Firefighters Extinguished 156 Fires in three Days in West and Central Syria


12-10-20 07:01:00, Syria fires

Starting last Friday, a large number of fires started in different areas in the forests across the provinces of Latakia and Tartous on the Syrian coast, and in the province of Homs, in total 156 fires started simultaneously and were extinguished by massive collective efforts over the past three days.

The Syrian firefighting stations in the three provinces and from other provinces joined by the Syrian Arab Army, Russian helicopters, and thousands of volunteers rushed to save Syria’s main forests and the breathing lung of the country.

156 fires suddenly starting in different locations do not happen by themselves, many observers said, they’re all insisting it’s the work of arsonists, pointing the fingers to the US and its ‘regime change’ agents. The Trump regime did not leave a chance without vowing to strangle the Syrians who do not like the ‘democracy’ force-exported to them by the country that oppresses its own citizens based on their skin color.

The videos is also available on BitChute.

The targeted forests are also the home of Syria’s most magnificent scenery and wildlife, were domestic and international tourists destination, and are the lands of much agricultural produce, mainly olives, and citrus.

In the Syrian coastal province of Latakia alone three people died in addition to the following were the results of these ‘mysterious’ fires:
70 people were treated for asphyxiation.
143 villages have been damaged.
78 blazes raged across the province.
27735 families have been affected by the blazes.

Syria forest fires - Latakia October 2020Syria forest fires - Latakia October 2020Syrian coastal firesSyrian coastal firesSyria firesSyria firesHeartbreaking image of before and after the fire in Syrian coastal forestsHeartbreaking image of before and after the fire in Syrian coastal forestsSyrian firefighter exhaustedSyrian firefighter exhaustedSyrian Arab Army heroes aiding in extinguishing the fireSyrian Arab Army heroes aiding in extinguishing the fire

Stealing Syrian oil, blowing up gas pipelines, destroying and dismantling electric power stations, burning wheat fields when its ripe for harvest, blocking the Syrian banking system and Syrian merchants from international markets by imposing sanctions on their foreign trade partners to further dry up the Syrian economy’s main sectors from the tools and equipment needed for survival are all the main foreign policy applied by the USA and its European lapdogs which they do not hide, rather they brag about their efforts in ‘helping the Syrian people achieve better life’ by destroying Syria’s self-sufficient economy.

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Firefighters’ Testimony on Cell Towers and 5G is Not Favorable (California) – Activist Post


09-09-20 09:46:00,

By B.N. Frank

For many years, firefighter unions have been opposed to cell towers and antennas being installed at their stations due to health and safety risks (see 1, 2, 3). If some of America’s strongest and bravest are opposed to cell towers and 5G being installed in close proximity to where they spend long periods of time – it would seem logical that most people would be opposed to them being installed within close proximity to where they and their loved ones spend long periods of time, right?

Recently, firefighter opposition to cell towers and antennas was addressed again at a California council meeting.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Numerous testimonies against 5G were presented to the Malibu City Council  at their   Monday, August 24, 2020 Meeting.

Medical Writer Susan Foster sent EHT her testimony to the Malibu City Council to share. Foster was instrumental in working with firefighters on the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE FIGHTERS  Official Position Against  Cell Towers on Fire Stations passed in 2004. She was also the organizer of a brain study of firefighters exposed to RF radiation from a cell tower adjacent to their fire station of over 5 years which found brain damage. Read her affidavit here.

Firefighter groups in the United States have long opposed cell towers on their stations. Not only that, but in California firefighters have lobbied for and sometimes achieved certain exemptions from  forced placement of towers on their stations because of their strong opposition due to health concerns from the radiation. Firefighters have long contended they are willing to risk their lives for their fellow citizens; they are unwilling to risk deadly consequences as a result of living with cell towers on their stations in order to facilitate corporate profits.

What exemptions were California firefighters  fought for that that stopped cell towers on their stations?

