Not important what really happened, it’s more a question of who owns the narrative, filmmaker Werner Herzog tells RT


07-07-20 08:16:00,

As facts matter less nowadays, “occupying the narrative has created… lopsided ideologies” and “lopsided information.” Famed filmmaker Werner Herzog shares his historical perspective with RT.

The filmmaker discussed the understanding of history with host Afshin Rattansi on RT’s Going Underground. They started with the role of Soviet troops in WWII, as Herzog said their “incredible sacrifice” is being “ignored because of political interests.”

It’s very much a question, not what are the facts… Today it’s not that important what really happened. It’s more a question of who owns the narrative. And occupying the narrative has created some sort of lopsided ideologies and lopsided information that we see every day.

“I do believe that the demonization of Russia is a very, very big mistake,” Herzog said.

Calls for the re-evaluation of historical events are particularly poignant today as massive protests for racial justice in the US and other Western nations are accompanied by the toppling and defacing of historical monuments.

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As 75th anniversary of first Victory Day parade looms, Russians believe WWII defeat of Nazis was country’s finest hour – poll

Though the director supports the ongoing protests as “completely necessary and overdue,” he is skeptical regarding the actions against the statues that comes with the upheaval. People are formed by past mistakes and should learn from them, he said.

History doesn’t function by erasing the chronicles and toppling the monuments.

The protests in the US were triggered by the death of unarmed black man George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May. Racial disparities have become “very evident” in the country, Herzog, who lives in Los Angeles, said, while “criminal justice is heavily biased.”

However, “only a very, very small fraction of American police is rotten and acts in a way it shouldn’t.” The director believes that the growing calls to ‘defund the police’ are misguided.

It needs to be reformed. That’s obvious. There is no doubt. Defunding it completely and replacing [the police] with boy scouts or vigilantes would be stupid.

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The Important “Plandemic” Documentary that Has Justifiably Gone “Viral” – Global Research


12-05-20 04:50:00,

The powers-that-be behind the banning of “Plandemic” and the disparaging and slandering of Dr Judy Mikovitz are obviously afraid of something that will expose them for planning something evil. Tyrannical corporate forces, starting with Google and YouTube and the CDC and Big Pharma and the MSM have kicked into high gear before any more of us ‘Sheeple” are allowed a chance to view some unwelcome truths that are considered dangerous to the powers-that-be.

There have been any number of pro-over-vaccination trolls that are being well-compensated by Big Pharma/Big Vaccine corporations (that have ruled the world for awhile now) by recommending the banning of the documentary. Examples include any number of similarly-ignorant, shameful lobbyist/troll “journalists” that write for newspapers like the Times, the Post, the Herald, the Tribune, the Daily News, the Journal, the Chronicle, the Register, the Observer, the Sentinel and virtually every other Big Pharma/Big Vaccine-controlled major media outlet all over America and the world.

I urge readers to watch the Pandemic clip before it has been banned

Click here to watch the documentary.


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Dr Kohls is a retired rural family physician from Duluth, Minnesota who has written a weekly column for the Reader Weekly, Duluth’s alternative newsweekly magazine since his retirement in 2008. His column, titled Duty to Warn, is re-published around the world. 

He practiced holistic mental health care in Duluth for the last decade of his family practice career prior to his retirement in 2008, primarily helping psychiatric patients who had become addicted to their cocktails of psychiatric drugs to safely go through the complex withdrawal process. His Duty to Warn columns often deals with various unappreciated health issues, including those caused by Big Pharma’s over-drugging, Big Vaccine’s over-vaccinating, Big Medicine’s over-screening, over-diagnosing and over-treating agendas and Big Food’s malnourishing food industry. Those four entities can combine to even more adversely affect the physical, mental, spiritual and economic health of the recipients of the medical treatments and the eaters of the tasty and ubiquitous “FrankenFoods” – particularly when they are consumed in combinations,

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The Hugely Important OPCW Scandal Keeps Unfolding. Here’s Why No One’s Talking About It.


17-11-19 09:40:00,

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is now hemorrhaging evidence that the US and its allies deceived the world once again about yet another military intervention, which should be a front-page story all over the world. Yet if you looked at American news media headlines you’d think the only thing that matters right now is indulging the childish fantasy that Donald Trump might somehow magically be removed from office via supermajority consensus in a majority-Republican Senate.

