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The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) was established at the beginning of 2015. The founding member states were Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, joined by Armenia on January 2 and Kyrgyzstan in August 2015. The EAEU has not accepted any new countries as full member states since then, but the Union is open to the possibility of cooperating with countries all around the world, not just countries in Eurasia, and it has already significantly extended the reach of its economic partnerships further afield: in 2016, a free trade agreement (FTA) with Vietnam came into force, then a temporary FTA was signed with Iran IN 2018, as well as an Agreement on trade and economic cooperation with China and a Memorandum of Understanding with Cuba. Moldova was also granted the status of an EAEU observer state in 2018. The possibility of entering into various different agreements with Egypt, India, Mongolia, Thailand, Serbia and Singapore is being considered.

The EAEU is now only a few steps away from signing an FTA with Serbia in particular, a Balkan state in Southeastern Europe and official candidate for EU membership. This is interesting, because given the current global political landscape, Serbia’s interest in building closer relations with Russia has been a source of irritation for the EU leadership and Washington, and Western media outlets have speculated that an FTA with the EAEU could jeopardize Serbia’s chances of joining the EU. Nevertheless, Serbia continues to pursue closer relations with both the EAEU and Russia.

It is worth bearing in mind that Russia and Serbia have already signed a separate FTA. The two countries share a long history of friendly relations, a common Slavic and Orthodox culture and the proximity of similar political views. Russia and Serbia are also united by their cooperation on defense. Gas plays another significant role in relations between Russia and Serbia, which Russia has been selling to Serbia at a reduced price for many years. There are plans to have the “TurkStream” natural gas pipeline extended to Serbia via Bulgaria in the near future, which will run along the bottom of the Black Sea from Russia’s Krasnodar Region to Turkey. The gas pipeline will continue on past Serbia to Hungary. This will allow Serbia, which is already a major consumer of Russian gas,

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PFAS Crisis Expands As Millions Of Americans In 43 States Are Exposed To Toxic Chemicals


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Tens of millions of Americans in 43 states may have been exposed to toxic fluorinated compounds known as PFAS in their drinking water.

In a report from May, the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG) showed how PFAS had exposed upwards of 19 million Americans through contaminated groundwater. EWG found 610 contaminated locations ranging from public water systems, military bases, military and civilian airports, industrial plants, dumps, and firefighter training sites.

Now the environmental advocacy group has identified 58 more military sites where high levels of PFAS used in firefighting foam have been detected in groundwater or drinking water, from Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson, Alaska to Fort Eustis, Virginia, reported the Military Times.

Many of the new locations contain PFAS levels over 100,000 parts per trillion.

“The EPA and the Department of Defense have utterly failed to treat PFAS contamination as a crisis demanding swift and decisive action,” said Ken Cook, president of EWG, in a statement announcing the additional contaminated sites.

“‘It’s time for Congress to end new PFAS pollution and clean up legacy contamination,” Cook said.

For decades, the military and other civilian agencies used firefighting foams that contained PFAS. These dangerous chemicals are also in hundreds of everyday household products.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that the toxic chemicals are present in the blood samples of the general population. Prior studies have shown the dangerous chemicals have been linked to weakened childhood immunity, thyroid disease, cancer, and other major health issues.

DoD officials are prioritizing cleanup operations for 401 of the sites, said Deborah Morefield, manager of the Defense Environmental Restoration Program in the office of the deputy assistant secretary of defense for the environment.

The cleanup process occurred under a law known as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, or CERCLA, she said. “‘It’s a long process, and it ‘doesn’t happen overnight.”

Under new DoD policy, the firefighting foam has been banned from training,  maintenance, or testing exercises, Morefield said. “It’s only being used for real fire emergencies, and even in those cases, we’re treating it as a spill response.

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The State Expands Its Responsibilities In Order To Expand Its Power


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Authored by Aayush Priyank via The Mises Institute,

Many moviegoers might recognize the following quotation: “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Reality, however, is the exact opposite of what the quote describes.

In reality, it is responsibility that precedes power.

In a corporation, for instance, when you’re hired you are told your responsibilities and the powers granted to you are those that are necessary for you to accomplish your responsibility.

In John’s family, John’s father demands that everyone stay out of the kitchen while he cooks, lest they distract him. It is not because John’s father has the power to keep everyone out of the kitchen that he has accepted the responsibility of cooking; it is because he is responsible for cooking that he has the power to keep everyone out of the kitchen.

A vast number of self-help books focus on self-responsibility. This is no coincidence. It is only by accepting responsibility for our lives that we can acquire power over our lives. On the other hand, by blaming others for our conditions, we forfeit our responsibility, and consequently, our power.

Responsibility is important not just because it provides power but also because, as psychologist Jordan Peterson has often remarked, most people find the meaning of their lives through responsibility.

Examining American history, it is evident that the expansion of government powers has been a direct result of the government’s theft of the responsibilities of the individual.

There is a rather straightforward argument that is consistently presented by the government in order to justify its theft of responsibilities that rightfully belong to others.

The argument begins by pointing out a problem that exists. Then the argument says that our lives would be better if the problem didn’t exist. The conclusion the government reaches is that since it would be better for the problem not to exist, the government should be responsible for removing it.

Take any governmental expansion as an example.

For example, the Federal Reserve justifies itself in part by noting economic crises are bad and shouldn’t happen. It is then claimed that governments,

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DHS Expands Police Spying… | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

DHS Expands Police Spying… | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

05-05-18 09:30:00,

Not content with surveillance cameras on buses, the police state has now begun adding them to bus stops.

Last month an article in WTVR 6 revealed that the Greater Richmond Transit Center (GRTC) is installing more than one hundred surveillance cameras at bus stops.

What should really concern everyone is the amount of cameras being installed at each bus stop.

Each of the 26 new stops, built to accommodate the bus line’s need for more efficient transit, includes about four cameras, making for more than 100 new surveillance devices on the roughly 7.5-mile stretch of road… (Source: Style Weekly)

WTVR also revealed that police can use the cameras to spy on commuters 24/7.

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“The system will be live 24 hours a day and will be connected to Richmond 911 call center,” Rose Pace said.

According to Style Weekly, police will now have access to more than three hundred surveillance cameras.

This new system will bring the total number of easily accessible, city or government-owned cameras available to police and other authorities to more than 300, including roughly 200 stationary cameras Richmond police already have easy access to, and 32 cameras owned by city police.

What’s wrong with adding four surveillance cameras to bus stops you ask?

Every one of GRTC’s buses are already with four surveillance cameras that are capable of spying on
1.6 million commuters.

If you combine bus stop cameras with police cam-share cameras, the picture becomes even more frightening.

Businesses across the country are being encouraged to allow police to have real-time access to their CCTV cameras, effectively creating a city-wide police surveillance network.

At a time when violent crime is at historic lows one has to ask, why do we need city-wide police surveillance networks?

Who’s behind city-wide police surveillance networks?

TSA-style scanners at train stations

DHS and the TSA’s role in turning public transportation into city-wide police surveillance networks is unmistakable.

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