Don’t ‘Iraq’ Iran


14-05-19 08:09:00,

How many people advocating for war against Iran actually know what it looks like from an on the ground perspective? How many neocon advocates for bombing Tehran have actually seen the ultra-modern downtown skyline of the capital city? How many know flesh and blood Iranians who whose world and families and whole existence will be shattered when the missiles are unleashed? 

Once again, the armchair hawks are clamoring to bomb far-away places which for them contain abstract “villains” which in reality pose little to no direct threat to the United States all based on anonymously sourced and vague “intelligence”. Like the disastrous Iraq war, Washington is now saying, just “trust us”. And like Iraq, the results of yet another war to “take out the regime” will no doubt be a worse nightmare than the current status quo and stability, however undesirable Iran’s current leaders might be. 

The below is authored by Eric Margolis via The Ron Paul Institute

Downtown Tehran, Iran at night.

Is it just a coincidence that TV networks are re-running old “Dirty Harry” films just as a powerful US Naval armada and Air Force B-52 bombers are headed for what could be a clash with Iran? Here we go again with the “good guys” versus the “bad guys,” and “make my day.”

Maybe it’s more bluffing? The current US military deployment was scheduled before the latest flare-up with Iran, but the bellicose threats of White House neocon crusaders like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo certainly create the impression that the US wants war.

Adding to the warlike excitement, President Trump just ordered seizure of a large North Korean bulk cargo ship. This was clearly a brazen act of war and violation of international law. More dangerous brinkmanship by administration war-mongers who increasingly appear besotted by power and hubris.

So much for the president who vowed to avoid foreign wars – and so much for the millions of anti-war voters who believed him.

Why does Trump let his two horsemen of the apocalypse get away with this?

Déjà vu: The same rhetoric used to justify going into Iraq is back,

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