Grand Theft Venezuela, Stealing a Nation: Financial Warfare Precipitates Economic Collapse – Global Research


11-02-19 08:09:00,

Michael Hudson explained that Washington “treat(s) Venezuela as an extension of the US economy, running a trade surplus in oil to spend in the United States or transfer its savings to US banks.”

Sanctions prevent Maduro’s government “from gaining access to its US bank deposits,” including state-owned CITGO refiner, transporter and marketer of transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products.

The US plot involves “making it impossible for Venezuela to pay its foreign debt,” forcing the nation to default on its obligations, a pretext for the Trump regime to try seizing its foreign assets.

Making Venezuela’s economy scream aims to crush it into submission, leaving it vulnerable to stealing the nation by the US.

It’s held captive by US demands. Economic, financial and sanctions war transformed normality into crisis conditions.

Financial war can be more dangerous than standing armies, war waged by other means, raping nations and their people for profit.

Examples abound, including earlier in Chile under a US-installed military dictatorship, Greece transformed into a zombie country by the European Commission, ECB and IMF.

The latter financial institution is considered the loan shark of last resort for good reason, serving US-led Western monied interests at the expense of nations and their people.

Venezuela is being slowly suffocated by asymmetrical warfare, sucking out its financial oxygen to survive, wanting its wealth transferred to US interests.

According to a Latin American Geopolitical Strategic Center (CELAG) study, US financial war on Venezuela since Maduro’s April 2013 election through 2017 cost the country $350 billion in lost production of goods and services.

The US has been systematically strangling its economy under Obama and Trump. What’s going on may be prelude to military intervention – unjustifiably justified by made-in-the-USA humanitarian crisis conditions and low oil prices.

Washington blocked Venezuela “from international financial markets, preventing it from using the credit market both to renew maturities and to make new loans,” the CELAG report explained.

Its dependency on revenues from oil sales made it highly vulnerable to US war by other means. The “economic consequences of the (US) boycott” of the country have been devastating, notably to its people.

Trump warned that he might intervene in Venezuela militarily,

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Le Grand Taboo; the Jewish stranglehold of France that no one dares to talk about. – Dutch Anarchy


30-01-19 10:44:00,

With the current orgy of state sponsored violence of militant units in France against the French citizens it is clear that the entity that is occupying and controlling the former French republic is not of French origin. No native French official with a spark of conscience in his being would give the order to shoot and aim for the head on his or her ethnic brother or sister. History keeps repeating itself. The genocide of the native people in Russia by the Red Terror campaigns under the Bolsheviks and in China when Mao took power was orchestrated by the same parasitic alien entity that is causing the current wave of violence in France. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and critic of Communist totalitarianism:

“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

This powerful quote is also applicable for the dramatic collapse of France and the associated violence against the French citizens. It is of utmost importance that people start to recognize and identify the enemy within that is in control of their occupied country. If we do not expose the enemy and start to call them out then we, the gullible Goyim, are marked for yet another wave of genocidal violence. And the occupiers make no secret of that, they openly and dramatically brag about their alliance to another entity then the country that they reside in.

Recently A senior “French” politician has called on police to use shoot-to-kill tactics against France’s Yellow Vest protesters. Former French Education and Jewish Minister Luc Ferry demanded that police officers should start firing their weapons at demonstrators,

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Macron’s ‘grand national debate’ is like ‘SLEEPING GAS,’ Yellow Vests say


15-01-19 04:05:00,

French President Emmanuel Macron hopes to use nationwide debates, set to kick off on Tuesday, to tackle anger emanating from the Yellow Vests, but protesters and the opposition remain skeptical that he seeks genuine change.

By launching “grand national debates,” the president has promised to reach out to citizens and listen to everyone. “For me there is no banned issue,” Macron wrote in an open letter to the nation, published on Monday.

We won’t agree on everything, which is normal in a democracy. But at least, we will show that we are a people who are not afraid of talking, exchanging, debating.

The first round of the debates is set to kick off in the northern town of Grand Bourgtheroulde on Tuesday, with the president expected to attend. He is scheduled to hold a meeting with 600 mayors and local officials there.

Macron hopes that a frank nationwide discussion will lead to reconciliation with the Yellow Vest protesters whose massive rallies have been rocking Paris and other towns across France since November. Started as a grassroots movement against planned fuel tax hikes, the Yellow Vests evolved into broader voice to vent the anger towards the government. Their demands grew to include the resignation of President Macron.

The clashes with police and the chaotic atmosphere during the rallies have left at least 10 people dead and more than a thousand have been detained.

Also on
Police employ tear gas & water cannons as Yellow Vest protests enter 9th week (VIDEOS)

In his letter, Macron offered to answer a variety of questions, such as which taxes should be lowered and whether France should have more referendums.

Some of the issues put up for debate were ostensibly not connected with the recent protests, like the question over whether the government should set annual immigration targets.

The protests have already prompted Macron to offer concessions. He promised a minimum wage rise and to roll back the planned fuel tax hike. While pledging more dialogue on Monday, the president emphasized that he will not allow a complete redo of his pro-business reforms and won’t return the scrapped wealth tax.

