The Dark Past Of The Bank For International Settlements – Activist Post


21-07-20 06:09:00,

By Patrick Wood

Although written by Patrick Wood in 2005, nothing has changed to the historical fact of the Bank for International Settlements. It has nefarious roots and is the tap-root of modern globalization.

Today, the BIS is getting headlines again because of its direction of central banks to go cashless. It is readily apparent that it has not lost its power and influence over the decades. For anyone wanting to understand how the world really works, this is a must-read paper. ⁃ TN Editor

Created at Bretton Woods in 1944, the World Bank has been dominated by international bankers, members of the Council on Foreign Relations and later by the  Trilateral Commission. Corruption and self-interest run amok as public funds are converted into private hands by the billions.


According to The World Bank, it is,

“a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. We are not a bank in the common sense. We are made up of two unique development institutions owned by 184 member countries—the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA). Each institution plays a different but supportive role in our mission of global poverty reduction and the improvement of living standards. The IBRD focuses on middle income and creditworthy poor countries, while IDA focuses on the poorest countries in the world. Together we provide low-interest loans, interest-free credit and grants to developing countries for education, health, infrastructure, communications and many other purposes.” 1

High-minded words like “our mission of global poverty reduction and the improvement of living standards” would lead the reader to believe that the World Bank is some benevolent and global welfare organization. Why is it then, that The World Bank joins the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization as organizations that people around the world just love to hate?

In reality, the World Bank carries its weight, along with the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements, to forcibly integrate minor countries of the world into its own brand of capitalistic democracy.

World Bank Beginnings

A sibling of the IMF,

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International Proposals for Warrantless Location Surveillance To Fight COVID-19 – Activist Post


21-05-20 10:14:00,

By Katitza Rodriguez and Seth Schoen

Time and again, governments have used crises to expand their power, and often their intrusion into citizens’ lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen this pattern play out on a huge scale. From deploying drones or ankle monitors to enforce quarantine orders to proposals to use face recognition or thermal imaging cameras for monitoring public spaces, governments around the world have been adopting intrusive measures in their quest to contain the pandemic.

EFF has fought for years against the often secretive governmental use of cell phone location data. Governments have repeatedly sought to obtain this data without a court order, dodged oversight of how they used and accessed it, misleadingly downplayed its sensitivity, and forced mobile operators to retain it. In the past, these uses were most often justified with arguments of law enforcement or national security necessity. Now, some of the same location surveillance powers are being demanded—or sometimes simply seized—without making a significant contribution to containing COVID-19. Despite the lack of evidence to show the effectiveness of location data to stop the spread of the virus, a number of countries’ governments have used the crisis to introduce completely new surveillance powers or extend old ones to new COVID-related purposes. For example, data retention laws compel telecom companies to continuously collect and store metadata of a whole population for a certain period of time. In Europe, the Court of Justice of the European Union declared such mandates illegal under EU law.

Like other emergency measures, it may be an uphill battle to roll back new location surveillance once the epidemic subsides. And because governments have not shown its effectiveness, there’s no justification for this intrusion on people’s fundamental freedoms in the first place.

Individualized Location Tracking

Mobile carriers happen to know their subscribers’ phone’s locations (usually the same as the locations of the subscribers themselves) from moment to moment because of the way cellular networks work. That knowledge has turned into one of the most extensive data sources for governments—and not infrequently advertisers, stalkers, or spies—interested in tracking people’s movements. But while phone location data is sufficient to show whether someone went to church or the movies,

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International Finance’s Anti-China Crusade


06-04-20 12:30:00,

There is a strong anti-China current being promoted in right-wing circles and some neo-liberal ones in light of the coronavirus epidemic.

These forces are seeking to redirect real criticisms of globalization – deindustrialization, stolen intellectual property, and trade deficits – and utilize them for support for regime change operations and possibly even war against China for the financial self-interest of a few American oligarchs. It’s similar to how anti-immigration sentiment was swerved into concerns about Islam’s illiberalism in hopes of advancing Israeli interests in Europe and promoting neo-conservative wars in America.

While the Trump government’s tariffs are a welcome policy in the national interest, it also refuses to fix any of the domestic problems that allow for China to always win due to the plutocratic stranglehold American capitalists have on the US government.

The US elite is divided on China. On the one hand, there is a steadily weakening wing that seeks to continue America’s relationship with the Asian superpower in hopes of keeping a foot in the door and gradually liberalizing it.

On the other side of the debate, there are figures like George Soros, Peter Thiel, and disgraced and exiled billionaire criminal Guo Wengui who see the Chinese pseudo-National Socialist system as antifragile in the face of the passive liberal subversion that helped take down the Soviet Union.

Neither Soros, Thiel, Trump or Wengui are interested in combating globalization, but only in destroying what they perceive to be a barrier to it. For Soros, he shrouds his personal financial interest thwarted by the Chinese state in the language of “human rights” familiar to the liberal-left. Thiel has tapped a number of “alt” right-wing personalities and phony populists to try and construct a civilizational and even implicitly racial clash narrative to support his business interests in India and America. Wengui’s weapon has been Steve Bannon, who has been making his appeal to whoever will have him as a neo-con jingo, reviving silly language about “liberating” the Chinese people even though we Americans have no freedom ourselves.

Anti-China? Yes. Pro-America? No.

It’s easy to mistake the discourse of China hawks for sincere patriotism. While Donald Trump ran on a platform of bringing American industry home, the Trump administration’s actual policies in recent years have not achieved this.

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The International Forecaster | WWIII Has Begun International Forecaster Weekly

22-03-20 04:18:00,

International Forecaster Weekly

Yes, folks, whether you know it or not, World War III has already begun. And in the eyes of those waging that war, you are an enemy combatant.

James Corbett | March 21, 2020

Here’s a question for you: How do you know when you’re at war?

When there are troops on the streets? When mass panic hits? When there’s martial law and the public is told to batten down the hatches for a months or years-long siege? When world “leaders” tell their populations that the enemy is to blame for all the carnage?

If these are the criteria, then that means we’re at war right now.

Troops on the streets? Check.

Mass panic? Check.

Martial law and the public being told to batten down the hatches? Check and check.

World leaders telling their populations that the enemy is to blame for all the carnage? Check and check.

Yes, by all of those metrics, we’re at war. But no one is calling it war. Why not? Because, in the minds of the public, there really is only one metric for judging our war status: Whether troops are in the battlefield shooting at each other or not. Surely that’s war, right?

But then, why is Merkel invoking World War II in her attempt to explain the current crisis to the German people? Why are we being told that the times we are living through are worse than war? Why is misleader after misleader, from Trump to Trudeau to seemingly everyone else, invoking old war time emergency measures and preparing for full-scale martial law?

Still not enough to convince you that the world is now at war? Well then why did Donald Trump declare war on coronavirus and anoint himself a “war-time president“? Why did Macron look steely-eyed into the cameras and pronounce “nous somme en guerre“? Why are Boris Johnson, Moon Jae-in, and seemingly every other so-called “leader” in the world piling on in their declarations of war?

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How an “International Shadowy Group” Is Influencing India’s Food Policy – Global Research


20-01-20 05:12:00,

International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), an American nonprofit with an innocuous sounding name has been quietly infiltrating Indian government’s health and nutrition bodies influencing India’s food policy on behalf of the chemical industry.

