Israeli High Court rejects motion to ban arms sales to Azerbaijan


14-10-20 09:36:00,

Although the radar returns recorded by Flight24 reveal that two Azerbaijani military transport aircraft landed in Israel to load up cargo just before and just after the attack on Artsakh, the Israeli High Court considered that this did not prove that Israeli weapons were being used today against the Armenians [1].

While Amnesty International has testified that the Azerbaijani army deploys Israeli drones against Armenian civilians, the Israeli High Court decided that this did not prove they had been intentionally sold for that purpose. In fact, Israeli drones were already being displayed at Azerbaijani military parades as early as 2015.

Judge Yosef Elron, therefore, dismissed the petition which had been submitted to the High Court [2], making it impossible for either witnesses or arguments to be heard. This high-ranking magistrate, a former military judge, is known for his complacency towards the security services.

Steadfast defenders of Israel – like Noam Chomsky [3] – have tried to downplay Israel’s stance by arguing that the Jewish state had only sold arms to Azerbaijan for gain. To which other, more honest, intellectuals responded. Hence, Israel W. Charny, director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem, raised the following question: imagining that the Nazis had decided to annihilate only the Gypsies and not the Jews, if the State of Israel had existed then, could it have provided them with the weapons of the genocide?

[1] “Azerbaijan armed by Israel against Artsakh”, Voltaire Network, 1 October 2020.

[2] “High Court rejects ban on arms sales to Azerbaijan as lacking evidence”, Yonah Jeremy Bob, The Jerusalem Post, October 13, 2020.

[3] “Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict”, article in 3 parts by Jeffrey Blankfort, Voltaire Network, 20 September 2006.

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The Israeli Newspaper Haaretz Reminds US that Israel’s Most Famous Leader Said: “Most Jews Are Thieves” –


05-10-20 07:11:00,

The Israeli Newspaper Haaretz Reminds US that Israel’s Most Famous Leader Said: “Most Jews Are Thieves”

Was David Ben-Gurion an anti-semitic self-hating Jew?

Israel has to learn to accept criticism just like every other country and government on Earth.  Israel has got away for far too long with branding every critic of any Israeli policy an anti-semitic who wants to restart the Holocaust.  Israel is the only country in the world that has well-financed political lobbies that have succeeded in having governments make criticism of Israel a hate crime punished by a prison sentence.

Israel treats Palestinians the way Nazis treated Jews, only perhaps worse.  Israel has stolen Palestine from the inhabitants. 

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Israeli tourism minister quits govt over curbs on protests & ‘Netanyahu’s political interests’


02-10-20 08:29:00,

Tourism Minister Asaf Zamir quit the Israeli government on Friday, citing his opposition to new rules which restrict people’s right to protest amid the pandemic, as well as his lack of trust in PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

“My conscience does not allow me to stay in a government that prevents de facto protests against its head,” Zamir wrote in a Facebook post announcing his resignation.

He also accused Netanyahu of putting his personal issues ahead of the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis currently raging in the country. “I can no longer sit in a government in which I don’t have an ounce of trust in the person at its head,” Zamir wrote. “I sadly state that the coronavirus crisis and its dire consequences is at best in second place on the prime minister’s list of priorities.”

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Israel cracks down on protests under Covid-19 ‘emergency’ pretext as country extends lockdown

At the top of Netanyahu’s priorities are personal and legal considerations, the minister claimed, adding that the PM runs the country according to his own political interests. “Netanyahu has no ability to rescue the country from the deep crisis it is in. He led us into it. He is the main responsible for the health, economic and social crisis that threatens us all,” Zamir posted.

The politician is a member of the Blue and White party led by alternate Prime Minister and prominent Netanyahu rival Benny Gantz. He is the first minister from the party to resign from government. Last week, Science and Technology Minister Yizhar Shay also contemplated resigning over the second lockdown, but was reportedly talked out of it by Gantz.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu’s Likud party accused Zamir of resigning for his own political reasons, as he is expected to run for Tel Aviv mayor in the next election.

