‘We’re having a party’: Court releases VIDEO of IDF soldiers beating bound Palestinian detainees

13-03-19 11:40:00,

An Israeli court unsealed chilling footage of ultra-Orthodox IDF soldiers laughing as they beat a handcuffed Palestinian father and his teenage son, who were captured in a raid. The video was evidence in a detainee abuse trial.

A court in Jaffa lifted the gag order on the video on Tuesday following requests from Israeli media. The footage shows soldiers from the ultra-Orthodox 97th Netzah Yehuda Battalion with the IDF abusing two handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian detainees inside a military vehicle.

“We’re having a party,” the laughing soldiers can be heard saying as they repeatedly hit the detainees on the head, demanding that they “say hello” to the camera. One of the bound men was injured so badly that investigators couldn’t question him immediately afterwards.

After striking a plea deal, the five IDF soldiers were found guilty of abuse and sentenced to serve between two and six-and-a-half months in prison. They were all demoted in rank and put on probation. The soldiers’ commander is facing charges of failing to prevent the abuse of detainees by his subordinates.

The shocking case garnered much attention in Israel. TV presenter Oshrat Kotler said that young IDF soldiers become “human animals” after they return from the West Bank. “That’s the result of the occupation” of Palestinian lands, she said. The journalist’s comments were met with both backlash and support.

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IDF soldiers get 6 months jail time over beating handcuffed & blindfolded Palestinians

The incident happened in January. Both captured Palestinians, a father and his teenage son, were suspected of helping to hide a fleeing terrorist who had previously shot up a bus stop outside an outpost near Ramallah in the West Bank, killing two Israeli soldiers. Media reports say that the Palestinian men were eventually indicted earlier this year.

The IDF has been repeatedly accused of mistreating Palestinians during arrests and while in custody. Last year, a 33-year-old man died hours after he was severely beaten during an arrest amid clashes in Jericho, in the West Bank. Footage from the scene showed the soldiers gun-butting him as he was lying on the ground.

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Ultra-Wealthy Having Their Brains Frozen So They Can “Come Back To Life” 100s Of Years From Now

15-08-18 07:13:00,

Authored by Michael Snyder via The American Dream blog,

If you could live forever, would you do it? Throughout history, money has allowed the elite to buy just about anything they want – except an escape from death. Many super-rich individuals are deeply haunted by the knowledge that they have spent their lives working incredibly hard to accumulate vast amounts of wealth but they only have a very limited amount of time in which to enjoy it. As a result, many of them are absolutely obsessed with finding a way to cheat death.

The quest for eternal life is very much alive today – especially in tech hotbeds such as Silicon Valley. As technology continues to increase at an exponential rate, many among the elite are absolutely convinced that eternal life will be possible someday, and they are determined to stick around long enough to be a part of that revolution.

One way that some ultra-wealthy people are attempting to extend their lifespans into the future is through the emerging science of cryogenics. Some are having their entire bodies frozen, and others are having just their brains frozen, but it is very expensive

The super-rich are having their brains frozen for £80,000 ($100,000) in the hope of being re-born in as little as 200 years time.

Cryogenics, which involves deep freezing the body to -196°C (-321°F), is increasingly being seen as a way to beat death.

There are several companies that currently perform this kind of “service” around the world right now. In total, several hundred people have already been frozen, and a few thousand more have signed up and are waiting to die.

And even though nobody has ever been successfully “brought back”, there is a very fervent belief that someday in the future it will be possible to return to the land of the living and “experience a whole new life”

One businessman believes he will wake up in the future and ‘experience a whole new life’ after having his head placed on the body of another human being.

The British-born man, who wanted to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the topic,

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