World Extreme Weather: Is it Man or Something Else? | New Eastern Outlook


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Our planet seems to be in a growing crisis in terms of agriculture and crop production related to unusual weather shifts. Many reports in recent months use the term “extreme weather” to describe record heat across Europe this summer, record flooding in US Midwest farm states, or record drought across India and major parts of Africa and China. Parts of the USA Midwest are undergoing the worst growing conditions since at least the 1980s. In the UK the weather has been ruinous to the grain harvest there. The crucial question to ask is whether we can assume, as many do, that this is all part of man-made global warming, today renamed climate change, or whether it can be caused by something quite different: The periodic cycles of solar activity that in the past months have entered what astro-scientists call a “solar minimum.” If it is due to the latter, we are spending huge sums on addressing a wrong problem, in fact trillions of dollars.

Until this July large parts of India were suffering record drought. Chennai reservoirs were down to 0.2% of capacity over the past two years as a severe heat wave saw 99% less water than a year ago. Acute water shortages have forced thousands to flee their villages. Though in early August above-average monsoon seasonal rains relieved the situation in some parts, so far the rainfall is far from adequate to restore empty reservoirs across India. In China severe drought has left about 800,000 hectares of crops affected in northern China’s Hebei Province with rainfall some 55% below normal. That comes as a devastation of China’s pig population from the deadly African Swine Fever spreads and crops across the country are being destroyed by a plague of Army Fallworm infestation that is resistant to most weed-killers.

At the same time record rains have devastated agriculture in key growing regions. In the UK excessive rainfall in August has brought the wheat harvest to a halt according to the National Farmers’ Union. Across the major US Midwest record snowfall in winter, coupled with record rains this spring, have severely delayed plantings for corn and soybeans. The twelve months through July have been the wettest on record in the Midwest grain belt resulting in millions of acres going unplanted.

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Extreme monitoring and bugs: Ex-inmate details Julian Assange’s likely treatment in Belmarsh prison


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Julian Assange is likely the focus of unwanted attention from both prison officers and his fellow cellmates at HMP Belmarsh, according to a former inmate of the infamous prison.

The WikiLeaks founder was sentenced to 50 weeks incarceration at the high-security London facility following his dramatic arrest at the Ecuadorian embassy last month.

Former prisoner Pepsi Watson says that Assange’s profile will mean he will be the source of immense curiosity amongst the prison’s inmates.

“Julian Assange in HMP Belmarsh is extremely high profile, he will have a massive aura about him within HMP Belmarsh, people will just want to get a look at him through the gate or you know he’ll be spoken about, news about him will spread like wildfire around the prison,” he told RT.

Belmarsh has had numerous infamous inmates throughout its history including Michael Adebolajo, one of Lee Rigby’s murderers, Ronnie Biggs, of great train robbery fame, and “Britain’s most notorious prisoner” Charles Bronson.

Watson believes the whistleblower is likely being extremely closely monitored by prison officers, with his phone calls listened to and restricted and potentially even his cell fitted with listening devices.

“Due to his high profile nature, it’s highly probable in my opinion that he will be monitored closer than normal, all his phone calls will be listened to, he will only get 10 minute phone calls, he will be lucky to get one phone call a day, that will be monitored everyday,” he said.

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‘Everyone else must take my place’: Assange in letter from British prison

Every single one of his incoming and outgoing letters will be very closely monitored and read by the security department here, he will be observed on visits, his visit lists and visitors who come to apply to visit him will be thoroughly checked out.

“He’ll have the privacy in his own cell, in his prison cell but in these Category A high-security prisons like Belmarsh, the prison officers here and the security departments have got the resources to bug Assange’s cell if they feel that they need to do that,” he added.

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Extreme Poverty, Systemic Immiseration of Great Britain: Ten Damning Conclusions from the New UN Poverty Report – Global Research


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UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty argues that UK Government policy has led to “systemic immiseration” of a significant part of the population – CommonSpace looks at the report’s 10 most important findings


1. Dickensian Britain

“It might seem to some observers that the Department of Work and Pensions has been tasked with designing a digital and sanitised version of the nineteenth century workhouse, made infamous by Charles Dickens, rather than seeking to respond creatively and compassionately to the real needs of those facing widespread economic insecurity in an age of deep and rapid transformation brought about by automation, zero-hour contracts and rapidly growing inequality.”

2. Employment is no escape from poverty

“Almost 60 per cent of those in poverty in the United Kingdom are in families where someone works, and a shocking 2.9 million people are in poverty in families where all adults work full-time. According to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, 10 per cent of workers over 16 are in insecure employment. And 10 years after the 2008 financial crisis, employees’ median real earnings are, remarkably, still below pre-crisis levels.”

3.  Eat or heat

“People said they had to choose either to eat or heat their homes. Children are showing up at school with empty stomachs, and schools are collecting food and sending it home because teachers know their students will otherwise go hungry. And 2.5 million people in the United Kingdom survive with incomes no more than 10 per cent above the poverty line –just one crisis away from falling into poverty.”

