“Go Forth and Lie” Israel Rolls Out Mandatory Course for Students Travelling Abroad – Global Research


12-07-19 06:01:00,

While Israel tries to portray a friendly face to the outside world, internally it is promoting racism and violence at levels that are more alarming than ever before. A course to prepare young high school students traveling overseas to be good “ambassadors” stands in contrast to racist policies and the advancement of a military that is encouraged to exercise unprecedented violence against civilians. 

Young ambassadors

Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, recently demanded that the Israeli Education Ministry halt an online course that was designed to prepare young Israelis traveling abroad to be “good ambassadors.” The content, particularly regarding anti-semitism and BDS (the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions movement), is so offensive to Arabs and Muslims that a school in Nazareth canceled an exchange program for high school students from the city to go to Sweden, rather than having the students exposed to the content of the course.

To actually see the content of the course, one has to enroll, and so I did. The course has 12 chapters, starting with an introduction by former Minister of Education Naftali Bennett. Bennett begins by explaining “what is an ambassador,” and then gives examples of how to be a good one.

Bennett’s introduction is friendly, straightforward and full of praise for Israel. He provides students with tools with which they can “explain” Israel. For example:

If it wasn’t for Israel, you could never wake up in the morning, because the chip in your cell phone that works as an alarm is made in Israel. You couldn’t find your way to work because the application WAZE is an Israeli product, so you’d get lost. If you made it to work somehow you wouldn’t have a computer because Intel produces its parts in Israel, and then your account would be hacked because cyber security is made in Israel. On top of that, you would have no cucumbers to eat because Israel invented the irrigation systems that make it possible to grow cucumbers.”

Bennett also mentions that the students may encounter people saying crazy things about Israel like that it is an “apartheid state,” and that Israeli soldiers are killing Palestinians, and that, of course, this is all nonsense.

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Israel’s Scheme to Bury the Nakba. “The Ethnic Cleansing oF Palestine” – Global Research


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Israel’s 1947-48 Nakba against the Palestinian people was and remains one of history’s great crimes — what Ilan Pappe called “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” in his book by this title.

Establishment of the Jewish state came at the expense of the Palestinian people, their descendants and refugee population.

The final master plan’s goal aimed to create a state with maximum Jews and minimum Arabs — by any means, including mass murder of defenseless people.

Around 800,000 Palestinians were forcibly driven from their homeland, many thousands slaughtered in cold blood.

The six-month campaign beginning in late 1947 destroyed 531 villages and 11 urban neighborhoods in cities like Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.

According to Nuremberg Principles, ethnically cleansing people from their land is a high crime against humanity.

Israeli accountability was never forthcoming for mass-murder; destruction of homes, villages, crops and other property; countless atrocities; showing no mercy to defenseless men, women, children.

Nuremberg-level crimes were  expunged from official Israeli historiography, replaced by the myth that Palestinians left voluntarily, fearing harm from invading Arab armies.

A Palestinian shared memories of that nightmarish experience, saying the following:

“I cannot forget three horror-filled days in July of 1948. The pain sears my memory, and I cannot rid myself of it no matter how hard I try.”

“First, Israeli soldiers forced thousands of Palestinians from their homes near the Mediterranean coast, even though some families had lived in the same houses for centuries.”

“My family had been in the town of Lydda in Palestine at least 1,600 years. Then, without water, we stumbled into the hills and continued for three deadly days.”

“The Jewish soldiers followed, occasionally shooting over our heads to scare us and keep us moving. Terror filled my eleven-year-old mind as I wondered what would happen.”

“I remembered overhearing my father and his friends express alarm about recent massacres by Jewish terrorists. Would they kill us, too?”

“We did not know what to do, except to follow orders and stumble blindly up the rocky hills. I walked hand in hand with my grandfather, who carried our only remaining possessions-a small tin of sugar and some milk for my aunt’s two-year-old son,

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Spying for Israel is Consequence Free


09-07-19 10:16:00,

Back in the spring I wrote about coming across the name Arnon Milchan by chance on a movie credit while flying from Venice to Washington. Milchan, some might recall, is a Hollywood billionaire movie producer born in Israel, well known for such films as Pretty Woman and Bohemian Rhapsody. He is less well known for his role in arranging for the procurement and illegal transfer of U.S. technology that enabled the Jewish state to develop its own nuclear arsenal. Far from being ashamed of his betrayal of the adopted country that helped make him rich and famous, in 2011 he authorized and contributed to a ghost-written biography, which he boastfully entitled “Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon.” Parts of the book were in the first person with Milchan telling his story in his own words.

I had been aware of Milchan’s crimes for a number of years, just as I had also speculated on how a leading Israeli spy working actively and successfully against vital U.S. anti-nuclear proliferation interests had managed to continue to maintain a home and business in Los Angeles while also appearing regularly at the Oscar presentation ceremonies. I asked “Why is this scumbag still making movies in Hollywood? Why isn’t he in jail?” before concluding that the federal government clearly regards spying for Israel as a victimless crime, rarely arresting anyone and almost never prosecuting any of the numerous easily identifiable Israeli intelligence agents roaming the country.

Milchan was an active Israeli spy in the U.S., working for the Mossad technology theft division referred to as LEKEM. The Mossad frequently uses so-called sayanim in its espionage, which means diaspora Jews that it recruits on the basis of a shared religion or concern for the security of Israel. The threat coming from Israeli Embassy operatives inside the United States is such that the Department of Defense once warned that Jewish Americans in government would likely be the targets of their intelligence approaches.

President John F. Kennedy had tried to stop the Israeli nuclear weapons program but was assassinated before he could end it. By 1965, the Jewish state had nevertheless obtained the raw material for a bomb consisting of U.S. government owned highly enriched weapons grade uranium obtained from a company in Pennsylvania called NUMEC,

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Israel gegen die Venezolaner, von Thierry Meyssan


02-07-19 08:02:00,

Ein neuer Putschversuch hat am 24. Juni in Venezuela stattgefunden. Thierry Meyssan stellt fest, dass er zugleich gegen die Regierung von Nicolas Maduro und gegen seinen Pro-US Gegner Juan Guaidó gerichtet war. Darüber hinaus wurde er, gemäss der Gesprächsaufzeichnungen der Verschwörer, von Israelis geleitet.

JPEG - 46.8 kB
Am 24. Juni 2019 sollten Nicolas Maduro und Juan Guaidó zugunsten von Raul Baudel beseitigt werden.

Ein x-ter Versuch eines Staatsstreichs hat während des 24. Juni 2019 in Venezuela stattgefunden. Alle Teilnehmer sind verhaftet worden und der Informationsminister, Jorge Rodriguez, hat die näheren Umstände der Affäre im Fernsehen ausführlich erklärt. Sie ist in der Presse wegen des Schwächeanfalls eines der Chefs bei seinem Erscheinen vor Gericht ausgeblendet worden, welcher dann auch im Krankenhaus gestorben ist. Die Affäre ist dennoch sehr aufschlussreich.

Im Gegensatz zu den vorherigen Malen wurde dieses Komplott seit 14 Monaten von einer militärischen Einheit, die vom kubanischen Geheimdienst ausgebildet worden war, beobachtet. Während dieser ganzen Zeit sind die Venezolaner in die Gruppe eingedrungen und haben ihre Audio- und Video-Kommunikation überwacht. Sie besitzen daher Aufnahmen über 56 Stunden, die unwiderlegbare Beweise liefern.

