9/11 and Jeffrey Epstein: Media Malfeasance on Steroids


05-09-19 10:17:00,

As the 18th anniversary of 9/11 approached, the arrest and alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein made headlines—and raised questions about the credibility of official narratives. As Eric Rasmusen writes: “Everybody, it seems, in New York society knew by 2000 that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were corrupting teenage girls, but the press wouldn’t cover it.” Likewise, everybody in New York society has long known that Larry Silverstein, who bought the asbestos-riddled white elephant World Trade Center in July 2001 and immediately doubled the insurance, is a mobbed-up friend of Netanyahu and a confessed participant in the controlled demolition of Building 7, from which he earned over 700 million insurance dollars on the pretext that al-Qaeda had somehow brought it down. But the press won’t cover that either.

The New York Times, America’s newspaper of record, has the investigative talent and resources to expose major corruption in New York. Why did the Times spend almost two decades ignoring the all-too-obvious antics of Epstein and Silverstein? Why is it letting the absurd tale of Epstein’s alleged suicide stand? Why hasn’t it used the work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth—including the brand-new University of Alaska study on the controlled demolition of WTC-7—to expose the biggest scandal of the 21st century, if not all of American history?

The only conceivable answer is that The New York Times is somehow complicit in these monstrous crimes. It must be protecting its friends in high places. So who are those friends, and where are those high places?

One thing Epstein and Silverstein have in common, besides names ending in “-stein,” is alleged involvement in the illicit sex industry. Epstein’s antics, or at least some of them, are by now well-known. Not so for Silverstein, who apparently began his rags-to-9/11-riches story as a pimp supplying prostitutes and nude dancers to the shadier venues of NYC, alongside other illicit activities including “the heroin trade, money laundering and New York Police corruption.” All of this was exposed in a mid-1990s lawsuit. But good luck finding any investigative reports in The New York Times.

Another Epstein-Silverstein connection is their relationships to major American Jewish organizations. Even while he was allegedly pimping girls and running heroin,

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Jeffrey Zwi Epstein Migdal


29-08-19 10:53:00,

The story of Jeffrey Epstein has lost its mystery as more and more commentators allow themselves to express the thought that it is a strong possibility that Epstein was connected to a crime syndicate affiliated with a Zionist political organisation or Israel and/or at least a few compromised intelligence agencies. Whitney Web and others have produced superb studies of possible scenarios, I would instead like to attack the topic from a cultural perspective. Epstein wasn’t the first Jewish sex trafficker. This seems like a good time to look back at Zwi Migdal, a Jewish global crime syndicate that operated a century ago and trafficked thousands of Jewish women and under age girls as sex slaves.

During the first three decades of the 20th century Argentina was a rich country. It outgrew Canada and Australia in population, total income, and per capita income. Just before the first world war Argentina was the world’s 10th wealthiest state per capita. When Argentina was a rich country, large parts of its economy, culture and politics were controlled by crime syndicates and particularly a Jewish organised crime apparatus named ‘Zwi Migdal.’

In 2009 The International Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault (JCACA) published a comprehensive article about the Zwi Migdal titled Understanding the Zwi Migdal Society which I am about to quote from extensively.

The Zwi Migdal, was an association of Jewish mobsters who were involved in the “sexual exploitation of Jewish women and children, which operated globally.” Apparently the Zwi Migdal originally picked a pretty innocent sounding name: “Warsaw Jewish Mutual Aid Society.” It does indeed sound almost as innocent, humane and charitable as ‘Anti Defamation League,’ ‘Jews against Breast Cancer,’ or even ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ but the Warsaw Jewish Mutual Aid Society wasn’t innocent at all. It forced thousands of women and girls to become sex slaves and destroyed their lives.

On May 7, 1906, the Jewish syndicate had to change its title after the Polish ambassador to Argentina filed an official complaint to the Argentine authorities regarding the use of the name ‘Warsaw.’ Clearly, the Polish government did not want to be associated with a Jewish crime syndicate. In that line, it would be appropriate to ask how long is it going to take before the American government and its politicians insist that AIPAC drop its first ‘A’ or before The Neocon Project of the New American Century are ordered to drop American from their title.

