Facebook is building tech to read your mind. The ethical implications are staggering.


11-01-20 02:06:00,

Facebook wants to create a device that can read your mind — literally. It’s funding research on brain-machine interfaces that can pick up thoughts directly from your neurons and translate them into words, the company announced in a blog post last week.

The short-term goal is to help patients with paralysis, by decoding their brain signals and allowing them to “speak” their thoughts without ever having to move a muscle. That could be a real public good, significantly improving quality of life for millions of people. In the US alone, 5.4 million people currently live with paralysis.

But Facebook’s long-term goal is to reach a much, much wider audience: The aim, it says, is to give all of us the ability to control digital devices — from keyboards to augmented reality glasses — using the power of thought alone. To do that, the company will need access to our brain data. Which, of course, raises some ethical concerns.

The Facebook-financed research is taking place at the University of California San Francisco. Scientists there published the results of a study in a recent Nature Communications paper. In a first for the field, they say, they’ve built an algorithm that’s able to decode words from brain activity and translate it into text on a computer screen in real time.

The human participants in their study — three volunteers with epilepsy — already had electrodes surgically implanted on the surface of their brains as part of preparation for neurosurgery to treat their seizures. They listened to straightforward questions (like “How is your room currently?”) and spoke their answers out loud. The algorithm, just by reading their brain activity, decoded the answers with accuracy rates as high as 61 percent.

That’s pretty impressive, but so far the algorithm can only recognize words from a small vocabulary (like “cold,” “hot,” and “fine”). The scientists are aiming to grow its lexicon over time. Importantly, Facebook also wants to develop a way of decoding speech that doesn’t require surgery. The ideal would be a noninvasive wearable headset, though that’s harder to build.

In the meantime, we have a chance to consider the ethical implications of this neurotechnology — and it’s crucial to do that,

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Libra: Facebook Wants to Control Your Money | New Eastern Outlook


30-11-19 09:09:00,


Facebook – backed by some of the largest banks and corporations on Earth – seek to create a global digital currency and reassert Western dominion over the global economy.

Many are probably already familiar with US-based social media giants like Facebook and Twitter carrying out sweeping campaigns of censorship executed in line with US foreign policy objectives.

New Eastern Outlook itself was deleted off of both networks – just one among many thousands of accounts wiped out in a virtual information war.

Many are also probably aware of how Facebook in particular has trampled the privacy of its users, manipulated users unwittingly through involuntary experiments and controls what many people around the globe see while online – most of the time without users even realizing it.

But imagine instead of just silencing and marginalizing opponents or controlling the information the public has access to and thus manipulating the public itself, Facebook was also able to control the very currency people use in their day to day lives.  Its control over the public, both within the US and beyond, would be unprecedented.

The ability to control both information and money would be a potent tool, enhancing Facebook’s already deeply disruptive and abusive behavior as well as the much larger corporate-financier interests Facebook works with and for.

Enter Libra

Earlier this year Facebook announced its own currency called Libra. It is based on blockchain technology, billed as a “cryptocurrency,” and aims at dominating banking and commerce in much the same way Facebook already dominates social media, messaging and in general, the flow of information.

There is no doubt that the same cooperation Facebook has provided the US government and the interests that dominate its domestic and foreign policy in controlling and manipulating public opinion around the globe, stifling alternative news, and even overthrowing governments will translate directly into a similar pattern of abuse through its desired control over a global currency.

Unlike hard currency which does not know in whose hands it resides and thus is unable to discriminate against its holder – Libra not only allows Facebook to know whose hands its currency is in, but how much of it is there,

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Facebook Bans All Content On Vaccine Awareness, Including Facts About Vaccine Ingredients


25-11-19 05:08:00,

Authored by Mike Adams via NaturalNews.com,

Just as we warned would happen, the tech giants are now moving aggressively to ban all speech that contradicts whatever “official” position is decided to be “the truth” by the corrupt establishment. This week, Facebook announced it would block all content on Facebook that questions the official dogma on vaccines, which falsely insists that vaccines have never harmed anyone (a hilarious lie), that vaccines contain only safe ingredients (a blatant deception) and that vaccines always work on everyone (another laughable lie).

Facebook is achieving this by labeling vaccine awareness information “misinformation” or “hoaxes.” At the top of the list is the assertion that vaccines are linked to autism — something that even the CDC’s own top whistleblower scientist reveals to be true, yet the vaccine industry claims it’s all a hoax (in order to cover of the crimes of medical violence against children that are being committed by the vaccine pushers).

Notably, tech giants are now banning vaccine truth information by labeling it “misinformation” in exactly the same way they ban conservative content by labeling it “hate speech.” They simply invent a false category to justify the ban, all while crushing the free speech of users (and ultimately leading to the vaccine maiming of millions of innocent children). Under this twisted system of speech policing, they can ban any content they don’t like by simply labeling it “false” or “hateful,” even if it’s true and important.

Don’t like infanticide and the killing of human infants after they are born? That’s “hate speech against women,” Facebook will soon declare. And you’ll be banned from talking about abortion.

Concerned about fluoride and how it harms developing brains and lowers the IQs of children? That will be labeled a “hoax” by Facebook, even though it is scientifically verified through multiple studies to be true.

The censorship trick: Limiting content to “authoritative information”

“Monika Bickert, Facebook’s vice president for global policy management, said the social media network would reduce the distribution of false data and provide users with authoritative information about vaccinations,” reports AFP, via Breitbart.

Of course,

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How Facebook Has Become The Strategic Media Mouthpiece For The Global Elite


14-11-19 10:43:00,

  • The Facts:

    Joseph Mcmoneagle, one of the most successful Army-trained remote viewers, peered into the past to look into the possible origins of human history. He saw that we were created by intelligent beings in what he called a ‘laboratory.’

  • Reflect On:

    Why is the mainstream story of human history still limited to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? Why have so many discoveries, like giants, and life on other planets, been completely concealed and brushed off as a conspiracy theory?

The true origins of human history remain a mystery, but that’s not what mainstream academia would have us believe. Since Darwin, human evolution and ‘the survival of the fittest’ has been pushed on the population as some sort of scientific truth, despite the fact that it remains a theory with multiple loopholes and ‘missing links.’ If you question it, in some circumstances, you are almost considered a nut.

This continues to happen in many different fields of knowledge; when you question beliefs that have been ingrained for so long you get a harsh response, and in some cases, you’re liable to be fined, put in jail or at the very least you receive tremendous amounts of hate and censorship.  What we don’t hear about is the fact that there are several hundred scientists, if not several thousand, who have spoken up against the scientific validity of the theory of evolution.  I recently wrote an article about more than 500 scientists coming together to reject Darwin’s theory of evolution and explain why it’s not really valid at all.

Our DNA Originated Somewhere Else

Even one of the founding fathers of DNA, Francis Crick, believed that human DNA must have originated from somewhere else in the galaxy, whereby “organisms were deliberately transmitted to earth by intelligent beings on another planet.” You can read more about that here. I also recently wrote about a paper that was published by 33 scientists in the Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology Journal suggesting that the flourishing life during the Cambrian era (Cambrian Explosion) originated from the stars.

“With the rapidly increasing number of exoplanets that have been discovered in the habitable zones of long-lived red dwarf stars (Gillon et al.,

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Facebook en NSO Group ruziën; gehackt door spionnen bedrijf – DocP


03-11-19 07:24:00,

De NSO Group is een particulier Israëlisch bedrijf dat wereldwijd zijn diensten aanbiedt. Facebook en zijn dochterbedrijf Whatsapp hebben een aanklacht tegen NSO ingediend. Al in mei dit jaar had Whatsapp bekend gemaakt te zijn gehackt door het Israëlische bedrijf. Daarbij was meteen meegedeeld dat de zwakke plek waarlangs NSO binnenkwam al was afgesloten. De zaak krijgt nu een vervolg doordat er door Facebook een rechtszaak is aangespannen.

NSO had schadelijke software geïnstalleerd op 1400 telefoons waardoor de eigenaren bespioneerd konden worden. Deze groep slachtoffers zou vooral bestaan uit journalisten, activisten en dissidenten (FAZ, 31/10/2019). Bijvoorbeeld dissidenten in Ruanda, een land waar nog niet zo lang geleden een genocide plaatsvond.

