Italian prosecutor seizes batch of AstraZeneca Covid-19 jabs ‘as a precaution,’ launches manslaughter investigation after death

16-03-21 11:35:00,

The prosecutor of Biella, Italy has ordered the seizure of nearly 400,000 AstraZeneca vaccines and opened a manslaughter investigation following the death of a 57-year-old man hours after being inoculated.

On Monday, the prosecutor of Biella, a town in the northern Italian region of Piedmont, ordered the preventive seizure of the country’s entire ‘ABV5811’ batch of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines. Prosecutor Teresa Angela Camelio’s order affects nearly 400,000 doses of the Anglo-Swedish jab. 

Camelio said the decision to seize the batch was made pending the outcome of an investigation by the Judicial Authority and the Medicines Supervision Commission into the death of Sandro Tognatti, a music teacher who died on Saturday night a few hours after the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine produced by AstraZeneca. 

The seizure activity… for which at present there is no direct correlation with the reported cases of deaths, is carried out as a precaution in order to proceed with the appropriate clinical analyses to refute the danger of the drug.

The prosecutor also opened a criminal case against unknown persons for manslaughter following Tognatti’s death.The investigation and seizure order came after the Piedmont region had earlier decided to temporarily suspend the use of the doses in lot ABV5811.  

Italy’s national drugs regulator announced on Monday it was suspending the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the country.

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Thailand to restart AstraZeneca Covid vaccine rollout, days after suspending use over safety concerns

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been suspended in a number of countries across Europe, including Denmark and Norway, following a number of thrombotic events. On Monday, Germany also suspended use of the vaccine following the advice of the national regulator to investigate reports of blood clots. 

The European Medicines Agency and the World Health Organization have said there is no evidence of a causal link between the clotting incidents and the jab. 

In the UK, where more than 11 million AstraZeneca jabs have been administered, health experts have reportedly said there has been no increase in the number of cases of blood clots over what they would see normally in the population. Prof. Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford vaccine group, also said that Finland has done a “very careful study” into the vaccine which did not find an increased risk.

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Covid19: Italian Antibody Data

05-08-20 03:38:00,

Published: August 5, 2020
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The Italian health and statistics authorities ISS and ISTAT have published the results of their first nationwide coronavirus antibody study based on close to 65,000 participants.

The study found a nationwide IgG antibody prevalence of 2.5%. The highest prevalence was found in the northern region of Lombardy (7.5%), the lowest prevalence was found in the southern region of Sicily (0.3%). (See chart below).

In the former coronavirus hotspot provinces of Bergamo and Cremona (both within Lombardy region), IgG antibody prevalence was 24% and 19%, matching other global hotspots like New York and once again confirming a ~20% IgG antibody prevalence threshold.

27% of seropositive people (people who had antibodies) remained asymptomatic, 23% had 1-2 (mild) symptoms, and 41% had 3+ symptoms or a temporary loss of the sense of smell or taste.

Importantly, only 25% to 27% of people who reported a temporary loss of the sense of taste or smell – a very typical Covid-19 symptom – had IgG antibodies.

This confirms the results of the previous Spanish antibody study and once again shows that only a fraction of the people who likely had contact with the new coronavirus (need to) develop IgG antibodies to neutralize the virus. Many people appear to neutralize the virus with pre-existing or new T-cells or with mucosal (IgA) antibodies, as first shown by a Swiss immunological study.

In turn, this means that even in former hotspots like Bergamo – which pioneered the fatal strategy of moving Covid patients into nursing homes, a mistake later copied by places like New York and New Jersey – the population-adjusted Covid lethality (IFR) is likely close to 0.1%, as 80% or more of the population may already have come into contact with the new coronavirus.

However, Bergamo was caught off guard by the very rapid pre-symptomatic spread of the virus and subsequently suffered a collapse of its elderly care and health care system and an extremely high mortality during several weeks in March, leading to the notorious television images.

While places like Bergamo and Cremona likely reached the much-cited “herd immunity” threshold,

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What’s Up With The Italian Mortality Rate? – Questions For Corbett

31-03-20 03:45:00,


Tom from Scotland asks about the mortality rate of Covid-19, and why it is reportedly so much higher in Italy. James answers with an in-depth look at the numbers, how they’re being reported, and what’s being left out from the equation.

