Israel: COVID-19 Surge Puts Political Squeeze on Bibi | New Eastern Outlook


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“With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half.” – Otto von Bismark, German Chancellor, 1871 -1890

July 10th found 10,000 protesters in Rabin Square angry over the delays in their promised coronavirus relief funding. Israel’s self-employed and small business owners seem to have found themselves at the end of the COVID-19 relief line and wanted to send Bibi a public message. Police had to break up the rally using pepper spray and even mounted police.

But that just poured the angry crowd out of the square where they began blocking streets. That is when the arrests began, with 19 going to jail for the evening and facing fines and court appearances to add to their financial troubles.

Unemployment is running at 21%, much more than in the US, with 850,000 Israelis out of work. Tel Aviv resident Ruti Arenfeld reported, “I’m here to call on the government to do what it has promised, to transfer the money to the private wage workers and small businesses,…you told them to close and they did that. Now it’s your turn to help them before it’s too late.”

While salaried workers were on semi-vacation and receiving unemployment, many others were left to spend down their savings and run up their charge cards. With the threat of looming new lockdowns, those who have yet to receive government assistance fear they will be ignored again, hence they have hit the streets.

“There is a very grave crisis of confidence between us and the government,” Shai Berman, one of the protest organizers, told Kan public radio earlier Saturday… “We are part of a large group of people which is feeling growing distress and wants to demonstrate, and simply does not believe the [government’s] promises.”

Rally turns into a big COVID-19 party

But the big rally of tightly packed demonstrators, while shouting and chanting all evening were raining COVID-19 droplets down from those infected all over the crowd for the whole event, making the Health Ministry rightly unhappy. Deputy minister Yoav Kisch called the protest a “health terror attack.”

That comment was followed by Health Minister Yuli Edleston’s filing a complaint against a doctor at Soroka hospital in Beersheba,

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Israel bombs Arab Syrian Army


24-06-20 04:35:00,

During the night of 23-24 June, Israel carried out air strikes against the Syrian Arab Army.

The Israeli bombers approached the occupied Syrian Golan Heights to hit Soueida and flew over Jordan to reach Deir Ez-zor, the largest city in eastern Syria.

For the past three years, Israel has only bombed Iranian-related targets in Syrian territory, but never the Syrian Arab Army itself.

These strikes come at a time when a deep geostrategic shift in the region is underway: Iran has allied itself with the Muslim Brotherhood, a skirmish has pitted a Hezbollah unit against the Syrian Arab army, and the Syrian presidency is negotiating directly with the White House.

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“Greater Israel” in the Making: Netanyahu Regime’s Illegal Annexation Scheme Nears Implementation – Global Research


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Trump’s unlawful Deal of the Century scheme green-lighted Israeli annexation of illegally established settlements on stolen Palestinian land and the Jordan Valley.

Netanyahu earlier vowed to press ahead with annexation. 

Reportedly on or around July 1, he’ll initially announce the annexation of what the Times of Israel called “three West Bank (settlement) blocs,” not the Jordan Valley for now, adding:

“Well-placed sources told The Times of Israel last week that the joint mapping committee tasked with delineating the contours of the annexation move still had weeks if not months of work, and the IDF has not been told precisely what Netanyahu has in mind.”

For starters, Ma’ale Adumim, Ariel and Gush Etzion, three large settlements, will be annexed in the coming days, ruling coalition partner Benny Gantz reportedly going along with what’s clearly a flagrant breach of international law.

According to the broadsheet, there’s “relative consensus, domestically and in Washington,” to making the move.

Or is there? The Times of Israel added the following:

“The US initially said it would recognize annexation immediately, but subsequently appears to have at the very least tempered its enthusiasm for the controversial move before the joint mapping committee can complete its work.”

“The (Trump regime) is highly unlikely to approve an Israeli move to unilaterally annex parts of the West Bank by the July 1 date envisioned by Netanyahu,” according to an unnamed “well-placed source.”

Annexation of historic Palestinian land in whole or in part will formally end the two-state illusion — what long ago was possible, clearly not now.

Trump regime hardliners are on board with the most extremist of Netanyahu regime policies — time and again blaming victims of US/NATO/Israeli high crimes for what’s committed against them.

At most, Trump and Pompeo et al may only press Netanyahu to slow, not abandon, illegal annexation of Palestinian land.

It’s highly unlikely that Biden will soften US policy toward long-suffering Palestinians if he succeeds Trump in January.

Throughout his time as US senator and vice president, he one-sidedly supported Israel, including three preemptive wars on Gaza based on Big Lies.

On June 16 at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC),

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Israel and US are Staging a War while EU Stands By | New Eastern Outlook


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On May 25, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his new government has six key goals, the main one being to implement what US President Donald Trump describes as “the deal of the century” — the annexation of parts of Samaria and the Jordan Valley. Netanyahu called implementing US President Donald Trump’s peace plan “a historic opportunity that we will not let be missed.” Netanyahu has set July 1 as a starting point for cabinet discussions on his plan to extend Israeli sovereignty to Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank.

“It’s time to apply the Israeli law and write another glorious chapter in the history of Zionism,” Netanyahu said on March 17 during a meeting for the Knesset General Commission to discuss the swearing in of the new coalition government, adding that “these territories [illegal Israeli Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank] are where the Jewish nation was born and grew.”

However, it must not be forgotten that annexing the occupied West Bank is a glaring example of international law being breached, where about one-third of Palestinian land in Judea and Samaria has been illegally occupied by Israeli settlers over the second half of the last century. This happened after Israel seized this land following the Six-Day War fought in June 1967 between Israel and the Arab states. That being the case, Palestine was supposed to be established on the West Bank, but it did not come into being at the same time as Israel in 1948, nor after the Israeli and Palestinian leaders agreed to separate and create two states in the 1990s.

Strictly speaking, the State of Palestine exists as a de jure sovereign state recognized by two-thirds of the world’s countries, but in reality it does not have full control over its territory or borders. If Israel is now going to officially and legally annex part of Palestinian territory it will be the final nail in the coffin, scrapping any hope left of finding a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. in an interview with the German news magazine Der Spiegel, Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned that a massive conflict could break out with Israel if Tel Aviv goes ahead with plans to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank,

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De Dekolonisatie van Israël is Begonnen, door Thierry Meyssan


26-05-20 12:40:00,

Al driekwart eeuw lang probeert een Angelsaksische kolonie, nu een Amerikaans arsenaal, alle landen te veroveren, van de Nijl tot de Eufraat (Egypte, Palestina, Jordanië, Libanon, Syrië en een deel van Irak). En sinds enkele jaren hopen de burgers van deze zelfde kolonie deze te transformeren in een normale staat. Dit conflict van een ander tijdperk heeft een stap vooruit gezet met de benoeming van een tweefalige regering: twee premiers die de twee politieke visies vertegenwoordigen zijn verlamd geraakt. De enige vooruitgang zal zijn op sociaal en gezondheidsgebied, waardoor de modernisering van de samenleving en daarmee het einde van de koloniale fantasie verder wordt versneld.

JPEG - 37.8 kB
Israël is nu het enige land ter wereld dat door twee premiers wordt geregeerd; een onhoudbare situatie.

De benoeming van de Israëlische coalitieregering maakt geen einde aan de zes jaar durende openlijke strijd tussen twee tegenstrijdige en onverzoenlijke visies op Israël [1], noch aan de verlamming van de regering die anderhalf jaar heeft geduurd. Integendeel, het markeert het begin van de lijdensweg van een van de twee hoofdrolspelers en de langzame transformatie van het land in een normale staat.

Het is geen toeval dat het debat dat onder de slagen van de ex-Sovjet AvigdorLiberman over de privileges van de Yeshiva-studenten uitbrak, niet toevallig was. De voormalige minister van Defensie heeft de kern van de leugen waarop Israël tweeënzeventig jaar geleden is gegrondvest, aangevochten door te beweren dat een religieus alibi niemand vrijstelt van nationale dienstbaarheid.

De oproep van generaal Ehud Barack om eindelijk naar de rechtbank te gaan met Benjamin Netanyahu is mislukt. De aanhangers van de koloniale droom zijn er nog steeds. Ze hebben hun burgers in een staat van angst gestort door hen ervan te overtuigen dat ze bedreigd worden door buitenlanders. Net als in de tijd van de getto’s, om hen te “beschermen”, sloten ze hen op achter een muur die hen afscheidt van hun Arabische medeburgers.

