Weather Derivatives, Temperature Modification, and CHEMTRAILS: The Smoking Guns – Activist Post


18-05-20 04:31:00,

By Peter A. Kirby

This article is the first in a series commemorating the release of the author’s greatly revised and expanded second edition of his book “Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project” available now exclusively at Amazon. For all the latest developments, please sign up to the author’s email list at his website

There is compelling evidence directly linking the weather derivatives market to weather modification and chemtrails. It is found in the work of a University of Missouri professor by the name of James D. McQuigg (1920-1985). McQuigg writes of ‘contrail cirrus’ generated by jet aircraft as a means to modify atmospheric temperature. This was all in the context of what such temperature modification would mean for the demand of electrical power, of course. McQuigg went on to invent the foundations of Enron’s weather derivatives market. The full story, including details of Enron’s involvement can be found in the author’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.

James D. McQuigg

According to his American Meteorological Society (AMS) obituary, McQuigg enlisted in the Army Air Corps shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he studied meteorology at the Rockefeller founded and funded University of Chicago, and later became a fellow of the AMS. In 1974 he helped establish a branch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Columbia, Missouri known as their Center for Environmental Assessment Services.

Our trail of evidence begins in 1968 with the tenth annual National Science Foundation (NSF) weather modification report. It reads:

Under NSF support, the University of Missouri is continuing its study of a method to determine the potential impact of weather and climate modification upon the social and economic structure of a sample State such as Missouri. The electrical power industry has been considered to be one which is both weather sensitive and one for which data useful for statistically isolating this relationship are available. For this reason it was decided to make study of the potential effects of weather modification on its operation. Daily electrical power demand data covering a number of midwestern states were supplied by the Edison Electric Institute.

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