Italy’s Leftist Government Hands Out More Cash To Migrants Than Disabled Italians


07-11-19 11:48:00,

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Italy’s new leftist government is set to hand out more welfare cash to migrants than its own disabled citizens.

Recently released figures show that the state will allocate €50 million next year, €200 million in 2021, and €300 million in 2022 to the Disability and Self-Reliance Fund.

Given that two million out of three million disabled people in Italy rely on state benefits, this works out at just 54 cents per day in welfare, which isn’t even enough to live on a subsistence diet.

In contrast, migrants receive €20 euros a day, a figure that used to be even higher at €35 euros a day before Matteo Salvini reduced it.

According to Fabio Scaltritti of the Community San Benedetto al Porto in Alessandria, the question over handing money to migrants isn’t an economic issue, it’s an “ethical” necessity.

“The gap with the disabled continues to be truly absurd,” writes Luca Sablone.

“According to these data, Italians who unfortunately are disabled find themselves mocked by the refugees who arrive in our country.”

As we previously highlighted, when the leftist government was last in power during the height of the migrant crisis, some Italian citizens had their property requisitioned by the authorities and were forced to rent it out to migrants at rock bottom prices.

Looks like the bad old days are back now that Salvini is out of power.

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How To Win On Immigration: Italy’s Salvini Shows The Way


16-03-19 12:45:00,

Authored by Guillaume Durocher via The Unz Review,

Really and truly, I did not expect the most promising developments in West-European politics to come from Italy. Who could predict that the strange government appointed in June 2018 – an uneasy alliance of nationalists under Matteo Salvini’s Lega and the populist-but-vague Five-Star Movement – would last as long or achieve as much as it has? Italy’s parliamentary regime is notoriously unstable, governments falling with unnerving regularity, and yet this strange hybrid has gone from strength to strength.

The globalists – notably the EU institutions and the various migrant NGOs, many supported by George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation – had adopted a criminal policy whereby the goal of their operations was not to reduce illegal immigration but to “solve” the problem by “rescuing” migrants at sea, even if they barely left the coast of North Africa, and breaking down Europe’s external and national borders.

Locations of so-called EU “rescue operations.”

The Italians, suffering from the crushing burden of supporting an endless wave of economically useless and often violent African migrants, rebelled against this. In fact, the decline in migration had already begun under the previous center-left government, which had grown increasingly frustrated with the NGOs. In July 2017, Interior Minister and “Lord of Spies” Marco Minniti began the crackdown on NGOs which, in conjunction with other efforts, led to a sharp decline in illegal immigration by the end of the year. In this sense, the successful crackdown on illegal immigration has been possible as part of a national consensus that the country could not cope and had to actually address the root of the problem.

Illegal immigrants arriving in Italy by sea from 2016 to 2018.

The overwhelming majority of immigration to Western nations is occurring because our governments are willingly allowing this happen, permanently changing the population against the will of their own citizens and people.

Since coming to power as interior minister, Salvini has built on the previous government’s efforts: preventing any return to previous levels (the social-democrats had not been firm on this) and further reducing illegal immigration to negligible levels.

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Italy’s Dragging Europe Into The Fiscal-Spending Party

Italy’s Dragging Europe Into The Fiscal-Spending Party

03-10-18 09:35:00,

Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog,

Today’s post will poke a lot of fun at the EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, so I warn you now – if you are a fan, click next. To a large degree, it’s not really sporting going after JC as he offers such a treasure trove of opportunities.

We’ll start with his most infamous slip. “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.”

Yeah, I get it. He just said out loud what everyone knows. But it was still a dumb thing to say. Do you think Bill Clinton looks forward to going to church Sunday morning after a rough Saturday night chatting up inappropriately young women? Not a chance. But he keeps quiet and heads off. Which is what JC should have done. Kept his mouth shut.

Speaking of keeping your mouth shut…

Why I am picking on good ‘ole JC so much today? Well, it’s his comments about Italy.

From Bloomberg:

“One crisis was enough,” Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in televised remarks at an event in Freiburg, Germany. “After the toughest management of the Greece crisis, we have to do everything to avoid a new Greece – this time an Italy – crisis.”

You see, Jean-Claude is upset that the Italians are not adhering to EU rules about the size of their deficit. He wants them to get into line and balance their budget. The Italian coalition government has tabled a budget with a 2.4% deficit as a percentage of GDP – much higher than allowed under EU rules. Given the EU’s staunch opposition to deficits of this size, they have increased rhetoric in attempt to force the Italians to back down.

This has spooked markets and sent the Italian bond market tumbling.

The German bund market has equally been affected by the bad news with a big flight-to-safety-bid.

Yet let’s take a moment to consider this “monstrous Italian transgression.” The Italian government is proposing running a deficit of 2.4% of GDP. But what does that look like compared to other nations?

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Italy’s Conflict with Brussels & EU | Armstrong Economics

Italy’s Conflict with Brussels & EU | Armstrong Economics

21-08-18 06:44:00,

The collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Italy has prompted a serious dispute between Brussels and Italy. Italy is taking the position that the demand of Brussels to comply with austerity denies Italy the ability to even repair its infrastructure for its own people. When it asked previously for relief to deduct the cost of all the refugees, Brussels denied that exception. My sources in Italy are hardening on their view that Italy is now an occupied country.

The Eurozone austerity policy has destroyed the European economy because they have utterly FAILED to understand what was the real cause of the German Hyperinflation. This view that any increase in the money supply is evil has subjected Europe to DEFLATION that has devasted its economy, infrastructure, and resulted in massive unemployment among the youth. The Great Depression was not reversed until they stopped Austerity which only benefits the bondholders – not the people. To sell their debt, they presume they need austerity so bondholders get back the fair value of what they lent. That has never happened anyway.