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Jeffrey Epstein and the Spectacle of Secrecy – Global Research


21-08-19 10:00:00,

When phrases such as “the deep state” and “conspiracy theory” become staples of both the corporate mainstream media and the alternative press, we know the realities behind these phrases have outlasted their usefulness for the ruling elites that control the United States and for their critics, each of whom uses them refutably or corrobatively. These phrases are bandied about so often that they have become hackneyed and inane.

Everything is shallow now, in our faces, and by being in our faces the truth is taking place behind our backs. The obvious can’t be true since it’s so obvious, so let us search for other explanations, and when the searchers search, let us call them “conspiracy nuts.”  It is a mind game of extraordinary proportions, orchestrated by the perverted power elites that run the show and ably abetted by their partners in the corporate mass media, even some in the alternative press who mean well but are confused, or are disinformation agents in the business of sowing confusion together with their mainstream Operation Mockingbird partners.  It is a spectacle of open secrecy, in which the CIA, which created the “conspiracy theory” meme to ridicule critics of the Warren Commission’s absurd explanation of the Kennedy assassination, has effectively sucked everyone into a game of to and fro in which only they win.

“When I make a word do a lot of work like that,” said Humpty Dumpty, “I always pay it extra.”

Only by stepping outside this narrative frame with its vocabulary can we begin to grasp the truth here in our Wonderland of endless illusions.

Death, sex, power, intrigue, murder, suicide – these are the staples of the penny press of the 19th century, Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World, Hearst’s New York Journal, the tabloids, today’s mass media, and the CIA.  People hunger for these stories, not for the real truth that impacts their lives, but for the titillation that gives a frisson to their humdrum lives. It is why post-modern detective stories are so popular, as if never solving the crime is the point.

To say “we will never know” is the mantra of a postmodern culture created to keep people running in circles.

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Tagesdosis 15.8.2019 – Jeffrey Epstein – Die Fratze des Bösen | KenFM.de


15-08-19 11:24:00,

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Ein Kommentar von Bernhard Loyen.

Vorweg, es reicht bei weitem keine Tagesdosis, kein Standpunkt, um die vollständigen Abgründe des Systems Jeffrey Epsteins auch nur ansatzweise zu durchleuchten, geschweige denn endgültig zu erläutern.

Es wird Leser und Hörer geben die fragen, wozu dieses Thema? Der Mann hat sich umgebracht. Es wurde genug berichtet. Er hatte Dreck am Stecken oder wie es DIE ZEIT recht schlicht zusammengefasst hat, Zitat: Ein mutmaßlicher Täter hat sich wohl deshalb erhängt, um der Scham des Prozesses zu entkommen (1).

Diese Einschätzung ist freundlich formuliert eine Unverschämtheit. Es ist ein Politikum, ein noch nicht absehbarer Skandal-Tsunami, der nicht nur die USA treffen wird. Ansonsten würde nicht, erfreulicher Weise auch über die deutschen Medien, so breit auf die Thematik eingegangen werden. Es geht bei der Betrachtung aber auch um die erwünschte Wirkung, bzw. was wird wie kommuniziert. Wer soll diskreditiert, wer geschützt werden. Daher:

Wer war Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epsteins Berufsleben startete als High School Lehrer für Physik und Mathematik, bevor er 1976 in das Investment Gewerbe einstieg. 1982 gründete er seine eigene Vermögensverwaltung, die J. Epstein & Co, spezialisiert auf Geldanlagen für Milliardäre. Ein früher vermögender Geschäftspartner und Protegé wurde der Textil-Großunternehmer Leslie Wexner, dazu später mehr. Ab 1996 hieß sein Unternehmen The Financial Trust Co. Bis heute ist nicht schlussendlich bekannt, wodurch und durch wen Jeffrey Epstein ab den 1990ern seinen immensen Reichtum erlangte (2)(3),(4). Überhaupt besaß?