4. Homeless Britain

“In England, homelessness rose 60 per cent between 2011 and 2017 and rough sleeping rose 165 per cent from 2010 to 2018. The charity Shelter estimates that 320,000 people in Britain are now homeless, and recent research by Crisis suggests that 24,000 people are sleeping rough or on public transportation –more than twice government estimates. Almost 600 people died homeless in England and Wales in 2017 alone, a 24 per cent increase in the past five years.26There were 1.2 million people on the social housing waiting list in 2017, but less than 6,000 homes were built that year.”


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Video: 13 Year Old Girl Victoria Grant: “Extreme Corruption” is the Cause of “Extreme Poverty” – Global Research


29-12-18 04:49:00,

Video: 13 Year Old Girl Victoria Grant: “Extreme Corruption” is the Cause of “Extreme Poverty”

Victoria Grant focusses on extreme corruption in the banking system.

The death of children in the Middle East.

Power and Profit instead of people.

The banking structure is the cause of poverty.

Corruption prevails in the banking system, with the complicity of national governments.

Major reforms in the structure of international banking are required.

The democratization of monetary policy.

How to eradicate extreme poverty.

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For media inquiries: [email protected]

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Extreme Poverty and Human Rights in the United Kingdom – Global Research


18-11-18 07:36:00,

The UK is the world’s fifth largest economy, it contains many areas of immense wealth, its capital is a leading centre of global finance, its entrepreneurs are innovative and agile, and despite the current political turmoil, it has a system of government that rightly remains the envy of much of the world. It thus seems patently unjust and contrary to British values that so many people are living in poverty. This is obvious to anyone who opens their eyes to see the immense growth in foodbanks and the queues waiting outside them, the people sleeping rough in the streets, the growth of homelessness, the sense of deep despair that leads even the Government to appoint a Minister for suicide prevention and civil society to report in depth on unheard of levels of loneliness and isolation. And local authorities, especially in England, which perform vital roles in providing a real social safety net have been gutted by a series of government policies. Libraries have closed in record numbers, community and youth centers have been shrunk and underfunded, public spaces and buildings including parks and recreation centers have been sold off. While the labour and housing markets provide the crucial backdrop, the focus of this report is on the contribution made by social security and related policies.

The results? 14 million people, a fifth of the population, live in poverty.

Four million of these are more than 50% below the poverty line,[1] and 1.5 million are destitute, unable to afford basic essentials.[2]

The widely respected Institute for Fiscal Studies predicts a 7% rise in child poverty between 2015 and 2022, and various sources predict child poverty rates of as high as 40%.3 For almost one in every two children to be poor in twenty-first century Britain is not just a disgrace, but a social calamity and an economic disaster, all rolled into one.

But the full picture of low-income well-being in the UK cannot be captured by statistics alone. Its manifestations are clear for all to see. The country’s most respected charitable groups, its leading think tanks, its parliamentary committees, independent authorities like the National Audit Office, and many others, have all drawn attention to the dramatic decline in the fortunes of the least well off in this country.

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The Extreme Dangers Posed By “Smart Meters’

The Extreme Dangers Posed By “Smart Meters’

15-10-18 07:44:00,

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    The Next Step Towards Extreme Online Censorship? | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

    The Next Step Towards Extreme Online Censorship? | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

    14-06-18 06:26:00,

    While we in the United States, are lucky enough to enjoy true freedom of speech when we are logged onto the internet, this isn’t the case for everyone. In fact, the control and censorship in some countries are incredibly extreme!

    Those in positions of power in China, for example, have imposed some extreme restrictions including removing foreign television shows from online streaming platforms, requiring that all users of online forums register with their real names, holding group admins in chat groups responsible for any and all that is said in their online spaces, and, in Beijing, shutting out access to Google and Facebook entirely in the past! Imagine being told that you aren’t permitted to access your favorite social media platforms due to government restrictions. Furthermore, access to unbiased reporting is nearly impossible with government-approved editorial staff required to oversee all online news websites.

    While that may seem extreme, it’s important to note that even the smallest of moves in the direction of online censorship and restriction could be a slippery slope towards something much darker and more intense. This is the case with a new proposal introduced in the European Union.

    Yolanda Yogapanda
    by Ole Dammegard

    Yolanda Yogapanda is a very smart and wise little panda bear. Together with her best friends, Toby Trunk and Leopold the stripy lion, she encounters various challenges in life – challenges Yolanda Yogapanda usually have great ways of solving. This is the first in a series of children’s books (age 5-95 years) based on the wisdom of ancient and timeless teachings of great yoga masters like Patanjali and Sri Swami Satchidananda.

    To preview the book click on the thumbnail below: 

    The EU Copyright Directive, Article 13, focuses on reshaping the current copyright laws, bringing them into the internet age. It attempts to do so by establishing greater regulations for the online platforms that allow for the sharing of protected content. It also discusses what measures should be used in order to fairly and appropriately enforce this regulation.

    The Article states that platform providers should “take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rightholders for the use of their works or other subject-matter or to prevent the availability on their services of works or other subject-matter identified by rightholders through the cooperation with the service providers.”

    What does this mean for internet users in the EU?

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