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Italy’s NATO Racket… A Bridge Too Far

Italy’s NATO Racket… A Bridge Too Far

17-08-18 09:59:00,

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The catastrophic bridge collapse in Italy this week has prompted a public outcry over the country’s crumbling infrastructure and how it is putting lives at risk. But the question the public in Italy and across Europe should be asking is: why are their governments spending extra tens of billions of dollars on NATO militarism, while neglecting vital civilian infrastructure?

When the iconic Morandi motorway viaduct came crashing down this week over the city of Genoa – with a death toll so far of 39 people – the consensus among Italian news media and members of the public is that the bridge was a disaster waiting to happen.

Nearly 200 meters of the motorway flyover section spanning a river, houses and an industrial area collapsed while dozens of cars and trucks were passing. Shocked witnesses described the scene as “apocalyptic” as vehicles plunged 40 meters along with concrete and iron girding to the ground below.

Lack of due maintenance has been blamed for why the bridge collapsed. Weather conditions at the time were reportedly torrential rain storms and lightning. But those conditions can hardly explain why a whole motorway viaduct wobbled and crashed.

The Morandi Bridge was built 51 years ago in 1967. Two years ago, an engineering professor from Genoa University warned that the viaduct needed to be totally replaced as its structure had seriously deteriorated. There seems little doubt that the disaster could have been avoided if proper action had been taken by the authorities rather than carrying out piecemeal repair jobs over the years.

Italian media reports say the latest is the fifth bridge collapse in the country over the past five years, as cited by the BBC.

Now the Italian government is calling for a nationwide survey of roads, tunnels, bridges and viaducts to assess public safety amid fears that other infrastructure facilities are prone to deadly failure.

What should be a matter of urgent public demand is why Italy is increasing its national spending on military upgrades and procurements instead of civilian amenities. As with all European members of the NATO alliance,

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Italy’s Salvini Orders “Special Census” And Expulsion Of Illegal Gypsies, Immediately Compared To Hitler

Italy’s Salvini Orders “Special Census” And Expulsion Of Illegal Gypsies, Immediately Compared To Hitler

19-06-18 08:56:00,

Italy’s new Interior Minister, and the country’s de facto leader now that the League has surpassed 5-Star is national poalling,  Matteo Salvini told an Italian television station Monday that he plans to conduct a census of the Roma community, and will kick anyone out of the country residing there illegally.

“I’ve asked the ministry to prepare a dossier on the Roma question in Italy,” Salvini told TeleLombardia, adding that the country’s large community of Roma, also known as Gypsies, was “chaos” several years after a crackdown.

“Unfortunately we will have to keep the Italian Roma because we can’t expel them,” Salvini added.

Italy’s Roma community is vast, and consists of mostly poor people from Romania and the former Yugoslavia. Italian authorities periodically clean out Gypsy squatter camps at the outskirts of major cities in the hopes that the notoriously nomadic Roma will find another place to set up camp. 

Salvini’s remarks drew immediate comparisons to Adolf Hitler – with liberal politicians warning that Italy had a “terrible” history in which they conducted a Fascist-era census of Jews.

“You can work for security and respect for rules without becoming fascist,” tweeted Democratic lawmaker Ettore Rosato. “The announced census of Roma is vulgar and demagogical.”

Si può lavorare per la #sicurezza e il rispetto delle regole senza diventare razzisti. Spero Salvini lo capisca.
Il censimento annunciato dei Rom è volgare e demagogico, e purtroppo ricorda solo pessimi precedenti

— Ettore Rosato (@Ettore_Rosato) June 18, 2018

In a follow-up statement, Salvini said he had no plans to take digital fingerprints or make index cards of individual Roma – rather, he wants a study of the overall situation.

“We are aiming primarily to care for the children who aren’t allowed to go to school regularly because they prefer to introduce them to a life of crime. We also want to check how millions of euro that come from European funds are spent,”

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Italy’s Pro-EU President Flouts Voters

Italy’s Pro-EU President Flouts Voters

29-05-18 01:17:00,

Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

  • The political situation reflects the stranglehold on power wielded by the pro-EU establishment, which is evidently determined to preserve economic austerity at the expense of democracy.

  • “We need to prepare a plan B to get out of the euro if necessary… the other alternative is to end up like Greece.” — Paolo Savona, a former industry minister who has called Italy’s entry into the euro a “historic mistake.”

  • “In Italy, there is a problem of democracy. In this country, you can be a convicted criminal, convicted for tax fraud, under investigation for corruption and be a minister… but if you criticize Europe, you cannot be the Minister of the Economy in Italy.” — M5S leader Luigi Di Maio.

Italy’s new populist government-in-waiting resigned on May 28 after its choice of a eurosceptic finance minister was rejected by the country’s pro-EU president – who instead asked an unelected technocrat to form a pro-EU government.

The political wrangling ends a bid by Italy’s two anti-establishment parties — the left-leaning Five Star Movement (M5S) and the center-right League (Lega) — to form a populist coalition government, which would have been the first of its kind in Europe.

The political situation reflects the stranglehold on power wielded by the pro-EU establishment, which is evidently determined to preserve economic austerity at the expense of democracy.

Italian president Sergio Mattarella refused to accept the nomination for finance minister of Paolo Savona, an 81-year-old former industry minister who has called Italy’s entry into the euro a “historic mistake.”

In his latest book, “Like a Nightmare and a Dream” (Come un incubo e come un sogno), Savona called the euro a “German cage” and warned that “we need to prepare a plan B to get out of the euro if necessary… the other alternative is to end up like Greece.”

Mattarella, who was installed by a previous pro-EU government, said that the “uncertainty over our position in the euro has alarmed Italian and foreign investors who purchased our government bonds and invested in our companies.”

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