Bolivia Faces Ethnic Cleansing, Racism and South African-Style Apartheid? – Global Research


18-11-19 04:17:00,

Post-coup Bolivia is at risk of Croatian-style ethnic cleansing and South African-like apartheid unless the protesters succeed in putting substantial international pressure on the new “authorities” and ensuring that genuinely free and fair elections are held as soon as possible as the most realistic attempt to reverse the recent regime change.

Far From Over

The Hybrid War on Bolivia succeeded in carrying out regime change and could potentially have far-reaching geostrategic consequences, but its most devastating impact might be domestic if the new “authorities” are allowed to carry out their socio-economic agenda. Post-coup Bolivia is at risk of Croatian-style ethnic cleansing and South African-like apartheid unless the protesters succeed in putting substantial international pressure on Jeanine Anez and her military backers in order to ensure that genuinely free and fair elections are held as soon as possible as the most realistic attempt to reverse the recent regime change. “Former” President Morales’ Movement For Socialism (MAS) reached an agreement with the the self-professed “president” on Thursday night to work towards new elections, during which time lawmakers also voted to approve a member of MAS as the new Senate head. Although there are still protests and the death toll continues to rise, the latest political developments are somewhat encouraging, but that doesn’t mean that the Hybrid War itself is over, or even close to it.

A Christian Supremacist As The “Head Of State”

Anez is a Christian supremacist who harbors extremely racist views towards her country’s indigenous population. She wrote in a now-deleted tweet from 14, April, 2013 that “I dream of a Bolivia free of satanic indigenous rites. The city is not for the Indian: they should go to the highlands or the Chaco”. She also dramatically declared herself president while brandishing a gigantic bible and stating that “the bible has returned to the palace“, which was meant to imply that President Morales wasn’t really a Christian like he claimed but a paganist because of his previous support of indigenous religions. It’s also extremely symbolic that her so-called “cabinet” doesn’t include a single indigenous person, and it shouldn’t be forgotten that the capital was convulsed in an orgy of violence against Morales’ many indigenous supporters the night that the coup succeeded.

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Iran Faces US Aggression and European Hypocrisy, but this Time It’s Ready – Global Research


15-07-19 07:27:00,

Western cultural arrogance rears its Medusa-like head each time US President Donald Trump rails about obliterating Iran.

Leaders and politicians of the self-proclaimed free and civilised world – along with some human rights organisations, major media outlets, and state-affiliated public figures – express their unique form of collective inhumanity through absolute silence. After all, repeated threats of a nuclear holocaust and genocide by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump are deeply imbedded in western civilization’s centuries-old tradition of colonisation, mass slaughter and moral absence.

The global net of starvation sanctions, bullying, and military interventionism led by the US, is glossed over with mammoth globs of humanitarian jargon and moral righteousness.

Lagging behind

Nevertheless, despite endless provocations and collaborations, the US still finds itself lagging behind its allies in the realm of hypocrisy, where the European Union and other western regimes continue to reign supreme.

While the US frequently and erratically turns to crude aggressiveness, Europeans passionately engage in endless dialogue, unofficial so-called Track II endeavours, and rebuke their “unsophisticated and reckless” American allies in private and semi-private conversations with Iranian scholars and officials. However, when push comes to shove, they faithfully stand by the US.

As soon as Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal, European Union leaders pleaded for Iran not to retaliate, promising an acceptable solution within weeks. For well over a year, despite mounting internal opposition, Iran demonstrated strategic patience in the face of a constant escalation in the US economic war on the Iranian people.

Facing mounting costs, many cancer patients, among others facing life-threatening diseases, went without medication in order to spare their loved ones from financial destitution. This is economic terrorism and a war crime.

A tribal integrity

Although the European Union formally remained committed to the nuclear deal, they demonstrated nonchalance towards their obligations by permitting each and every unilateral sanction imposed by Washington to be fully implemented across Europe.

Meanwhile, they repeatedly warned Iran to fully adhere to its nuclear commitments. Even as they made a mockery of the deal, they audaciously mimicked US demands for more nuclear and non-nuclear related concessions;

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Assange Faces Death Penalty As DoJ Reveals New Charges


23-05-19 08:31:00,

The worst fears of Julian Assange’s legal team have just been realized.

Just as Wikileaks’ editor in chief anticipated, the DoJ has revealed that a grand jury in Virginia has returned a new 18-count superseding indictment against Assange that includes violations of the Espionage Act stemming from his role in publishing the classified documents leaked by Chelsea Manning, as well as his original charge of conspiring to break into a government computer, per the New York Times.

The DOJ said with the indictment that Assange will face a maximum of 10 years for each of the 17 Espionage Act violations, plus the five-year penalty for his earlier hacking charge.


