Justice Rising Day 1 Focuses on 9/11 Truth Legal Efforts


16-10-20 09:01:00,

Craig McKee

October 16, 2020

The first day of the “Justice Rising: 9/11 in 2020” conference, dubbed “Justice Friday,” was marked by fascinating information and encouraging signs for the 9/11 Truth Movement. After an introduction to the conference by AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, which included a video history of the organization, the Friday session turned to what has recently been the hottest 9/11 Truth topic: use of the legal system to expose official lies about 9/11.

In “A UK Family Fights for Truth,” we heard from Matt Campbell, whose brother Geoff was killed in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Matt explained his ongoing fight to reopen the inquest into his brother’s death, which is now more possible than ever thanks to crucial fundraising help from AE911Truth. On the final day of the conference, Matt and AE911Truth finished raising the $100,000 needed to get the case going. Once the inquest is reopened, we will see, for the first time, powerful evidence presented in a courtroom that the three World Trade Center towers were destroyed in controlled demolitions. This will be a huge breakthrough for the 9/11 Truth Movement.

In the next presentation, “Closing in on NIST,” conference viewers were given a detailed review of the Request for Correction submitted earlier this year to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) regarding its 2008 report on the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. Ted Walter and Tony Szamboti of AE911Truth and Mick Harrison of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry (LC911) outlined the demands being made on NIST under the Data Quality Act to correct the fraudulent claims in its report.

The evening concluded with “The Expanding Legal Front,” an intriguing presentation by Harrison and two other key members of LC911 — David Meiswinkle and Barbara Honegger — about the group’s plans. They focused on LC911’s latest initiative, a petition calling on Congress to reinvestigate the 2001 anthrax attacks. The attacks are believed by many to be a critical but often overlooked element of the 9/11 operation.

Meiswinkle explained that the anthrax petition is the first step in a five-step plan for LC911.

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Fleeing from justice, Netanyahu is trying to turn investigators into criminals | Opinion


09-09-20 09:52:00,

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote Tuesday that journalist Amit Segal’s claim that then-State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan had blocked a conflict-of-interest probe of the lead investigator in a case involving financial improprieties at the prime minister’s residences was a “nuclear bomb.”

If so, as a defense against this nuclear bomb, it’s worth listening to what Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn said about the issue. “Every week, there’s a new ‘revelation,’ in quotation marks, whose entire purpose is to turn reality upside down – to take the investigators and turn them into the suspects, to take the judges and turn them into punching bags,” he said.

LISTEN: Kosovo, COVID and Bibi’s brilliant bravadoCredit: Haaretz Weekly Podcast

And indeed, Netanyahu has been orchestrating an onslaught of delegitimization against the law enforcement and justice systems. He fired the opening shot around a year ago, after Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit announced his decision to indict the prime minister. “The time has come to investigate the investigators,” Netanyahu said. “The time has come to investigate the prosecution, which approves [decisions to indict].”

That is exactly what is happening now. The strategy is transparent: to challenge the legitimacy of the law enforcement and justice systems, which investigated Netanyahu and decided to prosecute him. If he succeeds, his lawyers will be able to demand that the cases against him be dropped.

Netanyahu the prime minister is willing to destroy state institutions so that Netanyahu the criminal defendant can evade justice. The end justifies the means to the point that the inciters’ views sometimes undergo a complete reversal. The latest example of the cynicism of the people doing this work is Public Security Minister Amir Ohana’s demand that the police findings about the death of Yakub Abu al-Kiyan, a teacher who was shot to death by police during the demolition of Umm al-Hiran in 2017, be reexamined.

The Abu al-Kiyan case does need to be reopened, but not in order to continue destroying the rule of law. Rather, this is necessary to expose all the failures that led to the hasty conclusion that he had committed a car-ramming attack and the irresponsible decision to brand him as a terrorist. Ohana, who to this day hasn’t lifted a finger to uncover the truth in this case,

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Netherlands ‘Justice’ Is Totally Corrupt: MH17 Case as Example | The Vineyard of the Saker


04-07-20 06:42:00,

by Eric Zuesse for the Saker Blog

On Friday, July 3rd, the judge in the Netherlands court case against Russia as having fired a Buk missile that brought down the Malaysian Airlines plane that Ukrainian Air Traffic Control had instructed to fly over Ukraine’s civil-war zone on 17 July 2014 ruled out any consideration of evidence from Russia.