Einige der verhafteten Personen waren bereits in frühere Verschwörungen involviert, so dass es schwer vorstellbar ist, dass sich diese Operation von den zuvor von der CIA geleiteten unterscheidet.

Nicht mehr Zukunft für die Opposition als für die Regierung

Zwei Bemerkungen drängen sich auf. Erstens war dieses Komplott sowohl gegen den verfassungsmäßigen Präsident Nicolas Maduro als auch gegen den selbsternannten Präsidenten Juan-Guaidó gerichtet, um einen dritten Mann an die Macht zu bringen, den General Raúl Isaías Baudel.

Letzterer, ehemaliger Stabschef, dann Verteidigungsminister, war von Präsident Hugo Chávez von seinem Posten enthoben worden, hatte sich gegen ihn aufgelehnt und hatte die Führung der Opposition im Jahr 2009 übernommen. Es stellte sich jedoch heraus, dass er Geld aus seinem Ministerium veruntreut hatte. Er wurde vor Gericht gestellt und zu 7 Jahren Haft verurteilt, die er verbüßte. Er wurde während der Amtszeit des Präsidenten Nicolás Maduro erneut inhaftiert und ist immer noch im Gefängnis. Ein Kommando sollte ihn befreien und zum nationalen Fernsehen bringen, um die Regime-Änderung zu verkünden.

Die Tatsache der Förderung eines dritten Präsidenten bestätigt unsere vor zwei Jahren veröffentlichte Analyse [1], laut welcher das Ziel der Vereinigten Staaten nicht ist, ein Bolivarisches Regime durch ein anderes,

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Israel: Demokratie, Apartheid und BDS – Einige Anmerkungen zur Antisemitismus-Debatte. Von Norman Paech


01-07-19 07:28:00,

01. Juli 2019 um 8:54
Ein Artikel von: Redaktion

Das Folgende ist die aktualisierte Fassung eines Vortrags, den Norman Paech am 1. Dezember 2018 auf dem Kasseler Friedensratschlag gehalten hat. Der Vortrag war seinerzeit der Anlass für das Studentenparlament der Uni Kassel, den Präsidenten aufzufordern, für den nächsten Friedensratschlag im Dezember 2019 die Räume der Universität zu versagen. Zum Glück bisher erfolglos. Angesichts der ständigen Eskalation der falschen Freunde Israels (jüngst beim Kirchentag) sollten Norman Paechs Argumente über den begrenzten Kreis des Friedensratschlags hinaus bekannt werden. Deshalb übernehmen die NachDenkSeiten den Text verbunden mit einem Dankeschön an den Autor. Albrecht Müller.

Israel: Demokratie, Apartheid und BDS
Einige Anmerkungen zur Antisemitismus-Debatte
Von Norman Paech


Es gehört zu den Standards der Legenden über Israel, diesen Staat als die einzige Demokratie im Nahen Osten zu bezeichnen, in den Worten Ehud Baraks die „Villa im Dschungel“. Dies mag für die jüdische Bevölkerung so zutreffen, versteht sich Israel doch offiziell als jüdischer Staat. Für die palästinensische Bevölkerung, immerhin gut 20 % der gesamten Bevölkerung, ist Demokratie allenfalls ein Wunschtraum. Dies haben Regierung und Parlament mit einem Gesetz am 19. Juli 2018 bestätigt, welches den Titel „Israel: der Nationalstaat des jüdischen Volkes“ trägt. Es beginnt mit den Worten: „Das Land Israel ist die historische Heimat des jüdischen Volkes, in dem der Staat Israel entstand.“ Kein Wort von dem Volk, das die jüdischen Siedler dort vorfanden und dem sie ihr Land wegnahmen. Kritiker wie Unterstützer sind sich darin einig, dass es sich wohl um eines der wichtigsten Gesetze handelt, das je von der Knesset erlassen wurde. Denn ab jetzt ist auch gesetzlich mit Verfassungsrang festgelegt, dass der Staat jüdisch ist. Er ist kein Staat aller seiner Staatsbürger, er gewährt nur den Juden alle Rechte. In der Unabhängigkeitserklärung von 1948 hatte es noch geheißen: „Der Staat Israel wird sich der Entwicklung zum Wohl aller seiner Bewohner widmen.“

Auch in diesem Grundgesetz gibt es keine Angaben über die Grenzen des Staates. Der Artikel 7 macht allerdings deutlich, dass sich Israel auf die Grüne Linie, die Grenze des Waffenstillstandes von 1949, nicht einlassen wird und nach wie vor nicht gewillt ist, das Völkerrecht für sich anzuerkennen: „Der Staat Israel sieht in der Weiterentwicklung der jüdischen Besiedlung einen nationalen Wert.

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In Israel the Push to Destroy Jerusalem’s Iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque Goes Mainstream – Global Research


26-06-19 01:39:00,

This ancient site that dates back to the year 705 C.E. is being targeted for destruction by extremist groups that seek to erase Jerusalem’s Muslim heritage in pursuit of colonial ambitions and the fulfillment of end-times prophecy.


The iconic golden dome of the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque, located on the Temple Mount or Haram el-Sharif, is the third holiest site in Islam and is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of the city of Jerusalem. Yet, this ancient site that dates back to the year 705 C.E. is being targeted for destruction by increasingly influential extremist groups that seek to erase Jerusalem’s Muslim heritage in pursuit of colonial ambitions and the fulfillment of end-times prophecy.

Some observers may have noticed the growing effort by some Israeli government and religious officials to remove the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque from the Jerusalem skyline, not only erasing the holy site in official posters, banners and educational material but also physically removing the building itself. For instance, current Knesset member of the ruling Likud Party, American-born Yehuda Glick, was also the director of the government-funded Temple Institute, which has created relics and detailed architectural plans for a temple that they hope will soon replace Al-Aqsa. Glick is also close friends with Yehuda Etzion, who was part of a failed plot in 1984 to blow up Al-Aqsa mosque and served prison time as a result.

“In the end we’ll build the temple and it will be a house of prayer for all nations,” Glick told Israeli newspaper Maariv in 2012. A year later, Israel’s Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel stated that “[w]e’ve built many little, little temples…but we need to build a real Temple on the Temple Mount.” Ariel stated that the new Jewish Temple must be built on the site where Al-Aqsa currently sits “as it is at the forefront of Jewish salvation.” Since then, prominent Israeli politicians have become more and more overt in their support for the end of Jordanian-Palestinian sovereignty over the mosque compound, leading many prominent Palestinians to warn in recent years of plans to destroy the mosque.

In recent years, a centuries-old effort by what was once a small group of extremists has gone increasingly mainstream in Israel,

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Israel has 80-90 nukes, SIPRI report says, as Tel Aviv continues to accuse Iran of nuclear obsession


18-06-19 02:33:00,

Israel, which routinely accuses Iran of trying to obtain nuclear weapons and pledges to use force to stop Tehran, maintains its own undeclared nuclear arsenal estimated at 80 to 90, according to the latest report by SIPRI.

There are nine nations in the world that currently have nuclear weapons, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) says in its newly released yearbook on the state of armaments and international security. The world nuclear stockpile went from 14,465 at the beginning of last year to about 13,865 this year, the report estimates, as the US and Russia were delivering on their promises under the New START Treaty signed in 2010.