New Food Packaging Labeling Rules

Last year the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) proposed to introduce a traffic light labelling measure, with red spots being used to warn of high fat, sugar or salt content in packaged foods. The FSSAI said these would form the Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations, 2018.

The draft regulation states that packaged food manufacturers and firms are required to declare nutritional information such as calories (energy), total fat, trans-fat, total sugar and salt per serve, as well as per serve percentage contribution to the recommended dietary allowance (RDA).

The new label will be front-of-pack. Other requirements in the comprehensive set of guidelines include a symbol on the label indicating whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian food (a green triangle or brown circle, respectively).

Red list

Most significantly, it would be mandatory for food products with high fat, sugar or salt content to display a red-coloured mark on the front-of-pack label.

“The blocks of nutrients for “High Fat, Sugar and Salt” (HFSS) food shall be coloured red in the case where the value of energy (kcal) from total sugar is more than 10 percent of the total energy (kcal) provided by the 100 g/100 ml of the product; the value of energy (kcal) from trans-fat is more than 1 percent of the total energy (kcal) provided by the 100 g/100 ml of the product; and total fat or sodium content provided by the 100 g/100 ml of the product is more than the threshold values,” the draft regulation stated.

It added: “The Food Authority may introduce colour coding system in addition to marking of foods as ‘Red’ within the specified thresholds from time to time.” Furthermore, it stated that it would be prohibited for HFSS food products to be advertised, in any form, to children.

Mandatory GM labelling

In a first, the draft regulation also stated a need to declare genetically modified ingredients on the labels.

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“To Initiate a War of Aggression Is Not Only an International Crime: It Is the Supreme International Crime” – Global Research


06-01-20 10:29:00,

As a citizen of the United States, a graduate of West Point, Ranger School and other Army schools, and former officer in the Regular Army, sworn to support and defend the Constitution, I am disgusted at the despicable, immoral and illegal murder of General Soleimani (of Iran), General Al-Ibrahim aka Mahdi Al-Muhandis (of Iraq), and their drivers and accompanying soldiers, by drone strikes on their cars as they were driving from the Baghdad Airport while on their way to attend the funerals of members of their militias killed by aircraft strikes days earlier.

The US Constitution contains provisions for the declaration of war, because the Constitution explicitly states that one of its purposes is “to provide for the common defense” of the nation.

It assigns the grave authority of declaring war to the Congress, in Article 1 of the Constitution, and it is understood that the founders gave this authority to Congress because the members of Congress most fully represent the will of the people, and the rules and procedures of the two houses of Congress require deliberation and debate before enacting legislation and certainly before declaring war, enabling different arguments to be aired and considered.

The representatives of the people of the US have not declared war on either Iran or Iraq, and   thus no state of war exists between the US and those countries, making the cold-blooded assassination of officers (or anyone else) from those countries illegal and completely against the “laws of nations” which is described in the Constitution (see sentences underlined in red from Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, shown above).

Indeed, by all accounts, this dastardly assassination was perpetrated before Congress was even told about it. By the time the Congress was told, the assassination of the two generals and their accompanying soldiers had already taken place.

The citizens of the United States are now being assured that abundant intelligence exists showing that these generals were planning attacks on American targets in Iraq and beyond, just as we have been told that the Iraqi militia positions hit by American airstrikes were somehow determined to have been linked to rocket attacks on the “K1” base in Kirkuk where one contractor was killed — thus far without any actual evidence having been presented to the world to back up these allegations (very limited details have been released).

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‘The West has violated international law numerous times’ – former Austrian FM Karin Kneissl to RT


11-12-19 09:21:00,

The West and the EU, which have violated international law numerous times, must decide whether the same rules exist for all before preaching them to others, former Austrian FM Karin Kneissl said.

A re-evaluation of its approach towards international law – and the double standards it practices regarding it – is long overdue for the West, Kneissl told RT Deutsch. While the West is quick to condemn any ‘violations’ wherever it feels necessary, it turns a blind eye to its own – like the 2003 invasion of Iraq or the Kosovo war.

There were many times when international law was violated, if I may say so, on the part of the EU, on the part of the West.

She believes the Crimea issue, which is a major obstacle on the path of mending Russia-EU ties, is one example of the West’s selective approach to international law. The West was quick to condemn the reunification of the peninsula with Russia, branding it an ‘annexation’ and preaching high morals – while ignoring its own moves regarding Kosovo. Moscow maintains that all due procedure was in place, and the people of Crimea decided to rejoin Russia during the 2014 referendum, while firmly refusing to discuss its territorial integrity with anybody.

We should not try to find individual violations of international law, we need to decide: either we are all interested in international law and abide by the rules of this game, or if we do not adhere to it, the situation could become explosive.

The selective approach to international law has not only harmed relations between the West and the rest of the world, but has taken a toll on itself as well. The recent remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron on the “brain death” of NATO called into question the purpose of the bloc – but he was not the first to do so.

“I remember it very well when at that time, during spring 2003, the rift within NATO was very tangible,” Kneissl said, recalling France’s and Germany’s opposition towards the looming invasion of Iraq.

That confusion within the alliance over its own purpose and goals persists, and the situation is even more dangerous than the outright demise of the bloc.

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The International Zionist Conspiracy


03-12-19 09:21:00,

A recent article by Philip Weiss on the Mondoweiss website lays out an argument that most liberal Jews, like Weiss, are hesitant to support, namely that Jewish power, and more to the point its money, as exercised through the so-called Israel Lobby in the United States and elsewhere, has been the principal enabling force behind the international pariah that the state of Israel has become.

Weiss notes how “most observers accept the antisemitism redlines echoed lately by Bernie Sanders: you are not to speak of an outsize Jewish role in politics. So few write about the Israel lobby, though they know it to be a significant force…” In other words, Sanders, liberal to the core and ostensibly supportive of Palestinian rights, draws a line that forbids any real discussion of Jewish power in the United States even though everyone who has not been asleep is more than aware of just how powerful American Jews, and by extension Israel, are.

Weiss details how the vast sums of money raised by both Democratic and Republican Jews has distorted American politics since the time of President Harry S. Truman. He describes how president after president has backed down versus Israel when confronted by Jewish power and observes that “This is not just a domestic political question, it’s a foreign policy problem. The Israel lobby is the root cause of the Israel Palestine conflict. Consider the two…main causes of the conflict. 1, Israeli settlement/colonialism (or in Zionist terms, the effort to liberate European Jewry from persecution by establishing a Jewish homeland in historical Palestine). 2, Palestinian resistance to 1. Neither of these historical forces would still be a source of serious conflict 71 years after Israel’s establishment were it not for the lobby. Without the blind support of the United States, Israel would have made a deal a long time ago. The country would have followed through on the historic Palestinian concession of 1988 followed by the Arab Peace Initiative of 2001, and accepted partition of the land on highly favorable terms (Israel gets 78 percent). Without U.S. support, Israel would have been internationally isolated and would have grabbed the deal. The Israelis have been able to continue to devour the land only because the United States supports the occupation in international fora,

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De symboliek van het ITNJ (International Tribunal of Natural Justice) onder de loep – Ellaster


30-11-19 08:56:00,

De symboliek van het Intenational Tribunal of Natural Justice (ITNJ) zit vol met verwijzingen naar de Jezuïeten, het Vaticaan, zwarte adel en Vrijmetselarij. Sommige beelden zijn zelfs totaal ongepast omdat ze bij slachtoffers herinneringen kunnen oproepen van het traumatische misbruik. Dit alles draagt bij aan de controverse die er rond de organisatie is ontstaan. Des te meer redenen om de symboliek onder de loep te nemen.

