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16-02-21 09:17:00,

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More than 500 scientists and economists implored world leaders last week to stop treating as emissions-free the burning of wood from forests to make energy and heat, and to end subsidies now driving the explosive demand for wood pellets. Both actions, they write, are causing escalating deforestation in the Southeast US, Western Canada and Eastern Europe.

The letter was received Feb. 11 by US President Joseph Biden and European Union President Ursula Von der Leyen, as well as Charles Michel, president of the European Council, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The document is expected to soon be sent to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“We the undersigned scientists and economists commend each of you for the ambitious goals you have announced… to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050,” the two-page letter begins. “Forest preservation and restoration should be key tools for achieving this goal and simultaneously helping to address our global biodiversity crisis.

However, “We urge you not to undermine both climate goals and the world’s biodiversity by shifting from burning fossil fuels to burning trees to generate energy.”

In the EU alone, nearly 60% of renewable energy already comes from forest biomass, amounting to millions of metric tons of wood pellets burned annually. The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Denmark are among the leading consumers of biomass for energy and heat, while Japan and South Korea are now converting coal-fired power plants to burn wood pellets.

Under the EU’s second Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) — tolerated by the United Nations under the Paris Climate Agreement — emissions from burning forest biomass are not counted at all. This significant carbon accounting loophole underreports emissions data at a time when global temperatures are rising fast, causing accelerating drought, devastating storms, destructive wildfires and sea-level rise nearly everywhere on earth.

Rather than being a carbon neutral climate solution, the scientists write, cutting forests and burning wood pellets is more polluting than coal, and “emits more carbon up smokestacks than using fossil fuels,” while sacrificing the carbon-sequestration capacity of growing trees which is lost to produce wood pellets.

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“Experts” Now Say Americans Should Wear THREE Masks

27-01-21 12:56:00,


Electronic ankle bracelets next?


41 mins ago


27 January, 2021

Violeta Stoimenova via Getty Images

Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt has called for the government to use GPS tracking technology to ensure Brits are complying with COVID quarantine measures.

Under the law, Brits who re-enter the country have to self-isolate for 10 days before leaving their home for any reason.

However, the difficulties, both practical and financial, of complying with this mandate, mean that as many as 75% are not following the rules.

According to Hunt, this behavior is responsible for spreading the infection and he has called on the government to use surveillance technology to ensure that a compliance rate of 95% is achieved.

Hunt demanded, “Daily contact with those asked to self-isolate – using GPS tracking to monitor compliance if necessary as happens in Taiwan and Poland. People need to know how much this matters and if we cannot persuade them to comply at the outset we should keep trying.”

Daily contact with those asked to self-isolate – using GPS tracking to monitor compliance if necessary as happens in Taiwan and Poland. People need to know how much this matters and if we cannot persuade them to comply at the outset we should keep trying.

— Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) January 25, 2021

Presumably, this would mean giving government the power to track people’s cellphones in real time via backdoor access.

However, given that the individual could just leave their phone at home while they left the property, the only way to properly enforce the measure would be to literally tag everyone with electronic ankle bracelets.

Given the country’s zeal for authoritarianism and their clamoring for even more draconian lockdown measures, it’s not even outside the realms of possibility that could happen.

As we previously highlighted, a recent YouGov poll asked Brits if they supported, “The Government in [country name] using the mobile phone data of individuals to ensure they are complying with restrictions on movement outside of the home during a lockdown.”

45% supported the idea compared to 42% who opposed it.

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Experts ‘shocked’ as India gives ‘rushed’ approval for indigenous Covid-19 vaccine

04-01-21 07:20:00,

Health experts have slammed the government of India’s decision to give the green light to an indigenous Covid-19 vaccine, Covaxin, which hasn’t even released stage-three trial data.

On Sunday, Delhi gave its approval to the AstraZeneca jab which had already been approved in the UK, as well as to a lesser-known vaccine, produced by Indian company Bharat Biotech.

The decision to approve Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin jab has been widely condemned by India’s medical community as “rushed.”

Health watchdog All India Drug Action Network said it was “shocked,” adding that there were “intense concerns arising from the absence of the efficacy data.” 

The All India Drug Action Network stated that it was “baffled to understand what scientific logic has motivated” the relevant oversight committee to approve “an incompletely studied vaccine.”

The medical group asserted that the lack of transparency and hasty approval “raises more questions than answers and likely will not reinforce faith in our scientific decision-making bodies.”

Dr Gagandeep Kang, one of India’s most distinguished medical experts, told the Times of India that she had “not seen anything like this before”, and pointed out: “There is absolutely no efficacy data that has been presented or published.” 