Israel, which maintains a policy of neither confirming nor denying the possession of nuclear weapons, has between 80 and 90 warheads in its stockpile, the same as the year before, the institute said.

It comes as tensions between Iran on one side, and the US and regional ally Israel on the other, continue to mount. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s unsinkable prime minister, has for years waged a campaign accusing the Iranians of having unwavering nuclear ambitions, regardless of the evidence, or lack thereof.

Also on rt.com
‘Arts & crafts show’ can’t hide Israel’s secretive WMD program, Iranian FM says

In 2012, the Israeli leader famously brought a diagram to a UN General Assembly session, purporting to show Iran’s progress in acquiring a nuclear device, with a literal red line drawn on it. With Donald Trump in the Oval Office, Israel has doubled down on the theatrical approach, treating the world to a tall tale about a daring spy operation that managed to steal troves of nuclear documents from a secret warehouse in Tehran. The presentation was meant to prove Tehran’s duplicity, though experts pointed out that most of the documents revealed were old and known to Iran watchers.

Back then, Iran fired back, saying that “no arts & craft show will ever obfuscate that Israel is only regime in our region with a *secret* and *undeclared* nuclear weapons program.”

Netanyahu’s latest jab at Iran came last week. The prime minister said the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that Iran was “accelerating its nuclear program,

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Israel Unveils Newest Golan Settlement: ‘Trump Heights’


17-06-19 07:13:00,

First in Poland it was the proposed “Fort Trump,” but now in Israel it is “Trump Heights”. In a breaking story that had us doing a double take just to assure it is indeed real, a new Israeli settlement in the occupied Golan Heights has been named ‘Trump Heights’ in honor Trump’s deeply controversial decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the territory. 

Image source: AFP

None other than Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu presided over the opening ceremony, which featured the unveiling of a large sign bearing Trump’s name and US-Israeli criss-crossing flags. 

The United Nations and other countries have not given international backing to the US recognition, which further last month involved the State Department officially changing world maps to reflect the new status. The settlement is yet to be established though the sign is in place, in what is sure to unleash a new wave of controversy and protests in Syria and the Palestinian territories. 

Israel’s premier pledged in April to name a new settlement after Mr Trump, soon after the president overturned decades of US policy by recognising Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan.

The region is located about 60km (40 miles) south-west of the Syrian capital, Damascus, and covers about 1,000 sq km (400 sq miles).

The new settlement is expected to be built near Kela in the northern Golan Heights. —BBC

Israel fully annexed the Golan Heights in 1981 after capturing it from Syria during the Six-Day War of 1967. The United Nations has never recognized Israeli annexation and settlement there, but has repeatedly condemned it — all of which has resulted in a Syria-Israel state of war ever since. 

Thank you PM @Netanyahu and the State of Israel for this great honor!🇺🇸🇮🇱 https://t.co/OUcf6s98UX

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 16, 2019

Later in the day Sunday President Trump retweeted a congratulations and photos highlighting the event – which had been sent from the US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who was on hand representing the United States during the ceremony.

Friedman noted it was the “first time Israel has dedicated a village in honor of a sitting president since Harry Truman (1949)”

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US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UK…who is behind the false flag in Gulf of Oman


14-06-19 10:09:00,

First let me be clear; I greatly admired the principles that American’s used to espouse, in my lifetime; I am very fond of the majority of the people; I’ve spent in total some of years living there, in different States; it is I suppose mostly the silent majority, the ‘middle Americans’ that I am most fond of…certainly not the ‘elite’, the super rich 1% ‘ters …it has as a Country dramatically changed since 9/11….and sadly the Catch 22 that defines America today is best summed up thus:

“The United States is exceptional, just like every country is. But it has problems just like every other country has. It ought to be able to learn from other countries but it refuses, because it believes it’s exceptional…”

The above is a recent quote by eighty one year old Jared Mason Diamond, an American historian.

Let’s talk specifics.

According to a Middle Eastern English language newspaper of 12 June, “the US appears confident that boosting its military presence in the Gulf is having an impact on Iran’s behaviour in the region but insisted that the end goal is still to bring Tehran to the negotiating table”.

What does it mean when the US, at its most arrogant, says, “it is having an impact on Iran”? What bullshit. Iran, ancient Persia (the second oldest civilisation on the planet after China) doesn’t give a damn what America says or does; never did since its 1979 revolution. Nor does China for that matter.

Who is threatening who?

In the case of Iran, is Iran in the Gulf of Mexico with its Navy or is the huge American Navy in the Persian Gulf supported by numerous US Military Bases in the region threatening Iran?

Now yesterday new very serious news, a lie, was confirmed by Pompeo: “It is the assessment of the United States that the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for the attacks.”on the two oil tankers the other side of the Strait of Hormuz, in the Gulf of Oman.

Why would Iran?

Without any doubt this is a false flag operation to blame Iran in order to create circumstances for Neocons like Pompeo and ‘President Bolton’ to start a war with Iran.

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NSA Gave Israel Access to All US Citizens’ Communications Data, Leaked Documents Show


13-06-19 08:28:00,

US also cooperated with helping Israelis conduct targeted assassinations against Hezbollah, no surprise there

(RT) Sat, Jun 1, 2019 | 600 words 9,652

Frustrated by a legal ban on sharing intelligence with Israeli operatives conducting targeted assassinations against Hezbollah, the NSA crafted a loophole giving them total access even to US citizens’ data, leaked documents show.

The Israeli SIGINT National Unit (ISNU), the NSA’s counterpart in Tel Aviv, convinced the Americans to circumvent the legal prohibition on providing surveillance data for targeted assassinations during Israel’s 2006 war with Lebanon, according to the newest revelation from the archives obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Using the familiar rationale of “terrorism” to excuse cooperation they knew was illegal, the NSA and ISNU found a workaround using the Office of the Director of National Intelligence that provided the Israelis with all the intel they needed, according to an October 2006 article in the NSA’s internal publication.

To ISNU, this prohibition [on sharing data for targeted killings] was contrary not only to supporting Israel in its fight against Hizballah but overall, to support the US Global War on Terrorism,” said an article in SIDToday. 

Its author, whose name is redacted, details the “late-night, sometimes tense discussions” he had with ISNU officials who believed they deserved an exemption from the US prohibition on abetting targeted killings.

The documents don’t include details of what “arrangement” was eventually worked out with the ODNI, but the Israeli military used American data to lay waste to Lebanon’s civilian population, much like the tech-enhanced US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, whose kill-counts swelled with civilian victims after they received access to NSA targeting data.

Israel repeatedly, and in some cases egregiously, violated the laws of war,” Human Rights Watch reporter Nadim Houry told the Intercept, adding that the Israelis “engaged in indiscriminate aerial attacks” and cluster bombing against “civilian infrastructure that was not tied in any way to the armed conflict.”

This ‘strategy‘ had a name – the “

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The Day Israel Attacked America — Remember the USS Liberty – PaulCraigRoberts.org


08-06-19 06:17:00,

June 8, 2019
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This Is What “America’s Good Friend” Israel Did To Us, and the Murderous Bastards Got Away With It Because “Our” Government is Scared to Death of The Israel Lobby.