In addition to significantly raising the punishment threshold (from a maximum of 5.5 years under the previous indictment to the prospect of a death sentence for violating the Espionage Act), the new charges will raise serious first amendment issues as Assange will become the first journalist charged under the Espionage Act.

Though it’s not a guarantee, Espionage Act violations have, in the past, carried the prospect of a death sentence, though Assange’s specific violations will likely spare him the possibility of such a fate (read more about Assange’s charges here).

For context, the Espionage Act of 1917 has been used to convict suspected spies – most famously Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The Rosenbergs were famously put to death by electric chair in 1953.

The Justice Department’s decision to pursue Espionage Act charges signals a dramatic escalation under President Trump to crack down on leaks of classified information and aims squarely at First Amendment protections for journalists. Most recently, law enforcement officials charged a former intelligence analyst with giving classified documents to The Intercept, a national security news website.

Legal scholars believe that prosecuting reporters over their work would violate the First Amendment, but the prospect has not yet been tested in court because the government had never charged a journalist under the Espionage Act.

Though he is not a conventional journalist, much of what Mr. Assange does at WikiLeaks is difficult to distinguish in a legally meaningful way from what traditional news organizations like The New York Times do: seek and publish information that officials want to be secret,

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Assange Faces Ongoing Threats at Ecuador’s London Embassy – Global Research


08-04-19 08:37:00,

Over the weekend, the Ecuadorian government issued a statement denying that it was going to “imminently” expel Julian Assange from its London embassy. This followed mounting opposition to its threats to terminate the WikiLeaks founder’s political asylum, including from United Nations bodies and other international rights organisations.

The statement was in response to WikiLeaks’ warning last Friday that it had received information from a “high-level source” within the Ecuadorian state that the government of President Lenín Moreno would expel Assange from the embassy, where he sought political asylum in 2012, within “hours or days.”

Significantly, the Ecuadorian statement did not deny that it had been preparing to evict Assange from the building. Nor did it give any guarantee that he would not be removed and forced into the custody of British police at some point in the future, only that it would not take place “imminently.” As WikiLeaks supporters have noted, “imminent” is a vague word that can be interpreted in different ways.

The statement also did not repudiate comments by the country’s foreign minister, Jose Valencia, on Friday, that his government had the right to “unilaterally” end political asylum, even though such action is in violation of international law.

It twice referenced the fact that WikiLeaks tweeted reports on the “INA papers,” documents which implicate the Moreno government in corruption, perjury and fraud. The regime has used the papers as a pretext for the stepped-up attacks on Assange, by making unsubstantiated claims that he was responsible for leaking them to an Ecuadorian opposition lawmaker last February.

The ongoing dangers confronting Assange were underscored by the entrance of two armed British police officers into the embassy on Sunday morning. It is not known what they did in the building for the several minutes they were inside.

WikiLeaks supporters who are maintaining a continuous protest in defence of Assange outside the embassy have documented large numbers of British police and what appear to be undercover operatives in the area.

This morning, Cassandra Fairbanks, an online journalist, filmed an unmarked car inexplicably shining a light, attached near one of its wheels, at the embassy. She tweeted that one of the operatives left the vehicle and asked assembled journalists what publications they were from,

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Faces of Gazan Children Killed by Israeli Soldiers Appear in Tel Aviv – Global Research


11-03-19 09:01:00,

Thursday March 7th 2018 Tel Aviv- Jews for Return, hung pictures of six of the children who were shot dead by Israeli soldiers while participating in the return demonstrations that began on the 30th of March 2018 on the streets of Tel Aviv.

Israeli security forces killed 266 participants in the Great March of Return since Refugees for Gaza began protesting last march. This staggering number includes 42 children. Israeli forces killed seven children who participated in the protests since the beginning of 2018.

Santiago Canton, the Chairman of the international investigation that was launched by the United Nations determined last week that there are: “established facts that indicate that the Israeli security forces, committed serious violations of human rights and International Humanitarian Law.”

Sarah Hussein, a member of the special committee, declared that, “the shooting was deliberately aimed at children, people with disabilities, and journalists. Most of the demonstrators were not involved in any form of violence.”

An Israeli sniper killed 15 Year old Saif Adin Zaid from Gaza on Wednesday the 6th of March after the conclusions of the committee were made public.

Posters were hung of: Ahmad Abu ‘Abed, 4, from Gaza; Shot in his father’s arms. Abdel Raouf Salha, age 14, a refugee from Majdal; Hassan Shalabi, age 14, a refugee from Isdod Yosef Aldia, 14, a refugee from Yafa; Hassan Nofal 17 years old a refugee from Yafa; Hamza Ishtawi, 17, from a refugee from Aljia The six children were shot in the past three months without endangering anyone.

