The War on Drugs, Truly A War on People


12-05-19 10:19:00,


Misguided Stigma Attached to Pot Smoking Still Alive and Well

Marijuana is blamed by many people for many medical and societal ills out of ignorance – despite recent medical evidence clearing up many of these misconceptions!

Watching the local news might bring another report to the fore – another neighborhood “grow op” busted or a local man who has been charged with possession of marijuana – a plant so highly stigmatized that mere possession of its flower can land one in jail for years. Social understanding of the reality of marijuana use is slowly coming to pass; it is now uncommon for many people to believe the tired half-truths and aggressive propaganda foisted by D.A.R.E and other Law Enforcement Agencies surrounding the cannabis plant.

Racism, Ignorance Mostly to Blame for Prohibition

Initially, prohibition of marijuana or “marihuana” in the Western world was primarily a racist backlash against Mexican workers and other immigrants who worked in the southern states of the United States – later that focus would shift to black Jazz musicians and other social minorities and marginals who were easily cast as “the Other” to a largely white, suburban demographic.

To read more about the basis of marijuana prohibition, please click here.

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History, Medicinal Use of a Relatively Benign Substance

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‘ISIS & drugs everywhere’: Refugees face violence in notorious Moria camp, new doc shows


14-03-19 09:16:00,

Kurds and Yazidis are in fear of their lives as they try to survive amid rampant lawlessness and militant attacks in an overcrowded refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, a controversial new documentary shows.

“My life has been in danger since the first day I arrived here. I haven’t got a good night’s sleep,” one of the residents of the infamous Moria camp told the crew of the documentary ‘Borderless’, which is meant to highlight the migrant crisis in Europe.

The interviewed asylum-seekers claimed the camp was infiltrated by terrorists from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL): “ISIS is here… They can rape, they can kill, they can steal. And the drugs are everywhere.”

They attack minorities, such as Yazidi or Kurds. They killed four Kurds lately in this camp.

The residents also complained that police largely ignore the widespread crime.

“We told them many times to put a camera at least, to protect ourselves,” a man was filmed saying, adding that his requests were rejected.

The facility, designed to accommodate around 3,000 people, currently has 10,000 people living there, most having come from the Middle East. Multiple reports of horrible living conditions coupled with the rampant violence within the camp have sparked protests by human rights groups, locals, and the refugees themselves.

Meanwhile, the producers of ‘Borderless’ have attracted controversy of their own. The project is fronted by Canadian-born pundit and activist Lauren Southern, whom critics have described as ‘far-right’ and accused of spreading hatred against Muslims. Last year, she was briefly detained by the British authorities – for distributing “racist material” – and was barred from entering the country.

The film’s producer Caolan Robertson told RT that his crew decided to explore Moria as they heard of “disastrous things” happening there.

“There was no security there. There was almost no control whatsoever,” he recalled, describing “an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness” he got while staying in the camp.

Robertson, who used to work closely with controversial British anti-immigration campaigner Tommy Robinson, said that asylum-seekers were surprised to encounter radicals in Moria.

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