As Adm. Tom Moorer said, No American President Has the Balls to Stand Up to Israel.

Tough Guy Trump Is Totally Owned by Israel as is the government of Florida and 25 other American states.  

Notice that the documentary was made by Aljazeera.  No American producer had the courage.


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Israel Now Owns Florida’s Government – PaulCraigRoberts.org


08-06-19 09:17:00,

Israel Now Owns Florida’s Government along with Washington and 26 other State Governments

Thanks to the Florida legislature and governor it is no longer possible to make any criticism of Israel in Florida’s public schools.  The Florida educational system is now prohibited from any acknowledgement, other than approval, of Israeli murders of Palestinians, carpet bombing with illegal white phosphorus of Gaza, and Israeli interference in US elections.  


Free speech is dying the death of a thousand cuts.  The Florida state government just added many cuts to the death of free speech, and the dumbshit idiots don’t even realize it.  

There appears to be no limit to American politicians who willingly sell out our country for Israeli money.

Support your website as it is one of the few lights still burning against the growing darkness.

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Israel to auction classrooms donated by EU to Palestinian children


31-05-19 04:39:00,

Israel’s Defense Ministry is planning to auction off two remaining prefab classrooms that were donated to Palestinian schoolchildren by the European Union, only to be confiscated by the Israeli body that runs the West Bank.

The auction is due to be held next week, according to the Guardian which reportedly saw an advertisement that ran in the Israeli newspaper Maariv. It will take place in the offices of the Civil Administration which tore down and confiscated the classrooms last October.

Also on rt.com
Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ will give Israel control over West Bank settlements – report

The classrooms had been intended for 49 students in grades one to six in Ibziq, in the northern occupied West Bank. The classrooms were funded by the EU and EU member states.

When they were dismantled the EU missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah condemned Israeli authorities for dismantling the prefabs and called on them to rebuild the structures in the same place “without delay.

READ MORE: Romania breaks with EU to relocate its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

Every child has the right to access education and States have an obligation to protect, respect and fulfil this right, by ensuring that schools are inviolable safe spaces for children,” read the EU statement.

The EU has held a long-standing position in the dispute over the occupied territories, and has repeatedly called on Israeli authorities to halt demolitions and the confiscation of Palestinian houses and property.

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Israel’s Role In 9/11


28-05-19 07:02:00,

The tale of 9/11 will just not go away, largely because it is clear to anyone who reads the lengthy 9/11 Commission Report that many issues that should have been subject to inquiry were ignored for what would appear to be political reasons. The George W. Bush Administration quite obviously did not want to assume any blame for what had happened and that bias also extended to providing cover for U.S. “allies,” most particularly Saudi Arabia and Israel. Those who have sought the truth about 9/11 have been persistent in their attempts to find out information that was suppressed but they have been blocked repeatedly in spite of numerous FOIA requests.

Now, eighteen years after the event, there has been something like a breakthrough, penetrating the wall of silence erected by the government. FBI reports on the possible Israeli role in 9/11 were released on May 7th and they serve to support speculation by myself and other former intelligence officers that Israel, at a minimum, had detailed prior knowledge of what was to take place. More than that, Israeli intelligence officers working in the United States might well have enabled certain aspects of the conspiracy.

To recount some of what is already known and suspected, one should first examine the 2016 release of a heavily edited and redacted 28 pages long annex to the 9/11 Commission Report that explored the Saudi Arabian role in the terrorist attack . The section concluded that the Saudi government may have played a direct role in 9/11 by assisting two of the hijackers, including a dry run exercise intended to learn how to get into a plane’s cockpit. There was also considerable evidence suggesting that wealthy Saudis and even members of the Royal Family had been supporting and funding al-Qaeda.

But far exceeding the Saudi role is the involvement of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, which was not subject to any serious inquiry or investigation by U.S. intelligence or police agencies. Israel, in spite of obvious involvement in 9/11, was not included in the 9/11 Commission Report despite the existence of an enormous Israeli intelligence operation freely working in the United States that was known to the FBI. Some of those Mossad officers were notably filmed celebrating as the Twin Towers were burning and collapsing.

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Israel “Shocked” After Germany Warns Jews Not To Wear Skullcaps


27-05-19 06:55:00,

Germany’s top official on anti-Semitism has caused a stir by saying that he would not advise Jews wear skullcaps in certain parts of the country, according to AP

Felix Klein said in an interview published Saturday that his “opinion has unfortunately changed compared with what it used to be” and that he couldn’t “recommend to Jews that they wear the skullcap at all times everywhere in Germany.”

He also said German police were not familiar with how to deal with anti-Semitic crimes:

 “Many of them don’t know what’s allowed and what’s not. There is a clear definition of anti-Semitism and cops should be taught it during their training.”

He didn’t elaborate further on details of what he meant, including what times and places he was referring to. Germany is home to about 100,000 Jewish citizens, according to Haaretz.  

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said on Sunday that he was “shocked” by the comment:

 “The statement of the German government’s anti-Semitism commissioner that it would be preferable for Jews not wear a kippa in Germany out of fear for their safety, shocked me deeply.”

He continued:

“We will never submit, will never lower our gaze and will never react to anti-Semitism with defeatism — and expect and demand our allies act in the same way.”

The country’s main Jewish leader, Josef Schuster, also said last year that he “would advise people visiting big cities against wearing Jewish skullcaps”. He continued: 

“It has long been a fact that Jews are potentially exposed to danger in some big cities if they can be recognized as Jews.” He added that he pointed that out two years ago, “so it is to be welcomed if this situation gets more attention at the highest political level.”

Three years before that, he also cautioned against wearing one in areas with large Muslim populations. His comments in years prior have been met with criticism from religious leaders in Israel. The country’s chief rabbi, David Lau, said that “skullcaps are a Jewish symbol they should continue to bear proudly.”

Last April, Germans wore skullcaps  in protest of an anti-Semitic attack in Berlin.

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Israel’s War Criminals In Their Own Words


21-05-19 10:03:00,

Israel’s public face, sustained and propagated by a wealthy and powerful diaspora that has significant control over the media, insists that the country is the Middle East’s only true democracy, that is operates under a rule of law for all its citizens and that its army is the “most moral in the world.” All of those assertions are false. Israel’s government favors its Jewish citizens through laws and regulations that are defined by religion. It in fact now identifies itself legally as a Jewish state with Christians and Muslim citizens having second class status. Israel’s army, meanwhile, has committed numerous war crimes against largely unarmed civilian populations in the past seventy years, both in Lebanon and directed against the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza.

In response to the past year’s Great March of Return protests staged by Gazans along the fence line that separates them from Israel, Israeli army snipers have shot dead 293 Palestinians and wounded seven thousand more. Twenty-thousand other Gazans have been harmed by other weapons used by the Israelis, to include canisters from the volleys of tear gas and rubber bullets. The numbers include hundreds of children and medical personnel trying to help the wounded, which reportedly have been particularly targeted.

The United Nations has reported that many of the wounded have been shot in their legs, which the Israeli army regards as “restraint” on its part. Many of those injured will likely need to have limbs amputated because Gaza lacks the medical facilities required to properly treat their wounds. Israel has bombed hospitals and blocked the importation of medical supplies into Gaza while also not allowing Gazans to leave the enclave for medical treatment elsewhere in the Middle East.

