Blackwater Founder Calling For 5,000 Mercenaries To Topple Maduro


30-04-19 06:33:00,

As if the past months of US push for regime change in Venezuela with officials like Elliott Abrams of Iran-Contra conviction infamy at the helm wasn’t bizarre enough, things just got weirder, as Erik Prince has apparently been pitching a plan around Washington to privatize US coup efforts using his latest Blackwater inspired mercenary empire. 

According to Reuters, Prince — the brother of billionaire Education Secretary Betsy DeVos who has over the past years since selling his mired-in-controversy Blackwater group (now Academi) revived his mercenary empire in China in the form of Frontier Services Group (FSG) intends to “deploy a private army to help topple Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicholas Maduro”.

Prior file photo of Prince during Congressional committee hearing, via Getty/NPR

Price has reportedly sought access to Trump administration officials to whom he’s attempting to pitch the whole operation, said to involve some 5,000 soldiers-for-hire to be used by opposition leader Juan Guaido, according to multiple sources who spoke to Reuters. The controversial private security CEO has sought investments from both Trump supporters and wealthy Venezuelan exiles, and reportedly held meetings over the plan as recently as mid-April. 

Neither the White House nor Guaido opposition representatives have confirmed they were entertaining such a plan, with the latter denying altogether that Guado’s team had even spoken with Prince or FSG reps. 

Reuters’ sources described some of the details of the proposed Venezuela coup plan as follows:

The two sources with direct knowledge of Prince’s pitch said it calls for starting with intelligence operations and later deploying 4,000 to 5,000 soldiers-for-hire from Colombia and other Latin American nations to conduct combat and stabilization operations.

Perhaps the most interesting detail to be revealed is the need for a triggering event that could set a final bid for coup over the top, after a number of small attempts failed to gain enough momentum in the past months. 

Reuters’ sources described what Prince called a “dynamic event”:

One of Prince’s key arguments, one source said, is that Venezuela needs what Prince calls a “dynamic event” to break the stalemate that has existed since January,

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Blackwater Founder Says US Troops In Syria Could Be Replaced By Private Contractors


16-01-19 08:57:00,

Controversial founder and ex-CEO of the private security firm Blackwater, Erik Prince told Fox Business this week that private military contractors could replace the U.S. troops that are withdrawing from Syria.

Following a similar failed proposal Prince reportedly made through White House channels in 2017 to privatize the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan  which some contractor industry analysts have suggested Trump was “sympathetic” to  it appeared Prince was attempting to pitch both Washington and the American public in the Fox interview on the “alternate” plan. “The United States doesn’t have a long-term strategic obligation to stay in Syria. But, I also think it’s not a good idea to abandon our allies,” he told Fox Business.

Blackwater USA founder Erik Prince, Getty image

Prince offered the plan as a solution to the administration’s current stated dilemma of withdrawing troops in such a way that both protects the US-backed Kurdish SDF and prevents Iran from becoming more entrenched in the region. This way, according to Prince, private contractors could fill the void while allowing Trump to stand behind his repeat promises to end “forever wars”. 

“American history is filled with public and private partnerships, of places that the private sector can fill those gaps, where a very expensive military probably shouldn’t be,” Prince said. “If there is not some kind of robust capability to defend from a ground invasions from the very conventional power that the Iranians and the Syrians have, our allies will be smashed,” he continued.

Prince  the brother of billionaire Education Secretary Betsy DeVos  has over the past years since selling his mired-in-controversy Blackwater group (now Academi) begun a new mercenary empire in China called Frontier Services Group (FSG), in a market where Western firms of necessity find themselves working closely with Chinese state authorities. He’s reportedly had success in securing security and logistics contracts in Africa and China, and has since at least 2017 lobbied both top US generals and Congressional leaders to consider massive privatization of the now fast approaching two decade long quagmire in Afghanistan, from which Trump has recently vowed to extricate the United States. 

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Home Depot Founder: Billionaire-Bashing Bernie Sanders “Is The Antichrist”

Home Depot Founder: Billionaire-Bashing Bernie Sanders “Is The Antichrist”

13-05-18 08:13:00,

He is correct in some ways, particularly the part about the creativity of capitalism and the voluntary brakes on greed.

But the big-box retailers that buy Made-in-China goods in bulk, doing the volume selling, put a lid on the creativity of small Main Street businesses, like the one I used to own. Some people I knew thought about selling products like ones in Home Depot, but backed out, knowing that they could never compete with behemoth retailers.

And yet, it is hard to work for the big boxes, especially if you lack a spousal income, a child support check that covers rent or layers of monthly welfare for reproducing while single that cover your rent & groceries, in addition to up to $6,431 in refundable EITC child tax credits.

That is called socialism—socialism for some—and it undercuts the many underemployed US citizens whose main household bills are not paid by government to reward sex, reproduction and part-time work that keeps them below the income limits for welfare programs. We have a lot of socialism for some in America; it pumps up this neoliberal economy. It is supported by the Uniparty politicians on both sides, not just Bernie Sanders.

We also have a country where half of all non-womb-productive, non-welfare-eligible, male citizens between 18 and 34 live with their parents in adulthood due to rent that soaks up more than half of their monthly, earned-only income. No socialism for some for them, nor for the millions of non-womb-productive, single, female citizens in the same situation. 

Big-box retailers have contributed a lot to this trend of part-time work, augmented by welfare for some womb-productive citizens and noncitizens, including all of those illegal aliens, standing outside of home-improvement stores, seeking low-wage gigs that keep them under the earned-income limits for welfare programs. If you have ever worked at the Department of Human Services, you know that their womb-productive wives and girlfriends collect more than many big-box retail employees make for a week of full-time work in just free EBT food. The single earners in those households are male, and the mommas work the system.

Yes, wealth has flowed to the top of retail due to the slow boats from China, carrying goods made by low-cost laborers overseas of one color.

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