CounterPunch has published an actual bombshell of a report by journalist Jonathan Steele containing many revelations about the OPCW scandal which were previously unknown to the public. Steele is an award-winning reporter who worked as a senior foreign correspondent for The Guardian back before that outlet was purged of all critical thinkers on western imperialism; he first waded into the OPCW controversy last month with a statement made on the BBC revealing the existence of a second whistleblower on the organisation’s investigation into an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria.

If you haven’t been following this story you can click here for a timeline of events to fully appreciate the significance of these new revelations about the Douma incident, but just to quickly recap, in April of last year reports surfaced that dozens of civilians had been killed in that city by chemical weapons used by the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad. This immediately drew skepticism from people who’ve been paying attention to the narrative manipulation campaign against Syria, since Assad had already won the battle for Douma and had no strategic reason to employ banned weapons there knowing that there would be a military strike in retaliation from western powers. True to form, a few days later the US, France and the UK launched airstrikes on the Syrian government.

The OPCW released its final report on Douma in March of this year, but that report has been contradicted by two separate whistleblowers from the Douma investigation. The first surfaced in May of this year with a leaked Engineering Assessment claiming the chlorine cylinders found at the crime scene were unlikely to have been dropped from the air, and that it was far more likely that they were manually placed there,

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Important message from Tulsi Gabbard | The Vineyard of the Saker


11-10-19 07:00:00,

I am giving serious consideration to boycotting the next debate and I want to tell you why:

There are so many of you who I’ve met in Iowa and New Hampshire who have expressed to me how frustrated you are that the DNC and corporate media are essentially trying to usurp your role as voters in choosing who our Democratic nominee will be.

I share your concerns, and I’m sure that all our supporters throughout the country do as well.

The 2016 Democratic Primary election was rigged by the DNC and their partners in the corporate media against Bernie Sanders.

In this 2020 election, the DNC and corporate media are rigging the election again, but this time against the American people in the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.

They are attempting to replace the roles of voters in the early states, using polling and other arbitrary methods which are not transparent or democratic, and holding so-called debates which are not debates at all but rather commercialized reality television meant to entertain, not inform or enlighten

In short, the DNC and corporate media are trying to hijack the entire election process.

In order to bring attention to this serious threat to our democracy, and ensure your voice is heard, I am giving serious consideration to boycotting the next debate on October 15th. I will announce my decision within the next few days.

With my deepest, and warmest aloha, thank you all again for your support.

– Tulsi

The Essential Saker II

The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA

The Essential Saker II

The Essential Saker II: Civilizational Choices and Geopolitics / The Russian challenge to the hegemony of the AngloZionist Empire

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The Bee: “The Most Important Living Being on the Planet” – Global Research


30-09-19 03:13:00,

Its sting hurts a lot, but if they were to disappear, it would hurt much more.

The Earthwatch Institute concluded in the last debate of the Royal Geographical Society of London, that bees are the most important living being on the planet, however, scientists have also made an announcement: Bees have already entered into extinction risk.

Bees around the world have disappeared up to 90% according to recent studies, the reasons are different depending on the region, but among the main reasons are massive deforestation, lack of safe places for nests, lack of flowers, use uncontrolled pesticides, changes in soil, among others.

Why has bees been declared as the most valuable being on our planet?

The Apiculture Entrepreneurship Center of the Universidad Mayor (CeapiMayor) and the Apiculture Corporation of Chile (Cach) with the support of the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA), conducted a study where it was determined that bees are the only living being that it is not a carrier of any type of pathogen, regardless of whether it is a fungus, a virus or a bacterium.

The agriculture of the world depends on 70% of these insects, to put it more clearly and directly, we could say that 70 of 100 foods are intervened in favor by bees.

Also the pollination that the bees make allows the plants to reproduce, of which millions of animals feed, without them, the fauna would soon begin to disappear.

The honey produced by bees, not only serve as food, but also provide many benefits to our health and our skin.

According to a quote attributed to Albert Einstein, If the bees disappear, humans would have 4 years to live.

What are the reasons and hypotheses attributed to the early disappearance of bees?

The Federal Institute of Technology of Switzerland, proposes a theory that blames the waves produced thanks to mobile telephony. They explain that these waves emitted during calls are capable of disorienting bees, causing them to lose their sense of direction and therefore their life is put in danger.

The researcher and biologist Daniel Favre, along with other researchers, made 83 experiments that show that bees in the presence of these waves,

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The World’s Most Important Political Prisoner


16-09-19 07:27:00,

Authored by Craig Murray,

We are now just one week away from the end of Julian Assange’s uniquely lengthy imprisonment for bail violation. He will receive parole from the rest of that sentence, but will continued to be imprisoned on remand awaiting his hearing on extradition to the USA – a process which could last several years.

