected representatives see as profoundly damaging, has prompted calls for a second referendum in some quarters,

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The Mock Democracy


29-12-18 11:24:00,

Authored by Rainer Mausfeld, translated by Terje Maloy via Off-Guardian.org,

The citizens are disenfranchised and conditioned to be politically apathetic consumers. In recent decades, democracy has been replaced by the illusion of democracy. New forms of organization of power and psychological methods for manipulation of our consciousness protect the powerful against the risks of democratic empowerment and strengthen their position.

Democracy and freedom. Two words that are charged with unheard-of social promises and that can release tremendous energies of change to achieve them. Today, hardly more than a shadow remains of the hopes originally associated with them. What happened? Never before have two words, to which such passionate hopes were attached, been emptied of their original meaning in such a socially far-reaching way. They have been falsified, abused, and turned against those whose thoughts and actions are inspired by them.

Democracy today really means an elected oligarchy of economic and political elites, in which central areas of society, especially the economy, are fundamentally removed from any democratic control and accountability; at the same time, large parts of the social organization of our own life lie outside the democratic sphere.

And freedom today means above all the freedom of the economically powerful.

With this Orwellian reinterpretation, these two words now have a special place in the endless dictionary of falsified words throughout history. With the poisoning of these two words, our hopes for a more humane society and a containment of violent ways of solving things are confused, clouded, broken and almost wiped out from the collective memory. The loss of the civilizing dreams associated with these two concepts makes it hard for us today to politically articulate an attractive, decent alternative to the prevailing power relations, or even worse, think of any at all.

Democracy, which was originally associated with great hopes for political self-determination and a safeguarding of internal and external peace, is left only as a formal shell in the real structure of society. Democracy has been reduced to a staged spectacle of periodical elections, where the population can choose from a given «elite spectrum». Real democracy has been replaced by the illusion of democracy; free public debate has been replaced by opinion- and outrage-management.

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The Myth of Western Democracy – PaulCraigRoberts.org


17-12-18 09:16:00,

The Myth of Western Democracy

Paul Craig Roberts

How does the West get away with its pretense of being an alliance of great democracies in which government is the servant of the people?

Nowhere in the West, except possibly Hungary and Austria, does government serve the people.

Who do the Western governments serve? Washington serves Israel, the military/security complex, Wall Street, the big banks, and the fossil fuel corporations.

The entirety of the rest of the West serves Washington.

Nowhere in the West do the people count. The American working class, betrayed by the Democrats who sent their jobs to Asia, elected Donald Trump and the American people were promptly dismissed by the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as “the Trump deplorables.”

The Democrats, like the Republicans, serve power, not the people.

In Europe we see the squashing of democracy everywhere.

British prime minister May has turned Brexit into subservience to the EU. She has betrayed the British people and has not yet been hung off of a lamp post, which shows how acceptance the British people are of betrayal. The British people have learned that they do not count. They are as a nothing.

The Greeks voted for a leftwing government that promised to protect them from the EU, IMF, and big banks, but promptly sold them out with austerity agreements that destroyed what remained of Greek sovereignty and Greek living standards. Today the EU has reduced Greece to a Third World country.

The French have been in the streets in revolt for weeks against the French president who serves everyone except the French people.

There are currently massive protests in Brussels, Belgium, with half the government also resigning in protest against the government signing a pact that will replace the Belgian people with migrants from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. The corrupt and despicable governments who signed this pact represent foreigners and George Soros’ money, not their own citizens.

Why are citizens so powerless that their governments can elevate the interest of foreigners far above the interests of citizens?

There are a number of reasons. The main one is that the people are disarmed and are propagandized to accept violence from the state against them,

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‘Shocking for democracy’: Thousands put into custody since start of Yellow Vest protests in France


11-12-18 10:10:00,

The number of people arrested since the beginning of the massive popular protests that have gripped France for weeks has surpassed a staggering 4,500, with critics calling the actions of the authorities crackdown on democracy.

The French police have detained a total of 4,523 people in connection to the so-called Yellow Vests protests that united tens of thousands of people across the country discontent with taxes polices and fuel prices hikes. Of those almost 4,100 still remain in police custody, the French BFM TV broadcaster reported, citing police sources.