Wat zijn geschikte symbolen voor een organisatie die het corrupte rechtssysteem zegt te willen rechtzetten? Een organisatie die zegt het geïnstitutionaliseerde onrecht en mensenrechtenschendingen te willen aankaarten. In ieder geval geen symboliek die als trigger kan werken voor de slachtoffers. Of overduidelijk verwijst naar de instituten waarvan bekend is dat ze een sleutelrol spelen in het misbruik. Toch is dit precies wat we wél signaleren.

In een onderzoek naar symboliek ontleed je als het ware de totaalbeelden in afzonderlijke onderdelen, om zo de (mogelijke) betekenis helder te krijgen. Daarmee impliceer ik niet dat de makers of gebruikers al deze verwijzingen opzettelijk aan hun symbolen hebben toegevoegd. Bovendien hebben sommige symbolen meerdere betekenissen en kun je aan de hand van de op zichzelf staande onderdelen geen eenduidige conclusies trekken. Het gaat hierbij vooral om het grote plaatje, de optelsom van alle onderdelen. Onderstaande uiteenzetting is een verslag van dit onderzoek.

De zwarte zon

Het ITNJ is de juridische tak van de koepelorganisatie Humanitad. Wanneer je het Humanitad-logo naast het logo van de Jezuïeten plaatst zie je een sterke vormovereenkomst. Zeker met de H in het centrum van de zon. Verwijst de H simpelweg naar Humanitad, of naar de Heilige Stoel? De zon in het Jezuïeten-logo is de zwarte zon, het symbool van de Orde van de Zwarte Zon. De zon in zowel het Humanitad-logo, als het ITNJ-embleem toont een sterke vormovereenkomst met dit symbool.

In het ITNJ-embleem staat het (zwarte) zonnesymbool in de kern van het embleem. Dit kan men interpreteren als een verwijzing naar de Jezuïeten, de militaire inlichtingendienst van het Vaticaan. Verwijzen de acht pentagrammen er omheen naar 8 satanische organisaties of landen die voor deze inlichtingendienst werken om te oogsten? Symboliseert de graancirkel deze oogst? De buitenste kartelrand kan men interpreteren als een tandwiel dat iets gaat vermorzelen.

Wellicht zijn deze interpretaties allemaal iets te ver gezocht.

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International Monsanto Tribunal


15-10-19 08:02:00,

In this newsletter: Roundup lawsuits in the USA and the rest of the world, glyphosate in the EU, an invitation to submit your ideas and proposals, Monsanto’s policy of trolling and nice reading suggestions.

Three years ago, October 14-16th 2016, hundreds of people from five continents came to The Hague (NL) for the hearings of the Monsanto Tribunal and the parallel People’s Assembly. The impressive testimonies convinced the five judges in the Tribunal to present a very clear Advisory Opinion in April 2017, also in The Hague. Ever since, we have been involved in spreading this opinion in legal circles all over the world. And of course, stimulating court cases and investigating possibilities to expose the harm done to people and planet by Bayer – Monsanto.

USA Roundup Lawsuits

Over 10,000 people in the USA suffering from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma have sued the company, because their illness is related to glyphosate exposure. The first three verdicts in favor of Dewayne ‘Lee’ Johnson, Edwin Hardeman and the Pilliod couple sent shockwaves through the shareholder market and Bayer – Monsanto lost half of its stock value, some 50 billion dollars. The fourth trial was expected in October, in Monsanto’s hometown St Louis, but is now delayed until early 2020.

In the course of these lawsuits, a treasure trove of emails and internal documents was made public. You can access all the ‘Monsanto Papers’ listed in this 179-page chart, and organized by categories such as ‘Discrediting Seralini’, ‘Freedom to operate’, ‘Discrediting IARC’…

These documents and the outcome of the trials remind us of the Monsanto Tribunal’s Advisory Opinion: ‘There is […] a clear difference between taking policy positions where legitimate uncertainties are addressed in a scientific debate, on the one hand, and taking direct measures to silence or discredit scientists where their findings are not convenient to a particular business model, on the other. The latter situation crosses the boundary of what can be considered to be a legitimate public debate; it involves conduct that frustrates the scientific project and that is intended to undermine and silence scientists.’

To follow the USA Roundup lawsuits, make sure to regularly visit the US Right to Know’s website.

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The International Forecaster | The World’s Largest (Democratic!) Biometric Prison International Forecaster Weekly

06-10-19 01:12:00,

International Forecaster Weekly

Yes, biometric ID is rolling out in India and over a billion people are being locked away behind its electronic bars.

James Corbett | October 5, 2019

Whenever they talk about India and its “inevitable” rise to world economic dominance, establishment hacks like Thomas “Iraq War booster” Friedman always seem compelled to note that the country is “the world’s largest democracy.” They might want to talk to the residents of the now-defunct Jammu & Kashmir before invoking that phrase, but the underlying point seems to be that India—with its growing economic might and vibrant, functional parliamentary system—can provide a freedom-respecting alternative to the Chinese communist model for economic development and industrialization.

The pundits are, as usual, half right. India is being used as a testing ground and a potential model for the developing nations to follow . . . but that model has nothing to do with freedom. Rather than building some sort of system for protecting and fostering the rights of the individual, the Indian government has been quietly erecting the walls of the world’s largest biometric prison.

A recent story out of India puts the bars of this prison in perspective. Last month a “citizenship check” left nearly two million people in a legal limbo that could see them become stateless foreigners in danger of imprisonment and deportation from the country of their birth. The check took place in Assam, an Indian state fraught with its own history of conflict and tension between Hindus and Muslims.

The larger story is fascinating, but suffice it to say the fast-growing Assamese Muslim minority—despite including many native-born locals—is being cast as an immigrant invading force supplied by influxes of migrants from neighboring Bangladesh. The citizenship check is the result of an accord that was struck after a particularly violent anti-immigrant pogrom in the 1980s that saw hundred (or thousands, depending on the source) of Muslim migrants killed. To appease the local Assamese population, the government promised to perform a mass citizenship check to oust the illegal immigrants.

Only now, three decades later, is this being done, and it is not difficult to see why: Prime Minister Modi and the populist Hindu nationalist wave that he and his BJP party are riding see it as another battlefront in their war against the Indian Muslim minority.

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Sign the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space – Global Research


10-06-19 06:21:00,

“Telecommunications companies worldwide, with the support of governments, are poised within the next two years to roll out the fifth-generation wireless network (5G). This is set to deliver what is acknowledged to be unprecedented societal change on a global scale. We will have “smart” homes, “smart” businesses, “smart” highways, “smart” cities and self-driving cars.

Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. The accumulated clinical evidence of sick and injured human beings, experimental evidence of damage to DNA, cells and organ systems in a wide variety of plants and animals, and epidemiological evidence that the major diseases of modern civilization—cancer, heart disease and diabetes—are in large part caused by electromagnetic pollution, forms a literature base of well over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies.

If the telecommunications industry’s plans for 5G come to fruition, no person, no animal, no bird, no insect and no plant on Earth will be able to avoid exposure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to levels of RF radiation that are tens to hundreds of times greater than what exists today.” (Excerpt from Text of International Appeal Stop 5G on Earth and in Space 

5G will result in a massive increase in inescapable, involuntary exposure to wireless radiation

The Centre of Research on Globalization (CRG) has endorsed the International Appeal.

We call upon our readers to sign this important initiative.

Below is the executive summary of the International Appeal.

To sign the Appeal Click below, click the International Appeal, Stop 5G on Earth and in Space (below): 

Executive Summary of Stop 5G International Appeal

To Read the Complete text of the Stop 5G International Appeal Click Here

Telecommunications companies worldwide, with the support of governments, are poised within the next two years to roll out the fifth-generation wireless network (5G). This is set to deliver what is acknowledged to be unprecedented societal change on a global scale. We will have “smart” homes, “smart” businesses, “smart” highways, “smart” cities and self-driving cars. Virtually everything we own and buy, from refrigerators and washing machines to milk cartons,

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Amnesty International Hangs Julian Assange Out to Dry — or Possibly Just Hang – Global Research


27-05-19 01:40:00,

Assange’s predicament and its broad implications for journalism and speech are evidently of little concern to Amnesty International, which wrote a letter to the Julian Assange Defence Committee (JADC) telling them that Amnesty is not actively working towards Assange’s defense.


Journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been hit with 17 Espionage Act charges by the United States. If convicted, Assange could be sentenced to up to 170 years in prison or even face the death penalty.

A conviction would also set a dangerous precedent for journalists in the U.S. who publish classified material. National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden wrote that “This case will decide the future of media.”

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the government from “abridging the freedom of speech.” Nonetheless, the prosecution of Assange continues undeterred.

Say what you want about Julian Assange but remember this: Wikileaks is about 10 years old. In that time, they have doled out more damage to empire through their publishing than possibly any newspaper in its entire history. That’s why the US wants him in its prisons.

— Alex Rubinstein (@RealAlexRubi) April 11, 2019

With so much at stake for reporters and with Assange’s life on the line, one would expect leading human-rights NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to be going to bat for Assange. Yet his predicament and its broad implications are evidently of little concern to Amnesty International, which wrote a letter to the Julian Assange Defence Committee (JADC) telling them that Amnesty is not actively working towards Assange’s defense.

Assange, Manning just plain old prisoners?

“According to Amnesty International, neither Assange nor [Chelsea] Manning are ‘prisoners of conscience,’” Laura Tiernan reports.

According to Wikipedia:

Prisoner of conscience is a term coined by Peter Benenson in a 28 May 1961 article for the London Observer newspaper. Most often associated with the human rights organisation Amnesty International, the term can refer to anyone imprisoned because of their race, sexual orientation, religion, or political views.”

Peter Benenson was the founder and leader of Amnesty International until a scandal regarding Amnesty’s direct cooperation with the U.K. Foreign Office and Colonial Office forced him to step down.

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Amnesty International eist verbod op oorlogswapens bij Gele Hesjes demonstraties – Ellaster


06-05-19 07:53:00,

Amnesty International heeft een vernietigend rapport geschreven over het politiegeweld en Franse beleid tijdens de Gele Hesjes demonstraties. De mensenrechtenorganisatie eist dat het gebruik van oorlogswapens zoals de LBD40-geweren en GLI-F4 traangasgranaten onmiddellijk moet stoppen.

Waarom het een kleine zes maanden heeft gekost, is me een raadsel. Maar eindelijk heeft Amnesty International zich in ongezouten termen uitgesproken tegen het gebruik van oorlogswapens, die al 25 weken zijn ingezet tijdens de Gele Hesjes demonstraties in Frankrijk. Het gaat met name om het gebruik van LBD40-geweren en GLI-F4 traangasgranaten. Deze wapens hebben al bij talloze Fransen geleid tot ernstige verwondingen, verminkingen, amputaties en handicaps.

De aanleiding tot het rapport

“Volgens officiële statistieken, hebben sinds november 2018, het begin van de aanhoudende Gele Hesjes-demonstraties, meer dan 2.200 demonstranten en 1.500 wetshandhavingsfunctionarissen tijdens deze demonstraties verwondingen opgelopen. Vanaf maart 2019, zijn de organisaties IGPN (Inspection Générale de la Police Nationale) en de IGGN (Inspection Générale de la Gendarmerie Nationale), belast met het onderzoek naar het overmatig gebruik van geweld door politie en gendarmerie.

De 20 jarige studente Fiorina Lignier verloor haar oog door een granaat. Haar leven nu: “Ik slaap veel. Ik kan niet te veel rechtop blijven, mijn hoofd draait nog steeds veel. (…) Ik kan niet lezen. Het is helemaal niet hetzelfde leven, het is allemaal in slow motion. (…) Het komt zelden voor dat de luiken open zijn, ik leef als een mol.” [4]

Ze kregen te maken met 83 klachten die ingediend waren door demonstranten die hun verwondingen wijten aan het gebruik van kinetische impactprojectielen (of rubberen kogels) die worden afgevuurd met de Lanceur des balles de défense, aka LBD40-geweren.” [1]

“Niet-officiële bronnen schatten dat het aantal demonstranten dat door rubberen kogels verwondingen heeft opgelopen hoger is. Volgens gegevens verzameld door de journalist David Dufresne bijvoorbeeld, zou meer dan een derde (282) van de verwondingen onder demonstranten in 753 gevallen zijn veroorzaakt door rubberen kogels. In 32 gevallen zouden de verwondingen zijn veroorzaakt door de traangasgranaat GLI-F4.” [1]

Onrechtmatig gebruik LBD40-geweren en GLI-F4 traangasgranaten

Het LBD40-wapen wordt — in tegenstelling tot de voorschriften — gebruikt om de menigte demonstranten uiteen te drijven. Ook staat het gebruik niet in verhouding tot de noodzaak om het wapen te gebruiken.

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International Criminal Lawyer: ICC Is Controlled by the US and EU – Global Research


16-04-19 09:36:00,

An International Criminal Lawyer has underscored that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has fallen under the influence of those who fund it mainly the EU, and US and private corporations who donate to it and who are very willing to use the court when it suits their interests.

Mr. Christopher Black told the Syria Times e-newspaper that the US will not recognize the court, nevertheless it attempts to use it through certain personnel placed in key positions to do its bidding.

“The Americans and British, for example, are putting pressure on the ICC to investigate and charge the Syrian government with war crimes.

This effort is fronted by certain lawyers pretending to represent Syrian refugees, but the lawyers all work for US and UK intelligence and NATO,” he said.

The veteran lawyer went on to say:

“one of the US lawyers involved is Stephen Rapp who was once in charge of prosecutions at the Rwanda tribunal where he engaged in some corrupt practices, then became head of the Hariri tribunal which had the objective of making propaganda against Syria, then became the US roving ambassador for war crimes. Now he is acting on US government’s orders.”