In veel dubieuze zaken duikt de naam van NSO op. Bijvoorbeeld in de Khashoggi affaire en zeer recent in de ‘me too’-affaire rond de filmproducer Harvey Weinstein. Hoewel eigendom van particulieren zit het bedrijf zeer dicht tegen de Israëlische overheid aan. De oprichters en medewerkers zijn voor het meerendeel afkomstig uit een spionage eenheid van de Israëlische inlichtingendiensten.

Spionage van burgers door nauw aan Israël gelieerde bedrijven is ook voor Nederlandse activisten relevant. Het is een belangrijke reden voor docP om de ontwikkelingen rond de WIV (de Nederlandse Wet op de Inlichtingendiensten) in de gaten te houden. Zeer veel informatie over de NSO Group is overigens naar boven gebracht door citizen lab uit Canada.

NSO heeft de beschuldigingen ontkend.

De redactie

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Das war’s, Facebook!


02-11-19 10:31:00,

Mit unserem Abtritt von Facebook sind wir keineswegs Pioniere — bereits letztes Jahr löschte KenFM seine Facebook-Seite mit über 250.000 Likes. Und das mit einer „Hasta la vista (per strada)“-Lässigkeit, ohne dies dramatisch in Szene zu setzen.

Was für den einen oder anderen völlig bescheuert erscheinen mag, ist wahrlich nur das Erkennen der Zeichen der Zeit, aus zweierlei Gründen. Erstens: Facebook ist nicht „unser Freund“ — weder von Rubikon, noch von KenFM, noch von irgendeiner Gruppierung, die den Systemwandel und eine bessere Welt anstrebt. Mit unseren Beiträgen dort tanzen wir auf einem Dancefloor des Systems, welches wirklich jeden Rausschmeißersong anwirft, um uns aus dem Takt zu bringen. Sei es nun Shadowbanning oder die Verlangsamung der Interaktion auf Facebook durch absichtlich eingebaute Bugs. Und bevor wir weiterhin das Risiko eingehen, endgültig rausgeworfen zu werden, gehen wir lieber selbst!

Der zweite Grund:

Facebook ist ein sterbender Internet-Gigant!

Wäre das Unternehmen kein milliardenschwerer Mega-Konzern in Kalifornien, der über die Jahre Milliarden Nutzer für sich gewinnen konnte, würde es von der Bedeutung und Relevanz her bald auf einer Ebene mit dem Microsoft-Webportal MSN oder dem Messenger-Dienst icq rangieren. Zumindest, wenn man die Nutzer unter 25 betrachtet. Für die junge Generation ab Jahrgang 1995 ist Facebook mittlerweile vollkommen irrelevant — auf Instagram und YouTube spielt nun die Musik!

Warum also sollen wir uns länger auf einer Plattform bewegen, die uns zunehmend Steine in den Weg legt, und die gleichzeitig auch immer weniger Relevanz aufweist? Natürlich fangen wir bei Human Connection nun zunächst sehr klein an. Das beginnt schon damit, dass wir keine „Seite“ in dem Sinne haben, sondern „nur“ ein normales Nutzerprofil, das „Rubikon“ heißt. Aber Facebook hat ebenso klein angefangen. In der Transformationsphase von 2008 bis 2010 erlangte Facebook dann in Deutschland ein Monopol im Bereich der sozialen Medien und der bis dahin breit aufgestellte Markt an Plattformen wie MSN, icq, SchülerVZ, MySpace oder Lokalisten wurde regelrecht ausgetrocknet. Von 2010 bis 2014 führte fast kein Weg an Facebook vorbei. Und jetzt nagt an dem einstigen Monopol der gleiche Zahn der Zeit wie einst bei MSN und Konsorten.

Zum anstehenden Jahrzehntwechsel könnte der Zeitpunkt nicht besser sein, den digitalen Umzug zu wagen. Wir werden von jetzt an unsere Beiträge auf Human Connection teilen. Gleichzeitig erhoffen wir uns von Human Connection,

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EuGH-Urteil zu Facebook: Der freien Meinungsäußerung droht Schiffbruch


05-10-19 09:28:00,

Der Europäische Gerichtshof (EuGH) ordnete gestern die Entfernung eines Facebook-Posts an. Das klingt banal, ist es aber bei Weitem nicht. Das EU-Gericht mischt sich mit seinem Urteil im Fall Eva Glawischnig gegen Facebook in den globalen Streit um Moderation von Inhalten im Netz ein – eine Debatte, die drastische Folgen für die freie Meinungsäußerung haben könnte. Die Richter:innen in Luxemburg förderten in ihrem Urteil zutage, dass der richtige und rechtskonforme Umgang mit Inhalten eine Rechtslücke darstellt.

Worum es geht: Die österreichische Ex-Grünen-Chefin war in einem öffentlichen Post auf Facebook als „miese Volksverräterin“ beschimpft worden, nachdem sie aus der Politik zu einem Glücksspielkonzern wechselte. Ein österreichisches Gericht forderte Facebook zur Entfernung des Posts auf. Da der Konzern sich weigerte, landete die Sache vor dem EuGH.

Das EU-Gericht urteilte nun, Facebook müsse den Post weltweit entfernen, statt ihn etwas nur in Österreich oder im EU-Raum unsichtbar zu machen. Österreichisches Recht gegen Ehrenbeleidigung muss damit auf der ganzen Welt umgesetzt werden.

Die Anordnung gilt laut dem EU-Gericht auch für andere, die anstößige Inhalte wortgleich weiterverbreiten, etwa per Share-Button. Der EuGH urteilte auch, dass nichts die österreichische Justiz daran hindere, die Entfernung sinngleicher Äußerungen anzuordnen.

Filter verstehen keine Spitzfindigkeiten

Das Gericht setzt mit seinem Urteil einen nachvollziehbaren Schritt hin zur Entfernung eines hetzerischen Kommentars. Doch an diesem Punkt wird es kompliziert. Denn was ist eine sinngleiche Äußerung? Und wie weit muss Facebook gehen, sie zu verhindern?

Das Gericht erinnert daran, dass Urteile Facebook keine Pflicht zur Überwachung aller Inhalte auferlegen dürfe. Und Facebook müsse keine inhaltliche Tiefenanalyse von Texten vornehmen, um sie zu entfernen. Im Urteil heißt es:

Unterschiede in der Formulierung dieses sinngleichen Inhalts im Vergleich zu dem für rechtswidrig erklärten Inhalt dürfen jedenfalls nicht so geartet sein, dass sie den Hosting-Anbieter zwingen, eine autonome Beurteilung dieses Inhalts vorzunehmen.

Facebook soll also sinngleiche Äußerungen entfernen, ohne ihren Inhalt zu beurteilen. Der Betreiber eines Dienstes könne ja zum Entfernen solcher Inhalte auf „automatisierte Techniken und Mittel zur Nachforschung zurückgreifen“, also etwa Content-Filter.

Nun wissen alle, die schon mal mit Sprachassistenten, Uploadfiltern oder mit anderen durch maschinelles Lernen geschulten Systemen zu tun hatten, dass solche Technologie keinesfalls in der Lage ist, zuverlässig „sinngleiche“ Inhalte zu erkennen. Damit haben schon Menschen Schwierigkeiten,

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EU can order Facebook to remove ‘hate speech’ even if it’s outside Europe, top court says in landmark ruling


03-10-19 10:36:00,

Facebook must comply with demands from EU nations to remove content deemed illegal, even if the material falls outside of their jurisdiction, a top court has ruled. The decision could undermine freedom of speech on the internet.

The European Court of Justice, the bloc’s top court, said on Thursday that an individual country can order Facebook to remove posts, photographs, and videos, and even restrict access to these materials to people all over the world.

According to the Luxembourg-based court, a national court of any EU country has the right to instruct the social media giant to take down posts considered defamatory in regions beyond its jurisdiction.

Also on rt.com
Facebook will bankroll an ‘independent supreme court’ to moderate your content & set censorship precedents

The ruling upholds a non-binding opinion from an ECJ adviser in June, which Facebook argued “undermines the longstanding principle that one country should not have the right to limit free expression in other countries.”

