Don’t Forgive Bastards: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

15-08-20 07:03:00,

“Forgiveness” is a concept that is constantly exploited by manipulative abusers. If anything our world suffers from an overabundance of forgiveness: toward murderous power structures, toward lying news media, toward rapacious oligarchs and cronyistic politicians. Don’t forgive them.

I’m distrustful of anyone who prattles on about the importance of forgiveness, because those who do so tend to do it because they have a vested interest in the concept. They’re usually either an abuser themselves, or an abuser’s brainwashed victim defending their indoctrination.

Remember, all abusive relationships have “forgiveness” as a central tenet, because without forgiveness of abuse there could be no ongoing relationship. It’s as true of global power structures as it is of domestic partnerships.


Speak the truth and be loud about it. Choosing not to speak out is just making that much more space for the manipulative liars who are shouting above everyone as they drive our world into disaster, and you are much smarter, wiser, and more qualified to speak than they are.

No matter how unqualified you might feel to speak, you are infinitely more qualified than the loudest voices in our society who normalize and defend our murderous, oppressive, exploitative status quo using lies and manipulation. Speak even louder and more confidently than them.


Without warmongering and militarism, sociopathic intelligence agencies wouldn’t be needed.

Without sociopathic intelligence agencies, government secrecy wouldn’t be needed.

Without government secrecy, the government couldn’t commit evil at home and abroad.

It all starts with war.


If you ever feel unimportant, remember that rich and powerful people are constantly pouring effort and wealth into trying to manipulate the thoughts in your head.


A lot of evil hides behind the irrational assumption that there is a limit to the amount of evil your government would be willing to perpetrate.


Don’t turn your back on anyone who tells you that greed, brutality and domination are “human nature”. They’re not telling you about humanity’s nature, they’re telling you about their own.


Hi I’m Leftish McPundit. I gain leftist cred by speaking critically of past acts of US imperialism and the lies which facilitated them,

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