Meanwhile, Indian MP Shashi Tharoor was among those who posted on Twitter to share their reservations.

“The Covaxin has not yet had Phase 3 trials. Approval was premature and could be dangerous. @drharshvardhan should please clarify. Its use should be avoided till full trials are over. India can start with the AstraZeneca vaccine in the meantime,” he wrote. 

India’s Drugs Controller General, VG Somani, said that Covaxin was “safe and provides a robust immune response.”  

Also on rt.com
India approves AstraZeneca vaccine as company still working on jab’s efficacy of at least 62% after disappointing trial results

Dr Debkishore Gupta, Consultant Clinical Microbiologist and Head of Infection Control at CK Birla Hospitals, also expressed concern at the approval of the AstraZeneca vaccine, suggesting its efficacy is “lower than any other vaccine that has been approved in many countries.”

“This is the average efficacy between the normal group which received two full doses (62 percent) and half-dose and full dose (90 percent).

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Experts: “Er is GEEN pandemie en de Covid-19 vaccins zijn NIET veilig”

09-12-20 10:39:00,

In deze video brengen medici, wetenschappers en activisten uit allerlei landen hun grote verontrusting over de Covid-19 vaccins onder woorden.
Deze vaccins zijn niet naar behoren getest en daardoor ronduit gevaarlijk. Ze kunnen onvruchtbaarheid veroorzaken en een groot aantal aandoeningen en ziekten. Bovendien veranderen ze ons DNA. De gevolgen daarvan zijn niet te overzien.

Een productie van Oracle Films in samenwerking met Fiona Hine, oprichter van CoviLeaks.
Zij is direct na publicatie verwijderd van YouTube en Facebook.

Downloadlocaties zijn nu onder meer: Bitchite en BrandNewTube

De hashtag van de film is #asktheexperts


Verplichte vaccinatie is onwettig, onverantwoord, onzinnig en verderreikend dan je denkt

Wat iedereen moet weten over vaccinaties

Doctors for Truth: “De coronacrisis is geen pandemie, maar een politieke operatie.”

World Doctors Alliance: “We want a BETTER normal!”

Belgische arts: “Wees niet bang van Corona, pas wel op voor de bangmakers”

Twee Californische artsen weerleggen aan de hand van hun eigen gegevens de onheilsvoorspellingen van de WHO

Het Rouleaux effect: de echte oorzaak van de coronacrisis

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Experts and 9/11 Families Appeal Federal Agency Decision on Building 7 Report

29-09-20 07:00:00,

Families of 9/11 victims and the nonprofit organization Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth filed an administrative appeal late yesterday condemning the decision made by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to deny the group’s “request for correction” regarding NIST’s 2008 report on the controversial collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 — an event famously reported by the BBC 23 minutes before it actually happened.

The 47-story office building, though not hit by an airplane, fell straight into its footprint roughly seven hours after the Twin Towers were destroyed on September 11, 2001. NIST concluded in its report that Building 7 collapsed primarily due to fire — the first tall building ever to do so. The request for correction asks NIST to throw out that conclusion on the grounds that it violates NIST’s information quality standards under the Data Quality Act.

“The explanations given by NIST for its decision to deny our request are preposterous and totally avoid addressing our arguments,” said Ted Walter, spokesperson for the 9/11 families and AE911Truth. “Our hope now is that NIST’s associate director for laboratory programs, James Olthoff, will reverse this egregious decision and have the report revised.”

The appeal submitted late yesterday alleges that NIST’s decision to deny the request is “demonstrably in error and fails to provide a response to most of the relevant data quality arguments contained in the request.”

Among other things, the appeal takes aim at NIST’s refusal to study a melted piece of steel from Building 7 on the flimsy grounds that the steel cannot be confirmed as coming from Building 7 — an excuse the appeal calls “brazenly unscientific.”

The appeal also targets NIST’s refusal to perform new computer simulations that would include a structural feature NIST now admits was excluded from the modeling. AE911Truth argues that including this structural feature would have prevented the failure that NIST claims initiated the collapse.

Appeal of NIST Initial Decision WTC 7 RFC 09 28 20

“They are refusing to conduct new analyses that they know they should, and their justifications are beyond absurd,” said Richard Gage, AIA, architect and founder of AE911Truth.

The procedure governing requests submitted to NIST states that the associate director’s decision is communicated “usually within 60 calendar days after receipt of the appeal” and will constitute a final decision by the U.S.

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