The initial opinion came after an Austrian Green party politician sued Facebook, demanding that the platform delete defamatory content about her posted by a user, as well as duplicates of the same material. The complaint was referred to the ECJ by Austria’s High Court. The politician, Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek, insisted that Facebook prevent the content from being viewed worldwide.

This is the second major ECJ ruling in as many months concerning freedom of expression on the internet. In September, the court said that Google does not have to apply the EU’s “right to be forgotten” law globally. The directive requires the tech giant to remove search result listings to pages containing damaging or false information about a person. As a result, Google implemented a feature that prevents European users from being able to see delisted links.

Also on rt.com
France hits Google with record €50mn fine over ‘forced consent’ data collection

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Facebook: Neues Armband soll Gedanken und Bewegungen von Nutzern kontrollieren


24-09-19 09:07:00,

Lesezeit: 1 min

24.09.2019 09:47  Aktualisiert: 24.09.2019 09:51

Facebook hat ein Startup gekauft, um künftig mithilfe eines Armbandes Gedanken und Bewegungen von Nutzern in elektronische Bedienungs-Kommandos umzusetzen.

Facebook: Neues Armband soll Gedanken und Bewegungen von Nutzern kontrollieren

Foto: Andrej Sokolow

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Facebook, Google and suspicious callers try to stop Ole Dammegård’s lecture | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


23-09-19 10:15:00,

Unknown callers try and succeed in stopping Ole Dammegård’s lecture while Facebook shuts down pages promoting the lectures.

Unknown callers try and succeed in stopping Ole Dammegård’s lecture while Facebook shuts down pages promoting the lectures. That’s what Johnny “Cash” Smith says, who organizes Dammegård’s tours. Despite the resistance, the tours are a success. Soon Dammegård will return to Sweden.

Ole Dammegård has grown to become one of the West’s most sought after speakers. Dammegård has been rewarded with the “Prague Peace Prize” and he talks about state terrorism, shadow governments and about death patrols that eliminate threats against the power elite’s agendas.

Dammegård began around 1980 to investigate the murders of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kenndy, which later led to the Olof Palme case and the Estonia disaster. During this extremely time-consuming work, very serious information emerged about how society is governed.

Dammegård believes that terrorist acts outside the world rarely indicate religiously motivated violence. Instead, it is usually about state terrorism. He says scaring is a very old principle that has been used throughout history to gain control over populations. The result of created terror and “false flags” is that citizens of pure fear therefore both demand and accept increased control in society.

Subtle hints

Given Dammegård’s influence through his books and lectures, it is no wonder that he is offered resistance. When NewsVoice met Dammegård in Stockholm in 2015, he talked about one of the reasons why he chose to leave Sweden was about two of his close friends among the so-called private teams dying under mysterious circumstances. He also got an unwanted and unpleasant home visit.

The signs that he was unwanted in Sweden and that there was a real threat picture directed at him were clearly evident. The murder of Olof Palme and the Estonia disaster are Swedish affairs and the official versions should not be disrupted, is an interpretation of these “signs”, or as Palmermord’s first investigative leader Hans Holmér said shortly after the alleged murder:

“If the true truth ever comes, it will shake the country in its foundations.”

What kind of truth could affect our nation in such a powerful and negative way? Hardly the official version with the addict Christer Pettersson in the lead.

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Google & Facebook are meddling in Russia’s affairs with political ads on election day – watchdog


08-09-19 08:06:00,

US tech giants have been disseminating political advertising during local election day in Russia, despite having being warned that it would be illegal to do so, telecom watchdog Roskomnadzor has said.

“Those actions can be viewed as interference in the sovereign affairs of Russia and obstruction of the democratic elections,” Roskomnadzor said, slamming the behavior of the foreign companies as “unacceptable.”

The violations by Google, Facebook and YouTube were committed not only on Election Day on Sunday, but also on the Day of Silence, a media moratorium that precedes the day of the vote.

Earlier this week, Roskomnadzor warned the respective services, as well as Instagram, against publishing political ads during this time and promised an “adequate reaction” if the calls were ignored.

Also on rt.com
Nationwide local elections wind up in Russia after weeks of Moscow protests

Earlier, a high-ranking member of Russia’s Civic Chamber, Aleksandr Malkevich, said that Google displayed ads for the so-called ‘Smart Voting’ system promoted by opposition figure and video blogger Aleksey Navalny.
These ads are said to have been shown to users who were searching for data on the local elections in Moscow.

Facebook blocked two posts that Moscow’s Election Commission had tried putting up on its account. They detailed how violations during the ongoing vote are being verified, he added.

The disregard for Russian law by Google and Facebook has been a frequent source of tension between the authorities and the multinational tech giants in recent years.

Roskomnadzor has even warned Google that it may be blocked in the country over its unwillingness to connect its search engine to the federal database of banned websites. Facebook has faced similar threats, due to its storing of Russian citizens’ personal data on servers located abroad. But, so far, Google and Facebook have been able to escape with minor fines.

The information regarding interference in the Russian election by Google and Facebook will be “thoroughly examined” by the relevant commission in the Russian Parliament, the head of the body stated.

Also on rt.com
Google may be blocked in Russia &

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Big Tech & Big Brother meet at Facebook HQ to discuss how to ‘secure’ US elections


05-09-19 10:08:00,

Security teams for Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft met with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence’s office to coordinate a strategy to secure the 2020 elections.

The tech platforms met with government officials at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters on Wednesday, the company has confirmed, boasting that Big Tech and Big Brother have developed a “comprehensive strategy” to get control of previous election-related “vulnerabilities” while “analyzing and getting ahead of new threats.”

Facebook has scrambled to get in front of the 2020 election after being blamed for Trump’s 2016 electoral victory over merely allowing the “Russian trolls” to buy a bunch of ads, most of which appeared after the vote and had nothing to do with the election. But the company insisted last week it had tightened its rules for verifying purchasers of “political” ads, for real this time, after the 2018 contest showed they could still be duped into running obviously-fake ads “paid for by” the Islamic State terror group and Cambridge Analytica.

Also on rt.com
Big election business: Democratic candidates, even critical of Facebook, pour millions into platform

Aside from the occasional purge of accounts accused of being linked to countries like Russia, Iran, and China on the US’ ever-lengthening enemies’ list, however, it’s hard to tell what exactly any platform has done to make itself immune to ‘manipulation’. Twitter banned state-owned media from buying ads on its platform last month, holding the move up as a victory against the dreaded “foreign meddling,” but its own founder’s account was hacked last week, suggesting it has bigger security issues than a few wrongthink-prone advertisers.

And Google’s potential to sway elections has been the subject of Senate hearings – yet the company has remained silent on addressing the problem, suggesting it doesn’t see it as a bug at all, but a feature. Subsidiary YouTube, meanwhile, conducted another round of deplatforming last month even while declaring it was an open platform for controversial ideas.

The electoral meeting of the minds came less than a week after the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) declared war on deepfakes and other potentially discord-sowing information,

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Facebook privacy breach: Hundreds of millions of users’ phone numbers exposed


05-09-19 09:29:00,

Hundreds of millions of phone numbers linked to Facebook accounts were left exposed on an unprotected server in the latest massive security breach to plague the embattled tech giant.

Up to 419 million phone numbers were stored on a database housed on multiple servers including the numbers of an estimated 133 million US-based users alone. The revelation comes just weeks after Facebook was slapped with a record $5 billion fine by the US Federal Trade Commission for violating users’ privacy rights.

Also on rt.com
Facebook agrees to pay record $5bn fine over privacy violations, critics call it a ‘parking ticket’

Each phone record was tied to a user’s unique Facebook ID (a long, public number associated with the account), which can then quickly and easily be used to ascertain yet more personal information such as a user’s name, gender and location by country.

This, in turn, can expose users to spam calls and allow hackers to launch SIM-swapping attacks whereby cell phone carriers are tricked into providing a target’s phone number to an attacker. The unscrupulous hacker can then force-reset the password on any online account registered with that number. 

This particular method of attack was used against none other than Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, whose own Twitter account was hijacked. The company announced on Wednesday that it was temporarily disabling the text-to-tweet function due to “vulnerabilities that need to be addressed by mobile carriers.”

Also on rt.com
Twitter blocks text-to-tweet function after 2nd major hack in a week

The unsecured database has since been pulled offline but the owner has not been identified despite the best efforts of independent cybersecurity professionals, as well as Facebook’s own investigators. 

