135 Doctors in Chile Ask Health Minister for Moratorium on 5G – Activist Post


18-10-20 09:16:00,

By B.N. Frank

There ARE studies that have ALREADY determined 5G is NOT safe. Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums on deployment.

The majority of scientists worldwide oppose 5G until there are studies that prove it isn’t unsafe. Doctors and scientists have asked for a worldwide moratorium (see 1, 2). They have also asked their legislators for moratoriums in various countries as well including the U.S, The Netherlands, and now Chile.

From Environmental Health Trust:

More than 130 doctors in Chile ask Health Minister Paris for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G technology

A letter signed by 135 health professionals across Chile has requested a moratorium on the deployment of 5G technology until it is certain that it does not pose a risk to human health and the environment.


“The biological effect of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, as is the case with 5G technology, has been extensively investigated by independent industry scientists and thousands of studies reliably demonstrate the negative biological effects on human and human health. environment, “the statement said.

The Doctors have proposed “to create a Committee of Experts to analyze independently from economic and political groups, the scientific evidence on the issue of exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic radio frequency waves, in the public health and assess the risks from a scientific point of view that the deployment of 5G technology could bring. ”

They request “that said commission be inter-ministerial with a representative of the Ministry of Sciences (led by Mr. Andrés Couve C.), a member of the Ministry of the Environment (led by Ms. Carolina Schmidt Z.), a member of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (led by Ms. Gloria Hutt H.) and experts from the Medical College, among others, in order to achieve a qualitatively optimal, coordinated work with an impact on public policy “.

Doctors can sign the 5G appeal at this link. https://uxtr.org/apelacion-chile-5g/

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Doctors for Truth: “De coronacrisis is een politieke operatie.”


12-08-20 04:37:00,

Op zaterdag 25 juli werd in Madrid Doctors for Truth gepresenteerd, een internationale groep van artsen en zorgprofessionals. Zij deden een dringend beroep op collega’s, media en politici om met de corona-operatie te stoppen en de waarheid aan het licht te brengen.

Het initiatief wordt geleid door de Spaanse artsen Natalia Prego Cancelo en Angel Luis Valdepeñas. Tijdens de bijeenkomst maakten ze online contact met collega’s uit Duitsland, Argentinië en de Verenigde Staten.

In de zaal waren 400 artsen en andere zorgprofessionals en vertegenwoordigers van de media.

Cui bono?

Eén van de sprekers was de Duitse arts Heiko Schöning van de organisatie Ärzte für Aufklärung (zie video hieronder vanaf 06:50).

Een paar passages uit zijn toesspraak:

“Wij noemen onszelf een buitenparlementaire organisatie. Dat is zo, omdat de politici hun werk niet doen. Daarom is het aan ons om onderzoek te doen en om het goed te doen.

Onze conclusie is dat het officiële verhaal niet waar is. Wij zien geen verschil met een gewone griep. We kijken naar het medische bewijs. Het is eenvoudigweg niet waar dat dit een pandemie is. Het is fake.

Dan komt de vraag: waarom? Qui bono? Wie profiteert hiervan? Wie heeft zoveel macht dat hij deze fake aan de hele wereld kan opleggen?

Dit gaat helemaal niet over een ziekte. Dit gaat over jou en mij. Wij zijn het doelwit. Het gaat allemaal om de economie. En Covid-19 is de dekmantel.

Deze vreselijke situatie kost levens. In Duitsland is in de maanden maart en april 90 procent van de geplande operaties uitgesteld.

Wat nu vooral nodig is is solidariteit.”

De intentie is dat de Doctors for Thuth groepen in allerlei landen zich verenigen in World Doctors for Truth.

Toelichting door de initiatiefnemers van Ärzte für Aufklärung

In de video hieronder – gemaakt op 1 augustus, de dag van de mega-demonstratie in Berlijn – stellen de initiatiefnemers van Ärzte für Aufklärung zich voor. Het zijn drie artsen uit Hamburg: Walter Weber, Heiko Schöning en Okav Müller-Liebenau.

Op de website van Ärzte für Aufklärung staat een lijst met honderden artsen en zorgprofessionals die hun steun voor dit initiatief betuigen.

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Frontline Doctors on Censorship: We’re Coming After You Big Tech – We Will Not Be Silenced!