Israël is niet het product van de Joodse cultuur, maar van de wil van de Engelse puriteinen [2].

Al in de zeventiende eeuw beloofde Lord Protector Cromwell een Joodse staat in Palestina te stichten, een thema dat tijdens de Restauratie van de Dynastie niet opnieuw aan de orde kwam. In de achttiende eeuw pleitten de leiders van de Amerikaanse Onafhankelijkheidsoorlog,

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Israel Perfecting Surveillance Tech – Global Research


15-05-20 05:44:00,

Israel’s external spy organization Mossad and its internal espionage equivalent Shin Bet have reputations that are much larger than their actual successes, but the one area where they have excelled is electronic intelligence gathering. Recent electronic spying around the White House and other federal buildings in Washington carried out by the Israeli Embassy demonstrates that Israel does not differentiate much between friends and enemies when it conducts espionage. In fact, spying targeting the U.S. is probably its number one priority due to the fact that the Jewish state is so heavily dependent on American support that it feels compelled to learn what discussions relating to it are taking place behind closed doors.

Israeli penetration of U.S. telecommunications began in the 1990s, when American companies like AT&T and Verizon, the chief conduits of the National Security Agency (NSA) for communications surveillance, began to use Israeli-produced hardware, particularly for law enforcement-related surveillance and clandestine recording. The devices had a so-called back door, which meant that everything they did was shared with Israel. Israeli cyber-specialists even broke into classified networks with the NSA and FBI aware of what was going on but unwilling to confront “America’s best ally.” President Bill Clinton once quipped to Monica Lewinski that they should avoid using the Oval Office phone because someone might be listening in. He was referring to Israel.

To be sure, the Jewish state’s high-tech sector has been much assisted in its effort by “own goals” provided by the United States, which allows Israel to bid on government contracts relating to national security, virtually guaranteeing that any technical innovations will be stolen and re-exported by Israeli high-tech companies. Major technology innovators like Intel, which works with the NSA, have set up shop in Israel and have publicly stated, “We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a U.S. company.” Vulture capitalist Zionist billionaire Paul Singer has recently been accused of steering highly paid U.S. tech sector jobs to Israel, jobs that are lost to the American economy forever.

So, Israel is a leader in using electronic resources to carry out espionage and collect information on various targets of interest. Israel is also an innovator, and its close relationship with the U.S. intelligence community (IC), most particularly the NSA,

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Israel To Annex the United States


12-05-20 09:22:00,

As the Beatles once put it, “I read the news today, oh boy…” One might argue that the “oh boy” has been part and parcel of one’s morning media review ever since 9/11, but depending on one’s own inclinations, the daily content might well be considered particularly depressing over the past several years. As regular readers of will already know, my particular perception is that the American “special relationship” with the Jewish state has been a disaster for the United States and for the entire Middle East region, to include even Israel itself. Israel has used the uncritical U.S. support it has enjoyed since the time of Lyndon Johnson to pursue unwise policies vis-à-vis its neighbors that have drawn Washington into conflicts that would have been avoided. It has meanwhile exploited the power of its formidable domestic lobby to bleed the U.S. Treasury of well over $100 billion in direct grants plus three times that much in terms of largely hidden trade and co-production arrangements approved by a subservient Congress and endorsed by a controlled media.

In return, the United States has wound up with a “best friend and ally” that has spied on the U.S., stolen its technology, corrupted its government processes and lied consistently about its neighbors to create a casus belli so Americans can die in pointless wars rather than Israelis. The Lavon Affair and the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty reveal that Israel’s government will kill Americans when it suits them to do so, knowing full well that the sycophants in Washington and the Jewish dominated media will hardly whimper at the affront.

Over the past three years Donald J. Trump has delivered on his promise to be the “best friend in Washington that Israel has ever had.” He appointed his own bankruptcy lawyer and arch Zionist David Friedman as U.S. Ambassador, a man who clearly sees his mission as promoting Israeli interests rather than those of the United States. Israel has illegally exploited an American green light to declare all of Jerusalem its capital and Trump has obligingly moved the U.S. Embassy to suit. The Jewish state, which has inevitably declared itself legally to be “Jewish” and no longer anything like a democracy, has also illegally annexed the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and is now preparing to assimilate much of the formerly Palestinian West Bank.

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Israël in de Corona-crisis |


05-05-20 12:30:00,

De Mossad gaat er prat op dat hij medische apparatuur heeft gestolen die bestemd is voor andere landen.

Een commentaar van Rainer Rupp.

In de loop van de decennia heeft de Israëlische buitenlandse inlichtingendienst een dubieuze reputatie verworven voor extreme meedogenloosheid en gewaagde undercover missies met moord en ontvoering. Maar de laatste maanden heeft de Mossad een grote taak gekregen. Volgens de Jerusalem Post van 30 maart had de radicale rechtse premier Benjamin Netanyahu de politiek zeer nauwe Mossad-hoofdman Yossi Cohen al enige tijd tot hoofdaanbieder van buitenlandse medische apparatuur en benodigdheden tegen Covid 19 gemaakt. Dit laatste is natuurlijk slechts één bewijs van het totale falen van de racistische premier in de crisis.

De reden waarom deze taak aan de geheime dienst is toevertrouwd, heeft te maken met het feit dat de politieke leiders in Israël, net als in Duitsland en vele andere landen, veel te laat op de pandemie hebben gereageerd om de nodige medische apparatuur en middelen aan te schaffen om de mensen die lijden onder Covid-19 op de wereldmarkt regelmatig te verzorgen. Toen ze eindelijk begrepen wat er aan de hand was, waren de markten leeg en waren de levertijden voor nieuwe producten lang. In tegenstelling tot andere landen wilden de leiders van het „Uitverkorene“ echter niet wachten op lange wachttijden en daarom moest de Mossad in de illegaliteit gaan om de goederen aan te schaffen.

Al eind maart verschenen er in Israëlische kranten de eerste berichten over de rol van de Mossad in de Corona-crisis, met name dat Mossad-leider Cohen een speciaal commandocentrum had opgericht dat samenwerkte met het Israëlische ministerie van Volksgezondheid.

Israël is „het enige westerse land dat op deze manier handelt. Noch de CIA, noch MI6, noch de Franse of Duitse veiligheidsdiensten zijn actief op dit gebied. Ze laten de gunning van contracten over aan de civiele autoriteiten,“ was de titel van een kritisch rapport in het toenmalige links-liberale Israëlische dagblad Haaretz.

In het bovengenoemde verslag van de Jerusalem Post van 30 maart 2020 worden de zaken dan concreter. Onder de titel: „Mossad ontvangt 10 miljoen meer beschermende maskers voor Israël“ leert de lezer vervolgens dat Mossad-agenten in geheime operaties ook „enkele tientallen beademingsapparaten,

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Tagesdosis 1.5.2020 – Israel in der Corona-Krise |


01-05-20 01:25:00,

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Mossad prahlt, medizinische Geräte, die für andere Länder bestimmt waren, gestohlen zu haben.

Ein Kommentar von Rainer Rupp.

Im Laufe der Jahrzehnte hat sich der israelische Auslandsgeheimdienst den zweifelhaften Ruf von extremer Rücksichtslosigkeit und gewagten Undercover-Missionen erworben, die Morde und Entführungen beinhalteten. Aber in den letzten Monaten hat der Mossad eine Hauptaufgabe bekommen. Laut der Jerusalem Post vom 30. März hatte der rechtsradikale Ministerpräsident Benjamin Netanjahu schon seit einiger Zeit den Mossad Chef Yossi Cohen, der ihm politisch sehr nahesteht, zum Chefbeschaffer von ausländischen medizinischen Geräten und Hilfsmitteln gegen Covid 19 gemacht. Letzteres ist natürlich nur ein Beweis für das totale Versagen des rassistischen Ministerpräsidenten in der Krise.

