Israel shuts down businesses, limits rallies & movement as 2nd national coronavirus lockdown gets even tougher


24-09-20 06:59:00,

Strict new rules were introduced in Israel just days after it went into its second lockdown amid a surge of Covid-19 cases. Officials said the government can’t lead the country “into the abyss” by ignoring public health hazards.

Under the new rules effective from 2pm on Friday, all businesses will have to shut down unless they provide essential services such as grocery stores and pharmacies. People will be banned from going more than 1km (0.6 miles) from their homes for reasons other than those approved by the authorities.

Rallies and open-air prayers will be limited to 20 people and must take place no more than 1km from one’s home. Synagogues will be closed, except for Yom Kippur prayers. Public transportation will be operating in a “reduced format.”

Tougher restrictions were announced after 6,948 more Covid-19 infections were reported on Wednesday, a new daily record. Israel currently has 51,131 active cases.

Ynet news website reported that the government has effectively declared a state of emergency, allowing police to fine protesters for not observing social distancing rules.

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The restrictions are set to end on October 10 but may be extended in the future. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that “the goal is to reduce the rate of infection, and the goal is literally to save many lives in Israel.”

Israel became the first developed nation to impose its second national lockdown last week. Schools, hotels, shopping malls and restaurants have remained closed since September 18. However, people were allowed to leave for work, exercise, attend public prayers and demonstrations. The new rules are designed to remove these exceptions.

The country started gradually lifting quarantine restrictions in May after Netanyahu spoke about “major success” in containing the coronavirus. Several large protest rallies were staged throughout the summer against the PM who had been indicted on corruption charges which he denies. The government was then forced to bring back the restrictions as the infection rate surged.

Political opponents accused Netanyahu of using the lockdown to quell the protests. He, meanwhile, insisted that his priority is saving lives. Miki Zohar,

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Israel and the Emirates sign the


22-09-20 10:26:00,

The Israeli-Emirati treaty upsets the rhetoric about the Middle East and makes possible an Arab-Israeli peace. It interrupts Israel’s inexorable nibbling of Arab territories and establishes diplomatic relations between Israel and the leader of the Arab world. If one is to examine without prejudice a situation where fear, violence and hatred are causing manifest injustices, it is clear that President Trump’s initiative has unblocked a conflict that has been tense for twenty-seven years. He was immediately nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

JPEG - 30 kb The winner is not the one who is presented as such.

The situation in the Middle East has been blocked since the Oslo Accords signed by Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat in 1993. They were supplemented by the Jericho-Gaza Agreement, which recognizes certain prerogatives of the Palestinian Authority, and the Wadi Araba Agreements, which concluded peace between Israel and Jordan.

At the time, the Israeli government intended to separate definitively from the Palestinians. It was ready to do so by creating a Palestinian pseudo-state, devoid of several attributes of sovereignty, including an independent army and finances. Labour’s Yitzhak Rabin had previously experimented with Bantustans in South Africa, where Israel was advising the apartheid regime. Another experiment took place in Guatemala with a Mayan tribe under General Efraín Ríos Montt.

Yasser Arafat accepted the Oslo Accords to derail the process of the Madrid Conference (1991). Presidents George W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev had tried to impose peace on Israel by removing Arafat from the international scene with the support of Arab leaders.

Despite all this, many commentators believe that the Oslo Accords could bring peace.

In any case, 27 years later, nothing positive has limited the suffering of the Palestinian people, but the state of Israel has been gradually transformed from within. Today this country is divided into two antagonistic camps, as evidenced by its government, the only one in the world to have two Prime Ministers at the same time. On the one hand the partisans of British colonialism behind the first Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanhyahu, on the other hand the partisans of a normalization of the country and its relations with its neighbors, behind the second Prime Minister, Benny Gantz [1]. This two-headed system reflects the incompatibility of these two projects.

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Israel und die Emirate unterzeichnen


22-09-20 10:26:00,

Der Israel-Emirat-Vertrag stellt die Rhetorik über den Nahen Osten auf den Kopf und ermöglicht einen arabisch-israelischen Frieden. Er unterbricht das unaufhaltsame Aufzehren der arabischen Gebiete durch Israel und stellt diplomatische Beziehungen zwischen Israel und dem Führer der arabischen Welt her. Wenn man sich vorurteilsfrei mit einer Situation befassen will, in der Angst, Gewalt und Hass offensichtliche Ungerechtigkeiten hervorrufen, muss man feststellen, dass die Initiative von Präsident Trump einen seit 27 Jahren verkrampften Konflikt aus der Welt schafft. Seine Kandidatur für den Friedensnobelpreis wurde sofort eingereicht.

JPEG - 30 kB Der Gewinner ist nicht der, den man als solchen präsentiert.

Die Lage im Nahen Osten ist seit den 1993 von Yitzhak Rabin und Jassir Arafat unterzeichneten Abkommen von Oslo blockiert. Sie wurden durch das Abkommen von Jericho-Gaza ergänzt, das bestimmte Vorrechte der Palästinensischen Autonomiebehörde anerkennt, und durch die Abkommen von Wadi Araba, die den Frieden zwischen Israel und Jordanien herstellten.