A government-backed edict approved by parliament on Wednesday bans Israelis from holding demonstrations more than 1km (0.6 miles) from their homes. The measure tightened restrictions amid a second coronavirus lockdown in Israel, which went into effect on September 18 as the country saw a surge in new infections. The number of new cases has climbed to over 7,000 a day.

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Israeli Intelligence Uses Phone App To Troll and Mass Report People Off The Internet


25-07-20 12:20:00,

Much has been said in the Jewish media about mysterious Russian trolls influencing elections, but real cyber disinformation campaigns are being organized by the Israeli government out in the open.

A mobile phone app called Act.IL available for download in the Apple store recruits every day American Jews and organizes them in troll operations on social media in an attempt to control, steer and suppress public conversations about Zionism, BDS and Jewish power.

Act.IL’s founder and CEO, Yarden Ben Yosef, served in a “special combat” intelligence unit in the Israeli military. Most of the company’s staff is composed of spies. The program receives joint funding from billionaire GOP donor Sheldon Adelson and the Israeli state.

The app provides users with Amber Alert style pop ups featuring links to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc posts critical of Jews, Israel ,or supportive of Palestinians and BDS coupled with instructions for users to harass, brigade and mass report designated targets off the internet.

After each “mission,” trolls are given points. The most prolific harassers and stalkers are celebrated on a public scoreboard.

British media repeatedly claims Russian trolls are responsible for Brexit and tried to intervene in the last election, but no proof has ever been offered.

Meanwhile, Act.IL users were very active in cyber attacks targeting Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters in hopes of undermining the electoral prospects of the UK’s Labour Party.

Neither British intelligence or media appears to be interested in this foreign meddling in their electoral process.

Politicians and celebrities are not the only ones targeted by this cyber warfare operation. Countless American college students, low level activists, and random internet posters who dare question Israel or Jewish power are swamped with state-organized harassment as well. Act.IL trolls even manipulated a Eurovision song contest poll.

Users are regularly instructed to drown employers with astroturfed complaints to get targets in the US and other countries fired.

According to @AntiBDSApp , which reports on the network’s antics, lately they have been bombarding left-wing articles in an attempt to differentiate Black Lives Matter,

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Israeli Bulldozers Continue to Demolish Palestinian Homes in Jerusalem and Occupied West Bank – Global Research


23-06-20 03:50:00,

According to a local information centre, in the past decade alone, Israel has demolished 200 housing units in occupied East Jerusalem leaving 440 Palestinians homeless. In the cruellest and most vicious way, the occupation forces obliged the owners of these houses to demolish their own properties or be charged for the Israelis to do it. The Israeli authorities issue demolition orders and impose huge fines — amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars — on Palestinian Jerusalemites who are already strained financially. It is an outrageous and under-reported injustice.

The same Israeli information centre reports that from January 2006 until 31 May 2020, Israel demolished at least 1,554 Palestinian residential units in the occupied West Bank (not including East Jerusalem), causing 6,780 people – including at least 3,403 minors — to lose their homes. The figures reported by the Palestinian Colonisation and Wall Resistance Commission are much higher. It says that the occupying authorities demolished 6,114 Palestinian homes in the West Bank and Jerusalem over the past decade. We should also consider the 19,000 homes destroyed by Israel during its three military offensives against the Palestinians in Gaza since 2008/9.

The Commission documented the demolition of 1,841 houses in the city of Jerusalem alone from 2009 until July last year. In a provocative manifestation of arrogance and sadism, apartheid Israel often uses the pretext that the buildings were built “without a permit”. Israeli courts rule routinely that the structures have violated a construction ban. In reality, it’s almost impossible for a Palestinian to obtain a building permit from the Israeli authorities.

There is tiny amount of land allocated for construction and the Israeli-run Jerusalem Municipality routinely denies Palestinian applications for such permits. As such, they find themselves forced to violate the unmanageable and crippling Israeli orders and build or extend their homes “illegally” without permits.

According to the Palestinian Land Research Centre, since the Nakba in 1948, the Israelis have wiped more than 500 Palestinian towns and villages off the face of the earth, and an estimated 170,000 homes have been demolished. During the Nakba, of course, around 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes by armed terrorist groups. There are now an estimated seven million Palestinians in the global diaspora.

While Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes,

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