Defender 2020: NAVO ‘war games’ in Oost-Europa –


05-02-20 02:36:00,

Het gaat om de grootste manoeuvres sinds 1983 die in echte koudeoorlogstraditie, de mobiliteit en de capaciteit van de troepen aan de oostgrenzen van de NAVO moeten evalueren. De VS en zijn Europese bondgenoten willen daarbij zowel de militaire infrastructuur, de commandostructuren en bevoorradingsroutes testen. Het gaat om een ‘multidomein’-operatie waarbij overeenkomstig de jongste VS-doctrine cyber en ruimte zullen toegevoegd worden aan de klassieke domeinen van land, lucht en zee.

Hoewel de eigenlijke manoeuvres pas in mei starten en tot in juni zouden duren, is het logistieke deel al eind januari van start gegaan. Een 500-tal Amerikaanse tanks, ander zwaar wapentuig en duizenden voertuigen zullen in de komende weken worden ontscheept in Europese luchthavens en zeehavens.

De haven van Antwerpen speelt een cruciale rol. Voor de ontscheping daar krijgen de VS-troepen de steun van Belgische eenheden. Andere havens die als transporthub gebruikt worden zijn Vlissingen (Nederland), Bremerhaven (Duitsland) en Paldiski (Estland). In de praktijk zijn er heel wat aparte oefeningen, met de ‘Joint Warfighting Assessment 20’ als groot sluitstuk, waarin 38 militaire concepten en capaciteiten worden geëvalueerd tijdens een toekomstige oorlog in 2028.


NAVO-Secretaris-Generaal Jens Stoltenberg beweert dat deze massale troepenontplooiing niet gericht is tegen Rusland. Dat lijkt moeilijk vol te houden en de feiten spreken dat tegen. De militaire oefeningen spelen zich voornamelijk af in de Baltische staten en Polen, dichtbij de Russische grens met een belangrijke rol voor Duitsland als operationele hub in drie zogenaamde ‘Convoy Support’-centra.

De Duitse militaire doctrine onderstreept het strategisch belang van Duitsland voor de militaire opbouw tegen Rusland. “Rusland heeft laten zien dat het in staat is om grenzen in Europa te hertekenen met militaire macht via de annexatie van de Krim. Dat deed een alarmbel rinkelen bij veel NAVO-leden, meer in het bijzonder onze oostelijke buren”, aldus Luitenant-Generaal Schelleis op een persconferentie in Berlijn over de NAVO-oefening.

Even terzijde. Het is een voorbeeld van de militaire eenzijdigheid van de NAVO. De NAVO-oorlog om Kosovo heeft evenzeer de kaart hertekend. De rasse oostwaartse uitbreiding van de NAVO richting Rusland heeft defacto ook tot grondige hertekening geleid van de Europese kaart met grote veiligheidsconsequenties voor Rusland.

Sinds de annexatie van de Krim in 2014 staat Rusland heel centraal als bedreigende factor in de NAVO-slotverklaringen.

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Episode 346 – 9/11 War Games : The Corbett Report

Episode 346 – 9/11 War Games : The Corbett Report

11-09-18 11:53:00,

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Little did we know at the time, 9/11 was not a normal day of blue sky aviation. On the contrary, it was one of the busiest days in the history of American aviation, a dense forest of live fly exercises, drills, simulations, fake radar injects and utter confusion. And that was before the attacks even began. This is the story of 9/11 that you didn’t watch unfold on your TV that fateful day in 2001. This is the story of the 9/11 War Games.

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When we remember the events of 9/11, we are often invited to reflect on how the attack came out of the clear, blue sky. Until the terror began to unfold in real time on everyone’s television screen, it was just another beautiful, blue sky day, a perfect day for aviation.

CNN ANCHOR: It is 8 AM in Salisbury, North Carolina, 7:00 a.m. in Chicago, 5:00 a.m. in Calaveras County, California, where the news is being made on this Tuesday, September 11th.


MATT LAUER: Anyway, that’s all coming up. 8:01 let’s get to the top news stories of the morning. For that we turn to Anne Curry.

ANN CURRY: Because now we have a camera. Katy, Matt and Al, thank you so much this morning. Good morning, everybody, again.

SARAH FERGUSON: …but isn’t in America, in politics, isn’t spinning…What is spinning, Charlie?

CHARLIE GIBSON: Well, spinning is getting out your point of view, trying to put your interpretation on something.