One hundred and twenty amputations have already been performed this year. Jamie McGoldrick, the U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator for the Occupied Territories explained “You’ve got 1,700 people who are in need of serious, complicated surgeries for them to be able to walk again…[requiring] very, very serious and complex bone reconstruction surgery over a two-year period before they start to rehabilitate themselves.”

The U.N. would like to provide $20 million in assistance to enable medical treatment rather than amputations but the United States has refused to support emergency funding for the Palestinians through the Relief Works Agency (UNRWA),

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Israel Damaged over 800 Gaza Homes in Three Days – Global Research


08-05-19 02:23:00,

25 civilians were killed in the Israeli attack, including a pregnant woman and a two year old baby. At least 154 were also wounded in the attack.


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Israel Has No Right of Self-Defense Against Gaza – Global Research


06-05-19 02:17:00,


This article was first crossposted in July 2018.

Since the overwhelmingly nonviolent demonstrations in Gaza began on March 30, 2018, the international community has strongly condemned Israel’s armed attacks.A UN General Assembly resolution “deplore[d] the use of any excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force by the Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians,” while the UN Human Rights Council denounced Israel’s “disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force.” After Israeli snipers killed Razan al-Najjar, a twenty-one-year-old unarmed Palestinian paramedic, the UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process warned Israel that it “needs to calibrate its use of force.” In a devastating report, Human Rights Watch concluded that “Israeli forces’ repeated use of lethal force in the Gaza Strip … against demonstrators who posed no imminent threat to life may amount to war crimes.”

Welcome as these condemnations are, the question nonetheless remains whether they go far enough. Simply put, does Israel have the right to use any force under any circumstances against the people of Gaza?

The current legal debate has focused on a pair of interrelated questions:

  • Did Israeli snipers resort to “excessive” or “disproportionate” force against demonstrators (as critics allege), or was the amount of force they deployed necessary to prevent protesters from breaching the perimeter fence (as Israel alleges)?
  • Is Israel’s conduct toward the Gaza protests governed by human rights law (as critics allege) or by international humanitarian law (as Israel alleges)? International humanitarian law applies in situations of armed conflict, whereas human rights law regulates domestic law enforcement. The difference matters, as human rights law imposes more stringent constraints on the use of force.

All parties to both these controversies proceed from a common premise: that Israel has the right to use force in order to prevent Gazans from breaching the fence. The dispute comes down to: how much? Critics who allege “disproportionate” or “excessive” force tacitly legitimize Israel’s use of “proportionate” or “moderate” force, while those who insist upon the applicability of human rights law acknowledge that Israel’s resort to force is legitimate if demonstrators pose an “imminent threat” to a sniper’s life.

This presumption holds even at the most critical pole of the debate on Gaza.

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Israel’s Terrorists: The White Helmets Receive an Award – Global Research


06-05-19 10:40:00,

Increasingly, groups and even foreign governments have pandered to Israel and its supporters in the United States because they have come to understand that success in dealing with Washington can be dependent on Jewish support.

Last week, Raed Saleh, the leader of the so-called White Helmets, also referred to as the Syrian Civil Defense, a terrorist-affiliated group, was in the United States to “…receive the Elie Wiesel Award from the Holocaust Memorial Museum for his organization’s work in Syria.” He was also dropping by to pick up a check for $5 million courtesy of the U.S. government “…to help us with acquiring ambulances and help us with search and rescue operations.”

During his visit, Saleh was treated to a nauseatingly obsequious interview courtesy of National Public Radio, which, inter alia, described how the Helmets “were the subjects of an Oscar-winning documentary two years ago, which captured images of them carrying broken and bloody Syrians from dust and rubble.”

Saleh claimed that the alleged victory of the Syrian regime in the yet to be completed war is an illusion as President Bashar al-Assad presides over a broken country, yet reports from inside Syria indicate that the return of the government to areas formerly controlled by terrorists has been welcomed and refugees from the fighting are now eager to return home. Saleh also claimed, falsely, that his organization has been

“providing services to all Syrians and to providing support to all Syrians. Now after six years of war, we have saved more than 116,000 people from under the rubble. We have not asked any of these 116,000 people who did they belong to? Is he a Kurd? Is he a Christian? Is he a Muslim? Is he with Assad? Is he against Assad? Is he with the Kurds? Is he against the Kurds? We have never asked anyone these questions.”

Saleh, whose group has only operated in terrorist-controlled areas, could not, however, maintain his approved narrative. He fairly quickly abandoned his non-partisan quasi-humanitarian rhetoric when asked about how he sees the Syrian conflict developing, saying

“We do not call this a civil war, but we rather call it a revolution against a dictatorship…the revolution still goes on.

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Are the US and Israel Preparing for War in the Middle East? Lebanon is Next? – Global Research


03-05-19 03:15:00,

Despite the lack of visible preparation for war, the Lebanese authorities consider it important to take all necessary precautions for a possible Israeli attack on Lebanon. Israel is not alone; this time its forces enjoy unlimited military support from the US administration through the US forces stationed in Israel and in various bases in the Middle East. Israel also enjoys financial support from Middle Eastern countries, mainly Saudi Arabia, in case of a punitive war against non-state allies of Iran. Indeed, Israel sent a sharp message to the Lebanese authorities revealing its intention to bomb selected targets in the country, considered threatening by Israel. Lebanon answered: “a bombing of targets in Lebanon will be met with a similar bombing in Israel and we are ready for a possible escalation if it is imposed on us”.

The US and Israel are working side by side against Iran and its allies/partners in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Lebanese authorities received an official warning, via France, revealing the intention of Israel to bomb specific locations in Lebanon, claimed to host missile factories. The local authorities answered:

“Lebanon shall not initiate a war against Israel. But if any location in Lebanon is bombed, a similar and equivalent and precise location in Israel will be bombed. If Israel bombs several locations, Lebanon will respond by bombing an equivalent number of locations and objectives. If Israel escalates, Lebanon will follow and the response may spill over the borders of Lebanon where its allies may not hesitate to take part in a war against Israel”, said a well-informed source in the country.

“Unlike the US military, Israel has air force superiority in the Middle East. The US forces can only offer military advice, intelligence, interception missiles batteries, supply of weapons and ammunition, exert pressure on Middle Eastern countries (mainly Saudi Arabia and the Emirates) to finance a military campaign with the objective to cripple Iran’s allies in the region, and make sure the UN is not taking any resolution against any possible Israeli aggression. But real attacks are normally carried out by the Israel Air Force”, said the source.

Notwithstanding the non-state militant leadership in Lebanon who “personally estimate that the possibility of war is unlikely”, “worst-case scenarios have been laid down by the high military command”,

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Israel Plans to Launch a Surprise War against Lebanon – Global Research


24-04-19 03:48:00,

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah held a private meeting this week with his top military commanders in which he warned them to prepare for a hot Summer because Israel plans to launch a surprise war against Lebanon. Sayyed Nasrallah has asked his men to share the reality of the situation and the possibility of war when briefing their men, families and people in the villages and cities in which Hezbollah operates.

He also prepared them for the likelihood of his assassination and the killing of Hezbollah’s first line of command in the event of such a war and that they will have to run the war on their own, as they were trained for.

