‘They are taking us for a ride’: Italian PM slams France & Germany’s ‘hypocritical’ role in EU

26-01-19 11:30:00,

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called out France and Germany in a hard-hitting interview Friday, fired up over the countries’ efforts to land Berlin a seat on the UN Security Council.

“Did Germany lose or win WWII?” Conte asked rhetorically, emphasizing, in his typical no holds barred style, that the seat had been intended for the EU as a whole.

The populist PM made the comments in an interview with local media after he was asked to comment on French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recently signed “friendship treaty.” The so-called Treaty of Aachen includes a provision highlighting Paris and Berlin’s stated priority of securing a permanent seat on the powerful UN body. The UN General Assembly gave Germany temporary UNSC membership in June, alongside four other countries.

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Conte suggested that the two are “only thinking of their national interests,” despite their “empty European rhetoric.”

The truth is that we have caught France and Germany with their hands in the cookie jar

Conte also made it clear that the new government in Rome would no longer let the long-time de-facto leaders of the EU treat Italy like a “poor relation,” boasting of his administration’s widespread popularity.

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The non-party-affiliated former academic leads Italy’s anti-establishment coalition government which was elected this summer on a platform of tightening immigration controls, Euroscepticism and opposition to austerity. Such positions have naturally put the coalition at odds with other European nations. Relations between Italy and France have been particularly turbid as a result of disagreements over European immigration policy.

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CMC. The Italian undercover CIA and Mossad station and the assassination of JFK | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

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Published on Sep 17, 2018

Fruit of more than a decade of scrupulous research, Michele Metta’s investigation into the assassination of John Kennedy is based on new exclusive documents. His work is so valuable that he received public praise from the acclaimed director Oliver Stone, and from Jim DiEugenio, one of the world’s leading experts on the death of JFK. Michele Metta is a historian and a journalist for the Italian newspaper l’AntiDiplomatico, where he has distinguished himself for being author of a large number of scoops. For Stone’s words, please watch here:



COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER The Copyright of this video owns to Michele Metta © 2018. All rights reserved. Except for the music, as said, and for audios, photos and videos added. Because of their extreme shortness, and because of the historic and educational nature of this work, all the latest are utilized under Fair Use Terms and Conditions

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Italian Minister Savona Wants Italy To Withdraw From The ‘Funk 1940’ Plan: The Euro

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Italy’s economic growth is decelerating, which is even more inevitable in view of the country’s population decline. It looks as if the Italian business cycle had reached its peak in 2017, with a meagre 1.5% growth rate, and is now receding. 

Within ten years, Italy will have business cycles with only negative highs and lows. Unemployment is at 10% and it cannot be tackled because Rome is prohibited by the European Union from following the Japanese monetary and fiscal policies to counter the financial fallout as a result of a declining population. Italian academia still believes that replacing the highly-efficient European workforce with Africans will stimulate future economic growth. Italy appears to have been deliberately flooded by Africans, while white workers from Italy are moving to Germany and the Netherlands.

Paolo Savona, the new Italian Minister of Economic Affairs, believes that Germany is executing the 1940 Walther Funk plan. Walther Funk was Director of the Bank of International Settlements and, in 1939, Hitler appointed him as the President of the Reichsbank. He laid down his views in a 2012 letter to his German and Italian friends.

“The Funk Plan, provided for national currencies to converge into the German mark’s area and this is what you would like and have partially achieved,” Paolo Savona wrote. “It also envisaged,” he continued, “that industrial development only pertained to yourselves and that you would only be accompanied by France, your historical ally, a solution now caused by the common European market and the single currency. The Plan wanted other countries to devote themselves to agriculture and tourist services, something that will happen out of necessity or because of a natural ‘calling’ and they will lend skilled labour to your leadership project.”

As it is, Paolo Savona, a representative of the Italian establishment, expressed the feeling of a big part of the Italian elite.

The establishment is divided over how to solve Italy’s demographic and economic problems. Matteo Renzi, previous Italian Prime Minister, believed that he could save the country by letting in hundreds of thousands of undocumented Africans. To show that they are committed to repopulate Italy with Africans, the Italian establishment appointed a Congo-born African woman as their Minister for Integration in 2013,

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