He affirmed that US, EU and other NATO countries do not want the ICC to be used against them but they are very willing to use it to suit their interests.

“The USA did sign up to the Rome Treaty but withdrew its signature under President Bush because the Americans see themselves as the exceptional people, subject to no laws but their own, at the same time that they try to dictate to the world what the law should be,” Mr. Black added.

He made it clear that there are of course many atrocities that have been committed by American forces in all their wars and will be in the future but they do not want to be judged in a world court, have their officer and leaders put on trial, their national reputation disgraced.

“They [American forces] also view war crimes tribunals as only suitable for those who have defeated, as propaganda show trials to justify their wars and portray the defeated enemy as criminals.

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International Coalition Calls for the EU to End Its Role in the Assault on the Amazon – Global Research


10-04-19 08:58:00,

On Jair Bolsonaro’s 100th day in office, an international coalition of NGOs – including a group representing more than 300 Brazilian indigenous groups – have called for the European Union (EU) to end its complicity in the assault on indigenous rights and the destruction of the Amazon.

Since President Bolsonaro became leader of the world’s “fourth largest democracy” on January 1, his government has dismantled environmental protections, incursions by armed invaders on Indigenous Peoples’ lands have surged, and deforestation rates in the Amazon have risen.

The EU provides a huge market for Brazilian soy and beef, which drive deforestation and human rights abuses in Brazil on a vast scale. The EU is also Brazil’s second largest trading partner, and together its Member States are Brazil’s largest source of foreign direct investment.

The coalition is calling for tough new EU laws guaranteeing that products sold in the EU do not cause deforestation and human rights abuses in Brazil.

“The EU already has laws to stop illegally logged wood, illegally sourced fish and conflict minerals entering its markets. The unfolding destruction in Brazil shows the glaring need for similar laws for agricultural goods,” said Nicole Polsterer, Forests and Consumption campaigner at Fern, the forests and rights NGO.

“The EU must clean up its [agricultural] supply chains, make them transparent, and use its enormous economic leverage to reduce the threat Brazil’s Indigenous Peoples face,” she added.

Sônia Guajajara, coordinator of Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil (APIB ) which represents more than 300 Brazilian indigenous groups, reinforced this call for EU action.

“The first 100 days of Bolsonaro’s presidency are the latest chapter in a long war of attrition against Brazil’s Indigenous People. The crimes that are being committed today are happening in the name of agricultural production. The EU must not evade its responsibility for this,” Guajajara said.

“The EU must use its consumer power to ensure our rights are protected and our forests are preserved,” she added.

The international call for EU action coincides with the release of a new Fern briefing, 100 Days of Bolsonaro,

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International Observers to Venezuela’s Election Pen Letter to the EU


08-03-19 01:09:00,

By Jeremy Fox, Jospeh Farrell, Calvin Tucker, Dr Francisco Dominguez – Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, UK, June 26, 2018, via Venezuelan Analysis

In view of the ongoing Western attempt to destabilize Venezuela, we think it instructive to present to our readers the text of the letter the international observers to Venezuela’s last presidential election addressed to EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in June 2018.

International observers to Venezuela’s elections have written to Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, about the problems with the EU declaration on the elections.

You can read a short extract of the EU declaration statement and the letter in response below. You can read the full EU declaration here.

Major obstacles to the participation of opposition political parties and their leaders, an unbalanced composition of the National Electoral Council, biased electoral conditions, numerous reported irregularities during the Election Day, including vote buying, stood in the way of fair and equitable elections.

Dear Ms Mogherini,

I was a member of a roughly hundred-strong core of observers of the May 20 Venezuelan election. We met senior representatives of all the candidates, and questioned them closely. We met with the president and two vice-presidents of the Supreme Judicial Tribunal. We examined the electoral system in detail and, on election day, observed voting procedures across the country.

We noted, in particular, not only the sophistication of the voting system which, in our collective view, is fraud-proof, but also that every stage, from the vote itself to the collation of returns, their verification and electronic submission, was conducted in the presence of representatives of the contending parties. As for “reporting irregularities”, we would be interested to hear of examples, since the reporting system is exceptionally rigorous and tamper-free. We doubt you have any evidence to back up the EU’s claim of “numerous reporting irregularities”.

We were unanimous in concluding that the elections were conducted fairly, that the election conditions were not biased, that genuine irregularities were exceptionally few and of a very minor nature. There was no vote buying because there is no way that a vote CAN be bought. The procedure itself precludes any possibility of anyone knowing how a voter cast her or his vote;

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The Lima Group: International Outlaws | New Eastern Outlook


04-02-19 04:08:00,


The covert and overt interventions taking place against Venezuela by the United States and its allies are a form of aggression and a violation of the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter making the nations involved international outlaws.

The attempted coup against President Maduro of Venezuela may have failed so far but the jackals that instigated it have not given up their objective of forcing the majority of Venezuelans benefiting from the Bolivarian revolution begun by President Chavez, back to the misery the revolution is trying to save them from.  The United States and its allied governments and media, working with American military and civilian intelligence services, are pumping out a constant flow of propaganda about the start of affairs in Venezuela to mislead and manipulate their own peoples so that they support their aggression and to undermine Venezuelans support for their revolution.

We have seen this type of propaganda before, the fake stories about “human rights” abuses, economic conditions, the cries of “democracy,” the propaganda about an  “authoritarian” leader, a “tyrant,” “dictator”, all labels they have used before against leaders of nations that they have later murdered; President Arbenz, Allende, Torrijos, Habyarimana, Milosevic, Hussein, Ghaddafi are examples that come quickly to mind, so that the same threats against Maduro are not just propaganda but direct physical threats.

We see the same pretexts for military aggression used and same euphemisms being employed, the same cries for “humanitarian intervention,” which we now know are nothing more than modern echoes of Hitler’s pretexts for the invasion of Czechoslovakia, to “save the oppressed Germans.”

We see the same smug lies and hypocrisy about the rule of law as they openly brag about their violation of international law with every step they take and talk as if they are gods ruling the world.

The United States is the principal actor in all this but it has beside it among other flunkey nations, perhaps the worst of them all, Canada, which has been an enthusiastic partner in crime of the United States since the end of the Second World War.  We cannot forget its role in the aggression against North Korea, the Soviet Union, China, its secret role in the American aggression against Vietnam, against Iraq,

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International Appeal: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space – Global Research


27-01-19 02:12:00,

Even before 5G was proposed, dozens of petitions and appeals[7] by international scientists, including the Freiburger Appeal signed by over 3,000 physicians, called for a halt to the expansion of wireless technology and a moratorium on new base stations.[8]

In 2015, 215 scientists from 41 countries communicated their alarm to the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO).[9] They stated that “numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF [electromagnetic fields] affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines”. More than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrate harm to human health from RF radiation.[10][11] Effects include:

Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is abundant evidence of harm to diverse plant- and wildlife[32][33] and laboratory animals, including:

The deployment of 5G satellites must be prohibited

5G is qualitatively and quantitatively different from 4G

Regulators have deliberately excluded the scientific evidence of harm

The thermal hypothesis is obsolete—new safety standards are needed

RF radiation has both acute and chronic effects

World governments are failing in their duty of care to the populations they govern

International agreements are being violated

Children and duty of care

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: States shall “undertake to ensure the child such protection and care as is necessary for his or her well-being” (art. 3), “ensure… the survival and development of the child” (art. 6) and “take appropriate measures to combat disease… taking into consideration the dangers and risks of environmental pollution” (art. 24(c)).