Facebook spokesperson Jay Nancarrow sought to downplay the significance of the breach. 

“This data set is old and appears to have information obtained before we made changes last year to remove people’s ability to find others using their phone numbers,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “The data set has been taken down and we have seen no evidence that Facebook accounts were compromised.”

Facebook also claims that there are a significant number of duplicates in the database,

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Facebook houdt informatie over vaccinaties tegen – Transitieweb


02-09-19 07:51:00,

Gastbijdrage van Hagen Jonker, arts voor homeopathie en orthomoleculaire geneeskunde (niet praktizerend)

Vandaag wilde ik een voorlichtend bericht over vaccinaties op mijn Facebook-pagina plaatsen. Tot mijn verbazing lukte dat niet. Er verscheen een melding dat de tekst door sommige mensen als aanstootgevend ervaren werd.

Letterlijk staat er: “Je chatbericht kan niet worden verstuurd omdat het inhoud bevat die andere personen op Facebook als aanstootgevend hebben gerapporteerd.”

Facebook heeft blijkbaar een filter ingebouwd dat deze informatie tegenhoudt. Het is censuur.

Hieronder de geweigerde tekst:

De omgekeerde wereld

Mensen die weigeren hun kinderen te laten vaccineren met vaccins die giftige stoffen bevatten als aluminium (1), glyfosaat (2) en resten van menselijk DNA afkomstig van geaborteerde foetussen en retrovirussen (3) worden weggezet als onverantwoordelijke anti-vaxxers.

Wat echt onverantwoord is, is dat kinderen gevaccineerd worden met vaccins die bovengenoemde stoffen bevatten. Stoffen waarvan niet bewezen is dat ze veilig zijn. Nooit is er volgens de gouden standaard van de wetenschap een dubbelblind placebo gecontroleerd onderzoek gedaan waarbij de effecten van een zoutoplossing en een vaccin vergeleken worden.

Helaas worden wetenschappers die de veiligheid van vaccins ter discussie stellen niet gehoord, belasterd en soms zelfs gearresteerd zoals dr. Judy Mikovits overkwam.

Zij vertelt haar verhaal in onderstaande video.


(1) Aluminium in brain tissue in autism (journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology)

Références: Mod M., Umar D., King a., Exley C.

Duidelijk samengevat in dzee video.

(2) Honeycutt, Zen. Glyphosate in Childhood Vaccines. Moms Across America.

(3) Open letter from dr. Theresa Deisher to Legislators regarding fetal cell DNA in vaccines

De melding van Facebook



Verplichte vaccinatie is onwettig, onverantwoord, onzinnig en verderreikend dan je denkt

Wat iedereen moet weten over vaccinaties

Facebook: een graftombe voor kritische informatie

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Facebook Paid Contractors Like Amazon And Apple To Listen To Your Conversations — Code Named PRISM


16-08-19 09:33:00,

By Aaron Kesel

In another Facebook scandal of the year, the company has been accused of paying hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users of its services, Yahoo News reported.

The work has rattled the contract employees, who are not told where the audio was recorded or how it was obtained — only to transcribe it, said the people, who requested anonymity for fear of losing their jobs. They’re hearing Facebook users’ conversations, sometimes with vulgar content, but do not know why Facebook needs them transcribed, the people said.

The revelation comes from the Irish Data Protection Commission in Europe, which said it will be examining the activity for possible violations of the EU’s strict privacy rules. Yahoo further reports that at least one contracting company known as TaskUs Inc. had employees tasked with transcribing audio and they were forbidden from saying who the company was, calling them by code name “PRISM.”

Facebook confirmed that it had been transcribing users’ audio and said it will no longer do so, following scrutiny into other companies. “Much like Apple and Google, we paused human review of audio more than a week ago,” the company said Tuesday. The company said the users who were affected chose the option in Facebook’s Messenger app to have their voice chats transcribed.

Facebook has long denied the allegations that it records conversations despite having access to your phone’s microphone — as giving permission to access your microphone is a requirement to be able to download the site’s mobile app – thus giving the company the ability to access your phone’s mic at any time.

The app itself can listen to audio and collect audio information from users – while the two aren’t combined, and that no audio data is stored or correlated with advertising according to Facebook, after all these other lies one has to wonder.

Facebook admits it has a public feature that started in 2014 which will try to recognize any audio in the background, like music or TV— however, it’s only while you’re entering a status update, and only if you’ve opted in.

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Facebook Is Collecting User Audio, Paying Contractors To Transcribe It


13-08-19 08:02:00,

First it was Amazon. Then Apple. Now, to nobody’s surprise, not only was the biggest privacy violator in history, Facebook, also listening in to everything you were dumb enough to say in its proximity, but it also was just as busy writing it all down.

According to Bloomberg, the company which has faced Congressional hearings for virtually every possible and impossible violation of user privacy (and gotten away with it with just a wristslap), Facebook was not only secretly collecting user audio without their knowledge or permission, but was paying “hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users of its services.” Facebook – and Mark Zuckerberg – also appear to have forgotten to mention this minor detail during their countless sworn testimonies in Congress over the past year.

The work, as Bloomberg notes,  “rattled the contract employees”, who are not told where the audio was recorded or how it was obtained — only to transcribe it, said the people, who requested anonymity for fear of losing their jobs.

They’re hearing Facebook users’ conversations, sometimes with vulgar content, but do not know why Facebook needs them transcribed, the people said.

Here’s a lucky guess “why” – because in its attempt to cozy with the government, and replace the NSA, Facebook ran out of in house spies and was forced to hire outside privacy violators in its quest to make a mockery of user privacy.

When approached by Bloomberg, Facebook confirmed that it had been transcribing users’ audio and said it will no longer do so, because somehow that will make it all better.

“We paused human review of audio more than a week ago,” the company said Tuesday.  The company said the users who were affected chose the option in Facebook’s Messenger app to have their voice chats transcribed. The contractors were checking whether Facebook’s artificial intelligence correctly interpreted the messages, which were anonymized.

Of course, Facebook can just plead ignorance, and claim all other big tech companies – including Amazon and Apple – were doing the same. Indeed, all three tech giants have recently come under fire for collecting audio snippets from consumer computing devices and subjecting those clips to human review.

Bloomberg first reported in April that Amazon had a team of thousands of workers around the world listening to Alexa audio requests with the goal of improving the software,

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Ook Facebook heeft zich bij klimaatinquisitie aangesloten – Climategate


10-08-19 10:20:00,

Afbeelding: Ancient Origins.

Het ecototalitarisme is nog steeds in opmars. Naast NU en Wikipedia heeft nu ook Facebook zich sinds kort bij de klimaatinquisitie aangesloten. Het laatste voorbeeld daarvan betrof de publicatie van twee Finse wetenschappers, Kauppinen en Malmi (hier door André Bijkerk beschreven) op de Facebook-pagina van Jan Goffa, die volgens de anonieme inquisiteurs van Facebook niet door de beugel kon.

De vermelding van deze publicatie heeft aanleiding gegeven tot een (tijdelijke) ban van de Facebook-pagina van Jan Goffa (België).

Het doet onwillekeurig denken aan de praktijken van de vroegere Stasi en KGB. Wie had gedacht dat het ooit zo ver in het vrije westen zou kunnen komen? Klimaat maakt meer kapot dan je lief is!

Opvallend is ook het oorverdovende stilzwijgen van de politiek, de media en de wetenschap over deze totalitaire tendenties in onze samenleving.

Een gastbijdrage van Marc Reisinger (België).

Onacceptabele wetenschappelijke censuur op Facebook

Twee Finse auteurs hebben onlangs op de website van de Cornell University een artikel gepubliceerd, waarin ze aantonen dat de variaties in temperatuur op aarde verband houden met de hoeveelheid lage wolken. Elke toename van 1% in deze wolken resulteert in een daling van de gemiddelde temperatuur met 0,11 °C. De bescheiden stijging van de aardtemperatuur, waargenomen door satellieten in de afgelopen 25 jaar, houdt verband met een afname van de lage bewolking. (1)

Deze relatie laat bijna geen ruimte voor een invloed van menselijke activiteit en CO2 op de mondiale temperatuur. Dit heeft tot opwinding geleid bij de voorstanders van de hypothese van antropogene opwarming, die deze als de heilige drie-eenheid beschouwen.