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Italian politician who opposed mandatory chickenpox vaccine gets chickenpox

20-03-19 08:55:00,

An Italian politician who has spoken out against legally mandating vaccination has been hospitalized with chickenpox, leading to an outpouring of ‘I told you so’s on social media – no matter how much he protests he’s pro-vaccine.

Massimiliano Fedriga, governor of Italy’s Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, met with a torrent of ridicule when he revealed that he’d been hospitalized with chickenpox last week. The right-wing La Liga politician had denounced the Lorenzin decree, which made vaccination mandatory in 2017, as ‘Stalinist,’ arguing authorities should instead “form an alliance” with families to convince them to vaccinate their children against the 12 diseases, including chickenpox, mandated by the new law.

Despite his support for voluntary vaccination, Fedriga has nonetheless been denounced as an “anti-vaxxer” and told he’s gotten what he deserves for spitting in the face of scientific progress. Even though his kids are vaccinated, and the chickenpox vaccine didn’t exist when he was a child, the temptation to use his (admittedly ironic) illness as a punchline was too great.

@M_Fedriga is an Italian-opposer if vaccinations(including chickenpox) and just got chickenpox. I love it

— Lil Uzi Murf🤘🏼🙄🕊 (@YourManMurf) March 19, 2019

Fedriga was released from the hospital on Monday and thanked his well-wishers, including (especially?) the ironic ones, including prominent vaccine advocate Roberto Burioni, who had used him as a teachable moment, warning that he could have infected a pregnant woman, possibly causing birth defects.

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‘No vaccine, no school’: Italy starts punishing parents who refuse to immunize their kids

The mandatory-vaccination policy, which bars unvaccinated children from preschool and daycare and slaps non-compliant parents of school-aged kids with fines up to $560, was adopted in Italy after a measles outbreak. Both parties in the ruling coalition – La Liga and Five Star – initially opposed the implementation of the law before forming the new government last year but have since backtracked, allowing it to take effect earlier this month.

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Italian special forces at Camp Darby, by Manlio Dinucci

05-03-19 06:18:00,

The reorganisation of the US base Camp Darby (Italy) masks the transfer of special forces to US command. This system already existed in the past. It was this mechanism which enabled the creation of Gladio, the service for NATO’s secret actions in Italy. Since December 2015 (article 7bis of Law 198), the President of the Italian Council has the possibility of pursuing military operations by Intelligence operations. This news gives more weight to the hypothesis that we published two months ago – NATO is preparing a wave of attacks in Europe.

JPEG - 51.6 kb
Training of the Italian 4th parachute regiment Ranger Monte Cervino by US special Forces (12 January 2019).

The news is not yet official, but is already being discussed – as from October, the Italian flag will be flying over Camp Darby. Are the United States about to close down the largest arsenal they have in the world outside of their homeland, and return to Italy the approximately 1,000 hectares of territory that they occupy between Pisa and Livorno?

Not at all. They are not in the process of closing down, but restructuring the base in order to be able to store even more weapons, and to increase the liaisons with the port of Livorno and Pisa airport.

In the restructuration, a small portion of the recreation area remained unused – 34 hectares, hardly more than 3 % of the total surface of the Camp. This is what the US Army Europe has decided to give back to Italy, more specifically to the Italian Minister for Defense, in order to use it more productively. So an agreement was drawn up planning for the transfer to this area of the Comando delle Forze Speciali dell’Esercito (COMFOSE) which is presently housed in the Caserne Gamerra in Pisa, headquarters of the Centre for Parachute Training. These are the Forces which are used more and more frequently for secret operations – they infiltrate foreign territory by night, note the targets to be hit, eliminate them with sudden actions by parachuting from planes or jumping from helicopters, then disappear without leaving a trace other than the dead and the destruction.

Italy, which had used these forces especially in Afghanistan, took a decisive step in their potentialisation when, in 2014, it made the COMFOSE operational – it now counts four regiments under a unified command –

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