Israel’s Anti-Palestine Campaign Includes Delaying Covid Vaccine and Bulldozing Olive Trees

25-02-21 09:16:00,

Brian Cloughley

February 23, 2021

© Photo: REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman

Israel is always backed by successive administrations in Washington and can literally get away with murder in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The first weeks of this year have been lively and deadly for Palestinians, with Israeli troops and settlers continuing to burn down, bulldoze and otherwise destroy olive trees, villages and farmland in the Palestinian territory they occupy. The long-term campaign against Palestinians was given impetus by the Covid-19 pandemic which presented the Israeli authorities with the opportunity on February 15 to block vaccine from being delivered to the besieged Gaza strip which is home to about 1.9 million Arabs.

On February 17 it was reported that “Israel has permitted Palestinian officials to send the first shipment of 2,000 coronavirus vaccine doses to the blockaded Gaza Strip” and an Israeli official was quoted as saying that “The 1,000 Sputnik vaccines delivery, donated by Russia and provided to the Gaza Strip by the Palestinian Authority, have just been transferred.” This sort of vicious fandango by the Israelis was playing with people’s lives, but it cannot be expected that there might be any expression of regret for holding up the desperately needed shipment.

Were the Israeli’s vaccine tactics not so devastatingly malicious and barbaric, it might have been amusing to hear the views of newly-elected President Biden on the subject of combating the global plague. On the day the Israelis reluctantly released some vaccines to the Palestinians, Uncle Joe made his first phone call to Prime Minister Netanyahu (who is currently under indictment for fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes in three corruption cases) and praised him for “leadership in the fight against the coronavirus.”

The White House noted especially that “The President affirmed his personal history of steadfast commitment to Israel’s security and conveyed his intent to strengthen all aspects of the U.S.-Israel partnership, including our strong defence cooperation.” Further, as an afterthought, Uncle Joe “underscored the importance of working to advance peace throughout the region, including between Israelis and Palestinians.”

That might be easy enough to do if the Israelis succeed in destroying all of the Palestinians’ productive farmlands and basic dwellings which are being torn down in freezing weather during the pandemic.

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Israel to bar unvaccinated people from some jobs, says health minister

18-02-21 04:17:00,

Israel’s health minister has confirmed the country plans to stop unvaccinated people from working in certain jobs but failed to elaborate on what they might be, adding anyone found forging vaccine certificates will be jailed.

“There will soon be jobs where, in order to work, the workers will have to either be vaccinated or undergo a Covid-19 test every 48 hours,” Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Thursday. 

Flanked by senior Ministry of Health officials, Edelstein did not elaborate on which jobs people would be excluded from, but he urged everyone to get vaccinated in order to help bring life back to “almost normal.”

“[The] vaccinated and those people who have had the virus will be able to go to gyms, concerts, hotels, synagogues from Sunday,” the minister stated, as he discussed the impact of Israel’s ‘green pass’ system which comes into force on February 21. 

The pass, which will be granted to those who have taken the jab and those who are recovering from Covid-19, will allow many Israelis to take advantage of a Covid-19 restrictions rollback which also takes effect on Sunday. 

Edelstein said that authorities had already confiscated a number of fake vaccination documents and warned that anyone found forging vaccine certificates would face jail time. 

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Israel is leading the world in vaccinations, with almost seven million jabs administered – the equivalent of 79 doses per 100 people. The nation has also seen falling Coivd-19 deaths, reporting zero fatalities in an observation of 523,000 people who were fully vaccinated. 

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Israel to Allow ‘Green Pass’ Holders to Access Public Spaces

16-02-21 12:49:00,

Students at The University of California-Berkeley have been forced to stay alone in small dormitories without even being able to exercise outside or even go food shopping, according to a report from Campus Reform.

Since the beginning of the month, quarantine measures imposed by the University have mandated that students cannot leave the campus, and must stay inside their rooms at all times, unless there is an emergency.

“You are required to remain in your room as much as possible and wear a face covering while in all common areas, including bathrooms (unless brushing your teeth, washing your face, showering, etc.),” the University instructions read.

Students have only been allowed to leave their rooms to pick up food at a special kiosk outside the halls.

When they have obtained their food, students are instructed to “return immediately to [their] room.”