Warum ausgerechnet der Geheimdienst mit dieser Aufgabe betraut wurde, hat damit zu tun, dass ähnlich wie in Deutschland und vielen anderen Länder auch die politisch Verantwortlichen in Israel viel zu spät auf die Pandemie reagiert haben, um die notwendigen medizinischen Geräte und Mittel zur Versorgung der an Covid-19 Erkrankten regulär auf dem Weltmarkt einzukaufen. Als sie endlich begriffen hatten, was los war, waren die Märkte leergefegt und die Lieferzeiten für neue Produkte lang. Im Unterschied zu anderen Ländern wollten sich jedoch die Führer des „Auserwählten Volkes“ nicht auf lange Wartezeiten einlassen und deshalb musste der Mossad ran zur illegalen Beschaffung der Waren.

Bereits Ende März waren in israelischen Zeitungen erste Berichte über die Rolle des Mossad in der Corona-Krise zu finden, vor allem, dass Mossad-Chef Cohen eine spezielle Kommandozentrale eingerichtet habe, die in Verbindung mit dem israelischen Gesundheitsministerium arbeite.

Israel sei das „einzige westliche Land, das auf diese Weise handelt. Weder die CIA noch der MI6, noch die französischen oder deutschen Sicherheitsdienste sind in diesem Bereich tätig. Sie überlassen die Auftragsvergabe den zivilen Behörden“, hieß es damals in einem kritischen Bericht der linksliberalen, israelischen Tageszeitung Haaretz.

In dem bereits erwähnten Bericht der Jerusalem Post vom 30. März 2020 wird es dann konkreter. Unter dem Titel: „Mossad erhält 10 Millionen weitere Schutzmasken für Israel“ erfährt der Leser dann, dass die Mossad Agenten in verdeckten Operationen auch „etliche Dutzend Beatmungsgeräte,

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Het “bestaansrecht” van Israël en de Corona-crisis… |


30-04-20 08:30:00,

Of hoe de Corona-crisis de misdaad naar de achtergrond heeft gedrongen.

Een standpunt van Jochen Mitschka.

De door de EU gesteunde Israëlische mensenrechtenorganisatie wijst erop dat in de eerste drie weken van april, volgens het internationaal recht, illegale Israëlische kolonisten 23 aanvallen op Palestijnen hebben gepleegd, terwijl er in de hele maand maart „slechts“ 23 aanvallen waren. Begin april werd bekend dat Israëlische bezettingssoldaten voedsel en vrachtwagens met medische voorraden in beslag hadden genomen, middelen bestemd voor de Palestijnen die leden aan een corona avondklok in bezet Oost-Jeruzalem. Naar verluidt verdeelde het leger vervolgens het voedsel onder elkaar en onder politieagenten.

Israëlische soldaten spuugden op Palestijnse huizen, blijkbaar om besmetting te verspreiden of de bewoners te intimideren. Ten minste zes Palestijnse kinderen zijn in hechtenis genomen zonder rekening te houden met de anders geldende regels inzake afstand en coronabescherming. En ondanks de totale uitschakeling van de Palestijnen als gevolg van de corona-crisis zijn er 97 Israëlische aanvallen op Palestijnen gedocumenteerd, waaronder 59 huiszoekingen en 51 arrestaties. Meer dan 670 bomen werden opnieuw vernietigd, dit keer in Hebron, Ramallah en Bethlehem. 1.200 bomen werden door het leger gerooid op de bezette Westelijke Jordaanoever, met de bewering dat ze op staatsland stonden. De Palestijnse watervoorziening werd opzettelijk beschadigd. In de schaduw van de Corona-crisis zouden ongemerkte misdaden waarschijnlijk weer 1200 pagina’s vullen.

Het is misschien begrijpelijk dat de voormalige koloniale staten van Europa en het Amerikaanse rijk, die hun inheemse volkeren op brute wijze hebben weggevaagd, die lang hebben geprobeerd te voorkomen dat het Midden-Oosten een belangrijke rol in de wereldeconomie en -politiek zou spelen door „verdeel en heers“, de bezettingspolitiek van Israël steunen. Maar de mensen in deze landen moeten hun leiders laten zien dat ze niet bereid zijn om in de 21e eeuw de wetten van de sterkste te accepteren zoals dat in de 19e en het begin van de 20e eeuw gebruikelijk was. Een land dat controle uitoefent over een gebied en zijn jurisdictie tot dat gebied uitbreidt, mag niet worden gesteund totdat het alle mensen die onder die jurisdictie leven gelijke rechten toekent. Bovendien moeten we in de 21e eeuw niet langer een beleid van uitzetting en rechteloosheid van inheemse volkeren accepteren.

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Israel is heading for a Shin Bet police state | Opinion


17-04-20 09:20:00,

The High Court of Justice on Thursday heard petitions, including some via online video, against emergency regulations being enacted to control the spread of the coronavirus. These regulations allow the Shin Bet security service and the police to monitor Israelis.

The Health Ministry’s head of public services, Prof. Siegal Sadetzki, told the court her office was considering expanding surveillance by the Shin Bet significantly. Sadetzki’s statement should sound a great warning – Israel is now on a slippery slope.

Haredi leaders learn harsh corona lesson as Israel sends in the troopsHaaretz

Nothing was more expected than the state’s attempt to expand the use of surveillance methods. The pattern is familiar and dangerous: Start with ostensibly minimal means for a limited time, then expand the means and duration until they become permanent. Now it’s the fight against the coronavirus, tomorrow it will be the fight against crime – and finally the fight against the government’s opponents. History is paved with examples of emergency measures becoming routine.

While no democracy in the world is using those methods in its fight against the coronavirus, Israel wants to expand them. Justice Noam Sohlberg asked at the hearing: “Is it not a state of national security where the law allows the activation of the Shin Bet’s capabilities?” Justice Hanan Melcer added: “The right to life takes precedence over the right to privacy.”

These comments are extremely troubling. The High Court is supposed to be a gatekeeper, not the Shin Bet’s lawyer.

The original sin was of course the occupation. The Shin Bet’s recklessness in the occupied territories, the methods put at its disposal and its almost unlimited powers, with no real judicial and public supervision, are the foundation on which the state now leans in seeking to move these methods into Israel proper. Appallingly, this also was expected.

Security cannot be used as a cover for every breach of privacy, and neither can public health. We must listen to the words of Prof. Hagai Levine, chairman of the Israeli Association of Public Health Physicians: “It’s hard to understand the eagerness to use covert means for whose expediency there isn’t the slightest proof. The lack of transparency and professionalism undermine the public’s confidence and the public’s health.”

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Israël: een joodse en democratische staat? Van beide is geen sprake. – DocP


07-04-20 07:48:00,

Israël definieert zichzelf als een joodse en democratische staat. Met grote regelmaat verkondigt premier Benjamin Nethanyahu dit uitgangspunt. Met een joodse staat bedoelt hij een staat waar niet alleen joodse gebruiken en feestdagen leidend zijn maar ook een ruime meerderheid van de bevolking joods is. Dat blijkt onhaalbaar in een land waar de meerderheid Palestijns (moslim of christen) is.

Nadat Israël in 1948 750.000 Palestijnen had verdreven en hen belette terug te keren was vanaf dat moment de meerderheid joods. Met de verovering in 1967 van de Westoever, Gaza en de Golan verdween de joodse meerderheid weer. Israël kreeg het gezag over Palestijnen in bezet gebied, van wie velen in 1948 uit Israël waren verdreven.

Anno 2020 is de meerderheid van de bevolking in Israël en de bezet gebied Palestijns. De samenstelling is als volgt:

Gebied       joods    Palestijns  overig niet joods

Israel    6.123.000   1.919.000  440.000

WJO         670.000   3.100.000

Gaza                         2.100.000

Totaal   6.793.000   7.119.000  440.000

Dat de joodse minderheid een meerderheid wordt is uitgesloten. Ten eerste is het geboortecijfer van het Palestijnse deel al jaren structureel hoger dan die van het joodse deel.

Migratie van joden naar Israël, iets waar de Israëlische overheid zwaar op inzet, zal niet tot een joodse meerderheid leiden. Daarvoor is de joodse wereld gemeenschap te klein en is het merendeel integraal onderdeel van de samenlevingen waarin zij wonen. Buiten Israël kent de Verenigde Staten met 5,7 miljoen de grootste joodse gemeenschap. De overige wonen vooral in Europese landen en Canada. Zie voor meer gedetailleerde informatie:

Het is onwaarschijnlijk dat ze en masse naar Israël migreren en zo het land aan een joodse meerderheid helpen. Daarnaast is er een omgekeerde migratie stroom zichtbaar. Vooral jonge en hoog opgeleide joodse inwoners vertrekken uit Israël naar Europa en de VS. Berlijn is daarbij een populaire bestemming. Hoewel exacte cijfers ontbreken zou het om een paar honderdduizend vertrekkers gaan.