De gegevens van Kauppinen en Malmi en hun analyse lijken onbetwistbaar. Dus was een krachtige aanval noodzakelijk. De auteurs werden aanvankelijk bekritiseerd omdat ze de bronnen van hun gegevens over temperatuur en bewolking niet citeerden. Maar die bronnen zijn onbetwist en aangehaald in een van hun eerdere artikelen, waarnaar ze verwijzen, namelijk NASA-waarnemingen.

Een ander punt van kritiek was dat hun artikel nog niet werd gepubliceerd in een peer-reviewed tijdschrift. ‘Niet-peer-reviewed manuscript beweert ten onrechte dat natuurlijke veranderingen in de bewolking de opwarming van de aarde kunnen verklaren’,

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Facebook ‘News’: A bold step toward total control of reality?


10-08-19 10:12:00,

Facebook’s plan to hook ad-cash-deprived mainstream outlets on licensing payouts seems to be an attempt to hijack narrative control en route to total domination of the infosphere – the ultimate safe space, Zuckerberg-style.

More than two thirds of American adults get their news from social media at the same time that more than half expect that news to be “largely inaccurate.” Perhaps sensing a business opportunity, Facebook has moved in to manage that news consumption, reportedly offering mainstream outlets millions of dollars per year to license their content in order to present it to users authoritatively, as “Facebook News” – having long since ceased trusting users to share news among themselves.

But trusting Facebook to deliver the news is like trusting a cheetah to babysit your gazelles – all that’s left at the end is likely to be a pile of bones. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg warned legacy media last year that if they did not work with his plan to “revitalize journalism,” they would be left dying “like in a hospice.”  

Also on rt.com
An offer they can’t refuse? Facebook offers mainstream news millions in licensing fees

Dangling a few million in front of news outlets after depriving them of the advertising cash on which they once subsisted is merely the final step in the process of consolidation and control that began when Facebook removed actual news from its newsfeed in an effort to manage the narrative in the run-up to the 2016 election. A move ostensibly designed to “favor friends and family over publishers,” it instead plunged mainstream and especially alternative media into financial oblivion, setting them scrambling to recoup lost traffic as their place in subscribers’ feeds was taken by cat videos and family snapshots.

Alternative media were further marginalized after Zuckerberg inked a deal with the Atlantic Council – NATO’s narrative-managers whose board is populated by some of the most notorious warmongers of recent history – who arrived to set the platform straight after it failed to deliver the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton. The group would ensure Facebook played a “

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Facebook & Co nutzen Schwächen unseres Gehirns aus


04-08-19 10:30:00,

Empfangen und Senden mit dem Smartphone wird zur Dauerbeschäftigung.

Michel Arduin / 04. Aug 2019 –

Mobile Telefone und Tablets können abhängig machen. Einige Neurowissenschaftler fürchten um den Zusammenhalt unserer Gesellschaft.

Red. Der Autor ist Digital Officer an der Berner Fachhochschule im Fachbereich Wirtschaft.

Als ich klein war, hat mir mein Vater einen Trick beigebracht, wie man sicherer im Verkehr unterwegs sei. Neben «luege, lose, laufe» hat er mir empfohlen, durch die Windschutzscheibe den Fahrer anzublicken. Wenn man den Fahrer am Steuer sehen konnte, dann konnte man auch erkennen, wohin dieser schaut und ob er einen gesehen hat.

Das mache ich im Verkehr noch immer so. Aber heute zähle ich, wie viele Leute am Steuer das Handy verwenden. Fazit: Mehr als man denken würde.

Kurz an der Ampel gestanden? Handy hervorgekramt. Lange, langweilige Strasse und Geschwindigkeitsbeschränkung auf 30km/h? Zeit zu scrollen, während man mit einem Auge die Strasse mehr oder weniger im Blick behält. Anruf? Muss abgenommen werden. An einem guten Tag komme ich auf etwa sechs Beispiele pro Arbeitsweg und dieser ist nicht allzu lang. Kurzum, ich überlege mir, ob ich nicht vom Velo auf etwas Sichereres umsteigen soll.

Beim Einfahren in die Stadt komme ich an mehreren Haltestellen vorbei und sehe Menschentrauben auf ihren ÖV warten – und was wird dort gemacht? Instagram gescrollt, Benachrichtigungen abgearbeitet, Messages beantwortet. Um 10 Uhr komme ich an einem Café vorbei, ein Pärchen sitzt da, jung, hübsch. Sie reden nicht miteinander, sie leisten sich Gesellschaft beim Texten, während der Kellner fünf Meter weiter entfernt in seiner Zigarettenpause den Feed, der sich seit Schichtbeginn angesammelt hat, auf seinem neuen iPhone abarbeitet.

Feierabend, ich gehe an die Aare, schliesslich ist Abkühlung dringend notwendig. Auf dem Weg vom Marzili unter dem Bundeshaus zum Eichholz zähle ich die Handys, die von Badenden im Wasser gehalten werden, und komme oft auf drei. Die Handys, die auf den Badetüchern links und rechts gezückt sind – unzählbar.

Fast schon habe ich das Gefühl, dass diese Leute es kaum erwarten können, ihr Handy unter die Haut implantiert zu bekommen und es subkutan zu konsumieren, es überall mitzunehmen und nie mehr wieder verlieren zu können. Manchmal fühle ich mich wie in einem dieser klassischen Horrorfilme,

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Facebook: een graftombe voor kritische informatie – Transitieweb


03-08-19 03:32:00,

Zo gaat dat dus: op 20 juli sloot Facebook de pagina van Désirée Röver af. Dat betekent dat uiterst waardevolle informatie over (onder meer) vaccinaties van de ene op de andere dag – op die plek – niet meer toegankelijk is.

MeWe als alternatief?

Désirée is nu uitgeweken naar het MeWe. Ik roep iedereen op om haar daar weer op te zoeken, te volgen en te steunen.

Maar….. ook MeWe is weer zo’n centraal platform dat op een kwade dag door een grote boze hand kan worden dichtgeknepen.

Of – nog lelijker gedacht-  het is een nieuwe honingpot, waarop mensen met een kritische boodschap verlekkerd afkomen. Al die prachtige technologie die je zomaar gratis mag gebruiken! Te mooi om waar te zijn. En dat is het ook. Want als er een bepaalde kritische grens is bereikt, dan wordt ook deze honingpot – of het onwelgevallige deel daarvan – opgeblazen.

Decentrale media

Een duurzaam en effectief antwoord op de toenemende internetcensuur zal decentraal moeten zijn.

Aan zo’n decentraal netwerk wordt al een tijd hard gewerkt.

Lieve Désiréé, kijk ook eens naar Mastodon!


Het antwoord op internetcensuur: decentrale social media in combinatie met publicaties op papier

De censuur omzeilen met decentrale sociale media

Hier vind je videos en interviews van Désirée Röver:



Url van haar MeWe-pagina: https://mewe.com/i/désiréeröver

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Facebook Wants To Read Your Mind


03-08-19 07:35:00,

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

Facebook is one step closer to reading your mind. The social media giant has become one step closer to developing a working brain-computer interface, capable of reading users’ thoughts.

CNBC reported that Facebook has taken yet another step in developing its brain-computer interface, with the company’s Reality Labs division working alongside researchers from the University of California, San Francisco to develop a device that can decode speech directly from the human brain onto a screen. A new report published in the journal Nature Communications reveals that researchers are becoming closer than ever to connecting human brains directly to computers.

Researchers reportedly worked with three patients currently undergoing treatment for epilepsy in order to develop the device. The patients had electrodes implanted into their brains and researchers will spend the next year testing the technology. Researchers from UCSF stated that the findings of the research could help to give patients that are unable to speak due to severe brain injuries a new way to communicate. –Breitbart News

Researchers have claimed that successful trials are more likely to be used as part of Facebook’s efforts to develop augmented reality glasses.

Today we’re sharing an update on our work to build a non-invasive wearable device that lets people type just by imagining what they want to say. Our progress shows real potential in how future inputs and interactions with AR glasses could one day look. https://t.co/ilk192GwAR

— Boz (@boztank) July 30, 2019

“It’s currently bulky, slow, and unreliable,” Facebook said. “But the potential is significant, so we believe it’s worthwhile to keep improving this state-of-the-art technology over time.”

