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By Pepe Escobar : posted with permission

As Putin meeting looms, no one in Moscow believes any word, promise or cajoling from Erdogan anymore

Refugees wait Saturday to cross the border between Turkey and Greece near the Pazarkule border post, in Turkey. Thousands of migrants and refugees, including Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis, have massed at Turkey’s border with Greece after Erdogan announced on February 28 that Turkey would no longer prevent them from leaving for the European Union. Photo: AFP / Burcu Okutan / Sputnik

The latest installment of the interminable Syria tragedy could be interpreted as Greece barely blocking a European “invasion” by Syrian refugees. The invasion was threatened by President Erdogan even as he refused the EU’s puny “offer you can refuse” bribe of only one billion euros.

Well, it’s more complicated than that. What Erdogan is in fact weaponizing is mostly economic migrants – from Afghanistan to the Sahel – and not Syrian refugees.

Informed observers in Brussels know that interlocking mafias – Iraqi, Afghan, Egyptian, Tunisian, Moroccan – have been active for quite a long time smuggling everyone and his neighbor from the Sahel via Turkey, as the Greek route towards the EU Holy Grail is much safer than the Central Mediterranean.

The EU sending a last-minute emissary to Ankara will yield no new facts on the ground – even as some in Brussels, in bad faith, continue to carp that the one million “refugees” trying to leave Idlib could double and that, if Turkey does not open its borders with Syria, there will be a “massacre.”

Those in Brussels spinning the “Turkey as victim” scenario list three conditions for a possible solution. The first is a ceasefire – which in fact already exists, via the Sochi agreement, and was not respected by Ankara. The second is a “political process” – which, once again, does exist: the Astana process involving Russia, Turkey and Iran. And the third is “humanitarian aid” – a euphemism that means, in fact, a NATO intervention of the Libya “humanitarian imperialism” kind.

As it stands, two facts are inescapable. Number one: the Greek military don’t have what it takes to resist, in practice, Ankara’s weaponizing of the so-called “refugees.”

Number two is the kind of stuff that makes NATO fanatics recoil in horror: Since the Ottoman siege of Vienna,

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An end to empires


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America withdrawing from conflicts that do not concern it would be a huge boon and relief to the world’s citizens.

Richard Galustian


3 hours ago


December 23, 2018


President Trump announcement, seemingly unilaterally, without advice from his military advisors or the Pentagon, has shocked and rocked American Military’s status quo strategy that has failed us all since post 9/11, yet the overwhelming majority of the American people and the world’s thinking population seem to love Trump’s decision.

That Trump has said that it’s remaining meagre 2000 troops in Syria will be withdrawn is a popular decision for the people. It’s also very symbolic.

Those American soldiers left in Afghanistan will hopefully no doubt follow.

In short and to be concise, this is why its popular for the people and a disaster for the Deep State:

• It is a sign that the US, well that its President, might finally be abandoning the disastrous ‘regime change’ policy pursuits’ and a sign of the beginning of the end of the stranglehold ‘the Military Industrial and Security Complex’ has on Washington.

• that American military adventures might end eventually in ALL nations. Nations do NOT need US Military protection, whether calling itself ‘a World Peacekeeper’ or the rather more disparaging thing that it really is, a country who believes in stealing gas and oil and land grabbing; as an imperialistic ambitious hyper-super Military State and aspiring ‘American Empire.’

• It would make this OpEd too long to give all the reasons in detail why I now make the following statements. I assume that readers have a sufficiently high standard of political understanding and historical knowledge combined with sophistication, to know.

• If there are that don’t, I suggest they read up on the subjects and educate themselves.

• There is ZERO threat to the United States and the Western world from either Russia or China and (laughable to even have to say it) Iran. There are of course with these countries conflicting economic interests that must be dealt with using diplomacy tools.

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