Dutch journalist crashes ‘secret’ EU defense meeting after access code accidentally posted online

21-11-20 10:41:00,

A Dutch reporter has managed to log into a supposedly highly secure EU videoconference, using a pin-code that had been accidentally exposed on the country’s defense minister’s Twitter account.

The ‘hack’ occurred on Friday, when RTL Nieuws journalist Daniel Verlaan managed to sneak into the online gathering of the EU bigwigs. Footage of the incident, shared by the reporter online, shows a smiling Verlaan waving to the officials, many of whom were not exactly glad to see the reporter — while others laughed.

The journalist was confronted by EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy boss Josep Borrell, who asked Verlaan to present himself and said the conference had been intercepted.

“You know you have been jumping into a secret conference?” Borell asked.
The journalist apologized for the intrusion, saying he would be leaving, while Borell threatened him with legal consequences insisting the breach was a “criminal offense.”

After the reporter left, the meeting was reportedly immediately cut short due to the security breach. The videoconference was said to have been held to discuss a classified document on the threats the EU is facing, that will form the basis for the bloc’s defense strategy.

It was not immediately clear whether the broadcaster or the reporter will actually face any consequences. The breach was made possible after RTL Nieuws received a tip, directing their attention to a screenshot of the conference, shared online by Dutch Minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld.

Dit was de oorspronkelijke foto die vanaf het account van minister Bijleveld werd gedeeld, met daarin de meeting-ID en vijf cijfers van de pincode. Het was een zescijferige pincode. Ik joinde met de naam ‘admin’. pic.twitter.com/Fztrbqm5FR

— Daniël Verlaan (@danielverlaan) November 20, 2020

The picture showed an address prompt, containing five digits of a pin code, needed to access the private conference. The whole code turned out to be six digits long and Verlaan had to guess the last number. He said he used ‘admin’ as the username – and was admitted to the meeting without any further authentication.

The reporter said he did not believe it would work until the very last moment, especially since the EU claimed it had more security measures in place.

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Nederlands – Dutch AE911Truth

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Samen brengen we het bewijs naar buiten! Ongeacht welk land, cultuur, politieke voorkeur of taal, iedereen dient toegang te hebben tot de wetenschappelijke feiten die aanleiding moeten geven tot een echt World Trade Center-onderzoek.

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Dutch Government Ditches the Mask. Political Pressure Exerted on Sovereign Governments? – Global Research

04-08-20 07:51:00,

Last Wednesday, the Dutch government decided not to impose any “national obligation” on its people to wear masks, reports Reuters.

The reason for opting out of the global masquerade? Minister for Medical Care, Tamara van Ark, asserted that “from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks” after a review by the Netherland’s National Institute for Health.

The chief of the institute even went as far as to say that improper use of masks “could increase the risk of transmitting the disease.”

Forbes reports that:

“With the exception of required usage of face coverings in public transportation, the Dutch do not have to wear masks in any indoor establishment, including restaurants, bars, stores, supermarkets, cinemas, museums, libraries, schools, and even hairdressers and nail salons.”

I Am Expat went a little deeper with a very long sentence (with some questionable commas):

“Andreas Voss, member of the World Health Organization expert team and head of microbiology at a hospital in Nijmegen, said he didn’t personally believe masks should be made mandatory, stating that because in many of the countries where a face mask rule has been implemented, there are several other measures also in place, so it is impossible to determine the impact of masks specifically.”

Voss also told I Am Expat that the WHO advised masking “not because of scientific evidence, but because of political pressure and public opinion.”

In other words, public opinion is masquerading as scientific evidence. As I quoted yesterday:

“There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.”

Fortunately, the Dutch have held onto reason and common sense when it comes to mask wearing.

Not only is there little evidence (if any) to support masking; there are at least seven gold-standard randomized controlled trials showing that muzzling yourself won’t stop the spread of infection.


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John C.

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