Many other Silicon Valley companies are also researching computer-brain interfaces, with Elon Musk’s firm Neuralink working on a similar project.

Musk claimed at a recent event that the company expects to start human trials before the end of 2020.  Facebook is quickly jumping into artificial intelligence and mind reading at a time when humanity is quickly approaching “singularity.” or the point of no return when it comes to machine learning.

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Facebook ist eine digitale Ödnis geworden. Warum wir es trotzdem nicht loswerden.


28-06-19 09:20:00,

Ich scrolle nicht mehr oft durch Facebook, denn es gibt immer weniger Anlass dazu. Wer schöne Bilder macht, postet sie heute auf Instagram, flotte Sprüche kommen auf Twitter, Jobsuche läuft bei LinkedIn. Für die Facebook-Timeline bleiben Hochzeiten, Kinderfeste und andere Lebensereignisse übrig, also vor allem Dinge, die wir bereit sind, mit all unseren hunderten Freunden zu teilen. Zu denen gehören oft längst auch die eigenen Eltern, Berufskollegen, fast völlig Fremde und alte Klassenkameraden. Wer würde da auch nur ansatzweise etwas teilen, dass er nicht auch in der Lokalzeitung veröffentlichen oder im Wohnviertel ans Schwarze Brett nageln würde?

Nicht nur ich scrolle weniger. Nach Zahlen der Analysefirma Mixpanel gingen seit der Datenaffäre um Cambridge Analytica im März 2018 die Interaktionen wie Posts, Likes und Shares auf Facebook um fast 20 Prozent zurück. Die Marktforschungsfirma eMarketer errechnete zuletzt, dass Nutzer*innen in den USA im Schnitt ein paar Minuten weniger als noch 2017 auf Facebook verbringen.

Das deckt sich mit meiner persönlichen Wahrnehmung: Immer mehr Menschen nutzen Facebook vor allem passiv. Die Zeit des großen Teilens ist vorbei, das soziale Netzwerke hat angesichts vieler Skandale seine Unschuld verloren.

Miese Algorithmen, coolere Alternativen

Die Gründe dafür sind vielfältig. Andere soziale Netzwerke sind cooler und jünger als Facebook, bieten mehr Privatsphäre oder sind besser spezialisiert auf eine bestimmte Art der Interaktion, sei es Bilderaustausch oder Dating. Besonders gilt das für Messenger: Was früher auf Facebook gepostet wurde, läuft heute oftmals in privaten Chatgruppen.

Zugleich hat Facebook vielleicht einmal zu oft an der Uhr gedreht: Immer wieder änderte Facebook seinen Newsfeed, optimierte den Algorithmus für mehr Aufmerksamkeit der Nutzer*innen. Einige der Eingriffe sollten helfen, das soziale Netzwerk vor Kritik zu schützen, es habe bei der Verbreitung von Desinformation geholfen. Bei seinen Anpassungen griff Facebook vermutlich zur falschen Tinktur.

Eine Änderung des Algorithmus im Frühjahr 2018 sollte den „bedeutungsvollen Austausch“ mit Freund*innen und Familie fördern, um wütenden und oft hetzerischen Debatten über Politik die virale Verbreitung zu nehmen. Seither sind aggressive politische Inhalte keineswegs von der Plattform verschwunden, doch sinkt die Zahl der Menschen, die angeben, ihre Nachrichten über Facebook zu lesen. Das deutet darauf hin, dass die Änderungen am Newsfeed der Plattform die Relevanz genommen haben, ohne das Vertrauen der Nutzer*innen zu heben.

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Privacy? What’s that? Facebook lawyer argues users have none


01-06-19 08:31:00,

Facebook’s lawyer has denied the social media platform invaded American users’ privacy when it allowed their personal data to be slurped up by Cambridge Analytica, claiming they had no privacy to begin with. No crime, no victims?

There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy,” attorney Orin Snyder argued in a motion to have a class-action lawsuit against Facebook dismissed in California’s Northern District Court this week. The suit alleges Facebook’s failure to protect user data from predatory third parties like Cambridge Analytica constitutes invasion of privacy, breach of contract, and negligence and violates other privacy statutes. 

Also on rt.com
‘Anybody buying this?’ Twitterati attack Zuckerberg privacy roadmap for Facebook

You have to closely guard something to have a reasonable expectation of privacy,” Snyder explained, claiming that Facebook is merely a “digital town square” where users voluntarily dispense with any notion of privacy and any “reasonable Facebook user” would have been aware that third-party app-makers could access their data through friends’ activity.

US District Court Judge Vince Chhabria pointed out that just last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was rapturously declaring “the future is private!” and announcing the company’s privacy-focused new direction – a far cry from Snyder’s scornful dismissal of the concept. Nor did Chhabria agree with the Facebook lawyer’s assertion that users were explicitly informed of the limits of their privacy through the platform’s terms of service, suggesting that a user who signed up 10 years ago probably hadn’t read those terms every time the company changed them.

Also on rt.com
Facebook helps phone companies gather user data, including their ‘creditworthiness’ – report

Facebook, which had previously described the class-action suit filed earlier this year as “a kitchen sink-like lobbing of 50 claims – all in the hopes that something, anything, sticks,” complained that if the plaintiffs are so anxious about privacy and digital life in general, they can stop using Facebook at any time. Chhabria was not amused.

The California suit is dwarfed by the pile of legal issues currently facing Facebook,

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Facebook accused of promoting terrorism with auto-generated content

10-05-19 07:49:00,

After five months of research, a whistleblower says Facebook allows terrorist sympathizers to thrive not only by failing to remove their accounts, but also by auto-creating celebratory videos and pages for terrorist groups.

The National Whistleblower Center in Washington (NWC) has published a 48-page comprehensive study into how Facebook neglects to curb, and even boosts, Al-Qaeda affiliated militants’ outreach, arguing that Facebook’s lack of action facilitates the recruitment of terrorists.

The study, conducted by an unnamed whistleblower from August through December 2018, showed that out of 3,228 accounts belonging to ‘friends’ of self-identified terrorists, only 30 percent were removed by the platform.

Also on rt.com
‘Morally bankrupt pathological liars’: Facebook slammed by NZ privacy commissioner

These “friends” hail from around the world. Those who were singled out for the survey are based in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Among them, “many openly identified as terrorists themselves and shared extremist content,” the executive summary of the report states.

The social media giant, which recently prided itself on taking down 99 percent of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) related content before it is reported by users, actually creates such content itself with its auto-generating tools, according to the report.

For example, it refers to an auto-generated page Facebook “set up” for Al-Shabaab militant group, complete with an ISIS logo. Somalia-based Al-Shabaab has long been associated with Al-Qaeda. In 2015, a splinter group of its fighters pledged allegiance to IS.

The page came about because some users listed their membership in the terrorist group as their job occupation, prompting Facebook’s AI to create a “local business” page.

Another popular feature embedded in the Facebook algorithm allows for glorification of terrorism and extremism, the report says, referring to “celebration” and “memories” videos. It turns out that the seemingly innocuous feature makes no distinction between a user sharing a video with, say, birthday celebrations, and violence-filled extremist content. One such chilling “celebration” video featuring puddles of blood racked up over 2,000 likes, the report notes.

The “frame” feature that allows users to pledge allegiance to a favorite sports team or express support for a country,

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Facebook Now Demands That You Hate Targeted People Or You Will Be Banned, Too!


08-05-19 04:26:00,

Authored by Mike Adams via NaturalNews.com,

We have now reached the point of total insanity when it comes to extreme censorship by the tech giants. In what actor Rob Schneider calls a “real world Orwellian nightmare,” Facebook has now issued a gag order on 2.2 billion users, demanding that they must HATE certain selected individuals who are named as targets of censorship.

Those individuals include Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer (see FreeLoomer.com), Louis Farrakhan, Milo Yiannopoulos and others. From this point forward, you are only allowed to post content from these individuals if you express hatred toward them in your Facebook post.

This is “mandatory hate speech” by Facebook. That’s how insane all this has become now, which is why I have openly announced that every nation on Earth must declare war against Big Tech (or be destroyed by it).


