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22-02-19 06:17:00,

by the French Saker for the Saker Blog

The Yellow vest crisis is gaining steam, specially by exposing the hypocrisy of these elite sectors: the media and its journalists and experts, the government and its police, the judiciary and its powerful prosecutors. The Yellow vest crisis makes them completely freaking out and that can be clearly seen in their reactions. Responding with batons and grenade shots, lawsuits and mass incarcerations, sarcasms, insults and systematic denigration of the movement, all these reactions, worthy of a paranoid state, only lead to exposing, in front of all the French, those so-called elites who, moreover, are thinking that they are social-progressive and are THE rampart against fascism. Totally blind to themselves. The show is quite ugly to see.

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Do you see it Macron? The movement is drastically loosing steam

Act 14, Saturday the 15th of February: According to the Ministry of the Interior, 41,500 people demonstrated in France at 7:00 pm. According to a police syndicate, at 3:30 p.m., there were already 230,000 demonstrators.

The police violence

Each new act brings its share of police violence, even if it seems, according to those on the ground, that it is slowing down. The government may be beginning to understand that they cannot discourage the people and that they are therefore counterproductive.

In homage to all the wounded of this popular revolt, here is the most touching video. Fiorina, 20 years old, lost an eye due to a grenade caught in the head while, as she recounts, she was on the sidewalk opposite the hooligans. The CRS did not target the hooligans but those across the street, as she explains. Doctors will soon put a prosthesis to give her back a more normal appearance.

On this video we see a cop throwing tear gas at elderly bystanders not even wearing a Yellow vest.

This one is a presentation of the different victims who have been amputated or lost an eye

In this one we clearly see nurses being attacked with tear gas while treating an injured person.

In this one, a young girl simply sitting on the floor is violently arrested and handcuffed.

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Alert: This would be the plan for next February 23, 2019 | The Vineyard of the Saker


21-02-19 11:41:00,

by Juan Martorano

translated by: Anasource: https://www.alainet.org/es/articulo/198211

Today we allow ourselves to alert everyone, through these lines, to alert of the possible actions to expect next Saturday 23rd of February of 2019, aimed at generating a “False Flag” Operation, with the purpose of justifying an eventual armed incursion into Venezuelan territory. This information has been gathered through social intelligence sources, hoping that the organs to which it corresponds will act accordingly.

The information referes to the call that some groups linked to the Venezuelan opposition have made to “pranes” (Venezuelan name for mafia bosses) as well as other members of criminal gangs which would take from Caracas and other states to San Cristóbal, in the Táchira (Colombian border) state. They would be paid in dollars in order to shoot the FANB troops guarding the border posts and against the people who will be receiving “humanitarian aid” in the demonstration called by Guaidó for that day.

Likewise, it should be noted that many young people from all states of the national geography and especially from border states have been summoned, in order to originate a high-impact triggering event, which has the potential to cause a great national commotion. That would be the signal for the military plan of aggression against Venezuela to be activated.

In that order of ideas, we have also proceeded to call many innocent people, the alleged volunteers announced by Juan Guaidó, and most of them from the western states of the country (do not forget the Venezuelan “half-moon”, ndt: States of Zulia, Tachira and Merida, all boarding Colombia). These people undoubtedly require medicines and other supplies, but the plan consists on using them as victims in the framework of the hidden agenda that the opposition handles for that day.

It is evident that just as on April 11, 2002, they are preparing an entire media scenario aimed at delegitimizing the current government led by Nicolás Maduro to justify the deployment of an armed action on Venezuelan territory, creating a supposed liberated zone in the Táchira state.

As several analysts have warned, and because the first plan failed for reasons beyond control of their planners, now this new attack is prepared based on following assumptions that we have received in the same way:

1.- Guaidó declared on February 23 that “humanitarian aid will enter through Cúcuta”.

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Frontrunning: February 28

28-02-18 03:15:00,

  • Dick’s Raises Age for Gun Buyers, Won’t Sell Assault Weapons (WSJ)
  • How Defective Guns Became the Only Product That Can’t Be Recalled (BBG)
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  • U.S. regulators examine Wall Street’s Volcker rule wish list (Reuters)
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  • In Syria, Foreign Powers’ Scramble for Influence Intensifies (WSJ)
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  • Lowe’s Punished by Investors for Not Growing Like Home Depot (BBG)
  • Cyprus’s Anastasiades says no peace talks as natgas standoff persists (Reuters)
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  • Forecasts for Oil Prices Rise for Fifth-Straight Month (WSJ)
  • Musk’s Dream of Space-Based Internet Sent Others Crashing to Earth (BBG)
  • Bayer to win EU approval for $62.5 billion Monsanto deal (Reuters)

Overnight Media Digest


– Amazon.com Inc acquired Ring, maker of video doorbells, in a deal valued at more than $1 billion, giving the online giant a bigger foothold in the burgeoning internet business of home security. on.wsj.com/2HQ7KzX

– The White House downgraded the security clearance of senior adviser Jared Kushner last week as part of White House chief of staff John Kelly’s push to tighten control of classified information inside the Trump administration.

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Frontrunning: February 23

23-02-18 01:51:00,

  • China seizes control of Anbang Insurance as chairman prosecuted (Reuters)
  • How Deal-Hungry Anbang Went From Waldorf to Woe (BBG)
  • Anbang and the Financialization of China’s Economy (WSJ)
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  • General Mills to buy pet food maker Blue Buffalo for $8 billion (BBG)
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Overnight Media Digest


– China’s insurance regulatory agency Friday took control of hard-charging, acquisitive Anbang Insurance Group, saying the action is needed to avoid a collapse of the firm following suspected illegal activity and the downfall of its once-highflying chairman.

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Frontrunning: February 21

23-02-18 11:40:00,

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  • Democrats Counter GOP Tax-Cut Pitch by Warning of Long-Term Pain (BBG)
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  • Japan to buy at least 20 more F-35A stealth fighters (Reuters)
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  • Nobody Wants to Let Google Win the War for Maps All Over Again (BBG)

Overnight Media Digest


– Qualcomm Inc pumped new life into its bid for NXP Semiconductors raising its offer to $44 billion and locking up support from key stakeholders— a move Broadcom Ltd had warned could prompt it to end its $121 billion pursuit of Qualcomm. on.wsj.com/2CykyXN

– A federal judge undercut AT&T Inc plans to argue that the Justice Department is challenging its acquisition of Time Warner Inc for political reasons, ruling that the company can’t have information on internal government deliberations. on.wsj.com/2CCr7Zu

– New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said he would seek to improve coordination among schools, law enforcement and state agencies to prevent school violence in response to the deadly school shooting in Parkland.

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