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What is going on – is the launch of a global campaign to usher in a required consensus for the Paris Agreement, the New Green Deal and all climate related policies and legislation written by the power elite – for the power elite.”

– Cory Morningstar [1]



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One Swedish teenager, 16 year old Greta Thunberg, captured the imagination of the world with her resolute determination to demand urgent action on climate.

For three weeks last year, in the lead up to the Swedish general election, she refused to attend classes at school and instead sat outside the Swedish Parliament as a visible presence demanding climate action. Since the election she has continued to take Fridays off of school. [2]

Greta herself has become a celebrity climate activist. She has given a Tedx Talk, she was invited to speak at the most recent UN Climate talks in Katowice, Poland, and in late January, she participated in a panel at the World Economic Forum (WEC) in Davos, which included U2 frontman Bono, acclaimed conservationist Jane Goodall, and the UN climate chief Christiana Figueres.

Her climate strike for climate action has garnered attention the world over and inspired young people by the tens of thousands to follow her example and skip classes one day a week as a way of heightening the need for urgent action. In Brussels alone, 32,000 students and their supporters took to the streets during the final day of the WEC, to be followed by a reported turn-out of 100,000 the following Sunday. In France, on that same Sunday, 80,000 reportedly took to the streets in centres across the country, exceeding the turn-out at the previous day’s Yellow Vest rallies! [3][4]

Inspiring as the example of Greta Thunberg may be – she also happens to be on the autism spectrum – questions arise as to how exactly one teenaged girl managed to attract so much international attention to her cause, with a humble action outside the Swedish parliament.

Global Research audiences are well aware of how simple it is to dismiss and ignore people with narratives that threaten the powerful (think about challenges to the official stories about the White Helmets in Syria,

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Earth’s magnetic field is mysteriously acting up, pushing North Pole towards Siberia


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Earth’s magnetic field, the basis for modern global navigation systems, is constantly in some state of flux. However, it now seems to be going haywire, pushing the North Pole closer to Siberia, and no one’s sure why.

The field changes as the molten metals surrounding the earth’s solid iron core churn and flow, creating electric currents and a corresponding magnetic field. As a result, the magnetic poles tend to shift slightly as a matter of course.

However, researchers don’t know what’s causing the magnetic field to now move so quickly.

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Earth to be battered by ‘dark matter hurricane’ for next million years

The north magnetic pole sped across the International Date Line last year at a rate of 55 km per year, more than three times as fast as it moved before the mid-1990s. Now located in the Eastern Hemisphere, it’s moving away from Canada and approaching Siberia.

Scientists think a high-speed jet of liquid iron under Canada could be responsible for the pole’s movement, weakening the magnetic field below and allowing Siberia to draw over the pole, Nature reports.

“The location of the north magnetic pole appears to be governed by two large-scale patches of magnetic field, one beneath Canada and one beneath Siberia,” University of Leeds geomagnetist Phil Livermore told a recent American Geophysical Union meeting. “The Siberian patch is winning the competition.”

In general, the World Magnetic Model (WMM) is updated at five-year intervals to ensure modern navigation keeps up with the changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. It was due to be reconfigured next in 2020, but was so out-of-whack by 2018 that a more urgent update was needed.

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Aliens phoning home? Mysterious deep-space radio signals are more frequent than we thought

Researchers at the British Geological Survey and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have been working to correct the WMM using three years of recent data, including a 2016 pulse that threw their last model’s accuracy off.

The scientists were due to release the latest update next week – if the US government hadn’t shut down, hamstringing NOAA’s operations. Now the release has been postponed to the end of January.

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Pay Up or the Earth Gets It! – #PropagandaWatch : The Corbett Report

Pay Up or the Earth Gets It! – #PropagandaWatch : The Corbett Report

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As predicted, the IPCC has released their hot air report on 1.5C of global warming and the lamestream fake news lying establishment lapdog media is hyping it as the end of the world as we know it…unless you pay the globalists more money to atone for your carbon sins, of course. This week on #PropagandaWatch James breaks down the latest propaganda push for carbon eugenics and what it means for the coming technocratic slave state.


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The IPCC Prepares to Release More Hot Air

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Countries negotiate key messages of IPCC’s controversial ‘Special Report’

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Historical Temperature of Earth

#DataGate! First ever audit of global temperature data finds freezing tropical islands, boiling towns, boats on land

UNFCCC Statement on the Latest IPCC Climate Change Report

To Tackle Climate Change, a New U.N. Climate Report Says Put a High Price on Carbon

How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World

Purchase a copy of the Big Oil documentary

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Why Is Planet Earth On Fire? | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

Why Is Planet Earth On Fire? | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

29-08-18 07:06:00,


Catherine J. Frompovich

Fire season 2018 has taken an incredible toll on the planet, its people and wildlife, and the entire ecological infrastructure which has provided life-sustaining habitats for all forms of life.  That “balance of Nature” has been messed and mucked with by global controllers, military, science and technology creating a perfect Hegelian Dialectic – problem, reaction, solution – only their modus operandi has produced a trajectory toward the “Venus syndrome,” or possibly something worse.

Their “problem” is creating weather, aka geoengineering or weather control mechanisms, which the average “Joe” and “Josephine” literally have no clue about other than what they hear from controlled-media news and sanitized weather ‘reports’.  There is a total government ban on discussing weather geoengineering by weather forecasters and the media.

The “reaction” is 95% human apathy toward what we are misleadingly told about those ‘contrails’ rather than Solar Radiation Management (SRM) or weather geoengineering appearing in the skies as ‘trails’ containing chemicals and other toxins deliberately to effectuate global weather patterns.  There are hundreds of U.S. patents to that effect.  You can find them listed here.

The controllers’ “solution” is daily manipulation of global weather patterns to the point where, in my opinion, they have lost control and, either accidentally or deliberately, ruined the hydrologic cycle [1] of Planet Earth.

Recent 36 inches of rainfall from “Lane” on the Hawaiian Islands [2] ought to make people question what we are being told.  The township where I live in Southeast Pennsylvania in a very recent 30-day period officially registered 15.5 inches of rain, which was announced prior to a Board of Supervisors meeting.  People are starting to notice, but seemingly cannot connect the dots erringly visible above their heads on a daily basis!

It’s insane how much controlled media misinformation and lack of factual information keep humans from knowing the “real deal,” how to take precautionary measures, but more so, to bring this insidious, deliberate, mad-man-made technological catastrophe upon Planet Earth and all her inhabitants.

As an aside,

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