Buiten Israël en bezet gebied leven ruim 3.000.000 door de UNWRA geregistreerde Palestijnse vluchtelingen in met name Jordanië, Syrië en Libanon. Zij hebben het recht terug te keren naar Israël. Velen hebben het verlangen terug te keren. Wanneer ook maar een deel terugkeert neemt het Palestijns aandeel onder de bevolking in Israël verder toe.

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Israel Debates “Total Suspension Of Individual Freedom” In Knesset Intel Hearing – Activist Post


21-03-20 09:01:00,

By Tyler Durden

Is this where we’re all headed? Will the “Israeli model” soon be the reality across the West amid the coronavirus pandemic?

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced last Saturday that authorities will tap the country’s ‘counter-terror’ technology and systems to combat the “invisible enemy” of Covid-19, Israeli media is now reporting the government is actually considering the “total suspension of individual freedom” — as a new Haaretz headline reads.

Israel’s public health services chief is now urging just that: Sigal Sadetsky told the Knesset Subcommittee on Intelligence and Secret Services this week that “A lockdown and personal monitoring of people, and a total halt to personal freedoms” is urgently necessary.

Image source: IDF Spokesperson/Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The public health chief’s alarming remarks raised eyebrows among lawmakers in the emergency session. When pressed on what the “halt to personal freedoms” would entail, she emphasized that going beyond a mere curfew was needed – in short a total lockdown on a national level. Haaretz reports:

Sadetsy and Moshe Bar Siman Tov, the Health Ministry’s director general, tried to persuade committee members to give the Shin Bet the go-ahead to use “special technological means” to detect where people diagnosed with the disease had been and the people they were exposed to while they were contagious, and to isolate them.

Consider too this shocking exchange between an Israeli lawmaker and health services chief Sadetsky, where the latter essentially concedes that the state needs to be given totalitarian powers like China in order to combat the pandemic:

Ashkenazi then asked: “When did they start it, and how effective was it?”

Sadetsky: “It’s about when you start and how strenuously you apply it, because the fact that it was all collapsing there … there was no doubt about it. Everyone will do the same. How do we see it? They will do it after the collapse and then they will…”

She was interrupted by Kish: “Lockdown?”

Sadetsky: “A lockdown,

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Big Brother in Israël en elders


18-03-20 02:13:00,

Dat de digitalisering van vooral de communicatie voor vele zaken een zegen is kan niet worden betwist. Er is echter een schaduwzijde aan dit fenomeen dat weinig belicht wordt of waarbij men zelden of nooit kijkt naar de consequenties.

Zo heeft de Shin Bet, de binnenlandse veiligheidsdienst, vorige week op bevel van de Israëlische premier Benjamin Netanyahu de opdracht gekregen om wegens de coronacrisis de data van miljoenen gsm’s te traceren op het vlak van de bezitter en gebruiker en waar en wanneer hij ergens gaat of staat. (1)

Officieel is het om de problemen rond het coronavirus beter te bestrijden en zou dat alleen maar voor beperkte tijd gelden. Maar men ziet onmiddellijk wat hier aan de hand is. Het betekent dat de Shin Bet, en vermoedelijk ook zo alle veiligheidsdiensten wereldwijd met een voldoende professionele werking, in staat zijn de bewegingen van alle inwoners, en wie weet die van andere landen, in kaart te brengen.

De Israëlische premier Benjamin Netanyahu wil weten waar alle Israëlisch gaan en staan. Om het coronavirus beter te bestrijden zegt hij. Volgens het Israëlisch gerecht is hij een crimineel. En niet alleen volgens het Israëlisch gerecht trouwens. Met als vraag: Hoeveel gegevens verzamelde de Mossad al in België?

Bovendien is er het digitale betalingsverkeer en winkelen via het internet. En dan zijn er op de markt ook al luidsprekers en televisietoestellen te koop die aan of niet alle geluiden en beelden in de kamer registreren. En waarom maakt bijvoorbeeld Samsung dergelijke televisietoestellen? Om een betere beeldkwaliteit te krijgen misschien? 

Het invoeren van een totalitaire staat die alle woorden en daden van zijn inwoners zo kan registreren en desnoods ingrijpen is geen onmogelijkheid meer. Het is in wezen alleen nog wachten op de politieke wil van de overheid om dat te realiseren. Technisch staat alles klaar. En wie gaat dat verhinderen? De media of ngo’s als Human Rights Watch? Kom nou. Die eten allen uit de hand van diezelfde overheid.

Willy Van Damme

1) The Financial Times, 18 maart 2020, Mehul Srivastava, ‘Netanhyahu enlists Israeli intelligence to keep track of sufferers’.

Daarvoor mocht Shin Bet dat alleen doen in het kader van terreuraanslagen en de nationale veiligheid. Maar kan iemand voor dat begrip een goede en sluitende definitie geven?

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Israel to use ‘anti-terrorism’ tech to monitor infected citizens, as Netanyahu declares ‘war’ on coronavirus


15-03-20 09:39:00,

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has said he was given the go-ahead to deploy invasive digital surveillance tools to track coronavirus patients, sparking privacy concerns and fears the move will be used to suppress dissent.

Dubbing the rapidly spreading Covid-19 “an invisible enemy” with which Israel is currently in a state of “war,” Netanyahu said on Sunday that he would ask the government to allow law enforcement to deploy “technologies used in the war against terror” to make sure coronavirus-hit citizens don’t breach quarantine.

Also on
‘Nationalize factories & industries!’ De Blasio kicks panic up to 11, calling coronavirus ‘war-like situation’

The Israeli Justice Ministry is already on board with the proposal, he said.

Acknowledging that new ‘Big Brother’ measures would constitute an infringement on citizens’ privacy, Netanyahu justified the move by arguing that it was for a greater public good.

There is a certain invasion of the privacy of those people, where we will check who they came in contact with, including while sick, what came before that, what came after

Netanyahu’s militaristic stance on combating the disease has spawned backlash on social media. Netizens argued that with the pending rollout of new Orwellian surveillance measures, Netanyahu is opening “a scary Pandora’s box,” further cementing Israel’s reputation as a “security state.”

Some suggested that an actual reason behind the expansion of the state’s surveillance powers was to quell Palestinian resistance against Netanyahu’s government.

“Watch him use it to choke off Palestinians even further and making it impossible for them to enact an effective response,” a commenter tweeted.

Watch Netanyahu use the Corona virus response he is enacting more for self-serving purposes than for truly helping. Watch him use it to choke off Palestinians even further and making it impossible for them to enact an effective response. /2

— Milenaac (@milenaac) March 12, 2020

Netanyahu: To fight coronavirus Israel will begin mass surveillance of its citizens by implementing the same kind of technology it uses “against terrorism.”Palestinians: *The longest side eye in history*

— Edo Konrad (@edokonrad) March 14,

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Israel’s Third Election: Netanyahu Wins, Justice Loses – Global Research


10-03-20 05:06:00,

Israel just completed its third national election in less than a year. The first two votes in April and September 2019 ended in an impasse with no party able to form a governing coalition of 61 Knesset Members (i.e. a majority of the 120-member body). While the result of this third round appears to be as muddled as first two, it also consolidated several profoundly disturbing trends that are shaping Israeli politics.

It is not as if nothing happened in the intervening months since Israelis first went to the polls in April. In fact, there were a number of dramatic developments.

In the first place, Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud Party and current Prime Minister, was formally indicted on charges of political and financial corruption. His trial may begin in just a few weeks. His attempt to secure immunity from prosecution failed. Now Netanyahu’s opponents are attempting to pass legislation that would bar a Knesset Member under indictment, meaning, of course, Netanyahu, from serving as prime minister.