Vor allem sein Immobilienbesitz (in Manhattan, Palm Beach, Mexiko, Frankreich und einer privaten Insel in der Karibik) diente dem späteren System Epstein. Apartments, Anlagen, Paläste, die nachweislich nur dazu dienten, über ein perfides Konstrukt, massenhaft Minderjährige zu missbrauchen, bzw. so ekelhaft es klingt, zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Die mehr als explosive Tatsache, Epstein bewirtete, ja bediente Personen, die eindeutig nachzuweisen sind, jedoch einhellig behaupten mit den Missbrauchsvorwürfen nicht in Verbindung gebracht werden zu dürfen. Es geht um Prominenz der A-Liga aus den Bereichen der US-Politik,

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Jeffrey Epstein Out in the Open


13-08-19 05:36:00,

By Jon Rappoport

NOTE: This article concerns the reporting of Vicky Ward. I’m not automatically assuming her key point is factual, especially since it relies on an unnamed source, who is telling her about a private meeting which the source apparently did not attend. If, however, we assume the key point is accurate…

In my previous piece on Epstein, I cited two articles outside the mainstream, which make a case for Epstein acting as an agent for intelligence services—Mossad/CIA. Obviously, his work would have involved gathering blackmail evidence on powerful men, who had sex with his underage girls. The value of this evidence, to Epstein’s handlers, would be enormous as a means of controlling those men…

I realize many people aren’t satisfied unless they see something in print from a more mainstream source. So let’s try the Daily Beast (7/9/19) and writer Vicky Ward, who has had an extensive career as a reporter and editor (Vanity Fair, NY Post, HuffPost, etc.)

In her Daily Beast article, “Jeffrey Epstein’s Sick Story Played Out for Years in Plain Sight,” Ward attempts to shed light on a moment in time when a strange twist occurred in the Epstein saga. It involved Alexander Acosta.

Alexander Acosta served as Trump’s Labor Secretary from April 28, 2017, to July 19, 2019, when he resigned. In his former job, as US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Acosta made the shocking 2007-2008 sweetheart plea deal with Epstein, canceling any effort to convict him for sex trafficking of minors, and reducing the charge to solicitation of a 14-year-old girl. Epstein pled guilty and received a mild slap on the wrist.

Vicky Ward writes: “Epstein’s name, I was told, had been raised by the Trump transition team when Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney in Miami who’d infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007, was being interviewed for the job of labor secretary…”

“’Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?’ Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case.

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Jeffrey Epstein stirbt an „Selbstmord“


12-08-19 07:00:00,

Wer es sich mit Blick auf den Prozess gegen den Milliardär, Mädchenhändler und Minderjährigen-Vergewaltiger Jeffrey Epstein schon mit Bier und Chips vor der Glotze bequem machen wollte in der Hoffnung, bald pikante Details über die Verbrechen der politischen, gesellschaftlichen und Finanz-Elite zu erfahren, muss ernüchtert sein. Epstein, der im Verdacht steht, prominenten Bekannten minderjährige Mädchen zugeführt zu haben, hat sich offenbar in seiner Gefängniszelle das Leben genommen. Ein Streiflicht der australischen Journalistin und Bloggerin Caitlin Johnstone, übersetzt von Susanne Hofmann.

Es ist enttäuschend, kommt aber für niemanden als Überraschung: Der angeklagte Sexhändler und mutmaßliche Milliardär Jeffrey Epstein hat „Selbstmord begangen“. Die Einzelheiten zu dem Fall sind wirr und widersprechen sich. CNN berichtet, dass Epstein „um 3:30 Uhr im New Yorker Metropolitan Correctional Center einen plötzlichen Herzstillstand erlitten und in einem Bezirkskrankenhaus gestorben“ sei, und die New York Times schreibt, dass „Mr. Epstein sich erhängt hat und seine Leiche am Morgen gegen 7:30 Uhr gefunden wurde“.

