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The COV-19 vaccine is now front page news.

The following article was first published by Global Research on March 17, 2020, following the first tests of a vaccine conducted by Moderna Inc. with human volunteers in Seattle on March 16.

Author’s Note and Update

The COVID-19 Vaccine Project had been envisaged several months prior to the official identification of the virus on January 7, 2020 by China’s health authorities. 

At the 201 Simulation meeting in October 19, 2019 under the auspices of John Hopkins, the development of a vaccine for a fictitious novela virus was envisaged.

 According to Richard Hatchett, CEO of  the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) an organization sponsored and financed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Gates Foundation the project to develop a vaccine commenced not only prior to the discovery and identification of the coronavirus (January 2020) but several months prior to the October 2019 simulation exercise. “We did that in the last year or so [early 2019]. … ” ( see interview below)

According to the WEF Video below, produced in relation to the 201 Simulation, “the organizers created a virus” 

“the current strain of the coronavirus [201 simulation], known as 2019-nCoV, but claimed that the death toll could run in the millions if the virus were resistant to modern vaccines … ” (November 2019 analysis of the 201 Simulation)

Ironically, on January 30th, the WHO defined the new virus as 2019-nCoV, i.e. the same name as the “organizers invented disease” used in the 201 simulation in October 2019. No doubt a coincidence.

It was only later that Covid-19 was identified by the WHO not as a virus but as a disease: coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the Virus was identified as “severe acute respiratory syndrome” coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)

Video; The World Economic Forum was a partner in The 201 Simulation.

Video Produced by the World Economic Forum in association with the 201 John Hopkins Simulation


Two weeks after the virus had been formally identified by the PRC (Jan 7,

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The Other Global Health Crisis: Highly Hazardous Pesticides – Global Research


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COVID-19 isn’t the only global health crisis occurring right now. There is another crisis, propagated by a global industry, that is entirely man made.

The world’s five largest agrochemical companies: Bayer, BASF, Sygenta, Corteva and FMC – members of Croplife International lobby group – are making huge profits by selling chemicals that pose a serious risk to human health.

Research has shown links to increased cancer, liver disease, DNA damage, reproductive failure, endocrine disruption and also to the environment like groundwater contamination, microbiome disruption, poisoning of birds, mammals, fish and bees.

The main markets for these dangerous chemicals are low and middle-income countries, like Brazil and India. Although in European markets some of these products have already been banned, European companies can still produce and sell them to regions with lesser regulations.

Why are these companies allowed to sell such harmful chemicals already banned in the EU to countries that are known to have weaker regulations?

Highly Hazardous Pesticides

“Even though the climate is different, our bodies are made from the same matter”, explains spokesperson for the Permanent Campaign Against Pesticides and for Life, an umbrella of social movements and NGOs, Alan Tygel. “Substances that are dangerous for Europeans, are also dangerous for Brazilians, Indians, Argentinians, and so on”.

The ammonia process, which uses nitrogen from the atmosphere as its key ingredient, was invented by German chemist Fritz Haber to help farmers around the world significantly improve their profitability. There is a darker side to his work as one of the most effective insecticides Harber helped to develop was Zyklon B, used by the Nazis to murder more than a million people, even including members of his own family.

Fossil fuels and greenhouse gases are great contributors to climate change, but Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs), which affect the health of large parts of the population and our environment, have gone largely unrecognised.

According to the World Health Organisation and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, HHPs are described as “pesticides that are acknowledged to present particularly high levels of acute or chronic hazards to health or the environment according to internationally accepted classification systems”.

An investigation by Unearthed and Public Eye found that CropLife companies made approximately 27% of sales income from HHPs in high-income countries compared to 45% to low to mid-income countries.

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Same Story, Different Decade: How WHO’s Definition of a Global Pandemic Benefits Big Pharma – Global Research


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When WHO broadened its definition of global pandemic in 2009, H1N1 vaccine makers profited at taxpayers’ expense. COVID vaccine makers will likely reap even more benefits.


In the years leading up to 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) worked alongside vaccine manufacturers, namely GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), to ensure that European and African countries entered into contracts to vaccinate their citizens in the event of an unforeseen global flu pandemic.

These dormant, or “sleeping contracts,” stipulated that if a global pandemic were to occur, it would trigger the contracts, specified pharmaceutical companies would manufacture flu vaccines and the respective governments would pay the vaccine manufacturers.

On June 11, 2009, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan declared H1N1 swine flu to be a global pandemic, triggering the dormant contracts and throwing the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry into high gear.