“I may not remain among you for very long; it is possible that the entire first level of leadership could be killed, including myself. Israel may succeed in assassinating many leaders and commanders. The death of some key personalities will not be the end of Hezbollah, because the party doesn’t rely merely on individuals but rather on the entire society that is an essential part of its existence”, said Sayyed Nasrallah to the gathering.

He added that

“measures and procedures have already been taken to be ready even if this extreme case (the killing of top leaders including Sayyed Nasrallah himself) happens.”

The team protecting the leader of Hezbollah imposes tight security procedures on any visitor, regardless of rank or function. No mobile phones or personal rings or belongings are allowed; they must be removed before reaching the meeting place. Commanders gather in different locations and are transported in black curtained buses, in small number, for security reasons. At the end of the meeting, his personal security team leaves the place with Sayyed Nasrallah first and the gathering leaves afterwards, driven back to their desired destination.

“There are strong indications that this war will take everybody by surprise, like the 2006 war. Nevertheless, (the Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin) Netanyahu is preparing himself, unlike (the former PM Ehud) Olmert who was hesitant, when the unprepared Israeli political decision was caught out in July (2006). Israel can surprise us all like it did in Gaza in 2008 with the objective of removing the threat on its borders once and for all.

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“The Greece Israel Cyprus Axis” (GRISCY): The US Key to Containing Multipolarity in the Eastern Mediterranean? – Global Research


11-04-19 06:10:00,

The US’ strengthening of its energy and security partnerships with the emerging strategic axis of Greece, “Israel”, and Cyprus (GRISCY) through the proposed “Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act” will contribute to containing multipolarity in the region by working against the interests of Turkey, Russia, and even China.

The GRISCY Game-Changer

Adam Garrie’s observation last year about the emerging Greek-“Israeli“-Cypriot (GRISCY) axis has been validated after two Senators just proposed the “Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act” that will see the US strengthen its energy and strategic partnerships with this alliance. The popular Greek outlet Ekathimerini summarized the bill’s most important provisions as follows:

                “- Lift the prohibition on arms sales to the Republic of Cyprus;

  • Authorize the establishment of a United States-Eastern Mediterranean Energy Center to facilitate energy cooperation between the US, Israel, Greece, and Cyprus;
  • Authorize $3,000,000 in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) assistance for Greece;
  • Authorize $2,000,000 for International Military Education and Training (IMET) assistance for Greece and $2,000,000 for Cyprus.
  • Impede the transfer of F-35 aircraft to Turkey, as long as Turkey continues with plans to purchase the S-400 air defense system from the Russian Federation, a purchase that would be sanctionable under US law.
  • Require the Administration to submit to Congress a strategy on enhanced security and energy cooperation with countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as reports on malign activities by Russia and other countries in the region.”

From the above, it’s clear to see that this is a blatantly anti-Turkish piece of legislation, albeit one that’s also equally contrary to Russian and Chinese interests as well. This means that the Act is actually intended to contain multipolarity in the region and is therefore poised to be a game-changing geopolitical development if it enters into law.

Greece & Cyprus

GRISCY brings together three anti-Turkish states along Ankara’s Western and Southern peripheries and gives them a sense of integrational purpose through the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Pipeline that they’re all involved in, which in turn serves as the physical basis for expanding their energy relations to the political,

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Why Israel Is Seen on Campus, in Both Europe and the US, as Treating the United Nations with Total Contempt – Global Research


07-04-19 07:36:00,

Because no other claimed democratic government:

1. Kills unarmed protestors, including students, as an everyday alleged security operation and imprisons thousands of dissidents, including teenagers, without trial

2. Imposes a inhumane blockade of essential goods upon 2 million civilians in an illegal effort to produce a regime change in an entire population by denying it adequate electricity and water, medical, food and building supplies – for more than 10 years with the result that an entire people are now predominately unemployed, with inadequate food and water, no jobs and no future – all this under the transparent pretext of ‘arms control’

3. Treats over 20% of its own people as second-class citizens with restricted civil rights purely because of their ethnicity

4. Refuses to allow UN inspectors from the IAEA to inspect its undeclared nuclear weapon stores, now estimated to contain up to 400 warheads in secret underground bunkers

5. Refuses to be a party to the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty,  the Chemical Weapons or the Biological Weapons Conventions (CWC/ BWC)

6. Refuses to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 2334 that demands its withdrawal from all Occupied Territories including the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, or with UNSCR 497 which stipulates that Israel’s ‘decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration in the Occupied Golan Heights is null and void and without international legal effect.’   Consequently, US President Trump’s recent decision, in collusion with AIPAC the Zionist lobby, regarding the Golan Heights is a violation of international law and a threat to global peace.

7. Refusal to comply with the U N Resolution that requires Jerusalem to be an ‘international city’ with free and unfettered access to all faiths. UN Security Council Resolution 476, adopted on 30 June 1980 declared that ‘Israel’s actions as an occupying power in altering the status of the Holy City of Jerusalem have no legal validity and constitute a flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.’

8. Is an indiscriminate supplier of arms and military equipment to regimes around the world

9. Is the head of an international lobby whose agenda is to influence legislative assemblies in both the US and Europe


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Committee: Israel Testing Medicines on Palestinian Prisoners – Global Research


04-04-19 03:40:00,

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‘Why not give Israel North & South Carolina?’ Syrian envoy asks US at UN


28-03-19 12:50:00,

Syria’s UN ambassador has suggested the US hand “a couple” of its own states over to Israel instead of flouting international law and selling others’ land for favors with the Israeli lobby, like it did with the Golan Heights.

Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar Jaafari offered a stark rebuke to the US-backed Israeli claim to the occupied Golan Heights at the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday. Jaafari said the Trump administration does the bidding of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN to curry favor with the powerful Israeli lobby in the US.

In a remark that elicited a chuckle and a head-shake from his Israeli counterpart, Jaafari suggested that Washington bargain away land that is actually its to give.

You can give them North and South Carolina, for example, why not? South Carolina is a great piece of land… So, give Israel a couple of states if this administration really wants to have Israeli support

Trump’s decision to back the Israeli claim to the Golan Heights comes just ahead of the Israeli general elections on April 6 and has been widely considered as an electoral boost for Netanyahu, who is facing charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust at home.

“Don’t be misguided by thinking that one day this land will be yours due to hypocrisy or due to being a pawn in the electoral game where you bring each other support, so the Israelis can succeed in their elections and the Americans can also get support from Israeli lobbying groups in the US,” Jaafari said. The Golan Heights, seized by Israel during the 1967 Six-Day war and formally annexed in 1981, will ultimately “come back” to Syria, the diplomat said.

The Security Council meeting was called at Syria’s request. Damascus insists that the recognition of the Golan Heights belonging to Israel runs counter to UN resolutions that expressly declare the annexation “null and void.”

Also on rt.com
‘US decision on Golan Heights is highway to war’: Russian Duma speaker

Washington’s adversaries and allies alike have lined up to condemn the breach of international law. The Arab League, Turkey,

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Mahathir: Israel Is a State of Thieves – Global Research


25-03-19 01:42:00,

Dubbing Israel as “a state of thieves”, Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamed on Friday said his country enjoys friendly relations with every country in the world except for Israel.

“We are not against Jews, but we cannot recognize Israel because of its occupation of the Palestinian land,” Mahathir said in his remarks, aired by local broadcasters, during his three-day visit to Pakistan on Friday.