The past few months also saw the release of the Trump Administration’s “Deal of the Century”. Since it gave Netanyahu everything he could have hoped for, the “Deal” might be better called “Trump’s Gift of the Century”. In remarks delivered in Jerusalem just a week before the election, Netanyahu described the benefits of the “Deal” in this way:

“For the last three years I’ve worked very closely with a good friend of mine, President Trump…to fashion a different plan for peace in the Middle East…

“A few weeks ago, I stood as an Israeli prime minister in Washington next to the president of the United States, who said that the United States will recognise Israel’s sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, the northern Dead Sea and all the… Jewish communities large and small, in Judea and Samaria. This is a breakthrough…”

Another factor that impacted this round was the extent to which Netanyahu’s opponents surrendered in the face of his continued racist incitement against Israel’s Palestinian Arab citizens. Netanyahu continued to insist that should Benny Gantz, the leader of the Blue-White Party, be victorious, he would “partner with terror supporters” (which is the way Netanyahu describes Arabs) to form a new government.

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Israel Confiscates Sole Medical Vehicle Serving 1,500 Palestinians – Global Research


09-03-20 07:43:00,

Note to readers: please click the share buttons above or below. Forward this article to your email lists. Crosspost on your blog site, internet forums. etc.

Featured image: Israeli security forces hinder the movement of a Palestinian ambulance in the West Bank, on 6 October 2017 [Ayman Ameen/Apaimages]

The original source of this article is Middle East Monitor

Copyright © Middle East Monitor, Middle East Monitor, 2020

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USA und Israel treten Völkerrecht mit Füßen – Deutsche “Qualitätsmedien” schauen verschämt weg | Anti-Spiegel


09-03-20 12:55:00,

Der Westen und das Völkerrecht – das ist ein ganz heikles Thema. Besonders deutlich wird das bei den USA und Israel, die Ermittlungen des Internationalen Strafgerichtshof gegen sich selbst nicht nur ablehnen, sondern den Richtern sogar offen drohen.

Dass die USA dem Vertrag über den Internationalen Strafgerichtshof nicht beigetreten sind, ist nicht neu. Dass die USA sogar den Niederlanden eine Invasion angedroht haben, sollten US-Soldaten in dem entsprechenden Gefängnis in Den Haag festgehalten werden, weil der Internationale Strafgerichtshof gegen sie zum Beispiel wegen Kriegsverbrechen ermittelt, ist auch ein alter Hut.

Letztes Jahr wollte der Internationale Strafgerichtshof Ermittlungen gegen US-Soldaten wegen Kriegsverbrechen in Afghanistan aufnehmen. Die USA drohten den beteiligten Richtern, Staatsanwälten und Mitarbeitern ganz offen mit Sanktionen und verhängten Einreisesperren gegen sie. Mit Erfolg: Die Ermittlungen wurden mit der fadenscheinigen Begründung eingestellt, dass Ermittlungen „zu diesem Zeitpunkt den Interessen der Justiz nicht dienlich“ seien. Ich habe damals darüber berichtet.

Natürlich hatte im Westen daran niemand etwas auszusetzen. Es gab keine Proteste von Politik und Medien im Westen, weil die USA einem internationalen Gericht gedroht hatten. Lediglich Russland hat in einer offiziellen Erklärung protestiert.

Vor einigen Tagen gab es dazu Neuigkeiten, denn die Staatsanwältin hat sich nicht abschrecken lassen und ist gegen das Urteil vorgegangen und sie hat Recht bekommen. Der Spiegel schrieb dazu:

„Diesmal entschieden die Richter, dass auch Ermittlungen gegen Angehörige der CIA möglich seien. Zu möglichen Kriegsverbrechen in mutmaßlich geheimen Gefangenenlagern der US-Streitkräfte außerhalb von Afghanistan darf die Anklage nun ebenfalls offiziell ermitteln.“

Man kann dem Spiegel nicht vorwerfen, er würde darüber nicht berichten. Aber wie er berichtet, provoziert Kritik.

Der Internationale Strafgerichtshof nahm seine Arbeit 2002 auf und er ist für Kernverbrechen des Völkerstrafrechts, nämlich Völkermord, Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit und Kriegsverbrechen, soweit sie nach seiner Gründung begangen wurden, zuständig. Die USA haben ihn immer abgelehnt. Seine Gründung wurde in der Zeit von Präsident Clinton beschlossen und alle US-Präsidenten (also Clinton, Bush jr., Obama und Trump) waren seine Gegner. Aber davon lenkt der Spiegel ab. Und das klingt im Spiegel so:

„Die Regierung von US-Präsident Donald Trump lehnt Ermittlungen des IStGH zu Afghanistan ab, sein Land gehört dem Gericht ohnehin nicht an. Kurz vor der Entscheidung in erster Instanz verhängte Washington deshalb Visasperren gegen Mitarbeiter des Gerichts.

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Who Made Coronavirus? Was It the U.S., Israel or China Itself?


05-03-20 03:05:00,

The most commonly reported mainstream media account of the creation of the Coronavirus suggests that it was derived from an animal borne microorganism found in a wild bat that was consumed by an ethnic Chinese resident of Wuhan. But there appears to be some evidence to dispute that in that adjacent provinces in China, where wild bats are more numerous, have not experienced major outbreaks of the disease. Because of that and other factors, there has also been considerable speculation that the Coronavirus did not occur naturally through mutation but rather was produced in a laboratory, possibly as a biological warfare agent.

Several reports suggest that there are components of the virus that are related to HIV that could not have occurred naturally. If it is correct that the virus had either been developed or even produced to be weaponized it would further suggest that its escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab and into the animal and human population could have been accidental. Technicians who work in such environments are aware that “leaks” from laboratories occur frequently.

There is, of course and inevitably, another theory. There has been some speculation that as the Trump Administration has been constantly raising the issue of growing Chinese global competitiveness as a direct threat to American national security and economic dominance, it must might be possible that Washington has created and unleashed the virus in a bid to bring Beijing’s growing economy and military might down a few notches. It is, to be sure, hard to believe that even the Trump White House would do something so reckless, but there are precedents for that type of behavior. In 2005-9 the American and Israeli governments secretly developed a computer virus called Stuxnet, which was intended to damage the control and operating systems of Iranian computers being used in that country’s nuclear research program. Admittedly Stuxnet was intended to damage computers, not to infect or kill human beings, but concerns that it would propagate and move to infect computers outside Iran proved to be accurate as it spread to thousands of PCs outside Iran, in countries as far flung as China, Germany, Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

Inevitably there is an Israeli story that just might shed some light on what has been going on in China.

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“Israel: Central to the Middle East’s Future”, by Mike Pompeo


04-03-20 06:52:00,

JPEG - 64.6 kb

Wow, good evening, everyone. (Cheers.) What a crowd. What a crowd. It’s great to be here. It is wonderful to be with you all tonight. I want to say a few thank yous. My thanks to AIPAC board chairman Mort Fridman, my friend Howard Kohr and your new president Betsy Berns Korn, and all the incredible AIPAC members and amazing volunteers for putting this amazing gathering together. Thank you. God bless you all. (Applause.)

I’ve been here a few times. When I was a member of Congress, I got to know the AIPAC team. They were relentless. I came to love them. (Laughter.) But it is wonderful, and it never gets old to be here with so many great friends of the relationship between America and Israel. (Applause.)

You should know that there is no president and no administration that loves Israel more than President Trump and our team. (Applause and cheers.)

So I was going to walk through the things we’ve done in three years, but I’m just going to do since I was here last time, because we got to – we all got to get some place tonight. (Laughter.) So let’s take a look at what we’ve done just since the last time I stood right here.

We declared the common-sense truth that the Israeli West Bank settlements aren’t per se inconsistent with international law. (Applause.)

We released a groundbreaking Vision for Peace. (Applause.)

And President Trump took out one of the world’s worst anti-Semites, the terrorist Qasem Soleimani. (Cheers and applause.)

So the previous administration had a phrase they used to say. They used to say that Usama bin Ladin is dead and General Motors is alive. So that was good.

I think we can do one better: Qasem Soleimani is dead; and Israel and the United States are alive. (Cheers and applause.)

What’s really important about that is that nations of the Middle East and the world are recognizing just how enduring Israel is. They’re coming to recognize that the more the Middle East embraces Israel, the brighter their future will be. And that’s what I want to focus on this evening.

Under President Trump, Israel is not a pariah,

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Israel has to get rid of Netanyahu, and not because of his ideology | Opinion


26-02-20 08:51:00,




You need to remember just one thing on Monday. A person who carries on his back three indictments, who has dragged the country into three elections within one year, who lets characters like Amir Ohana, Miri…

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    Israel Bombs Syria for Moral Support to al Qaeda, Erdogan


    14-02-20 09:02:00,

    SAA air defense within its limited capacity managed to shoot down a number of the US-made most advanced missiles fired by Israeli fighter jets.

