Washington Has Destroyed Western Liberty: The Era of Tyranny Has Begun


28-04-19 07:48:00,

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

A fish rots from the head. In the Western world rot is accelerating. The rot in Washington is swiftly spreading to state and local governments and abroad to the Empire’s vassal governments.

Washington’s attack on journalism represented by the illegal arrest of Julian Assange has now spread to France. The US government’s policy of sanctions against sovereign countries that do not follow Washington’s orders has spread to the state of New York, where the governor has threatened sanctions against financial institutions that do business with the National Rifle Association.

In France the vassal president Macron has ordered three journalists — who revealed that Macron’s government knowingly and intentionally sold arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to be used for the slaughter of women and children in Yemen — to report for police questioning. The report proves that Macron’s government deliberately lied when it said it was unaware that French weapons were to be used for attack rather than defense use in violation of the Arms Trade Treaty of 2014. The journalists are under investigation by the French gestapo for “compromising national defense secrets.”

In other words, when the French government lies, it is a violation of national defense secrets to report it.

The entire Western world is adopting Washington’s approach to Assange and criminalizing the practice of journalism, thus protecting governments’ criminality. If you reveal a government crime, as Wikileaks did, you will be prosecuted by the criminal government for doing so. It is like permitting a criminal to prosecute the police and prosecutor who want him arrested.

With the First Amendment already under attack and targeted for elimination by Identity Politics for permitting “hate speech,” with the 10th Amendment destroyed by the war criminal Abe Lincoln, and with habeas corpus and due process destroyed by the George W. Bush and Obama regimes, only the Second Amendment still stands, and it is under attack from New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo revealed that his threat of sanctions against financial organizations has the purpose of putting “the NRA out of business. We’re forcing NRA into financial jeopardy. We won’t stop until we shut them down.” The tyrant Cuomo knows that the NRA cannot operate without a bank account and insurance coverage.

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Why must Venezuela be destroyed?


02-02-19 05:03:00,

February 01, 2019 “Information
Clearing House

–     Last
week Trump, his VP Mike Pence, US State
Dept. director Mike Pompeo and Trump’s
national security advisor John Bolton, plus
a bunch of Central American countries that
are pretty much US colonies and don’t have
foreign policies of their own, synchronously
announced that Venezuela has a new
president: a virtual non-entity named Juan
Guaidó, who was never even a candidate for
that office, but who was sorta-kinda trained
for this job in the US. Guaidó appeared at a
rally in Caracas, flanked by a tiny claque
of highly compensated sycophants. He looked
very frightened as he self-appointed himself
president of Venezuela and set about
discharging his presidential duties by
immediately going into hiding.

His whereabouts remained unknown until much
later, when he surfaced at a press
conference, at which he gave a wishy-washy
non-answer to the question of whether he had
been pressured to declare himself president
or had done so of his own volition. There is
much to this story that is at once tragic
and comic, so let’s take it apart piece by
piece. Then we’ll move on to answering the
question of Why Venezuela must be destroyed
(from the US establishment’s perspective).

What stands out immediately is the
combination of incompetence and desperation
exhibited by all of the above-mentioned
public and not-so-public figures. Pompeo, in
voicing his recognition of Guaidó, called
him “guido,” which is an ethnic slur against
Italians, while Bolton did one better and
called him “guiado” which could be Spanish
for “remote-controlled.” (Was that a
Freudian slip or just another one of
Bolton’s senior moments?) Not to be outdone,
Pence gave an entire little speech on
Venezuela—a sort of address to the
Venezuelan people—which was laced with some
truly atrocious pseudo-Spanish gibberish and
ended with an utterly incongruous “¡Vaya con
Dios!” straight out of a hammy 1950s

Some more entertainment was provided at the
UN Security Council, where the
ever-redoubtable Russian representative
Vasily Nebenzya pointed out that the
situation in Venezuela did not pose a threat
to international security and was therefore
not within the purview of the Security

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