“You cannot seize others’ land, and establish a state on it. It’s like a state of thieves”, he went on to say.

His remarks came one day after US president Donald Trump said it was time for the US to recognize Israel’s control of the Syrian Golan Heights.


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Like Israel, The French government uses chemical markers and nanoparticles on demonstrators. – Dutch Anarchy


25-03-19 11:13:00,

During the protests and subsequent orgy of violence instigated by French government militias Yellow vests and passers-by have unknowingly become guinea pigs for the first global experiment on humans with nanoparticles and chemical markers whose effect on biological organisms is still very poorly understood.

For the French government, these are harmless “coded chemical marking products” that impregnate the skin, hair and clothing of the targeted persons for a period ranging from several weeks to decades.

Officially this fuzzy technology has never been used against human beings. However, specific information gathered from some security professionals indicates that during Act 18 of the Yellow Vests (March 16), water cannons and gases containing DNA markers and nano-particles were used against demonstrators without prior notice to the latter.

In addition to chemical markers and nanoparticles whose effects on human health are poorly understood, the addition of new psychotropic substances to CS gases is a real large-scale experiment in new social control techniques similar to those of the worst dystopias in science fiction films and novels.

These “DNA weapons” developed in Great Britain and widely used by Israel contain chemical and biological substances whose harmfulness to human health has been deliberately ignored, particularly in Israel where Palestinian prisoners claim to have contracted various types of cancers as a result of their DNA marking or the use of other control techniques involving nano-particles that may have damaged the genetic material of the cells in their bodies.

The French government admitted to using chemical markers on demonstrators as an experiment during the May 1, 2018 demonstrations. However, the populations should have been warned that they would be the subject of prohibited experiments.

For advocates of such processes, DNA or RNA marking products do not represent any danger, but their statements are not supported by any scientific evidence.

It is known that the impact of most biochemicals used on humans can only be detected after years since most non-positive studies are systematically censored by large companies in the chemical industry.

The use of psychotic substances to control demonstrations and urban riots has proved to be much more dangerous on the ground.

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Alan “Israel Did 9/11” Sabrosky: Most Censored Man in America


24-03-19 01:16:00,

Who’s afraid of Alan Sabrosky? Whoever they are, they have the ability to monitor and censor YouTube live-streams in real time. And they apparently don’t want you to know what Sabrosky thinks about the Holocaust.

That’s the obvious takeaway from the highly unusual example of YouTube censorship that disrupted the March 22 live broadcast of False Flag Weekly News. The broadcast, which live-streamed from Vimeo to three different YouTube channels, transpired normally up to the 59:31 mark, when Sabrosky stated that the Holocaust was “a technological and logistical impossibility—“ and suddenly his mike was cut…but only on the YouTube stream, archived here:

If you want to hear the rest of Dr. Sabrosky’s Holocaust statement (instead of long stretches of dead air) you’ll have to watch the Vimeo version, which was not censored:

Whoever did this must have been monitoring the broadcast in real time. It must have been a human, not an AI algorithm. The censor must have had his or her finger hovering over the “cut his mike” button throughout the show. And that censor must have been trained and given the power to cut Sabrosky’s mike within a couple of seconds of Sabrosky starting to “deny the Holocaust.” Altogether quite an amazing feat of censorship!

But however logistically and technologically impressive this bizarre crime against free speech may have been, it seems even more impressively stupid and self-defeating. Can they really believe that actions like this are going to stop people from asking questions about the Holocaust? Haven’t they heard of the Streisand Effect? Isn’t everyone who hears about this going to say, “gee, if they have to take such extreme measures to silence this guy, maybe he’s onto something?”

It is really quite a tribute to Dr. Sabrosky and False Flag Weekly News that someone went to so much trouble. They must be spending far more money to monitor and censor us than we are spending doing the show in the first place. Talk about asymmetrical information warfare!

But I don’t believe the people behind this are as stupid as they seem. Such apparently counterproductive acts sometimes do serve strategic purposes. In this case, I assume the censors were beta-testing protocols for censoring live-streams in real time.

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Israel mal auf der Seite der Hamas


20-03-19 10:06:00,

Gaza: Proteste am Grenzzaun zu Israel; Archivfoto (2018): Fars News Agency / CC BY 4.0

Im Gazastreifen demonstrieren Tausende gegen die Hamas-Regierung

Ein Jahr nach den ersten Protesten am Grenzzaun zu Israel wird im Gazastreifen wieder demonstriert. Doch dieses Mal, zum ersten Mal, gehen die Menschen nicht gegen Israel auf die Straße, sondern gegen die Hamas, die den dicht bevölkerten Landstrich seit 2007 regiert.

Und die dabei immer größere Probleme hat: Die Arbeitslosigkeit bei Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen liegt bei um die 70 Prozent, obwohl der letzte Krieg mit Israel nun fast fünf Jahre zurück liegt, es fehlt an sauberem Trinkwasser, an regelmäßigem Strom, auch fast fünf Jahre nach dem letzten Krieg mit Israel verläuft der Wiederaufbau nur schleppend.

Es sind einige Tausend Menschen, die den Aufrufen einer bis vor kurzem nicht in Erscheinung getretenen Gruppe namens “Bewegung 14. März” im Internet folgen, und auf der Straße auf heftige Reaktionen der Hamas-Polizei und der Essedin al Kassam-Brigaden, dem militärischen Flügel der Hamas, treffen: Demonstranten, einheimische Menschenrechtler und Journalisten werden verprügelt und festgenommen; auch scharfe Munition wurde bereits eingesetzt.

Dennoch gehen die Demonstrationen weiter, und das ist neu: Noch nie seit 2007, egal wie schlecht die Lage auch war, sind die Menschen im Gazastreifen in nennenswerter Zahl gegen die Hamas-Regierung auf die Straße gegangen.

Die Hamas wirft der Regierung von Präsident Mahmud Abbas mit Sitz in Ramallah vor, die Proteste anzustacheln; dort weist man den Vorwurf zurück. Abbas fordert nun, die Arabische Liga, Ägypten und Katar müssten intervenieren, die Hamas dazu drängen, die Macht an die Regierung in Ramallah abgeben.

Erst vor eineinhalb Wochen war diese umgebildet worden: Im Juni 2014 hatten sich Hamas und Fatah im Zuge eines der zahlreichen Einigungsabkommens auf die Bildung einer gemeinsamen Regierung geeinigt.

Die Einheitsregierung

Die Einigung selbst blieb aus, die Einheitsregierung bestand aber weiter, auf dem Papier, denn die von der Hamas ernannten stellvertretenden Minister und Staatssekretäre arbeiteten einfach wie eine Schattenregierung für Gaza.


Nun wurde diese Regierung durch ein nur mit Funktionären der Palästinensischen Befreiungsorganisation (PLO) besetztes Kabinett ersetzt; schon Ende 2017 hatte Abbas die Einstellung der Zahlungen für Strom- und Treibstofflieferungen aus Israel verfügt,

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Anti-Semitism and “The Israel Project” – Global Research


19-03-19 12:45:00,

Israel is off-limits. The criminalisation of anti-Semitism means nothing short of this. In fact, France’s President Macron says anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism and both are now legally defined as “hate crimes”. Will this be a global precursor? Will the world uphold such a sweeping, broad legal definition that has the potential to embrace the inhumanity and egregious acts of such nations as Israel, now an apartheid Jewish state? For example, will countries refusing to recognise Israel, like Malaysia, be brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC)?

