The Establishment Doesn’t Fear Trump, And It Doesn’t Fear Bernie. It Fears You.


27-01-20 01:57:00,

During the George W Bush administration it was popular in conspiracy circles to speculate that events might be orchestrated which would allow the Bush family to complete a coup against the US Constitution and hold on to power indefinitely.

Such paranoia and suspicion of government power in the wake of the extraordinary post-9/11 advancements in Orwellian surveillance programs and unprecedented military expansionism were perfectly understandable, but predictions that the younger Bush would not cede power at the end of his second term proved incorrect. In today’s hysterical Trump-centric political environment we now see mainstream voices in mainstream outlets openly advancing the same conspiratorial speculations about the current administration, and those will prove incorrect as well.

What these paranoid presidential prognostications get wrong is not their extreme suspicion of government, but their assumption that America’s real power structures require a certain president to be in place in order to advance depraved totalitarian agendas. As anyone paying attention knows, intense suspicion of the US government is the only sane position that anyone can possibly have; the error is in assuming that there is no mechanism in place to ensure that the same agendas carry forward from one presidential administration to the next.

Schiff dwelling on the fact that Trump departed from the talking points prepared for him by national security officials so he could act “contrary to official US policy,” which is to “deter Russian adventurism.” Glad to know even the president is not permitted to change US policy

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) January 23, 2020

In a sense, the conspiracy theories about a Bush coup were actually correct: the Bush administration didn’t truly end. All of its imperialist, power-serving agendas remained in place and were expanded under the apparent oversight of the following administration. The same thing happened after the Obama administration, and the same thing–whether in 2021 or 2025–will happen after the Trump administration. The disturbing fact of the matter is that if you ignore election dates and just look at the numbers and raw data of US government behavior over the years, you can’t really tell who is president or which political party is in power at any given point in time.

The mechanism which ensures the perpetuation of the same policies from administration to administration used to be referred to by analysts as the “deep state”,

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US doesn’t hide it’s in Syria for oil, uses revenues to fund terrorism – Turkish FM


09-11-19 09:34:00,

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has accused the United States of breaking international law by taking control of oil fields in eastern Syria. “They openly admit that they are there for the oil reserves,” the diplomat said as cited by Anadolu news agency.

Cavusoglu said it was outrageous that the US was using revenues from the oil, which belongs to the Syrian people, to fund Kurdish militias. Ankara considers the YPG forces a terrorist group. The remarks were made during a joint press conference with Hadi Soleimanpour, the Secretary General of the Economic Cooperation Organization, a regional intergovernmental organization.

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Putin Doesn’t Hold Back! President Calls Out US For Constant Violation of All Arms Treaties! | The Vineyard of the Saker


26-08-19 10:04:00,

US was desperate, not only to have missiles and launchers on the ground in Eastern Europe, at the Black Sea, especially after losing Crimea and East Ukraine, but to put their short range nuked missiles in the Asia Pacific closer to China and Russia and North Korea. This was the strategic goal of breaking out of the INF treaty.

Full Spectrum Global Domination is the quaint title of US Hegemony.

They intend to threaten and coerce any sovereign nation to obey whatever the US demands.

Russia, and soon China, will be reacting with missile launchers in Cuba and Venezuela.

I also suspect that the Chinese will be accelerating a nuclear warhead development program to multiply the paltry sum of their stock of nukes. China has less than Israel or Pakistan, a mere 250 warheads.

The world will be less secure, but that is how the unipolar Lord of Chaos wants it.

Just realize that the flight time of these class of missiles to their targets is 3 minutes or less in some locations.

Some men or women on duty, watching the radars and satellite feeds, will have seconds to determine if a full attack or an accidental launch is coming. Historically, accidental launches and electronic glitches have occurred.

Even AI defense systems won’t have more time. The US is risking its own destruction by initiating this very dangerous phase of arms race. Considering the sorry state of US military professionalism (ships colliding on the open seas, friendly fire casualties a regular product of poor morale and training, drugs and alcohol accidents), the possibilities for disaster are endless.

The Hegemon is capable of enormous crimes against humanity. Recall but one in Afghanistan when a AC-130 gunship (Puff the Magic Dragon from Nam days) circled for 45 minutes a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders and blasted the building continuously killing men, women, patients and medical staff within the rooms, operating theaters, IC units, et al. They kept shooting for 45 minutes! And later claimed they didn’t know it was a hospital. These are the same criminals who blasted a Chinese embassy in Belgrade and claimed they didn’t know it was an embassy.

Well, minutes after they didn’t know the missiles would actually reach Russian borders,

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