Einige Berichte behaupten, Epstein hätte wegen Selbstmordgefährdung unter Beobachtung gestanden, weil er angeblich vor drei Wochen versucht hatte, sich das Leben zu nehmen. Damals wurde er bewusstlos und mit Druckstellen am Nacken aufgefunden. Andere wiederum bestreiten dies. Sollte man ihn nicht unter Beobachtung gestellt haben, mutet das seltsam an, weil es offensichtlich angemessen gewesen wäre. Sollte er unter Beobachtung gestanden haben, ist es auch merkwürdig, weil es nichts bewirkt hat. Gefängnisse unterscheiden sich sehr stark darin, wie genau sie es mit der Beobachtung Selbstmordgefährdeter nehmen. Als absolutes Mindestmaß hätten jedoch potentiell gefährliche Gegenstände aus der Gefängniszelle entfernt und die Überwachung des Häftlings intensiviert werden müssen. Die Strafrechts-Professorin Christine Tartaro von der Stockton Universität äußerte 2017 in einem CNN-Interview zum Thema, dass bei einer Beobachtung wegen Selbstmordgefährdung „ständige, eins-zu-eins-Überwachung der selbstmordgefährdeten Insassen erfolgen solle.“

Nachdem Epstein letzten Monat aufgrund von Bundes-Anklagen wegen Zwangsprostitution inhaftiert worden war, prophezeiten viele, dass genau das passieren würden. Einige sagten es halb im Scherz, andere meinten es ernst. Das liegt daran – wie Whitney Webb von Mint Press News jüngst in einem Artikel überschrieben mit „Mega Group, Maxwells und Mossad: Die Spion-Story im Herzen des Jeffrey Epstein Skandals“ darlegte, – dass Epstein offenbar mit komplexen Vorgängen, die sexuelle Erpressung und den Mossad involvierten,

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Endless Connections


11-08-19 07:58:00,

By Jon Rappoport

Assertions and speculations spread like wildfire. Epstein was murdered. He isn’t dead at all, he was ferreted out of jail and taken to Israel. He killed himself. The video cameras in jail malfunctioned (were turned off on purpose). Epstein paid off guards so he could engineer his covert escape. He’s dead, a victim of the rising Clinton body count. Trump is in the Epstein scandal up to his eyeballs. And so on.

I call your attention to two writers who are digging into Epstein’s seemingly endless, high-level connections. One is Wayne Madsen (Twitter), whose recent article is posted at Intrepid Report: Politics and pedophilia: a demonic mix.

The other is Whitney Webb (Twitter), at MintPress News: Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal.

Both these articles delve into Epstein’s international relationships, particularly in, or dedicated to, the State of Israel. Webb’s multi-part series is massive.

These two articles (and others) are written against a background everyone is now familiar with—Epstein’s trove of knowledge about powerful men having sex with his underage girls, and the undoubted blackmail material Epstein possessed that could be used to control such men.

It’s unclear how much of this material would have emerged, in convincing detail, if Epstein’s trial had taken place. Certainly, during the proceedings, the press would have had a field day with it. The recent federal charges against Epstein involved sex trafficking of minors. In bringing evidence in court, it’s entirely possible that specific “customers” would have been exposed, at least by implication, if not directly.

In my non-legal opinion, a great deal of wrangling would have occurred around the issue of naming names of customers. The judge might have ruled that names had to be omitted in the courtroom.

If so, why isn’t Epstein still present in jail awaiting trial? Perhaps in recent months, he had made private threats to name names unless he was somehow taken off the hook. If his powerful cohorts and handlers believed he was becoming unstable,

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Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered Over Nuclear Thefts? | New Eastern Outlook


10-08-19 06:05:00,


One day after Jeffrey Epstein was tied to scandal ridden Clinton Energy Secretary, Bill Richardson, in a sex and Mossad blackmail scandal, Epstein is dead. Our sources say Richardson was under investigation for a far wider range of security issues, including a role in facilitating the theft of weapons grade fissionable material from the PANTEX weapons disassembly facility in Amarillo, Texas.