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Eine Grand Jury einberufen, um über das Vorhandensein von Sprengstoff im WTC am 11. September zu entscheiden


17-12-18 09:09:00,

Ein Rechtsanwaltskomitee für eine Untersuchung des 11. September (Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry) ist in New York im Februar 2018 entstanden. Im April hat es eine 52 Seiten lange Petition mit 57 Beweisstücken beim Staatsanwalt des Süd-Distrikt von New York eingereicht. Am Ende der vorgeschriebenen Frist von sechs Monaten hat dieser eine Grand Jury ernannt, um die Beschwerde zu prüfen.

Bis jetzt stellt der Rechtsanwalt-Ausschuss die Busch-Version der Anschläge vom 11. September 2001 nicht in Frage. Er äußerte sich nicht über den Einschlag der beiden Flugzeuge, die zwei der drei Gebäude zerstört haben. Er konzentriert sich ausschließlich auf das Vorhandensein von Sprengstoffen in den Türmen WTC1, WTC2 und WTC7. Er stellt fest, dass die Rolle, die sie an diesem Tag gespielt haben, ein Bundes-Verbrechen darstellt, das bis jetzt gerichtlich nicht verfolgt wurde.

In der Vergangenheit ist Staatsanwalt Geoffrey S. Berman während zwei Jahren der Partner von Rudy Giuliani, Bürgermeister von New York zum Zeitpunkt des Sachverhalts gewesen. Herr Giuliani hatte seine Mitbürger aufgerufen, damit sie die von Linien-Flugzeugen getroffenen Türme WTC1 und WTC2 evakuieren, da seiner Meinung nach ein Risiko bestand, dass die Türme einstürzen könnten. Jedoch waren die Gebäude gebaut worden, um viel heftigeren Erschütterungen standzuhalten.

Die Grand Jury sollte im Jahr 2019 angehört werden. Es wird das erste Mal sein, 18 Jahre nach den Verbrechen, dass ein ziviles (und nicht militärisches) amerikanisches Gericht sich auf einen Aspekt der Anschläge vom 11.September konzentrieren wird.

Horst Frohlich

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9/11 Truth Gets A Grand Jury | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


01-12-18 09:50:00,

By corbettreport

Welcome back to #NewWorldNextWeek – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

This week:

Story #1:

Pentagon Fails Its First-Ever Audit

Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed; How US Military Spending Keeps Rising Even As The Pentagon Flunks Its Audit

The Missing Money

NWNW Flashback: After Trillions Mysteriously Go ‘Missing,’ DoD Getting Audited for First Time in History (Dec. 14, 2017)

Story #2:

Attorney Takes First Step Toward Prosecuting Explosive Destruction of World Trade Center on 9/11

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman Will Comply With 18 USC Section 3332

Response From DOJ On Lawyers’ Committee For 9/11 Inquiry

Lawyers Petition for 9/11 Grand Jury

Story #3:

Alert Ready System Tested Across Canada for Second Time

Did You Get The Message? Canada Tests Its Emergency Alert System

Hawaii Man Sues State, Says Missile-Alert Panic Caused Near-Fatal Heart Attack

State Review Prompted By False Missile Alert Months Behind Schedule

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The Grand Irony Of RussiaGate: The US Becomes More Like The USSR Every Day

The Grand Irony Of RussiaGate: The US Becomes More Like The USSR Every Day

10-08-18 09:57:00,

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

When the Soviet regime exiled Sakharov in 1980, everybody assumed the USSR was permanent and impregnable to collapse.

There are many ironies in the RussiaGate drama, but none greater than this: The U.S. becomes more like the former U.S.S.R. every day. Longtime correspondent Bart D. sketches out the irony:

I look at the US economy and what I see in actual everyday life is that corrupted capitalism has resulted in the same problems for average citizens as what crony communism did for the citizens of the USSR.

Poor consumer choice. Poor resource allocation. Poor quality consumer products. Poor environmental management/outcomes. Hyper-vigilance and hyper-control of Government over its people. Dodgy Utilities. The difference is that the Soviet Union had a better healthcare system than USA currently has and better housing availability for common people.

How’s the irony! Capitalism and Communism ultimately end up with similar outcomes and for the same reason: Cartel behaviours and cronyism.

Exactly. When the system is rigged to benefit insiders, cartels, cronies and elites at the expense of the many “outsiders,” the status quo must mask this reality with propaganda and Big Lies: that is, keep repeating the lie until people believe it due to its embrace by “experts” and authorities.

Case in point: inflation. The masses consuming the mainstream media apparently accept the Big Lie that inflation (i.e. loss of purchasing power of our money) is 2%, i.e. near zero.

But the reality is quite different: stagnant wages + soaring real-world inflation = lower standards of living, which is precisely what the bottom 80% of American households have been experiencing for the past decade of “growth” and “recovery.”

The citizens of the old Soviet regime had a wry saying: they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work. I propose a variation for the hapless US citizenry:

They pretend inflation is low and we pretend to be prosperous.

The current clampdown on social media and alternative media in America is ripped right from the playbook of the Soviet regime. 

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