Breitbart News writer James Delingpole has posted an extremely important article about all this that you absolutely must read. I’m re-publishing it here with credit and a link to Breitbart News, which is also fighting for survival in an age of outrageous Orwellian censorship. Here’s Delingpole’s article:

President Trump has retweeted a Breitbart News story headline about Facebook’s blacklist of prominent conservatives including Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer.

This will become an imp & bigger story going into #2020 ⁦@GOPLeader⁩ ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ ⁦@MorningsMaria⁩ ⁦@FoxBusiness#vote harvesting pic.twitter.com/ZTJlWx0UJV

— Maria Bartiromo (@MariaBartiromo) May 3, 2019

Good. Let’s hope this is a sign that he intends to take this problem seriously because right now I’d say Silicon Valley censorship poses one of the biggest threats to Western Civilisation in the world today.

Of course, there are other threats at least as dangerous: fundamentalist Islam, China, eco-fascism, neo-Marxism, and so on.

But what’s particularly insidious about Silicon Valley censorship is that it makes all those other threats more pressing and real by making it impossible to speak out against them.

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Facebook and Google Must Answer to the Market


07-05-19 09:23:00,

Giant technology companies like Facebook and Google get that way because their size is a crucial part of their value. Facebook’s network effects and Google’s search algorithm, finely tuned by its own big data, are a large part of what makes the companies dominant in their respective markets.

But size also gives tech giants tremendous power that, just like that of big government, not only can but will be abused. 2018 saw Facebook and Google embroiled in seemingly endless scandals and controversies about what they do with their enormous caches of data.

The standard antitrust approach would consider breaking the companies up, but that would greatly reduce the value their component parts bring to the market. Seemingly less draconian measures would likely devolve into a complex web of rules that might even serve as barriers to entry to potential competitors down the road.

Can the market provide sufficient discipline to prevent future abuses by giants like Facebook and Google? Those who favor less antitrust enforcement often point to consumers voting with their feet or dollars as both more potent and less intrusive. Consider this a test.

Voting With Their Feet

For our purposes, “market discipline” means a firm either losing market share because of perceived abuses of power, or being preempted from bad actions by the credible threat of losing market share. Consumers may take their business elsewhere because the bad actions directly impact the value they receive (such as a higher risk of one’s own data being compromised) or because they don’t like the firm’s broader impact on society (such as spreading “fake news”).

In theory, perceptions of a firm’s impact on society are a disciplining force in every market. If I found out the chef at my favorite restaurant was a prominent neo-Nazi, I would stop going. But the most successful firms always have some wiggle room because of the superiority of their product or costs of switching away from it.

Market discipline doesn’t happen overnight — consumers first have to be alerted to the firm’s negative actions. In the case of Facebook and Google, we see this messy yet effective process unfolding in different ways.

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Facebook zerschlagen


01-05-19 01:06:00,

Wer angesichts dieser Forderung das Gespenst des Kommunismus umgehen sieht, liegt ziemlich falsch. Das Versprechen, Facebook zu zerschlagen, gab vielmehr eine US-demokratische Senatorin, die die nächste Präsidentin der USA werden will. Aber alles der Reihe nach. Von Wolf Wetzel.

Wer hätte das gedacht: Auch auf Facebook, das als „soziales Netzwerk“ geliked und missverstanden wird, gibt es Wahres und Unwahres, Richtiges und Falsches, Umstrittenes und Anstößiges, Überprüfbares und Spekulatives. Kurz zusammengefasst: Auch dort gibt es das, was es überall in den Medien gibt, ob man sie für sozial, öffentlich-rechtlich oder profitabel hält: Halbwahrheiten, Lügen, Falschmeldungen – und wer das besser versteht: „Fake News“.

Die „guten“, herrschaftssichernden Fake News…

Werfen wir einmal einen Blick auf die Leit-Medien in der Hand einer extremen Minderheit. Nehmen wir zum Beispiel das „KZ in Pristina“ aus dem Jahr 1999 in der ehemaligen Bundesrepublik Jugoslawien. Dieses hat erst der „Verteidigungs“-Minister Scharping erfunden, damit es genauso von allen Medien korrekt wiedergegeben werden konnte, mit dem Ziel, aus einem „Völkergefängnis“ (in das der damalige Außenministers Klaus Kinkel schon sehr früh Jugoslawien verwandelt hatte, um den ‚Ausbruch’ vorzubereiten) eine Kolonie des Westens zu machen. Diese Fake News schafften es ohne Mühe in alle großen Zeitungen und Fernsehanstalten.

Oder die „Brutkastenlüge“ (Kuwait 1990) und die Lüge von den „mobilen Massenvernichtungswaffen“ im Irak 2003, die alle Medien zusammen verbreitet hatten, um ihren Beitrag zum Krieg gegen den Irak abzuliefern.

Um diese Fake News geht es jedoch nicht, wenn ganz plötzlich der Wahrheit zur Macht verholfen werden soll. Denn diese Fake News dienten einem „guten Zweck“: Kriegsverbrechen. Dafür hatte man nachweislich Fake News eingesetzt – eben „gute“.

… Und die bösen Fake News

Hier geht es um die bösen Fake News, also solche, die nicht selbst freigesetzt wurden.

Seit geraumer Zeit wird zu Säuberungsaktionen in „sozialen Netzwerken“ aufgerufen von Medien, die Fake News am laufenden Meter produzieren und keinerlei Scheu zeigen, damit fortzufahren. Sie befürchten doch tatsächlich, dass man mit Fake News Hass, Gewalt und Verwirrung verbreiten könne. Ja, man höre und staune, das ist ein ganz neues, brandaktuelles Phänomen: Mit gezielten Falschmeldungen könne man sogar Menschen beeinflussen, ggf. auch aufhetzen, bis hin zu manipulierten Wahlen.

Nun rollen Woche für Woche entsprechende Nachrichten und Aufmacher über Fake News wie Militärlaster heran.

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Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains “Deboosting” “Troll Report” & Political Targeting in Interview | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


14-04-19 06:13:00,

Home / 1. Free Content / Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains “Deboosting” “Troll Report” & Political Targeting in Interview

Project Veritas has obtained and published documents and presentation materials from a former Facebook insider. This information describes how Facebook engineers plan and go about policing political speech. Screenshots from a Facebook workstation show the specific technical actions taken against political figures, as well as “[e]xisting strategies” taken to combat political speech.

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UK To Fine Facebook, Google For Hosting Terrorist Content


08-04-19 05:56:00,

The cat and mouse game between the world’s largest media company and global governments continues.

Just days after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called for more government regulation in an attempt to mollify the company’s growing critics, while seeking to squash smaller competitors as well as give governments a legitimate reason to enforce censorship and chip away at freedom of speech in order to comply with Facebook’s mysterious “community standards”, the company and its tech peers are facing a new UK law that will impose “substantial” fines, or even ban companies if they don’t act swiftly enough to remove content that encourages terrorism and child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Additionally, hinting that Facebook is now openly seen as a media empire instead of merely a distributor of content, the companies’ directors could also be held personally liable if illegal content is not taken down within a short and pre-determined time-frame, the UK’s Home Office said, which is also seeking to tackle the spread of fake news and interference in elections.

In short: wholesale government censorship under the guise of cracking down on the private sector.

The exact level of fines will be examined during a 12 week consultation following the legislation’s launch on Monday, Bloomberg reported.

The crackdown on UK online content takes place amid the fallout from the case of 14-year-old Molly Russell, whose father said the teenager killed herself in 2017 after viewing self-harm and suicide content online. The terrorist attack in New Zealand last month in which 50  Muslims were killed while footage was live-streamed online also prompted UK legislators to demand a new law over a voluntary code.

“Put simply, the tech companies have not done enough to protect their users and stop this shocking content from appearing in the first place,” Home Secretary Sajid Javid said in a statement released by his office. “Our new proposals will protect U.K. citizens and ensure tech firms will no longer be able to ignore their responsibilities.”