05-08-20 11:36:00,

By Brian Shilavy

Less than 24 hours after the Frontline Doctors first press conference in Washington D.C. was censored and removed from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and after having their own website knocked offline in an attempt to silence them, the doctors were back in front of the steps of the Supreme Court building today (Tuesday, July 28, 2020) for their second press conference, at great risk to their lives, their families, and their jobs, as they remained determined to bring the truth directly to the American people that a cure for COVID exists, and that the public does not need to cower in fear anymore.

While the corporate media continues to blacklist the group of doctors and refuses to cover their press conferences, some hecklers showed up to try and drown out the speakers.

See: The Lost Book of Remedies

The fact that these doctors are seeing a 100% cure rate for COVID patients is a message Big Pharma, Big Tech, and their political leaders do not want the public to hear. Because it would mean that their drugs and their coming vaccines are worthless and unnecessary.

They do not want healthy Americans. They want sick Americans cowering in fear so they can control us for their own purposes.

Dr. Simone Gold was the first doctor to speak today, and she said:

We are finally coming forward, at great personal and professional costs to ourselves.

We’re tired of seeing patients die in front of us, and we’re even more upset to see the spider web of fear that is enveloping the American public.

When there’s a treatment, there’s a cure. People have been afraid to say that.

But what else do you call it if you give somebody the medication early, and it aborts the disease process?

We’re coming after you Big Tech. We’re coming after you.

We won’t be silenced. The First Amendment is first for a reason. There’s thousands of us.

Dr. Richard Urso was another doctor who spoke today:

We cannot let our patients die without treatment. And that’s the major thing that’s happened.

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“Doctors for the Truth” Speak Out in Madrid, Denounce Covid-19 “False Pandemic” – Global Research


02-08-20 03:14:00,

With the participation of hundreds of professionals from all over the world, “Doctors for the truth” denounced that the Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. They urged doctors, the media and political authorities to stop the operation, by spreading the truth.

In a context of great excitement and worldwide expectation, the Doctors for Truth Association was presented at a press conference on Saturday, July 25 in Madrid.

The group, led by doctors Natalia Prego Cancelo and Angel Luis Valdepeñas, made a direct connection with the extra-parliamentary commission of doctors from Germany, the Epidemiologists group from Argentina, and doctors from the United States and Argentina.

The event began with the intervention of Heiko Schöning, representative of the German Extra-Parliamentary Commission for the Study of the Coronavirus. There were online interventions by professionals from Argentina and the United States. It concluded with a review of the 4 fundamental points of interpellation to the Government and Spanish authorities by the Association Doctors for Truth.

The presentation, in an event room of the Madrid Press Palace, was attended by more than 400 people, including general and alternative media, doctors, and assistants. Data, figures, analysis and reflections were exposed that show the incoherent and harmful of the measures that are being applied worldwide around the Covid-19.

“A world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse.”

“This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse,” was stressed at the end of the meeting. Doctors agreed that:

  • Coronavirus victims did not outnumber last year’s seasonal flu deaths.
  • Figures were exaggerated by altering medical protocols.
  • The confinement of the healthy and the forced use of masks have no scientific basis.
  • The disease known as Covid-19 does not have a single infectious pattern, but a combination of them.

“There are crossed toxic patterns,” said Angel Luis Valdepeñas. “On the one hand, the electromagnetic contamination of fi5v-ghee, and on the other, the influence of influenza vaccination. There is an interaction and empowerment, which must be investigated”.

Angel Luis Valdepeñas underlined at the end of the meeting:

“We must tell our governments that they NEVER OCCUR to compel us to vaccinate, or even recommend it,

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The Plan To Silence Doctors Once And For All – Activist Post


02-08-20 08:59:00,

By Spiro Skouras

Last week an organization of doctors called America’s Frontline Doctors went to Washington DC and gave a press release in front of the Supreme Court.

What this group of doctors said directly contradicted official positions of the World Health Organization and the Centers For Disease Control regarding the coronavirus and treatment of the infection as the new experimental vaccine could arrive before the end of the year.

Members of the doctors’ organization have been fired from their jobs, they have had their website removed and the viral video has been almost scrubbed from the internet.

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It appears that censoring doctors who speak out against the medical establishment may only be a temporary solution. Just today, right on time, the World Economic Forum released a video called ‘When Your Doctor Is A Robot.’

Will doctors and nurses one day be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots? After all, robots don’t ask questions… They follow orders.

NOTE: This was pulled from YouTube within minutes, but still available on a platform that promotes free speech: BitChute

Frontline ER Doctor From Viral HCQ Video Fired From Job (Updated)

AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries

Will Robots Replace Doctors?

Brookings Launches Global Health Financing Initiative with Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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