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On 20 September students will be mobilizing in a global protest against climate change.

Who is supporting this Worldwide endeavour, who is funding it?

Is this a real rebellion?


It is natural for people to come forward in defense of planet Earth once they become aware of the policies of ecocide built into corporate globalization. In fact, it is the general lack of such action which constitutes the real concern for all who care deeply about the health and welfare of the planet and its occupants.

But for a long time now, those with their hands on the control levers of daily life have shown themselves to be extremely adept at tuning-in to expressions of resistance and covertly subverting such expressions to fit their monopoly of unrestrained economic growth – at all costs.

The Extinction Rebellion clash between eco-activist movements and a highly structured elite policy of distinctly un-ecological wealth procurement, has been increasingly in the public eye  recently.

It looks, to all intents and purposes, as though these are indeed two camps with major idealistic differences, coming up against each other on the streets, in print and over the airwaves.

However, on closer inspection, it transpires that this is not the case. Just under the surface is an entanglement which we need to grasp in order to know what is actually going on. I am grateful to www.nowhere.news for looking behind the scenes of recent high profile events on the streets of London and elsewhere and drawing out the largely hidden details of exactly who is behind these actions and what they aim to achieve.

In brief, what is revealed to be the real under-text of these ‘happenings’ is essentially a cruel hoax on tens of thousands of protesters, the majority of whom are young and ostensibly making their presence known so as to challenge government on global warming/ climate change concerns. People whose stated reason for coming forward is that they don’t believe enough serious actions are being taken to keep CO2 emissions below 400 parts per million.

So let’s try to deconstruct the multiple layered confusion that clouds the road to truth in this matter.

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Is the “Extinction Rebellion” a Scheme Cooked Up by the Alt-Establishment? – Global Research


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The so-called “Extinction Rebellion” set to begin later this month with “Global Climate Strikes” could be a scheme cooked up by the Alt-Establishment, which refers to the con game being played by the current power brokers who deceptively misportray themselves as the “anti-establishment” through the various proxy organizations that they bankroll.


The Mainstream Media has started promoting the so-called “Extinction Rebellion” in recent weeks that’s set to begin later this month with “Global Climate Strikes”, which are being presented as a “global revolution” of sorts carried out by people from all walks of life and cultures uniting for the sake of the planet’s future.

The idea, as it’s being sold to the masses, is that walking out of one’s school or job to participate in these “historic” events will somehow or another convince one’s educational administrators or employers to throw their support behind the “climate change” movement through active donations and other means in order to ensure that this general agenda is eventually advanced by every government across the world “before it’s too late”.

The climate campaign has become extremely popular in recent years as inclement weather adds credence to the claims that the climate is indeed changing despite the disagreements (some of which are obviously politicized) about who or what is to blame, but there’s no doubt that it’s become an all-inclusive worldwide movement that by its very nature is vulnerable to exploitation, and therein lies the problem with the “Extinction Rebellion”.

At risk of sounding what will be smeared as “conspiratorial” by critics, there’s a very conceivable chance that the many well-intended but extremely gullible people participating in these planned events might be manipulated by what can be described as the “Alt-Establishment”, which refers to the con game being played by the current power brokers who deceptively misportray themselves as the “anti-establishment” through the various proxy organizations that they bankroll.

To be more direct, it wouldn’t be surprising if links were discovered between Big Oil and some of the “NGOs” involved in organizing the “Global Climate Strikes”. For as counterintuitive as this might initially sound, it would make sense from their perspective to want to groom, co-opt, and/or control legitimately anti-establishment sentiment as manifested in the “climate change” movement for their own ends which could include eventually discrediting them or even using them as a “bargaining chip” with lawmakers (e.g.

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The Mass Extinction No One Is Talking About


30-06-19 09:51:00,

“Every two weeks, the world loses a language. Out of approximately 7,000 languages spoken on earth today, at least half will have fallen silent by the end of this century,” artist Lena Herzog told an audience at New York’s Museum of Modern Art in the spring of 2018. In a world in which English increasingly dominates global conversations and cultures, every part of Herzog’s statement will seem staggering: the vast diversity, the rapid loss, the impending extinction. Perhaps more surprising, however, are the reasons this mass linguistic disappearance is taking place. As Herzog explained in her speech, which she reads aloud in the latest installment of “Scheer Intelligence,” this extinction is no accident. Rather, it is the outcome of a human history in which concentrated hegemonic powers required the erasure of any form of communication that precluded their understanding and, crucially, their control.

“[Power] has also always known that it would be difficult, if not nearly impossible, to control various minority populations and tribes because of the language and cultural barrier,” Herzog says. “Thus, it has obliterated these other languages as much as it could, either by simple genocide or by squeezing other cultures out, absorbing them and vanishing them, sometimes intentionally, mostly, as a by-product of conquest, cultural absorption, or domination. … The sophistication in messaging in [the United States] is unparalleled by anything any authoritarian or totalitarian state could have ever created.”

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The Americanization of Popular Culture Should Terrify Us All

This language genocide is at the heart of the Russian-American artist’s project titled “Last Whispers,” an immersive “oratorio,” or audiovisual installation, that branches out into virtual reality. The work, which collects clips of dead or dying languages recorded by linguists around the world and filed in international archives, has been shown in London, New York and Los Angeles, with planned exhibitions in many other world cities. In a poetic, potent effort, Herzog shows us what the world has already lost, or is on the verge of losing. You can hear some examples in the trailer below, which demonstrates how more than words are at stake.

“Humanity is losing the knowledge, the variety of worldviews, and the cosmologies that indigenous communities have for centuries encoded in these languages and cultures.

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5G Apocalypse, The Extinction Event | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


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Much of the daily content we publish is notable to us for various reasons. Having said that, the views and opinions expressed in this content, (articles, videos or any other content), are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the authors of this site.

As always, please do your own research. Please do not believe what you are told. Take what you like, and leave the rest.

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Extinction Rebellion


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There is one desperate chance left to thwart the impending ecocide and extinction of the human species. We must, in wave after wave, carry out nonviolent acts of civil disobedience to shut down the capitals of the major industrial countries, crippling commerce and transportation, until the ruling elites are forced to publicly state the truth about climate catastrophe, implement radical measures to halt carbon emissions by 2025 and empower an independent citizens committee to oversee the termination of our 150-year binge on fossil fuels. If we do not do this, we will face mass death.

The British-based group Extinction Rebellion has called for nonviolent acts of civil disobedience on April 15 in capitals around the world to reverse our “one-way track to extinction.” I do not know if this effort will succeed. But I do know it is the only mechanism left to force action by the ruling elites, who, although global warming has been well documented for at least three decades, have refused to carry out the measures needed to protect the planet and the human race. These elites, for this reason alone, are illegitimate. They must be replaced.

“It is our sacred duty to rebel in order to protect our homes, our future, and the future of all life on Earth,” Extinction Rebellion writes. This is not hyperbolic. We have, as every major climate report states, very little time left. Indeed, it may already be too late.

In Britain, Extinction Rebellion has already demonstrated its clout, blocking roads, occupying government departments and amassing 6,000 people to shut down five of London’s bridges last Nov. 17. Scores of arrests were made. But it was just the warm-up act. In April, the group hopes, the final assault will begin.

If we do not shake off our lethargy, our anomie, and resist, our misery, despondency and feelings of helplessness will mount. We will become paralyzed. Resistance, especially given the bleakness before us, is about more than winning. It is about a life of meaning. It is about empowerment. It is a public declaration that we will no longer live according to the dominant lie. It is a message to the elites: YOU DO NOT OWN US. It is about defending our dignity,

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