The Nuremberg Code (1949) applies to all experiments on humans, thus including the deployment of 5G with new, higher RF radiation exposure that has not been pre-market tested for safety. “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential” (art. 1). Exposure to 5G will be involuntary. “No experiment should be conducted, where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur” (art. 5). The findings of over 10,000 scientific studies and the voices of hundreds of international organizations representing hundreds of thousands of members who have suffered disabling injury and been displaced from their homes by already-existing wireless telecommunications facilities,

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Amnesty International’s Troubling Collaboration with UK & US Intelligence


23-01-19 10:52:00,

Amnesty International’s Troubling Collaboration with UK & US Intelligence

Some troubling connections contradict Amnesty’s image as a benevolent defender of human rights and reveal key figures at the organization during its early years to be less concerned with human dignity and more concerned with the dignity of the US and UK’s image in the world.


Amnesty International, the eminent human-rights non-governmental organization, is widely known for its advocacy in that realm. It produces reports critical of the Israeli occupation in Palestine and the Saudi-led war on Yemen. But it also publishes a steady flow of indictments against countries that don’t play ball with Washington — countries like Iran, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea and more. Those reports amplify the drumbeat for a “humanitarian” intervention in those nations.

Amnesty’s stellar image as a global defender of human rights runs counter to its early days when the British Foreign Office was believed to be censoring reports critical of the British empire. Peter Benenson, the co-founder of Amnesty, had deep ties to the British Foreign Office and Colonial Office while another co-founder, Luis Kutner, informed the FBI of a gun cache at Black Panther leader Fred Hampton’s home weeks before he was killed by the Bureau in a gun raid.

These troubling connections contradict Amnesty’s image as a benevolent defender of human rights and reveal key figures at the organization during its early years to be less concerned with human dignity and more concerned with the dignity of the United States and United Kingdom’s image in the world.

A conflicted beginning

Amnesty’s Benenson, an avowed anti-communist, hailed from a military intelligence background. He pledged that Amnesty would be independent of government influence and would represent prisoners in the East, West, and global South alike.

But during the 1960s the U.K. was withdrawing from its colonies and the Foreign Office and Colonial Office were hungry for information from human-rights activists about the situations on the ground. In 1963, the Foreign Office instructed its operatives abroad to provide “discreet support” for Amnesty’s campaigns.

Also that year, Benenson wrote to Colonial Office Minister Lord Lansdowne a proposal to prop up a “refugee counsellor” on the border of present-day Botswana and apartheid South Africa. That counsel was to assist refugees only,

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First International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases – Global Research


20-11-18 07:28:00,

At the recent International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases (held on November 16-18, 2018, in Dublin, Ireland), David Swanson, Director of World BEYOND War, noted that when:

“last year the Irish Ambassador to the United States came to the University of Virginia, [he] asked her how allowing U.S. troops to use Shannon Airport to get to their wars could possibly be in compliance with Irish neutrality. She replied that the U.S. government “at the highest level” had assured her it was all perfectly legal. And she apparently bowed and obeyed. But I don’t think the people of Ireland are as inclined to sit and roll over on command as their ambassador.”

In fact, in February 2003 the Irish Times reported:

“The Army has been called in to provide security around Shannon Airport after five peace activists broke into a hangar and damaged a US military aircraft early this morning. It is the third embarrassing security breach at the airport where US military planes are refuelling en route to the looming war with Iraq.”

One anti-war activist Mary Kelly was convicted of causing $1.5m in damage to a United States navy plane at Shannon airport.

She attacked the plane with a hatchet causing damage to the nose wheel and electric systems at the front of the plane.

In the aftermath, it took until Friday 25th February, 2011, when the Court of Criminal Appeal in Dublin overturned the conviction against Mary Kelly for criminal damage to a US military aircraft at Shannon Airport on 29 January 2003.

This weekend’s conference in Dublin included speakers: Dr. Aleida Guevara, Member of Cuban National Assembly, Cuba, Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD, Sinn Féin Defense Spokesperson, Ireland, Clare Daly TD, Dail Eireann, Ireland, Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Northern Ireland, Silvio Platero, President, MOVPAZ, Cuba, Ann Wright, Veterans For Peace, CODEPINK, USA and Chris Nineham, Vice-Chair, Stop the War Coalition, UK.

The conference was organised by the Global Campaign Against US/NATO Military Bases which itself is a coalition of peace organisations from around the world. The organisers are deeply concerned by the constant “threat of war that permeates the present Global atmosphere.”

Their main raison d’etre is outlined on their website and is summarised as follows:

“The increasingly aggressive and expansionist actions of US/NATO forces in violation of international law and the sovereign rights of all nations,

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Gaza Needs International Intervention Now to Prevent Another Israeli Offensive – Global Research


13-11-18 05:22:00,


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Featured image: Smoke billows rises following Israeli air strikes targeting Gaza City on 13 November, 2018. [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]

The original source of this article is

Middle East Monitor

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Yousef Alhelou


Middle East Monitor

, 2018

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International Hypocrisy. Reprimanding the Saudi Kingdom – Global Research

International Hypocrisy. Reprimanding the Saudi Kingdom – Global Research

23-10-18 09:15:00,

By now all international media resources; newspapers, magazines, TV channels, and internet social media, are busy reporting the gruesome murder of Jamal Khashoggi; a Saudi reporter, who was loyal to the regime until he turned against Muhamad bin Salman (MBS) and his suppressive policies.

Once MBS was announced crowned prince in 2015 and started his war against Yemen, critic Khashoggi found it safer for himself to leave Saudi Arabia. He moved first to UK and later to USA. In his writings Khashoggi harshly criticized the policies of the young prince. Eventually he was lured to the Saudi consulate in Turkey, where he was reported murdered and butchered into small pieces that were buried in different parts of Turkey’s wilderness.

Understanding Saudi culture and the practices of the Saudi royal family, one will come to the logical conclusion, supported by the events and evidences, that MBS has ordered the murder of Khashoggi. The Saudi royal family is notorious in assassination and sentencing to death all alleged criminals and political activists, who dare to criticize their policies. The streets of capital Riyadh have been the witness of so many public gruesome beheadings; 158 in 2015, 154 in 2016, 146 in 2017 and 73 in 2018 as of July 17.

Although the royal family denied any involvement or knowledge of Khashoggi’s murder and had promised to conduct an investigation in the murder, in investigation led by the prime suspect; MBS himself, the Saudi Kingdom was met with harsh condemnations and calls for punishment. Saudi Arabia started to feel the repercussions of such calls when international banks, corporations, investors, major media outlets and world leaders started to pull out of the Saudi Future Investment Initiative (FII); a massive economic conference colloquially known as “Davos in the Desert”, hosted by MBS himself on October 23-25. The initiative is part of MBS’ ambitious “2030 Programme” to make the Saudi kingdom less reliant on oil.