    Israel bombed Syria again at 2345 Damascene time, 13 February. Firing from the Syrian Golan criminally occupied by Israel, Syrian air defenses — within limited capacities — intercepted a “number of missiles” before they reached their targets on the southern perimeter of Damascus.

    These bombs were launched from Syria’s Golan, occupied by Israel, NATO’s favorite dog in the Levant. Israel chose the 38th anniversary of the National Open Strike to engage in another round of war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic.

    The video is also available on BitChute

    No details have been provided at this time, and therefore it is unknown if the missiles were fired from the three inches of Syria’s Golan which were named for the King George wannabe, Donald Trump. Trump — who currently engages in appointing presidents around the world, as King George once appointed governors — decreed last year that squatter Israel could keep the stolen portion of Golan, Syria after which the thieves held a mad hatters party.

    February has been a difficult month for NATO supported al Qaeda in Syria. The 3 Pee’s running the UN had no success in demanding Syria to stop defending its citizenry from these foreign-owned pathogens. Channel 4‘s propaganda for al Qaeda’s White Helmets department was so ridiculously idiotic it was the butt of international jokes. Not one, but two Nazi — er, al Qaedapropaganda movies did not get an Oscar from Hollywood.

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    Israel und die USA verweigern Zusammenarbeit mit UNO-Menschenrechtsrat – Wie berichtet der Spiegel? | Anti-Spiegel


    13-02-20 06:05:00,

    Die deutschen Medien sind auf dem „israelischen Auge“ blind. Jetzt hat Israel die Zusammenarbeit mit dem UNO-Menschenrechtsbüro eingestellt. Zu kritisieren hat der Spiegel daran aber nichts.

    Man stelle sich einmal vor, Russland, China, Nordkorea oder ein anderes „böses“ Land würde die Zusammenarbeit mit dem UNO-Menschenrechtsbüro einstellen und ihm eine zum Beispiel „Russland-feindliche Haltung“ vorwerfen. Wir würden Schlagzeilen wie „Unterdrückung in Russland: Autokrat Putin wirft UNO-Menschenrechtsbüro aus dem Land“ lesen. Oder noch viel schlimmere.

    Nicht so, wenn Israel das tut. Dann lautet die Überschrift im Spiegel: „Streit über veröffentlichte Firmenliste – Israel kündigt Zusammenarbeit mit Uno-Menschenrechtsbüro auf

    Der Spiegel-Artikel ist dann vollkommen sachlich gehalten, was ja auch gut wäre, wenn der Spiegel über Vorwürfe gegen alle Länder genauso sachlich berichten würde. Aber der Spiegel bezeichnet Regierungen, die ihm nicht passen, als „Regime“ und benutzt noch viele andere Adjektive, die den Leser gegen eine solches Land negativ einstellen sollen. Wenn es jedoch um Israel geht, dann bleibt der Spiegel absolut sachlich. Man kann ihm nicht vorwerfen, er würde viel verschweigen, aber man sieht deutlich, wen der Spiegel schützen und wen er verteufeln will.

    In dem Spiegel-Artikel konnte man über Israel lesen:

    „Israel schränkt die Zusammenarbeit mit den Vereinten Nationen (Uno) weiter ein, nachdem das Uno-Menschenrechtsbüro eine Liste mit 112 Firmen veröffentlichte, die in israelischen Siedlungen im Westjordanland aktiv sind. (..) Israel wirft den Vereinten Nationen und ihren Organisationen eine israelfeindliche Haltung vor. Das Uno-Menschenrechtsbüro in Genf hatte am Mittwoch 112 Firmen benannt, die in geschäftliche Aktivitäten in jüdischen Siedlungen in den von Israel besetzten Gebieten involviert waren. Über 90 der Unternehmen stammen aus Israel, weitere aus den USA, den Niederlanden, Großbritannien und Frankreich sowie je eines aus Thailand und Luxemburg. (…) Für Aufsehen sorgte im November 2019 ein Urteil es Europäischen Gerichtshofs: Seitdem ist es Händlern vorgeschrieben, Waren aus israelischen Siedlungen zu kennzeichnen. Israel nennt das diskriminierend.“

    Es findet sich im ganzen Artikel kein Wort der Kritik an Israel. Dabei ist das Verhalten Israels illegal und völkerrechtswidrig. Es gibt eine Reihe von Beschlüssen des UNO-Sicherheitsrates, die Israel nach Belieben ignoriert, obwohl sie völkerrechtlich bindend sind. Dazu gehört auch die Besetzung von palästinensischen Gebieten und der Bau von Siedlungen dort.

    Die deutschen Medien und Politiker, die immer behaupten, für das Völkerrecht zu stehen,

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    Israel Charged with War Crimes and Genocide. Complete 2013 Judgment of the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal – Global Research


    10-02-20 09:13:00,

    This text was first published by Global Research in November 2013, following the indictment. 

    The government of Israel headed by Benjamin Netanyahu has committed extensive crimes against humanity. President Trump in his “Deal of the Century” has endorsed this criminal agenda directed against the people of Palestine. 

    World public opinion is largely unaware of the fact that in July 2014, the State of Israel was the object of a historic judgment by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT).  

    “From 1948 and continuing to date the State of Israel (hereafter ‘the Defendant’) carried out against the Palestinian people a series of acts namely killing, causing serious bodily harm and deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction. … Such conduct constitutes the Crime of Genocide under international law including the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide 1948 (‘the Genocide Convention’) in particular Article II and punishable under Article III of the said Convention. It also constitutes the crime of genocide as stipulated in Article 10 of the Charter of the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War.”

    In enforcing the so-called  “Deal of the Century”, the president of the United States is complicit in extensive war crimes.

    Below are selected excerpts from the judgment. The full judgment is available in pdf. form.

    The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad chaired the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) which led to the indictment against the State of Israel.


    “The Tribunal recommends to the War Crimes Commission to give the widest international publicity to this conviction and grant of reparations, as these are universal crimes for which there is a responsibility upon nations to institute prosecutions.”

    Please Help us in this endeavour. Forward this text far and wide. 

    Michel Chossudovsky, Member of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC), February 10, 2020


    The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) versus the State of Israel

    The proceedings directed against the State of Israel were led by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC)

    Members of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) are:

    Tun Dr.

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    “De toe-eigening door Israel van ‘de herinnering aan de Shoah’ is voor mij een ware lijdensweg” –


    30-01-20 09:31:00,

    Henri Goldman is als kind van ouders die Auschwitz hebben overleefd geschokt door de manier waarop westerse staatsleiders goedkeurend toekijken terwijl de huidige politieke leiders van Israël “die exact dezelfde supremacistische ideologie aanhangen als het Vlaams Belang, de Turkse MHP of de Ku Klux Klan” zich de erfenis van de Shoah toe-eigenen. “Mijn grootouders, vergast in Treblinka samen met negen van hun tien kinderen – mijn moeder was de tiende – waren geen zionisten. Zij hebben aan niemand een mandaat gegeven om in hun naam te spreken. En ik, hun erfgenaam, al evenmin.”

    Auschwitz. Mijn familie heeft een geschiedenis met dit kamp. Mijn moeder, Szanjndla, roepnaam Sonja, werd er in januari 1944 vanuit Mechelen naar gedeporteerd met het 23ste konvooi. Kort daarna beviel ze van een klein meisje dat zachtjes werd geëuthanaseerd om erger te vermijden. Mijn vader Yisroël, roepnaam Charles, kwam wat later toe met het 24ste konvooi, het voorlaatste, samen met zijn vrouw en het jongste van zijn drie kinderen.

    Bij hun aankomst werden zij op het perron van elkaar gescheiden. Mijn vader ging het kamp binnen. Zijn vrouw en zijn zoon werden naar de andere rij geduwd. Zij zouden een douche nemen. Ze werden nooit meer teruggezien. Hun namen staan gebeiteld in de muren van het Joods Memoriaal in Anderlecht, samen met 25.000 andere namen.