At that point, all the excuses for Assange’s imprisonment which so-called leftists and liberals in the UK have hidden behind will evaporate. There are no charges and no active investigation in Sweden, where the “evidence” disintegrated at the first whiff of critical scrutiny. He is no longer imprisoned for “jumping bail”. The sole reason for his incarceration will be the publishing of the Afghan and Iraq war logs leaked by Chelsea Manning, with their evidence of wrongdoing and multiple war crimes.

In imprisoning Assange for bail violation, the UK was in clear defiance of the judgement of the UN Working Group on arbitrary Detention, which stated

Under international law, pre-trial detention must be only imposed in limited instances. Detention during investigations must be even more limited, especially in the absence of any charge. The Swedish investigations have been closed for over 18 months now, and the only ground remaining for Mr. Assange’s continued deprivation of liberty is a bail violation in the UK, which is, objectively, a minor offense that cannot post facto justify the more than 6 years confinement that he has been subjected to since he sought asylum in the Embassy of Ecuador. Mr. Assange should be able to exercise his right to freedom of movement in an unhindered manner, in accordance with the human rights conventions the UK has ratified,

In repudiating the UNWGAD the UK has undermined an important pillar of international law, and one it had always supported in hundreds of other decisions. The mainstream media has entirely failed to note that the UNWGAD called for the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – a source of potentially valuable international pressure on Iran which the UK has made worthless by its own refusal to comply with the UN over the Assange case. Iran simply replies “if you do not respect the UNWGAD then why should we?”

It is in fact a key indication of media/government collusion that the British media,

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YouTube Says It’s “More Important Than Ever” to Be An Open Platform — 1 Day After Massive Banning Spree


28-08-19 08:09:00,

By Chris Menahan

CEO Susan Wojcicki said Tuesday that it’s “more important than ever” for YouTube to remain an “open platform” just one day after going on a massive banning spree targeting right-wingers for so-called “hate speech.”

YouTube CEO @SusanWojcicki says it’s “more important than ever” to let people upload anything they want.

That means the video platform is okay with “content that is outside the mainstream, controversial, or even offensive.”

— Vox (@voxdotcom) August 27, 2019

Amazingly, this is not satire.

From Vox, “YouTube’s CEO says it’s ‘more important than ever’ to let people upload anything they want”:

Can the world’s largest video company continue to let its 2 billion users upload anything they want, whenever they want?

Yes, says the woman who runs that company: In a letter addressed to creators on YouTube, CEO Susan Wojcicki says the platform is committed to remaining open because she thinks the upside of that approach very much outweighs the downside.

This isn’t a new idea, and it’s one that Wojcicki, along with people who run other giant tech platforms, say in private all the time. But Wojcicki is saying it again, today, as critics are increasingly questioning if it’s a philosophy that works for tech companies at a global scale. […]

“I believe preserving an open platform is more important than ever,” Wojcicki writes in a quarterly note aimed at YouTube’s most ardent users, who upload videos onto the site for fun and profit. While that note is usually dedicated to celebrating YouTube’s wide swath of creators, this one spends most of its time defending the idea that YouTube will continue to keep its doors open to anyone who wants to post just about anything on the site.

We’re reaching levels of propaganda never before thought possible.

Also Read from Activist Post: YouTube Terminated Our Unblemished Channel Without Warning

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This article was sourced from Information Liberation

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5 of the Most Important Use Cases for Cryptocurrency


28-07-19 09:09:00,

By Kai Sedgwick

Crypto assets have come a long way since Bitcoin. What started out as a P2P payment system has spawned an array of use cases that extend far beyond the original designation of cryptocurrency. While the primary function of crypto assets such as ETH and BTC is a matter of some debate, what’s indisputable is that digital currencies can now be used for more than merely paying for goods and services. Here are five use cases for crypto assets that demonstrate the extent of the fintech revolution taking place.

Use Case 1: Digital Cash

Conceived as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, if the title of Satoshi’s whitepaper is to be taken at face value, Bitcoin lived up to its billing for the first five years. Before the mainstream came to terms with Bitcoin, it fueled a nascent digital economy that included black market goods (Silk Road) and gambling (Satoshi Dice). It was also accepted by hundreds of tech-savvy merchants and early adopters, for purchasing everything from graphics cards to t-shirts.

