“Social Distancing Walls” – Gym Reveals Future Layout In Post-Corona World


22-05-20 04:28:00,

With all 50 states taking the first steps into a post-corona world by reopening crashed economies — Connecticut will join the reopening party by Wednesday — fitness centers will have to restore customer trust with social distancing in mind. 

Many gyms, health clubs, and yoga studios are still closed, but the ones that are reopening have adopted strict social distancing rules and new sanitation protocols. The pandemic has led to wild consumer shifts, essentially transferring the whole workout experience from a retail setting to at-home, forcing some gyms during lockdowns to file for bankruptcy as operators were left struggling to pay rent in their large retail locations. 

Latest gym bankruptcies: 

A major problem with fitness centers has developed, they must restore confidence among customers because, in a post-corona world, at-home workouts, such as Peloton has dominated the scene — and will like continue to be the preferred workout of choice for the remainder of the year, or at least until there’s a proven vaccine.

To get a glimpse of how gyms in the US could restore confidence among customers — Twitter handle Ben Lucas tweets a picture of how his gym in Hong Kong has installed social distancing walls around exercise machines. 

Social distancing walls at Hong Kong gym. h/t Ben Lucas 

According to CNBC, who dug deeper into the story, they said the Hong Kong gym is at Pure Fitness in Quarry Bay. A representative of the gym said, “dividers help to stop the spread of the virus when 1.5-meter distance, in line with Hong Kong government’s suggestion, cannot be easily maintained.” 

Here’s another view of Pure Fitness’ social distancing walls, this time around treadmills.

Social distancing walls at Hong Kong gym. h/t CNBC & Pure Fitness HK

Back to the US, the White House Guidelines for Opening Up America indicates that gyms are in the first phase of reopening “can open if they adhere to strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols.”

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Social distancing while protesting social distancing: Half a million Germans want to walk out, but only 1% allowed to


15-05-20 05:33:00,

The city of Stuttgart has reluctantly agreed to let a demonstration go ahead on Saturday, ordering that masks be worn on public transport and people stay apart, after dissent over the lockdown swept across Germany last weekend.

Five thousand protesters are set to hit the streets of the southwestern city to protest Covid-19 restrictions. And that’s only one percent of the half a million who applied to take part in the rally against Covid-19 prevention measures.

The local government has permitted only a limited number of protestors, and also requires them to maintain social distancing. Anyone caught traveling on public transport without wearing a face mask faces a €300 fine.

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Fines have been increased since last week’s demonstration, after Deputy Mayor Martin Schairer branded protesters “irresponsible” for not covering their faces while on buses and trains.

“We weighed up [allowing the protest] intensively,” Schairer said, “It was a balance between protection against infection and freedom of assembly.”

He added that the organizers of the demonstration will be held responsible for ensuring that numbers do not swell beyond the limit, and that all measures were observed, SWR reports. Five hundred stewards, all wearing personal protective equipment, will also be on hand to marshal the event.

Protests against the measures brought in by the federal and state governments have flared up across Germany, despite it having more relaxed restrictions than some other nations across Europe.

Last weekend, more than 130 arrests were made across the country. Police in Berlin collared 86 people after bottles were hurled at officers during a demonstration in Alexanderplatz. Another 45 were arrested outside the Reichstag building, following a separate incident.

Munich and Cologne also saw unrest last weekend, with police accusing the protesters of having a “disregard for the lives of others.”

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Journalists covering protests have been attacked by some of the demonstrators,

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Als je je niet aan social distancing – anderhalve meter – houdt dan gebeurt dit (schokkende beelden)


05-05-20 07:31:00,

bron: rt.com

In New York is het al zover dat de politie haar tasers inzet en (zonder zelf mondkapjes te dragen) mensen uit elkaar rukt en arresteert die geen afstand houden. Is de politie zelf immuun dat zij zelf geen afstand hoeven te houden of enige bescherming te dragen? Natuurlijk niet. Het draait allemaal om het afdwingen van ongrondrechtelijke maatregelen en het argument zal zijn dat je als undercover agent niet op moet vallen.

