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31-10-19 10:34:00,

While the mainstream media focuses on condemning President Trump for pulling US troops out of Syria, Yemen faces a national health crisis. The last functioning hospitals across multiple major cities in Yemen will shut their doors and stop providing services to patients. Geopolitics Alert spoke with Yemen’s Ministry of Health spokesman Yousuf Al-Haidari to discuss the repercussions of this crisis.

Yemen has completely run out of fuel.

Imagine how communities across the United States would screech to a halt if gas stations simply ran dry one day. People couldn’t drive to work. Families couldn’t cook food. Homes wouldn’t have hot water to clean or bathe.

For a country living under siege like Yemen, lack of gas also means that hospitals must close. Most hospitals have reduced their working hours and the rest are preparing to close entirely.

“There are hundreds of thousands of patients, if not millions, who will die quickly and slowly, they will die in pain. Who will provide oil to millions of Yemenis who need transportation to reach these hospitals? Who will provide transportation for the 6,000 kidney failure patients to the health center twice a week? Who will provide fuel to the private sector, which provides treatment services to about 60% of the population?” Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Yousuf Al-Haidari told Geopolitics Alert.

The poorest communities living in Yemen’s rural areas, like Hodeidah, are most at risk because they cannot afford transportation to functioning hospitals five-hours away in Sana’a.

Hospitals close in Yemen and the media remains silent

Dr. Yousuf Al-Haidari explained that while 50% of the healthcare sector operates in a country running on simple health infrastructure, the number of people in need of health services after the aggression and siege has multiplied five times over.

Here’s what the current crisis looks like in practical terms:

  • 120 government hospitals and 255 private hospitals
  • 3000 government health centers, 900 private
  • More than 5000 pharmacies, public and private
  • Hundreds of laboratories
  • 27 dialysis centers
  • 3 cancer treatment centers

Al-Haidari highlighted the already devastating health crises facing his country:

  • More than 50,000 total citizens wounded — including men,

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UN in Hospitals Bombing Psywar to Save NATO’s Last Stronghold in Idlib | Syria News


31-07-19 08:53:00,

No terrorists in Idlib; only hospitals.

The mobster bullies in meticulous suits running the UN have launched another hospitals bombing psywar campaign to support NATO’s last terrorists in Idlib. It should be scandalous, international news, that key members of the United Nations continue to ignore the Geneva Agreements on hospitals, continue to ignore the UN’s own charter, continue to bray and bleat for terrorists occupying Idlib, while the UN and NATO countries maintain the savages on their terror lists.

But, no! These minions of Beelzebub are secure in knowing that approved media sources are part of that Military Industrial Complex, that they are free to pimp war, pimp corruption, engage in all forms of criminal lies with the impunity of those whose might makes right.

hospitalsThe bullies running the UN lie about hospitals that do not exist, and NATO media pimps their lies.

Again, the Geneva Conventions are clear that the host country of a war zone must agree to neutral zones for hospital facilities. Without such agreements, no hospitals can exist.

US-based SAMS gang is embedded with terrorists, has no authority to be in Syria, and therefore runs no hospitals in the SAR (unrestrained by diplomatic protocol, this author previously provided evidence that SAMS was either lying or engaged in human vivisection; evidence of its terrorist affiliation left behind in liberated Ghouta; evidence of collaboration in terrorist massacre in Douma).

hospitalsOnly slightly less insane than Channel 4’s recent ”Who Ya Gonna Believe, Us or Your Lyin’ Eyes?” report: The photographer claimed this was one of the last hospitals in Idlib, bombed by “the regime,” & that the entire staff of physicians, nurses, phlebotomists, & environmental staff were being dug out from the rubble by those stethoscope-less fraud responders.

If a Saudi-run gang of armed, Captagon-fueled human pathogens hang a nice sign outside of a moped garage,

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