As network fees began to rise, forcing numerous merchants to drop support for BTC, a growing cult of Bitcoin Core loyalists, who would come to be known as maximalists, started advocating a store of value (SoV) narrative over that of a medium of exchange (MoE). With BTC becoming unsuitable for low cost payments, the P2P torch passed to Bitcoin Cash, which sprung to life in mid-2017 as a fork of Bitcoin. The BCH network has since maintained its community’s goal of facilitating fast and low-cost payments, with thousands of merchants accepting bitcoin cash in store and online.

Meanwhile, during the 2017 ICO boom, scores of crypto projects sprung up with generic payment tokens attached to them as the justification for raising funds. When the tide went out on the crypto market in early 2018, it became evident that native ERC20 payment tokens simply weren’t feasible, with most dying a slow death due to high velocity and low liquidity. The crypto assets that survive today as P2P currencies are largely limited to pre-2015 coins such as dash and litecoin.

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You Are Fighting In The Most Important Battle Of All Time


24-06-19 03:59:00,

If you are reading this, it’s most likely the result of a series of events in your life which have drawn your interest and attention to the fact that our world is quite a bit different from what we’ve been told by our school teachers, by the news media, by Hollywood, and by politicians.

At some point, for whatever reason, you’ve come to realize that the consensus narratives in our society about what’s going on are false. The tools that people are taught to use to inform themselves about their government, their nation and their world are not just full of inaccuracies, but deliberate distortions, ranging from the reasons we’re given for why wars are started, to the way our political systems work, to where real power and authority actually lies, to the way nations and governments actually behave in the world.

This awareness has come with a degree of alienation. Not buying into the same consensus narratives about the world as your friends, loved ones and peers comes with an inability to relate to them on some levels, which can cause you to feel a lack of intimacy in those areas. You may have also found yourself the odd one out in conversations about politics or other controversial issues, maybe even lost old friends over it.

But you kept going anyway. For some of us, it’s more important to be true to the truth than it is to fit in. You’re one of those people.

So, I just want to say thank you. Sincerely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m on-my-knees grateful to anyone who sets about untangling themselves and their species from the deceitful narratives which pervade our society. It is the most important battle that can possibly be fought. The most important battle that has ever been fought.

There is nothing more important than this fight. Our species is on a sure trajectory toward Orwellian dystopia if climate collapse or nuclear war don’t send us the way of the dinosaur first, and the only thing that has the power to steer us out of that trajectory is the people using the strength of their numbers to force an end to the oppressive, ecocidal, omnicidal status quo.

But they don’t.

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On NATO’s 70th Anniversary Important to Remember Its Anti-democratic Roots – Global Research


28-03-19 02:19:00,

The power  of the communists, wherever that power flourishes, depends upon their ability to suppress and destroy the free institutions that stand against them. They pick them off one by one: the political parties, the trade unions, the churches, the schools, the universities, the trade associations, even the sporting clubs and the kindergartens. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is meant to be a declaration to the world that this kind of conquest from within will not in the future take place amongst us.” – March 28, 1949, Lester Pearson, External Affairs Minister, House of Commons

First in a four-part series on the 70th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

With NATO turning 70 next week it’s a good occasion to revisit the creation of a military alliance operating under the stated principle that an “attack  against one ally is considered as an attack against all allies.” Now encompassing 29 member states, the north Atlantic alliance was instigated by US, British and Canadian officials.

Image result for Alliance and Illusion: Canada and the World, 1945-1984

Formally, NATO was the West’s response to an aggressive Soviet Union, but the notion that the US, or even Western Europe, was threatened by the Soviet Union after World War II is laughable. Twenty-five million people in the Soviet Union lost their lives in the war while the US came out of WWII much stronger than when they entered it. After the destruction of WWII, the Soviets were not interested in fighting the US and its allies, which Canadian and US officials admitted privately. In April 1945 Canada’s ambassador to Russia, Dana Wilgress, concluded that “the interests  of the Soviet privileged class are bound up with the maintenance of a long period of peace.” The Soviet elite, the ambassador continued in an internal memo, was “fearful of the possibility of attack from abroad” and “obsessed with problems of security.” Wilgress believed the Soviets wanted a post-war alliance with the UK to guarantee peace in Europe (with a Soviet sphere in the East and a UK-led West.) Internally, US officials came to similar conclusions.

Rather than a defence against possible Russian attack, NATO was partly conceived as a reaction to growing socialist sentiment in Western Europe.

