‘Elected officials’ worst nightmare’? Yellow Vests hope to trigger bank run with financial protest


10-01-19 10:32:00,

Yellow Vest protesters are hoping to trigger a bank run with a nationwide coordinated cash withdrawal. By threatening the French financial system, protesters say, they want to peacefully force the government to pass their reforms.

If the banks weaken, the state weakens immediately,” said Yellow Vest “sympathizer” Tahz San on Facebook. “It’s elected officials’ worst nightmare.”

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Stop treating people like beggars or face hatred – Yellow Vests to Macron

Protesters plan to empty their bank accounts on Saturday, withdrawing as much money as possible in a bid to undermine the French banks – if not the euro itself. The plan is to “scare the state legally and without violence,” forcing the government to adopt the movement’s Citizens’ Referendum Initiative, which would allow citizens to propose and vote on new laws.  

We are going to get our bread back…you’re making money with our dough, and we’re fed up,” said protester Maxime Nicolle in a video message shared on YouTube. 

A well-coordinated financial action has the potential to bring the French banking system – and by extension the euro – to its knees, as banks always hold only a fraction of the funds the country’s citizens have in their accounts. However, most banks limit ATM withdrawals to a relatively low amount, meaning protesters would have to line up inside the banks to withdraw the rest of their money, giving the state plenty of time to place restrictions on withdrawals – though this would, no doubt, spark further protest.

The financial demonstration is a novel means of circumventing Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s proposed crackdown on “unauthorized protests,” announced earlier this week after a particularly violent weekend of clashes with armed riot police – including an unexpected appearance by boxer Christophe Dettinger. Philippe has promised 80,000 security forces will be deployed for the next protest.

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Meanwhile, there is tension within the movement itself, as some former protest leaders call for a political solution.

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Your Elected Officials Received How Much $$$??? | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

Your Elected Officials Received How Much $$$??? | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

29-09-18 06:01:00,

By B.N. Frank

There’s no doubt that technology can be wonderful.  Anyone experiencing car trouble will tell you that having a cell phone can literally be a life saver.  But it’s actually not necessary for millions more cell towers to be installed in front of homes and everywhere else so we can all have cell phone service.  Unfortunately, this may happen anyway thanks to The Federal Communication (FCC) and many U.S. elected officials due to their unrelenting push to pass legislation in order to win the ridiculous and the highly risky “Race for 5G”.

Learn here how much your officials accepted from The Telecom Industry (aka Big Wireless).  This may determine how willing they are to allow AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc. to install small cell towers throughout your community – including in front of homes.

Legislation has unfortunately already passed in some states which has severely limited municipal control over small cell tower and micro wireless infrastructure installation.  Many municipal governments are still fighting this regardless.  In other states, this type of legislation has been vetoed and/or delayed.  Some municipal leaders have decided not to install it due to biological and environmental concerns.

by Ole Dammegard

What happened in Iran changed his life. His entire world, his viewpoints and values were turned upside down and the emotional turbulence he experienced tore down his inner walls leaving him naked and vulnerable – like an open wound. After a tragic murder, the situation became unbearale for one of his Iranian friends, so he ventured everything to help him get away and together the mad a dramatic escape from Iran via former Soviet and East Germany in a desperate attempt to reach Sweden. This book is a true and emotional description of real people in improbable world full of conflicts. It opens doors and spreads light on another Iran, its people and also, not least, the political and social conditions in the country. It is permeated by passion and tension as well as human ideals such as non-violence,

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