  • AB57- Firefighters have gotten an exemption to have cell towers on or adjacent to their facilities. This was codified in California’s 2015 legislation AB57 . CA AB57 (2015) Legiscan Text of Bill.  ” Section 65964.1.  (f) Due to the unique duties and infrastructure requirements for the swift and effective deployment of firefighters,

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Firefighters battle to save Cathedral in Nantes, France, as blaze breaks out (VIDEOS)


18-07-20 07:59:00,

Firefighters are battling to save a historic cathedral in the western French city of Nantes after a “major fire” broke out on Saturday morning.

Video footage from the scene showed smoke billowing out of the Cathedral of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul, which dates back to the 15th century. Flames could also be seen leaping inside the building in footage released by the French fire brigade. It said the “major fire” was still advancing and 60 firefighters had been dispatched to the scene.

An eyewitness who lives near the cathedral told the LCI news outlet that he was woken up by “a very strange sound of bells” and he could see the fire from his home. “From what I can see, there is more and more smoke,” he said.

The cause of the fire is not yet known and people were urged to avoid the area.

The roof of the Catholic cathedral previously suffered fire significant damage in 1972 when a blaze broke out. The impressive building had to be closed for three years to allow the necessary restorations to take place. The church was also partly destroyed during World War Two when it was bombed by Allied forces in 1944.

The fire comes just over a year after the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris fell victim to a massive blaze, which destroyed its main spire and caused extensive damage.

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9/11 memorial to lost firefighters destroyed by vandals in New York State


10-07-20 06:36:00,

Police in Washingtonville, New York, are searching for vandals who tore down the flagpole at a 9/11 memorial built in honor of five local firefighters who died in the World Trade Center collapse.

The village woke up to the desecrated monument on Wednesday. Police Chief Brian Zaccaro told the local paper that the culprits must have used a tool to cut through the flagpole’s metallic frame. The vandals also wrote a message on the remaining base –  Zaccaro, however, refused to disclose it.

The destroy everything & hate everyone culture has struck again last night as the Washingtonville NY Orange County 9/11 Memorial park was vandalized & AMERICAN FLAG CUT DOWN. These individuals obviously don’t know what sacrificing everything to save a fellow human being really is

— NYCFireWire (@NYCFireWire) July 8, 2020

Police suspect that the same vandals recently broke the sign for the nearby St. Mary’s Parish Center.

The 9/11 monument includes a semicircle of black granite plaques, bearing the names of New York City firefighters, who died in the terrorist attack. Each plaque features a stone replica of a firefighter’s helmet.

“There’s always someone sitting on those benches, from morning until night,” Washingtonville Mayor Joseph Bucco said of the memorial. He added that the park where the memorial is located has no surveillance cameras. On Facebook, Bucco announced “a reward in excess of $3,000” for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.

The vandalism of statues and memorials is on the rise in the US, initially starting as a disorganized effort to take down monuments perceived to have links to racism. Recently, though, an increasing number of other statues have been defaced, including one of an elk set on fire in Portland, Oregon, with no clear political motivation behind the act.

Also on
Now ‘anti-racist protesters’ are desecrating statues of elk and mermaids, can we please just call them vandals?

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Firefighters Battle Police in the Streets of Paris – #NewWorldNextWeek


31-01-20 08:29:00,

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Harvard Chemistry Chair, Two Chinese Nationals Arrested For Lying About China Ties & Smuggling “Biological Material”

“Pandemic” Search on

“Operation Dark Winter”: US Military Holds Pandemic Drill Weeks Before 9/11

Story #2: Roundup Settlement Talks Continue As Speculation Builds

“Bayer” Search on

NWNW Flashback: Bayer Study Finds Bayer Pesticides Are Killing Bees (Jul. 6, 2017)

NWNW Flashback: Gates Foundation Ties with Monsanto Under Fire (Sep 2, 2010)

Story #3: French Firefighters Set Themselves Alight Fighting Against Police

Photo: French Firefighters Put On The Corpse Paint Of The Joker

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