FERGUSON: So do you think there is a lot of spinning done in politics…

FOX ANCHOR: …Miss America pageant, but this year things are different. Contestants will be quizzed on current events, US history and government. 10 of the 51 contestants got a preview. Among the questions: Naming the current vice president, and knowing what happened December 7th,

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Trump “War Games” Announcement Shocks South Korea, US Military Forces

Trump “War Games” Announcement Shocks South Korea, US Military Forces

12-06-18 01:42:00,

In what was perhaps the most surprising announcement to emerge from today’s Trump-Kim summit, president Trump agreed to suspend military exercises with South Korea in return for a commitment to denuclearisation from North Korea.

As we reported earlier, Trump said the war games were expensive and “very provocative”, and yet stopping them has been called a “major concession”, something the US has previously rejected as non-negotiable on the grounds that the exercises are a key element of its military alliance with Seoul, and maintaining a deterrent against North Korea. In return, Trump said Kim had agreed in a joint statement to reassert “his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula”.

In other words, Trump made it appear that he is negotiating from a position of weakness to achieve a diplomatic goal which would have remained unachievable had Trump not taken the initiative. In doing so, however, he infuriated the neocons in his immediate circle. Immediately after the announcement, the WaPo’s Josh Rogin noted that “Everything Trump is saying and doing goes directly against everything Bolton has ever said or believed about North Korea.”

Everything Trump is saying and doing goes directly against everything Bolton has ever said or believed about North Korea.

— Josh Rogin (@joshrogin) June 12, 2018

On the surface, anything that neocon warmonger Bolton hates can only be good.

But it wasn’t just Trump’s closest advisors that were shocked: both the South Korean government and US forces in the region appear to have been taken by surprise by Trump’s declared suspension of joint military exercises.

According to Reuters, US forces in Korea said they had not received updated guidance on military exercises.

“In coordination with our ROK [Republic of Korea] partners, we will continue with our current military posture until we receive updated guidance,” a spokesperson told Reuters.

Trump’s announcement also came as a surprise to the South Korean government. “At this point, we need to know President Trump’s exact meaning or intentions,” according to a statement released by the office of South Korean President Moon Jae-in. “However we think that it is crucial to pursue various solutions for better dialogue.”

The South Korean military appeared similarly taken aback,

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Operation Blue Flag 2017 Air War Games: Israel’s “Fighter-Jet Diplomacy”. Hooking Up Israeli Forces with NATO

Operation Blue Flag 2017 Air War Games: Israel’s “Fighter-Jet Diplomacy”. Hooking Up Israeli Forces with NATO

10-01-18 08:11:00,

European Leaders – from the EU’s foreign representative Mogherini to Premier Gentiloni, from President Macron to Chancellor Merkel – have formally stepped back from both the US and Israel on the status of Jerusalem. Is a rift between the allies emerging?

The facts would indicate quite the contrary. Just before Trump took his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, yet at a time when the dye had already been cast, Operation Blue Flag 2017 was executed. This is the biggest international drill for air war in Israel’s History. In this drill, the following countries participated: the United States, Italy, Greece and Poland and, for the first time in the third edition, France, Germany and India.

For two weeks, pilots from eight countries (six of which are Nato members), have carried out a drill with 70 airplanes in the Israeli base of Ovda in the Negev desert, assisted by 1,000 soldiers providing technical and logistical support. Italy has participated with four Tornado fighter planes (part of the 6th Formation stationed at Ghedi). Two for attack and another two for electronic war. The United States is participating with seven F-16s from the 31st Fighter Wing based at Aviano. Since these planes have been fitted out to transport the US B-61 nuclear bombs, surely Italian and US pilots, along with others, have been drilled to carry out missions for nuclear attack. According to official information, more than 800 flight missions have been carried out, simulating “extreme combat scenarios with flights at the lowest level and electromagnetic countermeasures to neutralize anti-air defense”. In other words, pilots have been trained to penetrate enemy territory, to strike targets with both nuclear and non-nuclear bombs and missiles.

Operation Blue Flag 2017 has improved “cooperation between and operational readiness of the air forces that are participating” and, at the same time, has “strengthened Israel’s international status”. Symbolic – reports the Israeli newspaper Haaretz in an article on “fighter-jet diplomacy” – is “the sight of a Eurofighter jet, carrying the cross of the German Luftwaffe lining up beside an F-15 with the Israeli Air-Force’s blue Star of David” [Translator’s note 2] taking off for the first time, side by side, for the same mission or the French fighters returning to Israel where they had been secretly stationed in 1956 for the Suez campaign against Nasser’s Egypt.

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