    Mijn ouders hebben elkaar leren kennen na de Bevrijding, toen de overblijfselen van vernietigde families zich samen zetten omdat je nu eenmaal door moet met het leven. Zij waren communisten. En tegelijk waren ze Joden tot in de tippen van hun vingers. Door hun beroep (mijn vader was kleermaker voor dames, mijn moeder maakte korsetten), door het Jiddisch, hun moedertaal, door de humor en de keuken, door de ontroerende solidariteit die de overlevenden met elkaar verbindt. In mijn jonge jaren werd ik gekoesterd in die warmhartige sfeer, waar men er maar niet over kon nog in leven te zijn, terwijl zovelen van de onzen… Het leven hernam zich, we hadden geen zin om al dat lijden te herkauwen.

    In 1960 werd nazi-crimineel Adolf Eichmann uit Argentinië gesmokkeld door Israëlische agenten. Hij werd geëxecuteerd na een proces dat twee jaar duurde. Het is vanaf dan dat Israël een ware strategie heeft in gang gezet rond ‘de Shoah’, een woord dat we voordien in onze familie,

     » Lees verder

    Israel Resumes Aerial Herbicide Spraying Along Gaza’s Perimeter Fence, Deliberate Destruction of Palestinian Farming – Global Research


    27-01-20 03:22:00,

    On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, Israeli crop-duster planes flew along the perimeter fence separating Gaza and Israel, spraying chemicals assumed to be herbicides into the Strip. Israel continued to conduct aerial herbicide spraying along additional sections of the perimeter fence on Wednesday, January 15, as well on the morning of January 16. Each morning, the spraying was conducted sporadically for about four hours, with the sprayed chemicals reaching Palestinian farmlands inside Gaza.

    Palestinian farmers who were working the land west of the perimeter fence on Tuesday morning told Al Mezan that at about 7:20 am, they saw plumes of black smoke emanating from Israel’s side of the fence, a practice used in the past as a means to discern wind direction. A few minutes later, crop-duster planes flew along the perimeter fence spraying chemicals believed to be herbicides, carried by westward-blowing winds into the Strip. Over the course of the three days, aerial spraying was conducted in areas adjacent to the fence stretching from Beit Hanoun in the north of the Strip and all the way south to the section of the fence to the east of Khan Yunis. Samples from affected fields have been sent for lab testing, and the results are expected next week.

    On Thursday, January 16, human rights organizations Gisha, Adalah and Al Mezan sent a letter (Hebrew) to Israel’s Minister of Defense Naftali Bennett, Military Advocate General Sharon Afek, and Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit with an urgent demand to refrain from conducting further aerial spraying of herbicides inside and near the Gaza Strip, due to the severe damage to crops and the health risks to Gaza residents.

    The last time Israel conducted aerial herbicide spraying was in December 2018. No incidents of spraying were recorded in 2019, which was the first year without spraying since Israel first implemented the hazardous practice in 2014. In a clip produced by human rights organizations Gisha, Adalah and Al Mezan over the summer, farmers and shepherds whose livelihoods depend on access to the lands closest to the fence with Israel described the damage caused by spraying over the years and emphasized the potential of a season without spraying.

    In response to Freedom of Information requests submitted by Gisha over the years,

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    Putin’s Trip to ‘Israel’ Will be Remembered as an Important Part of His Legacy – Global Research


    24-01-20 07:58:00,

    Putin’s trip to “Israel” on Thursday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz was a defining moment of his 20-year-long presidency and will forever be remembered as an important part of his legacy due to the extremely emotional symbolism that was on display during that solemn day.

    Very rarely does President Putin ever do anything without receiving unfair treatment from the Western Mainstream Media, but his trip to “Israel” on Thursday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz was an unforgettable exception. The Russian leader was invited by caretaker “Prime Minister” Netanyahu as the guest of honor among more than 40 other heads of state who arrived to participate in what was billed as the biggest diplomatic event in the self-professed “Jewish State’s” history. He earned this VIP treatment because it was the Soviet Union that stopped the Nazi’s genocidal machine, something that “Foreign Minister” Katz emotionally brought up in his exchange with President Putin when he personally thanked him for what the Russian Federation’s predecessor state did in saving his mother from the world’s most notorious death camp.

    Before reporting on and then subsequently analyzing some of the other memorable moments from that solemn occasion, it’s important to share the highlights of President Putin’s visit from the Kremlin’s official website so that the reader can peruse it all if they’re interested:

    As can be glimpsed by even just the headlines themselves, President Putin’s visit saw him participate in events that are very dear to his heart — strengthening Russian-“Israeli” relations, remembering the siege of Leningrad and the Holocaust, and fighting anti-Semitism.

    Many in the Alt-Media Community have unfortunately been indoctrinated with the completely false narrative that President Putin is supposedly “against Israel” for whatever reason they imagine but which usually has something to do with their dogmatic belief that he’s secretly allied with the Iranian-led Mideast “Resistance” that’s dedicated to removing the Zionist occupation entity from Palestine.

     » Lees verder

    The Mad Geopolitics of Israel’s EastMed Gas Pipeline | New Eastern Outlook


    20-01-20 10:29:00,


    At just a time when the world holds its collective breath over risk of a World War over the US assassination of Iran’s leading general and other provocations, Israel has chosen to sign a natural gas pipeline deal with Greece and Cyprus that is the equivalent of tossing a loaded hand grenade into the hyper-tense region.

    Until some months ago it was doubtful whether Israel’s long-touted EastMed gas pipeline deal with Cyprus and Greece would see the light of day. Despite being backed by the US and the EU as an alternative to Russian gas, the EastMed as it is known, is dubious on many grounds, not the least its high cost compared with alternatives. The January 2 signing by the governments of Israel, Greece and Cyprus is directly connected to provocative moves by Turkey’s Erdogan to conspire with Libya to illegally declare almost all of the Eastern Mediterranean waters to be a Turkish and now Libyan Exclusive Economic Zone.

    If Mideast tensions were not already at the breaking point, the Israeli move throws a huge monkey wrench into the region’s troubled geopolitics.

    As recently as December, 2019 the Israeli companies involved in their offshore Leviathan gas field were openly discussing further options for export of the gas following an export agreement with Egypt and Jordan. The EastMed pipeline was not mentioned in Israeli media.

    What has changed the situation was the announcement by Turkey’s President Erdogan that he was sending Turkish troops to defend the Tripoli UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli of Fayez al Sarraj, on their request, to counter the forces of General Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA).

    Libya has the potential to become a major new explosion point in the rapidly-deteriorating Middle East terrain. Haftar is backed by Russia, Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and yes, France, and secretly since 2017 by Israel. Since April 2019 Haftar has been moving to take Tripoli from his stronghold in the oil-rich east. The GNA in Tripoli in turn is backed by Turkey, Qatar and Italy. The EU is desperately trying to mediate a truce between the GNA and Haftar after Putin failed some days ago.

    The Mediterranean energy clashes

    As Cyprus has discovered rich offshore fields of natural gas in addition to those of Israel at Leviathan,

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    Israel, Palestine, and Torture


    05-01-20 10:06:00,

    Palestinian Detainees torture 30a4b

    There is something quite unseemly in the sordid public spectacle of Benjamin Netanyahu trying so desperately to maintain a failing grasp of prime ministerial power in Israel. As long as he stays in public office Mr. Netanyahu can apparently hold at bay the criminal charges against him for bribery and such.

    The crimes threatening to engulf Netanyahu call attention to a broad array of more heinous crimes that so far have yet to be formally reckoned with in the arena of international jurisprudence. The top tier of Israel’s leadership, including prominently Netanyahu himself, has so far been shielded from legal accountability for war crimes and crime against humanity. This unchecked crime spree has as its goal the violent replacement of the indigenous Palestinians with Jewish settlers whose proliferating settlements have become Greater Israel’s dominant emblem.

    The virtual immunity from criminal prosecution protecting those responsible for a Palestinian version of the Trail of Tears is contributing to the Israelification of ethnic cleansing in the Western Hemisphere. Wayne Madsen writes, “Israel’s genocide advisers and technicians” are “returning to Latin America in force.” He continues,

    Fascist-oriented regimes in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Paraguay, and Chile, eager to displace Indigenous peoples, have invited the Israelis back to their nations to provide advice on depopulating indigenous regions as systematically as Israel has done to Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. 