Earlier, the French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner confirmed that more than 1,900 people were arrested in connection to the protests in just one day – on Saturday, December 8. More than 1,700 of them were taken into custody. However, the French media later reported that the number of those arrested on that day might in fact have reached 2,000 people.

Part of those arrests seemed to be a preventive measure as they occurred before the protests. And the practice alarmed many.

“When we [see] 1,000 people [detained] and 540 of them released two days later, it is obvious that there were at least 540 absolutely unjustified arrests,” a Paris lawyer, Raphael Kempf, told BFM, commenting on the issue. “Being locked up for 48 hours, they were deprived of their right to join a demonstration and this is shocking for a democratic country,” he added.

The government, however, justified its approach by saying that there were in fact no preventive arrests but only “preventive control” measures. The checks consisted in ID checks and baggage inspections, Junior Interior Minister Laurent Nunez explained, adding that those “possessing weapons” were subsequently taken into custody as they were found in breach of law.

According to the media reports, many arrests were indeed made during the searches and ID checks. However, some reports also suggested that people were arrested for simply having protective gear such as gas masks with them while others reported that the arrests affected those, who did nothing wrong at all.

“Today, we [see] the militarization of police,” Kempf said, adding that the officers often use weapons that “can mutilate or kill”,

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Crisis in Democracy – We Have Crossed the Line | Armstrong Economics

Crisis in Democracy – We Have Crossed the Line | Armstrong Economics

25-10-18 07:35:00,

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; You are striking a cord out there. A lot more people are paying attention.


REPLY: The best thing is for people to understand the trend in motion. There is nothing we can do to PREVENT this crisis. The only thing we can do is prepare for it to survive for ourselves and our family. Even a family member may disagree with you right now. That will change. People as a whole are passive-aggressive. That means they are indeed like sheep and those in power know that. They keep pushing until we reach the breaking point. At that moment, your family members who thought you were wearing tinfoil hats at night will suddenly see the light. Unfortunately, this is simply why this erupt politically at the end. We take it and take it until we cannot any longer. Politicians are befuddled because they have been robbing the treasury for so long they cannot grasp that now you are suddenly angry at that practice. To them, you never complained before.

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Democracy “Snuffed Out” | New Eastern Outlook

Democracy “Snuffed Out” | New Eastern Outlook

22-10-18 12:28:00,


We’re going to pull one moment out of recent American history, one erased, forgotten, “snuffed out” along with the hopes and dreams of a generation. In 1988, a nation exhausted by 8 years of Ronald Reagan, thus far the most corrupt regime in American history, wanted change, wanted reform.

Forward stepped billionaire rebel Ross Perot, an independent candidate for president promising an end to the Federal Reserve System, term limits, a reformed congress, an end to money politics in America. Perot was the “real deal,” and quickly moved up in the polls against Bush and Clinton with an astounding lead. Then he quit, citing threats against his family.

How differently would a Perot presidency have dealt with the Soviet collapse? How would the world be today, demilitarized, an America no longer debt driven to control global events?

Some weeks later he reentered the race, down 20 points in the poll, putting Bill Clinton into the White House. Perot was unstoppable and was, thusly, stopped.

We saw the same thing again in 2000, Al Gore with a clear win even through the electoral college with broad rigging in Ohio, Florida and other states as well. The story not told, of course, threats against Gore’s family if he disputed the election and a Supreme Court intervention in direct contravention of separation of powers prohibitions in the constitution.

Let’s jump back to 1968. John Kennedy had been murdered, whether to push a Vietnam War or, more likely, for his announcement in June 1963 of America’s withdrawal from the European controlled “Fed” as the Federal Reserve System is normally called.

His brother picked up his mantle, only to be murdered with an Arab patsy to take the blame. Despite decades of fake conspiracy theories, historians are closing in on the banking cabal behind Nixon, names like Mellon-Scaife, Chase and Bush rise to the top of the list of suspects in the Kennedy killings, John, Robert and John Jr.

Let’s look at this election. When Robert, a clear favorite assured the presidency, was murdered, this left Hubert Humphrey as the Democratic frontrunner above the most hated man of our times, “Tricky Dick” Nixon.

But who was Hubert Humphrey? Today’s fake press and equally fake “revisionist history” lists Humphrey as a right-wing war monger.