And, why is it the apartheid Jewish state of Israel, discriminatory towards the Palestinians in its very essence, cannot be criticised for its inhumanity against a brethren race? Let the Semites fight it out amongst themselves — for the land, the water resources and whatever else the Israeli Jews are robbing the Muslim Palestinians of?

Yes, the inhumane treatment of the Palestinians, most especially of Gaza, by Tel Aviv is anti-Semitism. Why is it that only the rhetorical and physical manifestations of irrational hatred toward the Jewish community, institutions and religious facilities — as defined by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and used officially — is singled out? Palestinians are Semites, too. The British gave away their land to Jews from Europe, not Semitic, enabling the expulsion of the Palestinians from their homeland. There was genocide and ethnic cleansing by the Jews, which are on-going to this day.

These crimes against a Semitic people is not anti-Semitism?

Furthermore, the IHRA definition in attempting a neutral position does uphold that

“Rhetorical and physical manifestation of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or property…”

Yet, the West goes out of its way to define any and all criticism of Israel — and in France also of Zionism — as anti-Semitism and has been conveniently criminalised. Why? In whose interest is it to prevent the exorcism of evil from Israeli policies?

Zionism claims legitimacy as “a national liberation movement of the Jews, by the Jews, and for the Jews” (Mohameden Ould-Mey, 2003) which, in short, is Jewish nationalism. Israel then would be the basis for Jewish nationalism and ipso facto containing Zionism to within the Israeli borders. Not so!

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Israel’s right-wing justice minister samples ‘fascism’ perfume in bizarre campaign ad (VIDEO)


19-03-19 08:23:00,

It’s an ad we’ve all seen a million times. A saucy seductress sprays herself gently with an overpriced perfume. Except now the femme fatale is Israel’s justice minister, and the perfume is called “fascism.” Is this real life?

Accused by political opponents of embracing right-wing extremism, Ayelet Shaked was clearly going for satire when she released a campaign ad in which she mimics a chichi model who samples a bottle of “fascism” perfume – but the joke hasn’t translated well. Her right-wing views, coupled with the fact that many who watched the video on social media are not Israeli and don’t speak Hebrew, have led some to wonder if Israel’s justice minister has lost her marbles.

This is one of the most bizzare election ad you have ever seen: Israel’s Minister of Justice (!!) Ayelet Shaked plays a model, sprays herself with “Fascism” perfume and says: “Smells like democracy to me”. Viktor Orban on steroids pic.twitter.com/s8Y4Oziw75

— Barak Ravid (@BarakRavid) March 18, 2019

As Shaked saunters about in the faux perfume ad, she whispers in Hebrew “judicial reform,” “separation of powers” and “restraining the Supreme Court” – issues which she has made central to her campaign.

After spraying herself with the scent of “fascism,” Shaked tells the camera: “To me, it smells like democracy.”

International outrage over the ad has compelled Israeli journalists to try to explain its context to English speakers.

“It’s a really tone deaf ad, but most of the descriptions I’m seeing in English are pretending it’s a defense of fascism when it’s not. She’s clearly saying she’s accused of fascism but that the policies listed in the ad (which most would-be translators skip) are democratic,” Lahav Harkov, senior contributing editor at the Jerusalem Post, tweeted.

It’s a really tone deaf ad, but most of the descriptions I’m seeing in English are pretending it’s a defense of fascism when it’s not. She’s clearly saying she’s accused of fascism but that the policies listed in the ad (which most would-be translators skip) are democratic.

— Lahav Harkov (@LahavHarkov) March 18, 2019

The ad may have succeeded in creating publicity for her upstart political party,

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The Power of the Israel Lobby Is Unrivaled – PaulCraigRoberts.org


17-03-19 01:45:00,

The Power of the Israel Lobby Is Unrivaled

Zionists openly brag about the power of the Israel Lobby, but others who mention the lobby’s power are branded as anti-Semites.  We are supposed to accept the lobby’s power but never complain about it.

This documentary prepared for broadcast by Al Jazeera — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcnSDsUkEVw&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=c9da6fa6-ce81-4102-a54b-2216a90ba156  — shows the extraordinary power of the Israel Lobby in two ways.  

One is that it consists of recordings by a Jewish journalist who infiltrated Zionist organizations and captured the self-satisfied bragging of Israeli and American Zionist agents about how they destroy critics of Israel and defenders of Palestinians and exercise Jewish power over the US Congress, US media, and US universities.  There is no doubt that the Zionist Lobby is extremely powerful.  Former US Representative Jim Moran describes how the Israel Lobby ended his 24-year career in Congress, not for criticizing Israel but just for opposing one of Washington’s wars that Israel regarded as beneficial to Israel.

The other is that the Israel Lobby succeeded in preventing the broadcast of the documentary prepared for the Arab news agency. 

Eventually the documentary was leaked to the Internet and can be watched at the URL above. For a one hour abridgement of the 4 hour film, see: 


Once the Israel Lobby succeeds in its global campaign to criminalize all criticism of Israel, the videos will disappear off of the Internet.  http://www.unz.com/audio/gunsbutter_the-global-campaign-to-criminalize-criticism-of-israel-402/ 

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Israel pounds Gaza after “mistaken” missile launch


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A Gaza City site struck by Israel the previous night, 15 March.

Ashraf Amra
APA images

The occupied Gaza Strip was subjected to some 100 Israeli strikes overnight Friday after two rockets were fired from Gaza toward central Israel, sounding off sirens in Tel Aviv.

One of the rockets fired from Gaza landed in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon. No injuries were reported as a result of the two rockets.

Gaza’s health ministry reported four injuries due to the “Israeli escalation,” after which four rockets were fired from Gaza toward southern Israel, according to Israeli media.

The bombing frequency is much higher than usual. We have had at least five or six blasts just in our area. Huge orange flashes can be seen from the window. #Gaza #Palestine

— J. Shawa جاسم الشوا (@shawajason) March 14, 2019

Imagine how many tons of explosives have been dropped on #Gaza? #Israel hit 100 ‘targets’ in 3 hours, meaning at least 33 rockets every hour, meaning every 2 mins, Palestinian children cried in terror, fearing death. My 6-month niece had a sleepless night with the family! https://t.co/kR57ozwKD7

— ShahdAbusalama (@ShahdAbusalama) March 15, 2019

Egyptian mediators stated that a ceasefire was declared at 8am Friday morning, and both the Hamas leadership in Gaza and the Israeli military appeared keen to avoid a prolonged escalation.

Both the Hamas and Islamic Jihad factions in Gaza, the organizations most likely to possess mid-range rockets that could reach Tel Aviv, quickly denied responsibility, with Hamas saying that it would discipline those responsible for acting outside the national consensus.

Israel: rockets launched by mistake

Hamas officials were meeting with Egyptian mediators at the time the two rockets were launched. The Egyptian delegation, which has been conducting indirect negotiations between Hamas and Israel for several months, was told to leave by Israel later that night before the bombardment of the Strip.

On Friday, the Israeli military told media that the rockets were likely launched by mistake during maintenance work.

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