    In Israel a complex network of officials has conspired together to deploy torture as a key expression of the dominant group’s power over the group targeted for repression, displacement and elimination. The jurisprudence concerning the practice of torture in Israel is replete with loopholes and exceptions. The result is that Shin Bet agents and others are afforded wide discretionary powers to torture Palestinians on the grounds of “necessity” and “ticking-bomb” scenarios.

    It has come to light that many medical doctors and other health professionals are deeply involved in falsifying evidence to downplay accusations of torture.

    Since 2001 the Israeli agency, Shin Bet, has received over 1200 complaints that the torture of Palestinians has taken place in Israeli prisons. This large body of complaints did not result in even a single indictment.

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    Israel Demolishes Newly Built Houses of Palestinian Families on New Year’s Day – Global Research


    02-01-20 03:05:00,

    Israeli forces demolished two houses 0n Wednesday belonging to Palestinian families in the Silwan neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    After two years of construction, the al-Khalialeh families had made ready their houses to move into in the near future, their relative Jamal al-Khalialeh told Middle East Eye.

    The two families were shocked to wake up on the first day of the new year to hear that Israeli bulldozers accompanied by military forces were demolishing the two houses.

    They were not at the scene when Israeli security forces had earlier broken into the two properties, local media reported.

    “They had an Israeli court hearing at 10am to look into the issue of demolishing the houses, but at 8:30 am they were surprised to hear the demolishing vehicles had come to knock down their houses,” said Jamal.

    The two houses are 100 metres square and located next to each other.

    The first house is owned by Wafa al-Khalialeh with her husband and their seven children. The second house belonged to Mohanad al-Khalialeh and his wife and their two children.

    Both families declined to comment for MEE, as they were still in a state of shock.

    Jamal said that the families’ lawyer had managed to get a halt decision from an Israeli judge at around 9:15am but that the Israeli authorities had refused to stop the demolition.

    “They started demolishing at around 9am and said that they cannot leave the house half demolished as it is unsafe for the public,” Jamal said.

    ‘Nearly impossible to obtain building permits’

    The demolishment of the houses was carried out based on the basis that “building without permit” had occurred.

    Israel rarely issues building permits for Palestinians in East Jerusalem or in Areas B and C of the occupied West Bank.

    Since Jewish settlements are allowed to grow in the same area, many Palestinians consider the policy an effort to “Judaise” the areas by preventing Palestinian construction.

    The Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan is a hotbed of Israeli settler activity, often promoted by the right-wing Elad settler group.

    Ali Jaabis, an activist in Silwan, told MEE that despite supporting their building application with documents from regulated lawyers,

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    Turkey and Israel: Enemies or Allies? | New Eastern Outlook


    27-12-19 01:52:00,


    After Israel was created in 1948, Turkey became its most important partner in the Middle East. Ankara recognized the Jewish state as far back as 1949, establishing official diplomatic relations with it, which clearly illustrated the direction of Turkey’s foreign policy. The first two Israeli prime ministers, David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett, spoke Turkish.

    However, relations between the two countries over the past decades have often been characterized by periods of both rapprochement and distancing, the latter even leading to the emergence of a very significant wave of anti-Israeli sentiment in Turkish society. This was especially evident after the 2010 Gaza flotilla raid, when a convoy of ships tried to break through the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

    Upon reviewing the history of relations between Israel and Turkey, one can say that the first significant blow to them occurred after 1973, when Ankara distanced itself from Israel because of the Arab oil embargo. The cool relations persisted for over two decades. In the 1980s, anti-Semitic sentiments in Turkey intensified and began to appear in official party platforms. The main ideological source of anti-Semitism in Turkey was Islamism, left-wing anti-Zionism and right-wing nationalist extremism.

    Afterwards, Ankara aimed for rapprochement with Israel once more after the 1993 agreement between Tel Aviv and the PLO. Both parties hoped that the revival of their alliance would help change the strategic balance of power and the geopolitical situation in the oil-rich Middle East. In addition, Israel saw this as an opportunity to exit political and economic isolation, in the hope that other Muslim countries would draw closer to Tel Aviv as well.

    However, despite the West’s support for this renewal of friendship, other countries in the region, such as Greece, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian National Authority began to accuse Ankara of a ‘Zionist and imperialist conspiracy’, especially with regard to its stance on the Middle East peacemaking process. Nevertheless, during this period Turkey saw its ties to Israel as more important than those to the Islamic world, hoping to gain access to new military technologies based on rebuilt relations. This was facilitated by the establishment of a close bilateral military strategic partnership. Israel, in turn, never stopped perceiving Turkey as a partner which it influenced in cahoots with the United States.

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    Israel and al-Qaeda Coordinate Drone Attacks against Syria


    23-12-19 05:16:00,

    Syrian air defense repel Israeli missiles – archive photo

    Israel and al Qaeda have coordinated drone attacks against Syria. On 22 December, a Syrian Arab Army unit neutralized a Kamikaze drone (explosives-carrying drone) deployed by al-Qaeda terrorists in the Tal al Dara and al Hamra farm area in Hama governate.

    On 22 December, SAA air defenses responded to missiles fired by Israel in the area of Damascus countryside. This coordinated attempt in the ongoing plot of a final solution against the Syrian Arab Republic is likely a perverse celebration of the Trump regime signing of the new ‘defense’ bill, which includes the criminal Caesar legislation.

    Israel and al Qaeda have a long history of war crimes against Syria. In May 2013, Israel bombed a food supply center for the SAA, a Syrian Arab Army air defense unit, and an SAA weapons and munitions depot — while al Qaeda blasphemed and videoed the Kodak moment with expensive cameras.

    In early 2017, Israeli media bragged about providing state of the art trauma care to injured members of al Qaeda, on the Syrian Golan occupied by Israel, and bringing others into Israeli hospitals, for extended free medical care.

    In short, Israel has functioned as al Qaeda’s air force against Syria. The US did not become al Qaeda’s second air force until September 2016, when the Obama regime ‘accidentally’ bombed a Syrian military position at al Thardeh Mountain near Deir Ezzor airport, slaughtering 83 soldiers, rescuing al Qaeda terrorists.

    AleppoAleppoMass funeral for 83 Syrian soldiers massacred by US war criminal bombings was unreported in western media

    The Trump regime continued as ISIS’ second air force, beginning 7 April 2017, when he bombed Ash Sha’irat Airbase based on al Qaeda news on Khan Sheikhoun, much of which was provided by an illegal Brit whose medical license was permanently revoked in his homeland, via fake news! CNN.

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    The US as Israel’s Colony –


    13-12-19 02:45:00,

    The US as Israel’s Colony

    by Philip Giraldi

    Jewish groups in the United States are adept at creating mechanisms that benefit themselves and also frequently Israel at the expense of the American taxpayer. The proliferating holocaust museums are a good example, sometimes built by private donations but then paid for and operated by the local government. The national holocaust museum in Washington is, for example, supported by the taxpayer to the tune of $54 million per year. When one considers that the so-called holocaust occurred nearly eighty years ago and did not involve the United States at all, it is a remarkable achievement to so memorialize the claimed uniqueness of Jewish suffering, which then is used to justify other abuses and excuse Israel’s ongoing war crimes.

    For those who deny that claims of the uniqueness of Jewish suffering are exploited and even promoted in order to be able to influence public opinion while also obtaining special favors from government, one might cite specific instances where that has most definitely been the case. Jewish organizations receive over 90% of discretionary grants from the Department of Homeland Security, for example, and Israel benefits from $3.8 billion in aid annually plus another $10 billion through bogus charities, trade concessions and U.S. government funded projects approved by Congress that the American public knows little or nothing about.

    And benefiting Jews worldwide is also part of the agenda. Apart from the creation of the state of Israel itself, which was opposed by most of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, the first major effort to condition U.S. foreign policy to benefit Jews specifically came with the Jackson-Vanik Amendment of 1975, which made some aspects of relations with the Soviet Union conditional on that country’s willingness to let Jews emigrate. Far more outrageous was the so-called Lautenberg Amendment enshrined in the 1990 Public Law 101-167 that granted refugee status to Russian Jews even though they were not actually being persecuted or in any way endangered. The refugee status is significant as it provided food stamps, housing, social security, Medicaid and educational benefits along with a free ticket into the U.S. to an “estimated…350,000 to 400,000 Jews [who] entered the United States …”

    Holocaust education is mandatory in the public schools of 15 states and Jewish groups are active in determining just what appears in textbooks about Israel,

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