Greece has no right to stop accepting asylum requests – UN

02-03-20 07:48:00,

The UN’s refugee agency said on Monday that Greece had no right to stop accepting asylum applications as Athens struggles with a sudden increase in arrivals of Middle East refugees and migrants from Turkey at its border.

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Sunday his country would not be accepting any new asylum requests for a month after two days of clashes between border police and thousands of people seeking to enter the EU from Turkey, Reuters reported.

“It is important that the authorities refrain from any measures that might increase the suffering of vulnerable people,” the UNHCR said in a statement. “All states have a right to control their borders and manage irregular movements, but at the same time should refrain from the use of excessive or disproportionate force and maintain systems for handling asylum requests in an orderly manner.”

The UN agency said neither international nor EU law provided any legal basis for the suspension of the reception of asylum applications. The EU has scrambled to help Greece police the frontier and sought to put pressure on Turkey to go back to preventing refugees and migrants stranded on its territory from seeking to reach Europe.

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Letter from Greece | The Vineyard of the Saker

10-01-20 09:15:00,

Greek Correspondent for The Saker Blog

This article’s purpose is to present the situation in Greece, the epicenter of the fall of civilization…

You can also check this clarifying text of Labropoulos to read how it all started and unfolded in 2009-2016.[1] I have also uploaded an excerpt of Mr. Nikitas of the EPAM party[2], where he uncovers the background and the people/motives behind the triggering of the Greek debt crisis in 2009.[3]

Greece is at this very moment the main battlefield in the European war field or to use the title of a new documentary about Greece, “laboratory”. [4]

The Greek debt crisis, which was orchestrated from the beginning, gave them the opportunity to create a default mechanism for states, the ESM, which they are about to turn into the actual governing body of the EU.[5] ESM is a quasi-state and its constitution prohibits any negotiation in case it lends a state. I could add many details to the emerging nature of EU such as the ignoring of Poland’s objections to the election of Donald Tusk as president in 2017 (though it required a unanimous vote) but I think the readers of this blog understand very well.

Of course all this has been happening because the Greeks didn’t manage to stop this in the very beginning and now are very much responsible for this European disaster. They still haven’t founded a new powerful party in order to topple the regime or at least enter the parliament. But the situation has changed dramatically since 2010 and there’s no excuse for the toleration of today’s worsening plight. The EU is relying on the passivity of Greeks and definitely on the quisling regime of the political system which includes all the parties that have been in the Greek parliament since 2009 and many smaller ones out of it.

But it’s not only the parties that the EU is viciously trying to bribe and control. I could write a lot of details about how they have managed to control the heads of the Greek armed forces, the example of Mr. Kostarakos[6] is very characteristic or the Greek journalists, who in the elections of 2019 many of them have become parliamentarians in the decorative new parliament or even the working unions such as the lawyers’ association of Athens which is one of the most openly Europhile ones.

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Greece Mandates Electronic Payments – #NewWorldNextWeek

15-12-19 04:57:00,

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: NIST Publishes New FAQ on Its Refusal to Release Key Building 7 Data

FAQs – NIST WTC 7 Investigation

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

#PropagandaWatch: When is the News Not the News?

Story #2: Greeks Set to Face Heavy Fines If They Don’t Spend 30% of Their Income Electronically

Demonetization and You

The Plan to Turn Your Car into Virtual ATM

BMW Adding Android Auto To Its Infotainment System

Story #3: Two Pigs Engineered With Monkey Cells Born, Died In China

China Gene-Edited Baby Experiment “May Have Created Unintended Mutations”

China Raises Ethical Concern By Recreating Faces Using DNA Samples

You can help support our independent and non-commercial work by visiting & Thank You.

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Is Greece Becoming a Weaponized Anti-Russian Small Power? – Global Research

30-09-19 11:03:00,

According to an exclusive report published by Greek online media Rizospastis this week, within the framework of the “Greece-USA Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement,” Washington and Athens have agreed to expand and increase U.S. military installations in the Mediterranean country. This comes off the recent U.S. announcement that it wants to privatize the port of Alexandroupolis near the strategic Dardenelles.

U.S.-Turkish relations have traditionally been strong because of Ankara’s submissiveness to Washington’s demands in the framework of NATO, but have soured in recent years because of the U.S.’s support of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the Syrian extension of the Turkey-based Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) that Ankara, and hypocritically Washington, consider as a terrorist organization. Because of Washington’s support for what Ankara considers a terrorist organization, it has only pushed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan closer to NATO’s main adversary, Russia, where the two countries now work in committees to find peace in Syria and have significantly increased economic and military ties.

Greece however has at times been renegade in NATO, especially during the breakup of Yugoslavia where food, oil, and arms were transported from Greece into Serbia in violation of the UN embargo; Greece was the only European Union state to back Belgrade’s position that Serbian forces had only entered Bosnian territory in response to their provocations; Greece voted against NATO air strikes on Serbian positions; the Aegean country refused any use of the NATO air base in Preveza on the Ionian Sea; and, Athens refused to supply Greek troops to the UN peacekeeping mission in Bosnia. NATO plans were also leaked directly to Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladić so frequently that NATO allies ceased sharing NATO military plans with the Greek authorities, according to Professor C. Wiebes’ report to the Dutch government, titled Intelligence en de oorlog in Bosnie 1992-1995. There was also the famous case of the Greek Captain of the Themistocles warship, Marinos Ritsoudis, who was awarded by the Serbian Orthodox Church the Order of Emperor St. Constantine for refusing his orders to join NATO’s war against Serbia in 1999, and with the support of all his sailors returned the ship back to her port.

Greece was the only European country researched by Pew in a 2013 study where favorable views towards Russia prevailed (63% favorable vs.

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