Gaat dit in Nederland ook gebeuren? Wordt het afgedaan als Russische nepnieuws? Ook de Nederlandse politie loopt inmiddels met tasers rond. Schieten de middelen hun doel voorbij of is het sowieso allemaal bedoelt om dissidenten op te ruimen onder het alibi van het coronavirus? Het is beter dat u dit soort “hulpverleners” niet meer filmt. Het jachtseizoen is geopend..

IS THIS #NYPD BRUTALITY OR NOT? We report, you decide. This happened on Ave D and 9th St, in the #LowerEastSide of #Manhattan on Saturday – @NYCMayor @NYPDnews pic.twitter.com/0pTDTat17S

— NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) May 3, 2020

Schouders ophalend

Het is velen nog onduidelijk waarom het coronavirus richting een Chinees model technocratisch totalitair communistisch systeem zal leiden. De meesten zullen denken dat het echt noodzakelijk is om het coronavirus in te dammen, dat we anderhalve meter afstand houden en dat vaccins verplicht moeten worden.

Het is de meesten dan ook om het even dat dit wat politiestaatmaatregelen vereist. Velen zullen dergelijk ingrijpen van politie zelfs toejuichen. Zij beschouwen dat als de enige manier om de dwarsliggers in lijn te krijgen en halen hun schouders op bij het zien van dergelijke beelden.

Nepnieuws over in brand gestoken 5G masten (eigenlijk 3G en 4G masten) moeten de indruk wekken dat er complotdenkers rondlopen die denken dat 5G coronavirus-verschijnselen opwekt en helaas zijn er gecontroleerde vangnet pionnen die dat ook zo gezegd hebben (zoals David Icke).

Het is hierdoor ook best lastig om mensen nog met heldere wetenschappelijke feiten te laten zien waartoe de inzet van 5G wel kan leiden, want iedereen die denkt aan kritiek, denkt aan ‘complotdenkers’.

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Social distancing: the rationale, the insanity – Dutch Anarchy


23-04-20 04:45:00,

“Where are the kids?”

“They went out for a walk.”

“Call the drone patrol.”

Night in the city. Empty streets. A few masked pod people, wearing holstered spray bottles of disinfectants, wander subway platforms looking for the monster COVID…

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to assume a unique and new virus, COVID-19, was actually discovered.

I don’t agree it was, but let’s take a quick jaunt into the fun house with the CDC/WHO loons, whose logic went the way of the dodo bird many moons ago. They eat the fear they provoke. That’s all they’ve got.

How about an obvious strategy: make people immune as quickly as possible. No lockdowns, no social distancing, no self-isolation. Expose everyone to the virus.

Naturally. Not via a vaccine.

In the old days, parents would hold parties for their children at the house of a child who had developed measles. Let the kiddies get the red spots and be done with it. Make them immune. Of course, this accrued zero profit to pharma. Therefore, the idea had to be discredited, and abandoned as too dangerous. Must have a vaccine.

Ah, but COVID-19 is another story, right. It’s deadly.


Read my previous articles on Italy, for example. Their National Institute of Health, reviewing patient records carefully, determined that the overwhelming percentage of people dying who “had the virus,” weren’t dying FROM the virus, but from prior serious medical conditions. Their average age? 79.5. This is called a clue.

If you take the conventional medical view—again, entering their world for a minute—epidemics reach a peak and then burn out and disappear. Unless you actually sustain them by keeping people away from the virus. Unless you keep them at a distance from each other.

Of course, if you really want to support complete medical insanity, you would declare national lockdowns every year when the flu arrives. In a recent typical year, Italy reports about five million cases of the flu. So isolate everyone and shut down the nation. Ditto for many other countries.

Bring the whole planet to a halt.

And at those brief periods when you’d want to open up civilization,

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