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5 Important stories we’re paying attention to | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


25-03-19 08:30:00,

By Simon Black, Sovereign Man

Last week we started a new feature in Notes from the Field– a Friday roll-up of bizarre, often overlooked stories that my team and I think are worth following with great interest.

Based on the positive feedback we received from last week’s article, we thought we’d continue the trend. So here are a few important stories that we’re paying close attention to:

The City of Chicago Paid $113 million in police misconduct cases last year

Call me crazy, but this strikes me as a LOT of money to pay in settlements over police misconduct, which includes things like excessive force, brutality, etc.

In 2017 the Chicago police paid around $60 million in settlements… so the 2018 total of $113 million was almost DOUBLE that figure, nearly 100% growth in a single year.

What’s more – over the past decade, Chicago has paid out an average of one police misconduct lawsuit every two days.

That’s unbelievable. But perhaps the most unbelievable part is that the bill for these misconduct settlements are paid for by – you guessed it – the taxpayers.

And the first country to create a national DNA database is . . .

Rwanda — the African nation known for the 1994 genocide which killed up to a million members of a minority group — could become the first country to implement a national DNA database.

The proposal would require all 12 million citizens to submit DNA that will be stored by the government. The purpose is to crack down on rampant crime.

But the clear potential for abuse should be obvious… and sets an ominous standard for the rest of the world.

Amazon fever spreads as another business pulls out of NYC

Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin was already getting publicly roasted over buying the most expensive apartment in NYC history for $238 million.

Just like the Amazon headquarters that had been planned for New York City, you would think residents would be happy to have that kind of capital injected into their economy. His property taxes alone would amount to millions of dollars each year.

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Is This The Most Important Geopolitical Deal Of 2018?

Is This The Most Important Geopolitical Deal Of 2018?

14-08-18 09:44:00,

Authored by Olgu Okumus via,

The two-decade-long dispute on the statute of the Caspian Sea, the world largest water reserve, came to an end last Sunday when five littoral states (Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan) agreed to give it a special legal status – it is now neither a sea, nor a lake.

Before the final agreement became public, the BBC wrote that all littoral states will have the freedom of access beyond their territorial waters, but natural resources will be divided up. Russia, for its part, has guaranteed a military presence in the entire basin and won’t accept any NATO forces in the Caspian.

Russian energy companies can explore the Caspian’s 50 billion barrels of oil and its 8.4 trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserves, Turkmenistan can finally start considering linking its gas to the Turkish-Azeri joint project TANAP through a trans-Caspian pipeline, while Iran has gained increased energy supplies for its largest cities in the north of the country (Tehran, Tabriz, and Mashhad) – however, Iran has also put itself under the shadow of Russian ships.

This controversy makes one wonder to what degree U.S. sanctions made Iran vulnerable enough to accept what it has always avoided – and how much these U.S. sanctions actually served NATO’s interests.

If the seabed, rich in oil and gas, is divided this means more wealth and energy for the region. From 1970 until the dissolution of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991, the Caspian Sea was divided into subsectors for Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan – all constituent republics of the USSR. The division was implemented on the basis of the internationally-accepted median line.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the new order required new regulations. The question was over whether the Caspian was a sea or a lake? If it was treated as a sea, then it would have to be covered by international maritime law, namely the United Nations Law of the Sea. But if it is defined as a lake, then it could be divided equally between all five countries. The so-called “lake or sea” dispute revolved over the sovereignty of states,

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July was Mark by a Number of Important Events in World Politics | New Eastern Outlook

July was Mark by a Number of Important Events in World Politics | New Eastern Outlook

07-08-18 06:51:00,


We have already commented on the large number of significant events in the first half of July – events which clearly demonstrated the special nature of the radical changes that the post-Cold War world order has undergone in the last few months.

The end of July has brought several equally important events, including the BRICS and G-20 summits, held in Johannesburg and Buenos Aires, respectively. Both these events can be seen as illustrations of that process, and also as new stages in it.

As for the significance of the “current moment in politics”, one of Japan’s leading newspapers, the Mainchi, published an editorial with the following headline: “Outbreak of US-China trade war a crucial turning point in postwar order”.

It is worth noting that the Mainchi sees the events of 1991, when the almost 50-year stand-off between the world’s two main military and political alliances came to an end, with consequences that we are familiar with, as an interim stage on the way to a global event that is literally unfolding before our very eyes.

For the purposes of that article, the “post-war order” means the system of international trade rules which were gradually developed over time with the aim of preventing the unilateral imposition of restrictive measures against any of the countries that had agreed to be bound by such system.