Chan was able to make this declaration based on WHO’s official definition of a pandemic, which was updated just a month before declaring the H1N1 pandemic — WHO deleted its definition of a pandemic from the organization’s website and replaced it with a new, more flexible definition.

Under the new definition, WHO no longer required that anyone die from an illness before the organization could declare a pandemic. The new definition stipulated only that infections be geographically widespread.

At the time WHO declared the H1N1 swine flu a pandemic, only 144 people worldwide had died from the infection. As Wolfgang Wodarg, then chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s Health Committee, explained:

“The WHO had a definition of a pandemic, which it defined as a virus with high mortality and high morbidity. And in 2009 they suddenly dropped those two characteristics, saying nothing about severity or mortality.”

WHO wasn’t solely responsible for the decision to declare H1N1 a pandemic. WHO officials had consulted an emergency panel of 160 scientists on the International Health Regulations Committee. Although the identities of these scientists weren’t publicly known at the time, a 2010British Medical Journal investigation revealed that many of the committee members who voted to declare H1N1 a pandemic had financial ties to flu vaccine manufacturers,

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The Global Spread of the “Virus of Fear” – Global Research


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The real story behind the so-called “second-wave” Covid-19 infection

The entire world at this point in time is being conditioned that the Covid-19 infection has gotten worse and the “second wave” of the PLANdemic is already here to wreak renewed havoc. This mind conditioning is happening right now when herd immunity is already gradually seeping into the populace.

Governments are alarmed because if herd immunity becomes undeniably obvious, people will go through the daily grind of normal life and things will slowly stabilize. Economies will recover and get on the right track. This the governments don’t like as they toe their respective lines that draw mandate from their “overlord,” i.e., the US.

More immediately crucial in the general program of systems control is the vaccine whose development, production, and implementation is overseen by the US. People MUST be vaccinated by hook or by crook, so to speak. Having this in mind, it is therefore important to create the hype of a “second wave” to further scare people until that time when the vaccine is already available.

And if the thinking segment will seriously take note of and focus on what has been going on in laboratories where such vaccines are being developed, the so-called medical scientists involved in it are fast-tracking the process because they are running against time especially now that a growing number of people are getting into the realization that the “virus infection” is not as deadly and risky as the stories the scaremongers have been spreading around.

In other words, now that the vaccine isn’t quite ready yet, people should remain scared and in fact more scared than before as government creates an atmosphere of heightened alert even to the point of using the police–both local and national–to impose mobility restriction similar to what they implemented during the previous months from April to July.

The new hermeneutics of infirmity: A totalizing path pointing all illnesses to Covid-19

The “first wave” stabilized and the “second wave” has come in. What do we expect when the “second wave” stabilizes? Of course, the “third wave”. There will be “waves” and “stabilizations”. And who knows if these “infected” people are really infected by Covid-19 based on the testing instruments and procedures being used?

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The Global Takeover Is Underway – Global Research


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We bring to the consideration of our readers this important article by Dr. Mercola.

This is a controversial analysis which requires carefully debate.  

The video by the World Economic Forum (WEF) is one of the architects of  the “New Normal” Global Reset. It is presented to us a private-public partnership project.

This is what they propose as a “Solution”.  


  • According to the World Economic Forum, by 2030 we will own nothing and be happy about it
  • Terms like “the Great Reset,” “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Build Back Better” all refer to the same long-term globalist agenda to dismantle democracy and national borders in favor of a global governance by unelected leaders, and the reliance on technological surveillance rather than the rule of law to maintain public order
  • For decades, war and the threat of war have enriched the technocratic elite and kept the population going along with their agenda. Today, pandemics and the threat of infectious outbreaks are the new tools of war and social control
  • The Federal Reserve is working on a central bank digital currency (CBDC). An all-digital currency system is part of the system of social control
  • Key globalist players working on the implementation of the technocratic agenda include the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates and foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation, the UN Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, Avanti Communications, 2030 Vision and Frontier 2030, Google, Mastercard and Salesforce

The World Economic Forum public relations video above, “8 Predictions for the World in 2030,” short as it may be, offers a telling glimpse into what the technocratic elite has in store for the rest of us. This includes:

  • “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.” Instead, you’ll rent everything you need, and it’ll be delivered by drone right to your door.
  • “The U.S. won’t be the world’s leading superpower” — Instead, a handful of countries will dominate together.
  • “You won’t die waiting for an organ donor” — Rather than transplanting organs from deceased donors, custom organs will be 3D printed on demand.

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