Virginia Hefferman—The Empire’s Whore—and Naveed Jamali—The Scum of the Earth –

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Virginia Hefferman—The Empire’s Whore—and Naveed Jamali—The Scum of the Earth

The First Amendment Is About To Be Deep-sixed While Democrats, Republicans and Media Cheer

“Reporters who bash Julian Assange while he is silenced instead of using their platforms to draw attention to the many, many wicked deeds that are being perpetrated by the powerful in their own country are the lowest of the low. They are scum. They are the scum that scum scrapes off its shoes. There is no more despicable, sniveling waste of space on this earth than someone who attacks the powerless on behalf of the powerful while calling themselves a journalist.”

In the articles below, Caitlin Johnstone deplores that there are people who will tell any lie to help the Empire destroy a truth-teller in exchange for career advancement. The ranks of the Western media are filled with assets of the Deep State who place zero value on integrity and honesty. As there is no legal case against Assange, the Empire uses its media assets to brainwash an insouciant public into believing that Assange deserves to be prosecuted, thus not seeing the show trial staged in front of their eyes.

What Empire Loyalists Are Really Saying When They Bash Julian Assange

By Caitlin Johnstone 

Wired has just published what might be the single most brazenly dishonest and manipulative piece of down-punching empire smut that I have ever read. An article by Virginia Heffernan titled “The Real Houseguest of the Ecuadorian Embassy” revolves around the outright lie that Julian Assange is suing the Ecuadorian government because he doesn’t feel like cleaning up after his cat and maintaining basic hygiene in the embassy he’s been confined to since 2012. In reality, the legal case arose from the fact that despite being granted political asylum for his journalism, Assange has for months been cut off from the world and forbidden to practice journalism by the new government of Ecuador, and would remain unable to practice journalism under the new conditions Quito recently imposed upon him.

The article reads as though its author is attempting to force snarky humor through a thick fog of hatred and personal misery while seeing how many lies she can pack into each paragraph.

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