It was just such restrictive measures, taken by the USA against Japan at the beginning of the 1940s, that formed the last link in the chain of events that led to the Pacific “branch” of the Second World War.

The analogy drawn by the editorialists seems alarmist, but it is not without foundation. The trade war between the USA and China, which has, so far, been limited to symbolic actions, threatens to develop into a full-scale conflict which will inevitably have political implications both for the relationship between the two countries and on a wider, global level. For the intended beneficiaries of the American measures to “restore fairness” to global trade are the USA’s closest allies.

The bilateral increase of duties on goods imported from China, initiated by Washington, has so far affected only a small proportion of the total trade between the two countries (34 billion dollars out of a total trade volume of some 600 billion dollars).

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Important July 28th Event Update

Important July 28th Event Update

25-07-18 06:29:00,

Important announcement, due to an out of control wildfire in Shasta County, Cal-Fire has taken over the Shasta County Fairgrounds for a command center. The location for the July 28th Geoengineering Watch event has been changed to the Holiday Inn, Redding, California. The Holiday Inn Convention Center seats up to 600. Again, the event is free as are materials at the event. All other event details remain the same, the doors will be open to the public at 3pm, the first presentation will begin at 5pm. There is a discounted rate on a limited number of rooms, if you want to reserve a room, mention GEW.


1900 Hilltop Dr 

Redding, CA 96002

 (530) 221-7500

On Saturday, July 28th, 2018, a critical public awareness event has been scheduled at the Holiday Inn, Redding, California. The event will be in the Holiday Inn Convention Center which seats up to 600. Verifiable evidence will be presented to the public on the ongoing global climate engineering / geoengineering  programs that are wreaking havoc on the atmosphere, environment, and human health. This is a FREE public education event organized and funded by and GEM FAIRE Inc. There is no admission fee and free informational materials (including commercial DVDs and 20 page booklets) will be handed out at the event. Doors will open to the public at 3 p.m. on Saturday, July, 28th, the first presentation will begin at 5pm. Numerous experts include former state and federal government biologists, an EPA whistleblower, and a former commercial airline pilot. A very high ranking former US Military officer will also be attending the event to meet directly with the public. All experts will present data that conclusively proves ongoing climate engineering programs are:

  • Obscuring otherwise blue skies all over the globe
  • Contributing to global ecosystem and species die-off
  • Completely disrupting the hydrological cycle (rain cycle) all over the planet
  • Destroying the ozone layer which is causing off the chart levels of UV radiation
  • Contaminating our air, soils, and waters with highly toxic heavy metals
  • Causing extreme and unquantifiable environmental and human health impacts
  • Are being carried out illegally under the guise of “national security”

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The Most Important Surveillance Story You Will Ever See For Years Just Went Online | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

The Most Important Surveillance Story You Will Ever See For Years Just Went Online | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

02-07-18 05:52:00,

A few days ago, the publication of an explosive story that should have shaken up the mainstream media world, didn’t. It was done by the Intercept, which revealed for the first time publicly how “fortress-like” AT&T buildings located in eight major American cities have played a central role in another huge National Security Agency (NSA) spying program “that has monitored billions of emails, phone calls, and online chats passing across U.S. territory.”

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Edward Snowden’s reaction on Twitter was quite appropriate:

The most important surveillance story you will see for years just went online, revealing how @ATT became the internet’s biggest enemy, secretly collaborating against its customers and partners to destroy your privacy.

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) June 25, 2018

The most important surveillance story you will see for years just went online, revealing how @ATT became the internet’s biggest enemy, secretly collaborating against its customers and partners to destroy your privacy.

This information shouldn’t really come as a surprise, there have been more than enough leaks from whistle-blowers like Snowden that goes to show just how much information and data they collect on the global citizenry. It’s literally unbelievable  — what’s even more startling is the fact that information like this, prior to the Snowden leaks, was actually considered a ‘conspiracy theory’ by many, despite the fact that the ‘theory’ was quite legit already and had a lot of evidence behind it to expose it. This begs the question, why do we have to wait for something to become acknowledged by the mainstream in order for us to accept it?

by Ole Dammegard

What happened in Iran changed his life. His entire world, his viewpoints and values were turned upside down and the emotional turbulence he experienced tore down his inner walls leaving him naked and vulnerable – like an open wound. After a tragic murder, the situation became unbearale for one of his Iranian friends, so he ventured everything to help him get away and together the mad a dramatic escape from Iran via former Soviet and East Germany in a desperate attempt to reach Sweden.

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