Of those who knew about this case, some were silenced for decades by a Grand Jury in Houston, TX, CIA agent Roland Carnaby was killed by a police officer in what we are told was a Mossad “hit,” John Wheeler III, representing the White House was found in a garbage dump, FBI Agent John O’Neill was killed on 9/11 and others, like FBI Agent Mike Dick, survived an assassination attempt and smear campaign. We have much more on that investigation.

From a classified debriefing document on this issue:

“… It also explains why (fake investigative journalist/name withheld) was so interested in the fine details of Mike Dick and John O’Neal’s work, especially on the USS Cole bombing and the murder of the Wall Street journalist Pearl in Pakistan that Mike worked with and why Mike was suspected of passing info to the Israelis by the FBI in their witch hunt. (Which eventually netted Robert Hanssen, the biggest spy scandal in Americana history)

Hanssen was one of at least 4 double agents in NYC that we flush out of the wood work. He was the only one prosecuted. The other three were let go, retired or transferred to other duties.

They also had another high-level mole in FBI counter intelligence ratting out Mike, John and (name withheld) to Mossad.”

Now we add Epstein’s name to a list that includes “Lord of War” Victor Bout. Bout has contacted VT to tell his side of the story but is being blocked.

Jeffrey Epstein is dead, 24 hours after a story broke tying him to bizarre sex parties with what the media calls “former New Mexico governor (and Clinton friend), Bill Richardson. The “suicide” was then a certainty as the Epstein case finally broke through the “smear” stage, Trump, Dershowitz accused of child rape,

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Jeffrey Epstein Dead; What Happens Now?


10-08-19 05:57:00,

Op-Ed by Jon Rappoport

Hanged himself in his New York cell. Was on suicide watch, after earlier suicide attempt or assault. Where were the guards? Who can possibly believe this story on its face?

Suicide Watch means the prisoner has no materials in his cell, like bedsheets or blankets, he can use to hang himself. It means guards are on duty around the clock. It means all this and more, in a high profile case where everybody and his brother was warning that Epstein would be murdered. And yet we’re told he killed himself.

Court documents had just been unsealed. The Daily Beast: Docs “contain accusations that prominent men had sex with Epstein’s girls…Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Prince Andrew…wealthy financier Glenn Dubin, former senator George Mitchell, now-deceased MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, and modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, as well as ‘another prince,’ a ‘foreign president,’ ‘a well-known prime minister’ and the owner of a ‘large hotel chain’ in France.”

Some prominent men (e.g., attorney Alan Dershowitz) had been accused before. Not all court docs are unsealed.

One reporter suggested that now that Epstein is dead, maybe more witnesses, no longer fearing for their lives, will step forward and offer testimony. Really? If Epstein was, in fact, murdered, this would ratchet up the fear. Not take it down.

And now there will be no trial, correct? If Epstein is dead, how can a trial against him proceed? And if that is so, then the accusations against powerful men who had sex with his girls will not be brought up and aired in court—which would be the whole point in murdering Epstein, assuming that is what happened.

If charges are going to be brought against Epstein’s female assistants, these would be separate legal actions that would have to start from scratch. In such actions, more documents could emerge, but women and girls who are put on trial for enabling Epstein’s operation could certainly claim, as they already have, that they were coerced by Epstein and their lives were threatened if they didn’t carry out orders. Such claims, whether true or false, are not easy to refute, especially when clever lawyers are on board—to say nothing of psychiatrists who can tangle up proceedings for years.

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Jeffrey Epstein Dies Of “Suicide”


10-08-19 05:54:00,

Op-Ed by Caitlin Johnstone

Disappointing everyone yet surprising no one, accused sex trafficker and alleged billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has “committed” “suicide”. Details are muddled and conflicting, with CNN reporting that Epstein “was taken from New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center at 3:30 a.m. Saturday in cardiac arrest and died at an area hospital” and the New York Times reporting that “Mr. Epstein hung himself and his body was found this morning at roughly 7:30.”