The Jewish Israeli, Anti Zionist, activists responded to a call from Gazan organisations who, hoped that the faces of the children killed would awaken the Israeli conscience. The reactions of the passersby were mixed, some expressed shock at the deaths of innocent children, and some slashed the children’s pictures erasing most of their faces and the text describing who they are.

“We are bringing the posters of the faces of the children killed by Israeli soldiers to the streets of Tel aviv to show Israelis the crimes committed in their name in Gaza. The fact that some of the pedestrians erased the children faces is a reflection of the ongoing attempt by Zionist society to erase the existence of Palestinians since 1948.” stated a spokesperson for Jews for Return.

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France faces third night of riots after two teens die in police chase (VIDEOS)


05-03-19 11:17:00,

A third consecutive night of rioting broke out in the French city of Grenoble on Monday after two teenagers were killed while they were being chased by police.

The two young men, aged 17 and 19, were not wearing helmets when they were crushed between a coach and a wall on a bridge as they fled the police on a stolen scooter on Saturday evening.

Rioting youths in the Mistral district of the city – where the victims lived – were filmed hurling fireworks and petrol bombs at police on Monday night, while as many as 65 vehicles were also reportedly torched.

Video footage from the scene shows police attempting to thwart the riot from behind the barricade that the youths had erected by launching canisters of tear gas. Hundreds of fireworks rang out among the skyrise apartment buildings in the city, and balls of flames appeared to land at random.

READ MORE: French city to shut jihad-calling mosque to thwart possible terrorist attacks

Four firefighters and several policemen were reportedly injured in the chaotic clashes, while a 25-year-old man was arrested for throwing projectiles at police.

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Venezuela Faces Violent Showdown As Guaido Escorts Aid Trucks Across Border


24-02-19 10:08:00,

Update 2: True to his word, it appears the humanitarian aid trucks being sent from the west into Venezuela have been repelled by Maduro’s guards as reports come in from social media that they are all now on fire.

Meanwhile, John Bolton is stirring the neocon pot…

Thousands of Venezuelans are peacefully gathering near La Carlota Air Base in Caracas, demanding the Venezuelan military support democracy & the delivery of humanitarian aid. A stream of military officials have decided to stand by the people & against Maduro throughout the day.

— John Bolton (@AmbJohnBolton) February 23, 2019

*  *  *

Update 1: President Maduro addressed the nation on state-owned television, urging his supporters to revolt if he is harmed and telling Trump “Yankee, go home!” Headlines from the speech include (via Bloomberg):













President Trump has been quiet so far on Twitter, offering just this earlier today:

God Bless the people of Venezuela!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 23, 2019

*  *  *

As we detailed earlier, unrest in Venezuela is intensifying at border crossings with Colombia after embattled President Nicolas Maduro declared the borders with both Colombia and Brazil closed late this week,

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Europe Faces Crossroads as Atlantic System Crumbles | New Eastern Outlook

Europe Faces Crossroads as Atlantic System Crumbles | New Eastern Outlook

15-06-18 08:27:00,


The world events of the past days are significant far beyond the apparent divide within the G7 industrial nations. If we imagine the planet as a giant electric force field, the lines of flux are in dramatic reordering as the post-1945 global dollar-based system comes to its disordered end phase. Europe’s political elites are currently split between rationality and irrationality. The developments to the East however are drawing more and more force and we are seeing the early phases of what might be called a geopolitical polarity reversal within the EU from West to East. The latest developments across Eurasia including the Middle East, Iran and above all between Russia and China are gaining in importance as Washington offers only war, whether trade war, sanctions war, terror war or kinetic war.

The spectacle of a US President tweeting about its long-standing NATO ally and bordering country, Canada, openly calling the Canadian Prime Minister “dishonest and weak,” and threatening new import tariffs for cars imported from Canada, is from all appearances not some whim of an erratic US President but rather a calculated strategy of putting all US allies off balance. It comes after Washington unilaterally tore up the Iran nuclear agreement to the dismay of Europe, Russia and China as well as Iran. On top of that the US announced new trade war tariffs on EU aluminum and steel in open violation of WTO agreements.

No more Mr Nice Guy

If we take these actions as symptoms of something deeper, we need only to look at the exploding US debt levels as I have noted before. The latest Trump tax legislation will bring an estimated $1 trillion in annual Federal budget deficits for the next decade, added to the current $21 trillion Federal debt. Household private debt is at levels higher than before the 2007 financial crisis. Corporate debt, including junk bond or “below investment grade” debt, is sky high owing to a decade of Fed near zero interest rates.

There is another element to the actual US economic situation little noted. According to a recent study by the USA Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, while average family income in comparison with many other countries appears nominally high, the reality of fixed costs such as food,

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