The crackdown on internet content will spread far beyond just Facebook: search engines, online messaging services and file hosting sites will all fall under the remit of a new regulator. Annual reports on what companies have done to remove and block harmful content will be required and streaming sites aimed at children,

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Facebook speicherte Hunderte Millionen Passwörter unverschlüsselt


22-03-19 09:43:00,

Facebook speicherte Hunderte Millionen Passwörter unverschlüsselt

Passwörter von hunderten Millionen Facebook-Nutzern sind für Mitarbeiter des Online-Netzwerks im Klartext zugänglich gewesen. “Wir gehen davon aus, dass wir hunderte Millionen Nutzer von Facebook Lite, Dutzende Millionen weitere Facebook-Nutzer sowie zehntausende Instagram-Nutzer benachrichtigen werden”, erklärte das Unternehmen am Donnerstag. Facebook Lite ist eine abgespeckte Version für Nutzer des Online-Netzwerks in Regionen mit langsamen Internet-Leitungen.

Facebook habe keine Hinweise darauf, dass jemand intern missbräuchlich darauf zugegriffen habe, hieß es weiter. Die Passwörter seien auch für niemanden außerhalb des Unternehmens sichtbar gewesen. Die betroffenen Nutzer sollen dennoch “als Vorsichtsmaßnahme” benachrichtigt werden, obwohl es keinen Hinweis auf einen Missbrauch der Daten gebe. Die Passwörter hätten eigentlich auch intern unkenntlich sein müssen. Der Fehler sei bei einer Routine-Prüfung im Januar aufgefallen. Er sei inzwischen behoben worden – Facebook machte keine Angaben dazu, wann genau.

Kurz vor der Facebook-Mitteilung hatte der IT-Sicherheitsexperte Brian Krebs in seinem Blog von dem Fall berichtet. Er schrieb unter Berufung auf einen nicht namentlich genannten Facebook-Insider, mehr als 20 000 Mitarbeiter des Online-Netzwerks hätten Zugriff auf die im Klartext gespeicherten Passwörter haben können. Insgesamt könnten 200 bis 600 Millionen Facebook-Nutzer betroffen sein.

Die Archiv-Dateien mit unverschleierten Passwörtern gingen bis ins Jahr 2012 zurück, hieß es bei Krebs weiter. Laut Logdaten hätten rund 2.000 Entwickler etwa neun Millionen interne Abfragen für Daten-Elemente gemacht, die ungeschützte Passwörter enthielten, schrieb der Sicherheitsexperte unter Berufung auf den Firmen-Insider. Facebook machte dazu zunächst keine Angaben. (dpa)

Mehr zum Thema – Hacker können iPhones mit Handy-Prototypen knacken – sie werden aus Fabriken in China gestohlen

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Facebook “Exploring Additional Measures” to Fight Anti-Vaccine Information: Report | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


17-03-19 02:17:00,

By Jason Erickson

As the “fake news” phenomenon continues to sweep across the Web, and the purge of independent media accelerates, lawmakers are calling on Facebook and Big Tech to take responsibility for anti-vaccine messaging that appears on their platform(s).

According to a new report at Geek.com, lawmakers such as Adam Schiff (D-CA) are blaming the measles outbreak in the U.S. on social media systems that offer anti-vaccine messaging in their “recommended reading and groups” areas. Schiff would like Big Tech to step up and combat exposure to the information, according to a letter he sent directly to the heads of Google and Facebook. Geek.com cites Bloomberg:

“There is strong evidence to suggest that at least part of the source of this trend is the degree to which medically inaccurate information about vaccines surface on the websites where many Americans get their information,” Schiff wrote in the letter. “The algorithms which power these services are not designed to distinguish quality information from misinformation or misleading information, and the consequences of that are particularly troubling for public health issues.”

Facebook responded to Schiff’s letter and told Bloomberg in a statement that it’s “exploring additional measures to best combat the problem.” These next steps might include minimizing or reducing false anti-vaccine content from recommendations, including Facebook’s Groups You Should Join, and giving them a lower ranking in Facebook search results. Additionally, Facebook will step up its fake news policing to ensure more authoritative information is available on its social network site.

Legitimate scientific inquiry into the dangers and/or validity of vaccination is by now voluminous and certainly well known to readers of independent media. Evidently, the fact that a level playing field of information — which is exactly what the Internet was promised to be — is skewing toward anti-vaccination (and other holistic healing) must be worrying to those who rely on the financial support of Big Pharma and establishment medicine.

The fact of the matter is that once someone learns the truth, there is no going back to sleep. The urge to share one’s awareness that is intended to help others who are still unaware is a powerful one. It is,

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‘It was a mistake’: Facebook lifts ban on Zero Hedge, says it ‘accidentally’ labeled content as spam


13-03-19 12:55:00,

After backlash online, Facebook said it accidentally labeled stories by popular anti-establishment blog Zero Hedge as spam. Its readers had complained that they began experiencing problems while sharing the blog’s content.

“This was a mistake with our automation to detect spam and we worked to fix it yesterday,” Facebook’s spokesperson was quoted by Breitbart as saying.

The incident added fuel to longstanding allegations that Mark Zuckerberg’s company harbors a bias against conservative and anti-establishment voices. Many commenters online remained skeptical as to whether Facebook’s actions against Zero Hedge were an honest mistake.

Funny how the “technical errors” never happen to a liberal.

— What’s A Defense (@RebsFinsUp) 13 марта 2019 г.

Funny how it’s only the right that is affected by “technical errors” and other various “mistakes”.

— Dave Graham 🇺🇸 (@DaveGraham25) 13 марта 2019 г.

Diamond and Silk? Mistake
Conservatives being targeted? Mistake
How many mistakes have they made?
Sounds like a good story but crickets from MSM

— Steven Boone (@StevenBoone2007) 13 марта 2019 г.

Zero Hedge confirmed on Wednesday that the bewildering ban was “reversed” and things went back to normal. The blog’s authors noted that they don’t know which stories Facebook branded as “spammy,” as the social network still hasn’t contacted them.

According to the publication, its readers first noticed the problem over the weekend. Many complained that Facebook was blocking their attempts to share stories published by Zero Hedge. Some posted screenshots, showing that the company deemed the stories to be in violation of its community standards, while others reported that Facebook had flagged Zero Hedge content as “abusive.”

Also on rt.com
Violation of what? Users puzzled by Facebook’s ban on sharing Zero Hedge links

The situation sparked accusations of censorship and drew criticism of Facebook, with public figures like former UKIP leader Nigel Farage and US President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Jr speaking in defense of Zero Hedge.

The censorship continues. How does ⁦@zerohedge⁩’s content not “meet community standards?” FB doesn’t agree with them and they hit the platform’s obvious flaws at times.

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Facebook Bans Zero Hedge


12-03-19 08:34:00,

Over the weekend, we were surprised to learn that some readers were prevented by Facebook when attempting to share Zero Hedge articles. Subsequently it emerged that virtually every attempt to share or merely mention an article, including in private messages, would be actively blocked by the world’s largest social network, with the explanation that “the link you tried to visit goes against our community standards.”

Facebook has blocked all @zerohedge links, throwing up the following message: pic.twitter.com/iuc3UxWgE1

— Ollie Richardson (@O_Rich_) March 11, 2019

We were especially surprised by this action as neither prior to this seemingly arbitrary act of censorship, nor since, were we contacted by Facebook with an explanation of what “community standard” had been violated or what particular filter or article had triggered the blanket rejection of all Zero Hedge content.

To be sure, as a for-profit enterprise with its own unique set of corporate “ethics”, Facebook has every right to impose whatever filters it desires on the media shared on its platform. It is entirely possible that one or more posts was flagged by Facebook’s “triggered” readers who merely alerted a censorship algo which blocked all content.

Alternatively, it is just as possible that Facebook simply decided to no longer allow its users to share our content in retaliation for our extensive coverage of what some have dubbed the platform’s “many problems”, including chronic privacy violations, mass abandonment by younger users, its gross and ongoing misrepresentation of fake users, ironically – in retrospect – its systematic censorship  and back door government cooperation (those are just links from the past few weeks).

Unfortunately, as noted above, we still don’t know what event precipitated this censorship, and any attempts to get feedback from the company with the $500 billion market cap, have so far remained unanswered.

We would welcome this opportunity to engage Facebook in a constructive dialog over the company’s decision to impose a blanket ban on Zero Hedge content. Alternatively, we will probably not lose much sleep if that fails to occur: unlike other websites, we are lucky in that only a tiny fraction of our inbound traffic originates at Facebook,

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