Some reports claim that Epstein has been on suicide watch due to a prior alleged suicide attempt three weeks ago when he was found unconscious with bruising on his neck, others deny it. If he wasn’t it’s weird because he obviously should have been, and if he was it’s weird because it failed. Prisons vary greatly in how they implement suicide watch protocol, but at bare minimum it should mean that unsafe objects have been removed from the prisoner’s cell and monitoring has been greatly increased. Stockton University criminal justice professor Christine Tartaro told CNN in an interview on the subject in 2017 that on suicide watch “there should be constant, one-on-one eyes on (suicidal) inmates.”

How is Jeffery Epstein going to commit “suicide”?

— FloridaDude297 (@FloridaDude297) July 9, 2019

Following Epstein’s arrest last month on federal sex trafficking charges, many people predicted that exactly this would happen, some half-jokingly and some not. This is because, as Whitney Webb of MintPress News documented in a recent article titled “Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal”, Epstein appears to have been involved in a complex Mossad-tied sexual blackmail operation and had close ties with many powerful people, including Donald Trump and the Clintons. The narrative that the Clintons have a penchant for “suiciding” their enemies was already a viral idea in right-wing conspiracy circles, and many of the early prognostications of Epstein’s fate came from that side of the political aisle.

But those voicing skepticism about Epstein’s death today come from all across the political spectrum,

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Jeffrey Epstein explained | Brasscheck TV


13-07-19 08:04:00,

Jeffrey Epstein explained

So simple even the NYT can understand

The elephant in the living room

Les Wexner (left) sugar daddy of Jeffrey Epstein. Robert Maxwell (right), father of Ghislaine.

What do Maxwell and Wexner have in common?

Over-the-top supporters of Israel.

What country would have the motivation to fund a massive prostitution/sexual blackmail ring to ensnare US politicians?

What other industry requires a “face” with a cover story (“hedge fund billionaire”) as a front?

Big time Money laundering.

Who was Wexner’s business partner in Ohio?

Edward DeBartolo Sr, the biggest mall builder in America and the most important mob financier after Meyer Lansky.


Court seals Epstein’s financial records:


Wexner and DeBartolo in business together:


DeBartolo’s organized crime connections


Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Super Spy


Maxwell’s PR company manufactured charity TerraMar (note: they appear to be dismantling)


Clinton Foundation and Terramar


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Jeffrey Epstein’s Wikipedia Page Stealth-Edited To Remove Ties To Democrats


09-07-19 03:26:00,

In the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s weekend arrest, an observant Twitter user noticed that someone has edited the billionaire pedophile’s Wikipedia page to remove all mention of Democrats who have flown on the “Lolita Express” – the nickname given to his private Boeing 727 jet which was reportedly outfitted with a bed. 

On Sunday, the sentence “Epstein flrew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker to Africa in his private jet. Flight records show Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 26 times” (a charge Clinton denied on Monday, claiming it was only four times). 

A reference to having ‘attended parties’ with Donald Trump was left untouched. 

Seems Wikipedia has altered Epstein’s bio already. First screenshot of Epstein’s bio was at 8:27 a.m. The 2nd was at 10:30 a.m. omitting Bill Clinton & Spacy yet leaving Trump! That is frightening. Same exact bio of Epstein, different times. https://t.co/T6lUHD8TrO pic.twitter.com/5QrjuovwHB

— Desiree Mills (Dez) (@Blondiedez) July 7, 2019

And as Steve Straub of the Federalist Papers points out, “This comes after Christine Pelosi, Daughter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and a top official with the Democratic National Committee (DNC), sounded the alarm over the weekend arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges. Pelosi speculated that “some of our faves“ may be indicted in the wake of Epstein’s arrest, the Daily Mail reports.” 

This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may – whether on Republicans or Democrats. #WeSaidEnough #MeToo https://t.co/2mvskwQwW1

— Christine Pelosi (@sfpelosi) July 7, 2019

Epstein was hauled into court Monday after his Saturday arrest, where prosecutors revealed that they found nude photos of underage girls during a raid on his Manhattan home. He has pleaded not guilty, while his attorneys have argued that Epstein has immunity under a 2008 plea agreement in which he admitted to procuring a person under 18 for prostitution and felony solicitation of prostitution,

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