Jim Yong-kim of World Bank, Christine Lagarde of International Monetary fund, Stacey Cunningham president of New York Stock Exchange, John Flint CEO of HSBC, as well as Credit Suisse, and Standard Chartered decided not to attend at Davos. Investment companies such as Uber, Mastercard, Virgin Group, JPMorgan Chase,

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The Earthquake in International Alliances

The Earthquake in International Alliances

22-10-18 12:32:00,

Originally posted at

America’s international alliances are transforming in fundamental ways. The likelihood of World War III is increasing, and has been increasing ever since 2012 when the US first slapped Russia with the Magnitsky Act sanctions. In fact, one matter driving these changing alliances now toward unprecedented realignments is that some nations’ leaders want to do whatever they can to prevent WW III.

On October 17th, America’s Military Times bannered “Why today’s troops fear a new war is coming soon” and reported, “About 46 percent of troops who responded to the anonymous survey of currently serving Military Times readers said they believe the US will be drawn into a new war within the next year. That’s a jarring increase from only about 5 percent who said the same thing in a similar poll conducted in September 2017.” Their special fear is of war against Russia and/or China: “About 71 percent of troops said Russia was a significant threat, up 18 points from last year’s survey. And 69 percent of troops said China poses a significant threat, up 24 points from last year.” The US spends around half of the entire world’s military budget; and, after 9/11, has invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, and perpetrated a bloody coup turning Ukraine into a rabidly anti-Russian government on Russia’s very doorstep and even an applicant for NATO membership though, in 2009, before Obama’s coup overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected Government, even US media reported that “barely 25 percent of Ukrainians favor joining NATO.” After 1991 when Russia’s anti-American Warsaw Pact military alliance ended, America’s anti-Russian NATO military alliance expanded right up to Russia’s very borders. Nonetheless, these troops aren’t afraid that the US is posing a threat to Russia and maybe to China, but that Russia and China are both posing threats against America; they trust their Government; it’s what they’re taught to believe. But the reality is very different. And it involves all of the “great power” relationships — not only US, Russia, and China.

The precipitating event for the breakup that’s now occurring in international alliances, happened on October 2nd, when Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of the leader of Saudi Arabia,

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International relations: the calm before the storm?, by Thierry Meyssan

International relations: the calm before the storm?, by Thierry Meyssan

14-10-18 08:36:00,

All international problems are currently suspended, awaiting the results of the US mid-term elections. The partisans of the old international order are gambling on a change of majority in Congress and a rapid destitution of President Trump. If the man in the White House holds fast, the protagonists of the war against Syria will have to admit defeat and move on to other battle fields. On the other hand, if Donald Trump should lose the elections, the war on Syria will immediately be revived by the United Kingdom.

JPEG - 40 kb

The current situation – extending from the Russian response to the destruction of its Ilyuchin-20 to the US mid-term elections on 6 November – is uncertain. All the protagonists of the war in Syria are waiting to see whether the White House will be able to pursue its policy of breaking away from the current international order, or if Congress will become the opposition and immediately trigger the process for the destitution of President Trump.

The origins of the war

It has become clear that the initial project by the United States, the United Kingdom, Israël, Saudi Arabia and Qatar will not be realised. The same goes for France and Turkey, two powers that entered the war against Syria somewhat later.

What we need to remember is not the way in which we were informed about the start of the events, but what we have discovered about them since. The demonstrations in Deraa were presented as a « spontaneous revolt » against « dictatorial repression », but we now know that they had been in preparation for a long time [1].

We also need to free ourselves of the illusion that all the members of a Coalition, united in order to achieve the same goal, share the same strategy. Whatever the influence of one or the other, each State conserves its own history, its own interests and its own war objectives.

The United States pursued the strategy of Admiral Arthur Cebrowski, which was the destruction of the State structures in the Greater Middle East [2]. For this they relied upon the United Kingdom, which implemented Tony Blair’s strategy aimed at placing the Muslim Brotherhood in power throughout the region [3].

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Amnesty International: sloop en ontruiming bedoeïenendorp is oorlogsmisdaad – The Rights Forum

Amnesty International: sloop en ontruiming bedoeïenendorp is oorlogsmisdaad – The Rights Forum

03-10-18 07:51:00,


Khan al-Ahmar

Anata Kfar Adumim Ma’ale Adumim Verdrijving Nederzettingen Amnesty International oorlogsmisdaden Human Rights Watch Sloop Bedoeïenen Khan al-Ahmar B’Tselem Kolonisering Westoever

Khan al-Ahmar / Amnesty International: sloop en ontruiming bedoeïenendorp is oorlogsmisdaad

Israël maakt zich schuldig aan een oorlogsmisdaad als het Khan al-Ahmar van de kaart veegt, stelt Amnesty International in navolging van andere mensenrechtenorganisaties. Intussen proberen Israëlische kolonisten de bewoners weg te krijgen door rioolwater over hun land te laten lopen.

Jongeren uit Khan al-Ahmar doen een beroep op de steun van de Duitse bondskanselier Angela Merkel, die woensdagavond met haar kabinet in Israël arriveert voor een tweedaags bezoek.Palestine News Network 

Met de sloop en ontruiming van Khan al-Ahmar zou Israël niet alleen blijk geven van wreedheid en volstrekte minachting jegens de Palestijnen, maar zich ook schuldig maken aan een oorlogsmisdaad. Met die onomwonden waarschuwing probeert Amnesty International de Israëlische autoriteiten bij zinnen te brengen, op het moment dat zij zich opmaken het bedoeïenendorp van de kaart te vegen en zijn 181 bewoners te deporteren.


Zoals wij vorige week berichtten kregen de bewoners van Khan al-Ahmar tot 1 oktober de tijd om hun eigen dorp af te breken en met hun eigendommen te verdwijnen. Zij dienen zich te vestigen op een door Israël toegewezen locatie aan de rand van het stadje Abu Dis, ingeklemd tussen de grootste vuilstortplaats van de Westelijke Jordaanoever en de autosloop van Al-Eizariya. Waren zij op 1 oktober niet vertrokken, dan konden ze de Israëlische sloop- en deportatietroepen verwachten. Die kunnen ieder moment verschijnen.

Het verjagen en gedwongen hervestigen van een burgerbevolking door een militaire bezetter is een oorlogsmisdaad, stelt Amnesty International onomwonden. Israël moet de uitbreiding van zijn illegale kolonies (‘nederzettingen’), waarvoor Khan al-Ahmar plaats moet maken, direct staken:

This act is not only heartless and discriminatory; it is illegal. The forcible transfer of the Khan al-Ahmar community amounts to a war crime. Israel must end its policy of destroying Palestinians’ homes and livelihoods to make way for settlements.

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International Day of the “Disappeared”. Washington’s “Dirty War” and Latin America’s “Desaparecidos” | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

International Day of the “Disappeared”. Washington’s “Dirty War” and Latin America’s “Desaparecidos” | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

03-09-18 04:13:00,

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This August 30th marks the International Day of the Disappeared, initiated by the Latin American Federation of Associations of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared, FEDEFAM, an organization founded in 1981 at the height of US-backed state terrorism throughout Latin America. On this day, SOA Watch salutes the thousands of families who continue their unwavering search for their disappeared and celebrates the trials that continue to take place in spite of a legacy of terror and impunity that seeks to silence the demands for justice. Today is a day we are reminded to confront silence, complicity and impunity with memory as resistance.

