I Desire Your Freedom

15-02-21 10:36:00,

“I desire your freedom,” the old professor told me.

“My freedom?” I asked, leaning in.

“Yes. I want you to be free from all forms of tyranny and oppression. Inward and outward, from the past or in the present.”

“Thank you,” I replied, unsure what to say.

“I don’t think you fully understand what I am saying to you right now,” the professor said. “I desire your freedom more than you yourself desire your freedom. I desire your freedom more than most of what’s in you desires your freedom.”

“I desire your freedom from oppression by those with more power than you. The government. The police. The wealthy. I want you to be free from any powerful forces who would inhibit or constrain your own will for your own life.

“I want you to be free from all transgressions against your personal sovereignty in any way. From family members. From friends and acquaintances. From employers and coworkers. From romantic partners. I desire your self-sovereignty over your will for your own life, in every possible way.

“Moreover, I want you to be free from all psychological manipulation which subverts your authentic will for your life. I want your mind to be free of manipulative parasites in your personal life who trick you into enacting their will instead of yours. I want your mind to be free from the toxic manipulations of advertisers who trick you into thinking you are inadequate and incomplete to try and squeeze a few bucks out of you. I want your mind to be free from the manipulations of propagandists in politics and news media who pull the wool over your eyes about what’s really going on in your society, in your nation and in your world.

“Your true will for your life cannot express as long as you are being successfully manipulated into enacting someone else’s will, whether that be an abusive partner or an abusive government. You cannot enact your own will for your life if you don’t know what your will is, and as long as manipulation holds sway over you it is impossible to clearly see your own will. You therefore cannot be fully self-sovereign as long as this is happening. You are not free until you are fully free of manipulation.

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The Thuringian desire. How the LEFT made room for the RIGHT | KenFM.de

05-11-19 04:07:00,

By Uli Gellermann.

The well-known German parliamentary world has collapsed: „That there are no more majorities in the middle“, called the Thuringian CDU top candidate Mike Mohring on election night desperately and found a lot of approval. The „taz“, the paper with the progressive coating: „Ramelow is the middle“, provided a nice resonance. What was meant was the Thuringian Prime Minister of the LEFT, the unfortunate election winner without the prospect of a government, because his partners from the SPD and the Greens had not received enough votes.

For decades, the most central of all centres was the grand coalition of the Federal Republic, the core of which was reliably formed by the CDU and SPD, but which also liked to decorate itself with the FDP or the Greens. Rather less often, but again and again, the Left Party was also allowed to get a taste of government air at the state level. New at the parliamentary feed troughs, filled with salaries and official cars, was the AfD. Although they fulfilled a basic condition for an official career in Germany with unbreakable loyalty to NATO, its appearance reminds too much of the march of brown columns: It still sells badly, especially since the German export world champion also enjoys dealing with those countries that not so long ago got to know German troops better.

Sometimes, after the second, third beer, the SED hosts also sang the „Rennsteig song“, the secret anthem of the Thuringians. It might alienate the guest from the West when the comrades sang of a „wide world“ in which they then grasped a „desire“ for the „Thuringian Forest“ and its „little birds“. The intimate singing showed that below the propagated internationalism there was still that feeling of home that gave the base to the national feeling. That feeling that you hold on to when everything becomes ever stranger and more anonymous: The cold call centers to ward off customers, the anglicisms as a cheap substitute for language, the shisha bar instead of the corner pub. The alienating feeling of a change in one’s home country can be handled sensibly if one feels socially secure.

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