Damals wollte sich die israelische Regierung endgültig von den Palästinensern trennen. Dazu war sie bereit, einen palästinensischen Pseudo-Staat zu schaffen, der mehrerer Attribute der Souveränität entbehrte, insbesondere einer Armee und unabhängiger Finanzen. Der Labour-Partei Angehörige Yitzhak Rabin hatte zuvor Bantustans in Südafrika miterlebt, wo Israel das Apartheid-Regime beriet. Ein anderes Experiment fand in Guatemala mit einem Maya-Stamm statt, unter dem Befehl von General Efraín Ríos Montt.

Jassir Arafat akzeptierte die Abkommen von Oslo, um den Prozess der Konferenz von Madrid (1991) zum Scheitern zu bringen. Die Präsidenten George W. Bush und Michail Gorbatschow hatten versucht, Israel den Frieden aufzuzwingen, indem sie Arafat, mit Unterstützung der arabischen Führer, von der internationalen Bühne entfernten.

Trotz alledem glauben viele Kommentatoren behaupten zu können, dass die Oslo-Abkommen hätten Frieden bringen können.

Wie dem auch sei, 27 Jahre später hat nichts Positives das Leiden des palästinensischen Volkes begrenzt, aber der Staat Israel hat sich allmählich von innen heraus verändert. Heute ist dieses Land in zwei gegensätzliche Lager gespalten, wie seine Regierung dies bezeugt, das einzige Land der Welt, das gleichzeitig zwei Premierminister hat. Auf der einen Seite die Anhänger des britischen Kolonialismus hinter Premierminister Benjamin Netanyahu, auf der anderen Seite die Befürworter einer Normalisierung des Landes und seiner Beziehungen zu seinen Nachbarn, hinter dem zweiten Premierminister, Benny Gantz [1]. Dieses zweiköpfige System spiegelt die Inkompatibilität dieser beiden Projekte wider. Jedes Lager lähmt seinen Rivalen.

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Israel to enter full-blown lockdown, shut schools & close most non-essential businesses starting September 18 – report


13-09-20 08:27:00,

Israel is poised to declare the whole country a “red zone” due to a spike in Covid-19 cases, limiting people’s movements to a 500-meter radius from home and closing all non-essential businesses that serve customers in person.

The sweeping lockdown is set to take effect on September 18 at 6am local time, multiple Israeli media reported on Saturday. The Israeli cabinet is expected to approve the new stringent restrictions on the movement of people as well as on commerce as early as on Sunday morning, Haaretz reported.

Although concerns about an imminent “second wave” of the coronavirus, particularly regarding its possible overlap with the common seasonal flu, have been mounting and several European countries have already reported a surge in cases, Israel becomes the first nation to plunge back into a nationwide lockdown after the previous one was phased out back in May.  

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The draft resolution, prepared by the Health Ministry, and seen by Haaretz, halts or severely restricts the operation of all businesses that require staff to serve clients in person for at least two weeks. Residents will still be able to shop for groceries, with supermarkets and grocery stores being exempted from the ban. There is also an exception for medical supply stores, including drug stores, as well as for cell phone shops and repair services. All cafes and restaurants will be prohibited from serving diners inside, but allowed to offer delivery and takeout.

Those businesses, which will be allowed to operate under the lockdown, will have to cap the number of staff at 30 percent or at 10 people, depending on which figure is higher. The same 30 percent rule will apply to government offices.

Except for trips to get necessary supplies or to work, Israelis will have to abide by a 500-meter rule, meaning that they can go no further from their place of residence.

Perhaps the toughest restrictions of all will affect schools, which, according to the proposal, will shut their doors as early as Wednesday this week. Pupils, who have just started the new school year, are expected to switch to remote learning. The move will likely mean just another vacation for preschoolers,

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Israel Funds America’s Israel Lobby, While U.S. Taxpayers Pay for Endless Fraud Against Themselves


10-09-20 04:28:00,

Imagine for a moment that there is a foreign government that receives billions of dollars a year in “aid” and other benefits from the United States taxpayer. Consider beyond that, the possibility that that government might take part of the money it receives and secretly recycle it to groups of American citizens in the United States that exist to maintain and increase that money flow while also otherwise serving other interests of the recipient country. That would mean that the United States is itself subsidizing the lobbies and groups that are inevitably working against its own interests. And it also means that U.S. citizens are acting as foreign agents, covertly giving priority to their attachment to a foreign country instead of to the nation in which they live.

I am, of course, referring to Israel. It does not require a brilliant observer to note how Israel and its allies inside the U.S. have become very skilled at milking the government in the United States at all levels for every bit of financial aid, trade concessions, military hardware and political cover that is possible to obtain. The flow of dollars, goods, and protection is never actually debated in any serious way and is often, in fact, negotiated directly by Congress or state legislatures directly with the Israeli lobbyists. This corruption and manipulation of the U.S. governmental system by people who are basically foreign agents is something like a criminal enterprise and one can only imagine the screams of outrage coming from the New York Times if there were a similar arrangement with any other country.

The latest revelation about Israel’s cheating involves subsidies that were paid covertly by Israeli government agencies to groups in the United States which in turn took direction from the Jewish state, often inter alia damaging genuine American interests. The groups involved failed to disclose the payments, which is a felony. They also failed to register under the terms of the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, which mandates penalties for groups and individuals acting on behalf of foreign governments. In particular, FARA mandates that the finances and relationships of the foreign affiliated organization be open to Department of the Justice inspection. It states that “any person who acts as an agent, representative, employee,

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