Disappearances as a systematic practice occured throughout all of Latin America under the National Security Doctrine implemented during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We uplift the voices of the people of Latin America and the Caribbean and echo their clamor for justice, and we continue to denounce the role of the School of the Americas for its responsibility in the disappearance of thousands of people between 1960 and today.We also echo the call for the appearance, alive, of the disappeared and remember that disappearances as a systematic practice continue to this day, and this crime against humanity is perpetuated every day a person does not appear.

Source: School of Americas Watch

In Guatemala, relatives continue to demand justice for their more than 45,000 disappeared, both in the streets and in the courts; in Argentina, after 41 years, Grandmothers and Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo keep marching, wearing their white handkerchiefs, demanding the right to truth and justice; in Uruguay and Chile, the demands for truth and justice continue, and the people of Chile now fight for the end of jail privileges for the few military officers serving time in the Punta Peuco prison; in Mexico, where one person is disappeared every two hours, the historic demand “they were taken alive, we want them back alive” continues, and the people who continue to walk alongside the families of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa, also demand the appearance of the more than 37,000 people disappeared since the beginning of the US-backed War on Drugs in 2007, and maintain the memory of the more than 70 thousand migrants and refugees disappeared since 2005 as a consequence of US-Border Imperialism strategies;

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Vaccinvrij goes international! – Stichting Vaccin Vrij

Vaccinvrij goes international! – Stichting Vaccin Vrij

19-07-18 03:44:00,

Screenshot tijdschrift NexusHet Franse tijdschrift Nexus ontvangt geen advertentiekosten… Wat een verademing, tenminste weer onafhankelijk nieuws. Elke twee maanden plaatsen zij prachtige reportages. In het Juli-nummer stonden maar liefst 8 pagina’s over de mazelen, geschreven door een Belgische journaliste uit Leuven. Wij hebben haar ongetwijfeld kunnen inspireren. Temidden van een lange lijste met referenties staat een verwijzing naar het artikel: ‘Uitbraak van 12.000 gevallen van de mazelen in Oekraïne is veroorzaakt door recente vaccinatiecampagne?’ dat wij op 10-05-2018 op ons blog publiceerden.


Screenshot tijdschrift NexusMochten er mensen zijn die de Franse, of Italiaanse of Duitse , of Spaanse of welke andere taal dan ook goed beheersen –  én ervaring hebben met vertalen –  neem alsjeblieft contact met ons op via de contactpagina op de site of stuur een PB-tje naar Ellen Vader op Facebook. Het Oekraïne artikel bevat belangrijke informatie over de dubieuze werkwijze van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie die voor elk land van belang is. We zouden het graag in nog meer talen willen verspreiden.




The Vaccine Reaction

Het artikel is nu al een internationale doorbraak gebleken. De Engelse vertaling ervan is opgepikt door ‘The Vaccine Reaction’ – de nieuwsbrief van het Amerikaanse National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC). Het kan niet beter! TVR is moeilijk onder de noemer ‘conspiracy’ te vangen. Zij plaatsen alleen maar zeer gedegen en goed onderbouwde artikelen, en we beschouwen het als een geweldig compliment dat ons artikel door hen geplaatst is. En nog beter… de NVIC is een van de grootste, oudste en wereldwijd meest toonaangevende ‘Vaccine Awareness Movement’. Zij hebben een enorm bereik en het artikel gaat waarschijnlijk gelezen worden door honderden duizenden mensen.


De informatie in het artikel is confronterend, en een onthutste reactie onder het blog op TVR willen we u niet onthouden:

“This is true or a lie? If it proves to be the case as it is reported here, than this is the one that opens the Pandora box.”

Eronder heb ik (DF) gezet:

“The truth is sometimes a lot harder to believe that the lie. So please check our sources below the article. 12.000 case is the true figure as reported by the WHO itself. Notice that the WHO also reports that the rise in cases of the Vaccine strain measles is much steeper than the rise in Wild strain measles.

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Amnesty International geeft toe dat het Syrische rapport “Saydnaya” gemaakt is in de UK en daarom “FAKE”! – FREESURIYAH

Amnesty International geeft toe dat het Syrische rapport “Saydnaya” gemaakt is in de UK en daarom “FAKE”! – FREESURIYAH

13-02-18 10:16:00,



IBAN: NL10 SNSB 0902 6349 33


What you are looking at is a 3D model fabricated entirely in the United Kingdom, based solely on satellite pictures and hearsay. Passed off as evidence this technique of

Het 48 pagina’s tellende rapport van Amnesty International, getiteld “Syrië: Het Menselijk slachthuis: massaexecuties en uitroeiing in Saydnaya Prison, Syrië”, heeft gedurfde beweringen en concludeert:

… de schendingen van de Syrische autoriteiten in Saydnaya zijn misdaden tegen de menselijkheid. Amnesty International dringt met klem aan op een onafhankelijk en onpartijdig onderzoek naar misdaden begaan in Saydnaya. Shreef Amnesty in haar rapport!

Maar zelfs bij een vluchtige blik, voordat we zelfs de volledige tekst van het rapport hebben gelezen, geeft Amnesty International onder een titel, met de titel ‘Methodologie’ toe dat het geen enkel fysiek bewijs heeft ter onderbouwing, alleen de getuigenis van vermeende gedetineerden en voormalige arbeiders in de gevangenis, evenals figuren binnen de Syrische oppositie.

Binnen het gedeelte ‘Methodologie’ geeft het rapport toe

Ondanks herhaalde verzoeken van Amnesty International om toegang tot Syrië, en met name voor toegang tot detentiecentra van de Syrische autoriteiten, is Amnesty International door de Syrische autoriteiten uitgesloten van het verrichten van onderzoek in het land en heeft daarom geen toegang tot gebieden die onder beheer van de Syrische regering zijn sinds de crisis in 2011 begon. Andere onafhankelijke groepen voor monitoring van de mensenrechten hebben soortgelijke obstakels ondervonden.

Met andere woorden, Amnesty International had geen enkele toegang tot de gevangenis, noch leverde één van de getuigen die het naar verluide interviewde relevante bewijs uit de gevangenis of in de buurt van de gevangenis.

Foto’s van de gevangenis worden alleen via satellietbeelden uit de ruimte getoond. De enige andere foto’s in het rapport zijn van drie mannen die beweren dat ze tijdens de gevangenneming zijn vermagerd en gefolterd zijn een foto van één van de acht vermeende overlijdensakten die zijn verstrekt aan familieleden van gedetineerden die in Saydnaya zouden zijn gestorven.

De vermeende certificaten onthullen  niets over aantijgingen van foltering of executie.

Artikelen als:  – Amnesty claimt massale executies in Syrië, biedt zero proof”!

Er is echter nog een ander aspect van het rapport dat nog niet is onderzocht – het feit dat Amnesty International zelf openlijk heeft toegegeven dat het rapport in het Verenigd Koninkrijk (Engeland) is vervaardigd op het kantoor van Amnesty International zelf,

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