Dr. Google? Healthcare venture collecting data on millions of patients raises privacy concerns – Boom Bust


13-11-19 05:21:00,

Tech giant Google has partnered with hospital system Ascension to collect detailed personal health information from millions of Americans without their knowledge, in an initiative that has been named “Project Nightingale.”

RT’s Boom Bust talks to Dr John Dombrowski of the Washington Pain Center about the privacy concerns surrounding the partnership.

“This data has tremendous value, multi-million-dollars. Who is going to get the benefit of that?” he says, adding that “Information is power and that creates a lot of money.”

Dombrowski suggests that maybe this information will be used for good, but “obviously it’s a double-edged sword, we have to be cautious with that.”

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Healthcare Providers In Canada Turn To CBD To Help Difficult Dementia Symptoms


14-07-19 09:51:00,

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

Healthcare teams in Canada have turned to CBD (cannabidiol) oil to help patients relieve their difficult dementia symptoms. Some disruptive behaviors have become increasingly hard to treat, and many say CBD is the answer.

According to CTV News, aggression and other disruptive behaviors linked to Alzheimer’s disease are notoriously difficult to treat, sometimes leading to patients being restrained or medically sedated. But now, there could be some relief in sight as some doctors are investigating the potential for success with a new strategy: CBD oil. Family members of dementia patients are saying CBD oil is helping their loved onesand “making a world of difference.”

At an Ontario long term care facility in Fenelon Falls, David Scholey’s screams and yelling used to permeate the hallways.  However,  since he triedCBD oil two months ago, the 76-year-old’s dementia-related disruptions have declined.

“Within a couple of days you could tell it was working because of the fact that he was a lot quieter, he was a lot calmer,” said Catherine Mantle, a registered nurse and care director at Fenelon Court.

David’s brother, William Scholey also noticed a major improvement. “I think it is wonderful for not only David but for people and family just to see that he is not… as anxious and frustrated,” he said. Sedatives just weren’t quite working for David either, making CBD an easy choice.

William Scholey says “the problem” with sedatives for his brother was that they made it more difficult for David to communicate simple things like which movies he wants to watch. “He’s a movie buff and he is constantly looking for new titles. He likes the old war and cowboy movies and stuff and David has a great memory in that regard,”Scholey said according to CTV News.

Scholey joked that his brother is now a “pothead,” but also said that the therapy doesn’t appear be making David “high.” That’s likely because CBD is not the chemical in cannabis that makes people feel euphoric. The “high” comes mainly from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

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