Judge Hendrik Steenhuis “refused to allow Russian military intelligence to reveal where the missile was located between 1987 and July 17, 2014, when the Dutch prosecution claims the missile was fired by a Russian military crew at MH17,” as John Helmer reported on Friday. The Dutch prosecutor says that that Buk missile was fired by Russia’s Government, not by Ukraine’s Government, and that it was owned by Russia and had been maintained by Russia ever since having been manufactured in Russia in 1986, and the Dutch judge announced that he refuses to consider Russia’s evidence to the contrary.

Russia’s Government alleges that it can provide evidence that that missile did not, in fact, bring the airliner down, and that, instead, it was brought down by two Ukrainian Air Force jets that fired directly at and into the airliner’s pilot, but previously the Dutch court had ruled out any consideration of such evidence, though even the Dutch Government’s own investigation included and buried the following information, as I reported just a few days ago on June 24th:

The Dutch Government’s 279-page investigative findings on the “Crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17” were published in October 2015, and reported, on page 84, (under 2.13.2 “Crew autopsy”) that “First Officer Team A … During the body scan of the First Officer’s body, over 120 objects (mostly metal fragments) were detected. The majority of the fragments were found in left side of the upper torso.” Then, it reported, on page 85 (under 2.13.3) “the First Officer, from Team A, who was operating the aeroplane at the time of the crash.”

(Note that they buried this crucial information, instead of saying clearly that “The pilot’s upper left torso, immediately to the left of the area of the fuselage that had been shot out, had 120 objects that were mostly metal fragments.”) (Here is a closer picture of that side-panel on the left side of the fuselage,

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Meet Eli Rosenbaum, the Justice Department’s Nazi Hunter


17-03-20 09:07:00,

The New York Times is reporting somewhat ruefully that “The Mission to Hunt Nazis Has Become a Race Against Time.” The U.S. Government’s zeal in going after alleged former “Nazis” began in 1979 when the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) was established within the Justice Department. In 2002, OSI included 13 attorneys, almost all of whom were Jewish, backed up by 10 “historians.” In 2010 it merged with the Criminal Division’s Domestic Security Section to create a new unit, the current Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section (HRSP).

HRSP engages in a range of enforcement activities, but one of its principal focuses is the arrest and repatriation of claimed human rights violators associated with the German concentration and prison camp system preceding and during the Second World War. In the cases of those individuals linked to the camps, the HRSP has reportedly pursued the cases with some urgency because “These people are old, and they’re dying,” suggesting that the pursuit of World War II’s possible surviving criminals is more about revenge than justice. The Times article describes it as a “race against natural life spans.”

The man in charge of ferreting out hidden Nazis is Eli Rosenbaum, highly educated in the usual places and a lawyer. Wikipedia describes him as an Israeli-American, the dual-bit, if true, presumably in spite of the fact that he holds a high-level and highly paid American government job, an all too common feature of officials who engage in so-called holocaust related issues. Rosenbaum has been seeking out what he describes as Nazis as what amounts to a full-time job since 1980, though he disdains descriptions of him as a Nazi hunter

The most recent victim of the Department of Justice’s HRSP and Rosenbaum is a 94 year-old man living in Tennessee named Friedrich Karl Berger, who was recently ordered by Memphis federal judge Rebecca Holt to be returned to Germany. Holt ruled that he was deportable under the 1978 Holtzman Amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act due to his “willing service as an armed guard of prisoners at a concentration camp where persecution took place” which constituted rendering voluntary assistance to a Nazi-sponsored persecution.

Some facts regarding Berger’s involvement on World War II were presented by his defense and do not seem to have been disputed by the prosecution represented by Rosenbaum,

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