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Democracy Denied: Big Money and Powerful Media Used in Attempt to De-legitimize British Labour Party | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Democracy Denied: Big Money and Powerful Media Used in Attempt to De-legitimize British Labour Party | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

03-09-18 04:18:00,

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US President Donald Trump has joined a Chief Rabbi and a mendacious media in condemning 5 million Palestinians to starvation in their own land as allegations of antisemitism are used as a weapon in UK politics to try to prevent a Labour government taking power under Jeremy Corbyn.

The Trump White House has now acceded to Israeli demands by Binyamin Netanyahu to end nearly $300m of US funding for a UN relief program to Palestinian refugees already denied electricity and essential supplies for over 10 years in a classic attempt at ethnic cleansing.

The BBC and Channel 4 stand out as two UK media outlets to report honestly to the British public when 90% of Conservative-owned newspapers print daily misinformation in order to try to ensure Labour is kept out of government in order to avoid new legislation governing press behaviour and the re-nationalisation of public utilities, and the national rail network.

Allegations of antisemitism, rife in Conservative circles, are used as a daily weapon to delegitimise the British Labour Party. Print media is used to sway public opinion by publishing damaging pictures and inflammatory stories every day against the Labour Party executive in attempt to keep Tories in power for another 20 years.

The British media is allowed to print fake news without any penalty in a blatant attempt to sway public opinion against Labour with outrageous lies and ever increasing misinformation.

Britain now follows America in ditching democracy in favour of big money, powerful lobbyists paid by foreign embassies and political propaganda driven by unlimited funds from both Christian and Jewish Zionists in Washington and hard-Right Tory, pro-Israel evangelists in the United Kingdom.


Hans Stehling (pen name) is an analyst based in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The Centre for Research on Globalization will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article. The Centre of Research on Globalization grants permission to cross-post Global Research articles on community internet sites as long the source and copyright are acknowledged together with a hyperlink to the original Global Research article.

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“Fake Democracy”: Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance, F. William Engdahl | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

“Fake Democracy”: Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance, F. William Engdahl | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

24-08-18 12:57:00,

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F. William Engdahl was interviewed for the Global Research News Hour radio program about his recent book, Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance. 

In the book, Engdahl outlines a weapon of war in the costume of furthering democratic rights and freedoms. Various case studies include the break-up of the Soviet Union, the break up of Yugoslavia, and the attempted overthrow of the Chinese State.

F. William Engdahl is an award-winning geopolitical analyst, strategic risk consultant, professor and lecturer. He has contributed to a number of international publications on political affairs and economics, including Asia Times, FinancialSense.com, The Real News, RT.com Op Edge and Foresight Magazine among others. He is a Research Associate with the Centre for Research on Globalization. His various books on geopolitics have been translated into 14 different languages.

An abbreviated version of this interview aired in May on the Global Research News Hour.

Transcript – GR interviews F. William Engdahl. May, 2018

Global Research: So we’re joined right now by F. William Engdahl. He is based in Germany. He is a prominent commentator and geopolitical analyst. And he is also the author of a recent book. Right in 2018, fresh off the press you might say! And the name of the book is Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance. So, F. William Engdahl, thank you very much for joining us!

While we’re talking about the subject of ‘fake democracy,’ we’re talking essentially about the new – er, not so new, but a weapon of warfare that’s being utilized by the imperial power that is the U.S. as a way of executing regime change in order to further their own imperial interests and I think that the way most people are accustomed to thinking about U.S. military power, their thinking about aggressive wars and pretexts built on self-defence against the ‘communists’ or the ‘terrorists’ or whatever. But we’re dealing… we seem to be dealing with a mechanism here that’s much more insidious. So do you want to maybe just sort of help us introduce this mechanism, and how far back it goes?

William Engdahl: The mechanism goes back – and the reason I decided to dedicate an entire book to this … in the degree of calculation and diabolical mechanisms that are employed – it’s often very,

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DEMOCRACY Beta ist online – Mit ein paar Klicks zum Bundestagsabgeordneten | KenFM.de

DEMOCRACY Beta ist online – Mit ein paar Klicks zum Bundestagsabgeordneten | KenFM.de

22-05-18 06:06:00,

DEMOCRACY Beta ist online – Mit ein paar Klicks zum Bundestagsabgeordneten | KenFM.de

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