The instructions further state that  students are “NOT” allowed to “leave [their] room for solo outdoor exercise.”

The instructions also ordain that students should never go to the communal bathroom if there is anyone else using it at the time.

“You may only use the restroom when it is not occupied by another resident. Please try to determine whether or not someone is already in the restroom before you use it. This will help us reduce virus transmission,” the announcement decrees.

This who break the house arrest rules will face “serious residential conduct sanctions” including being “disqualified from housing and suspended from the University,” the announcement also threatens.

Megan Wang, a sophomore at UC-Berkeley, told Campus Reform “in a way, the students who went back to campus are [being] put under house arrest.”

She added, “A lot more people got tested this week, and the number of cases declined, yet the school still decided to delay in-person activities… It sort of seems like the school officials don’t have a clear set of guidelines to determine when the facilities should be reopened.”

As we have previously reported, universities all over the US have implemented prison-like rules in the wake of the pandemic, with some suggesting students should wear face masks during sex and even during masturbation.

Several US universities have threatened to completely cut off basic services,

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Israel Strikes Syria To Celebrate Whitewashing Of Al-Qaeda In Idlib

05-02-21 11:39:00,


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You can read this article in German. LINK

Israel is becoming increasingly assertive in its strikes and raids, allegedly against Iranian positions, on Syrian soil.

This is more than likely owed to the fact that US activity is at a low-point following Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Israel feels threatened by the slim possibility that the Iran Nuclear Deal will be revived. As such it is left to fend for itself and it appears to be doing so quite ferociously.

In the late hours of February 3rd, the Israeli military launched a large-scale attack on southern Syria. The Syrian Arab Army General Command said that that air-to-ground and ground-to-ground missiles were launched in a heavy barrage.

According to local sources the barrage targeted Damascus International Airport, Mezzeh Military Airport, a Syrian Arab Army base near the district of Kiswah, and a series of military sites in Daraa and al-Quneitra.

The Syrian military says that some of the missiles were intercepted, others caused only material damage.

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Israel destroys nature reserve, uproots 10,000 trees

30-01-21 08:12:00,

The Israeli army yesterday destroyed a natural reserve and uprooted at least 10,000 trees in a military campaign in the northern West Bank in a move that Palestinians termed a “crime”.

Moataz Bisharat, who is responsible for monitoring Israeli settlement activity in the Jordan Valley, told Anadolu Agency that the occupation army pushed military vehicles and dozens of soldiers into the Ainun area in Tubas city in the morning and destroyed a nature reserve built on an area of about 400 dunums (98 acres).

TUBAS, WEST BANK - JANUARY 27: Israeli forces intervene in Palestinians after trees were destroyed by Israeli forces in Tubas, West Bank, January 27, 2021. Israeli forces destroyed thousands of trees in the woods on the grounds that they were at the military exercise area. ( Nedal Eshtayah - Anadolu Agency )

Israeli forces intervene in Palestinians after trees were destroyed by Israeli forces in Tubas, West Bank, January 27, 2021. [Nedal Eshtayah – Anadolu Agency]

The occupation army “chopped down and destroyed about 10,000 forest trees and about 300 olive trees,” he said.

Trees were planted in the nature reserve eight years ago as part of the Greening Palestine project supervised by the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture and funded by the Venezuelan consulate in Palestine.

Bisharat stressed that the occupation alleged that the destruction of the reserve came as it was classed as a military zone even though it was not more than 300 metres away from residential areas and it served as an “outlet” for residents.

In a statement, the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s Colonisation and Wall Resistance Commission said Israel “has formed a special unit whose mission is to wage war on the Jordan Valley.”

Caught between covid and settlers: How a West Bank school is struggling to survive

“A security apparatus has been formed to oversee construction and agriculture in Area C and it has undertaken to wipe out the Palestinian presence,” the statement read.

The commission described the incident as “a crime and a campaign of eliminating trees, buildings, livestock and sources of income.”

What is happening, it added, is “part of a war waged by a terrorist state [Israel] that is burning green areas.”

The Palestinian commission called for “international protection for the Palestinian presence in Area C,” calling on the international community to stop discrimination in dealing with the crimes of the Israeli occupation.

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