US killing dollar with addiction to ‘ever-increasing doses of monetary heroin’ – Peter Schiff


13-10-20 02:08:00,

Stock markets tanked as US President Donald Trump abandoned stimulus talks until after the election. Trump is now in the process of out-Democrating the Democrats on the stimulus issue, economist Peter Schiff says.

The Republicans lost the argument the moment they conceded that stimulus is “good” for the economy, Schiff believes.

“The Fed has already said they’re not printing more money until the government sells more bonds. In other words, the Fed is on hold with additional monetary stimulus until Congress comes through with additional fiscal stimulus so that the Fed has more bonds to monetize.”

He explained that after the markets tanked, Trump threw out an olive branch to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying he was still willing to consider a smaller stimulus, including another round of $1,200 checks, $25 billion in airline relief, and paycheck protection program funds. That kickstarted negotiations again and the Republicans quickly began to bid themselves up.

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“The fact that we need all this artificial support is an admission that the economy is weak. That’s why it needs all this help,” Schiff said, adding: “You can’t say we’ve got this really strong economy, but then say it needs a government crutch in order to support it. I mean, either the economy is strong, in which case it doesn’t need stimulus, or it’s weak and it needs stimulus.”

Schiff also noted that stimulus doesn’t even make a weak economy strong, “It actually makes a weak economy weaker by addicting it to stimulus.”

According to the veteran stockbroker, the reason the American economy needs the “emergency” tool constantly is because the central bank used it in the first place. “The Fed has so crippled the US economy by giving it the QE crutch that now the only way it can limp along is with that crutch. If you take that crutch away, you know, and the economy completely implodes. It collapses. So, we didn’t cure the economy by coming in with QE. We just created a bubble that is addicted to ever-increasing doses of that monetary heroin.

“We were always going to get more stimulus.

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The Killing of Ahmad Erekat in Israel Puts Media Bias on Full Display


27-06-20 07:27:00,

Menifee, CA (IAK) — Reuters reported Wednesday on the latest “alleged car-ramming incident” in which a Palestinian was killed at an Israeli military checkpoint. The news story – from the outlet that reaches “more than one billion people every day” – was brief, yet included statements from both an Israeli police spokesperson and a relative of the Palestinian man who was killed.

While this may suggest that the coverage of the incident was balanced, in reality, it was not.

This is part of two ongoing – and longstanding – trends: impunity on the part of Israel in its violent policies toward Palestinians, and a strong pro-Israel bias in American mainstream media (MSM).

Below is a look how Reuters reported the alleged car-ramming incident. Original (abridged) text is in italics; additional details are from (MSM source) Associated Press, and (alternative news sources) Mondoweissthe New ArabDemocracy Now!Palestine News Network, and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), as well as two Israeli online newspapers (two articles from Ha’aretz and one from Times of Israel) and Twitter.

Concluding remarks on the coverage of the Palestinian issue follow.


The alleged car-ramming

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli police on Tuesday shot dead a Palestinian man who they said had tried to ram his car into an officer at a military checkpoint in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the 27-year-old [Ahmed] Erekat lightly injured an officer when he drove his vehicle into a barrier at a checkpoint near the town of Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem.

Palestinian officials questioned the police’s account of Ahmad Erekat’s death. They said he was rushing to nearby Bethlehem to pick up family members from a hair salon on his sister’s wedding day.

“(He) got out of the car and approached officers who responded by shooting” him.

PCHR, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, includes details that paint a clearer,

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The Killing Of Rayshard Brooks Shows How Police “Reform” Is A Joke


15-06-20 09:10:00,

A black man named Rayshard Brooks was recently killed by an Atlanta police officer who shot him in the back while he was attempting to run away.

Video footage from the police bodycam and a nearby witness makes it clear that Brooks resisted arrest after failing a breathalyzer test when police approached him sleeping in his car at a Wendy’s parking lot, punching an officer and taking a taser the police had attempted to use on him before trying to flee the scene. Video footage from the parking lot makes it clear that Brooks was running away, and, without ceasing to run, pointed the taser at police behind him, at which point he was shot twice in the back by an officer named Garrett Rolfe.

New video released by the GBI shows the moment #Atlanta police shot and killed #RayshardBrooks in the parking lot of a Wendy’s. Police say Rayshard Brooks grabbed a taser and pointed it at police before an officer fired shots.

— Courtney Bryant (@CourtneyDBryant) June 13, 2020

There is no rational defense of this shooting. If someone is running away from you with a short-range weapon, it is literally impossible for them to pose an imminent threat to you. Just allowing Brooks to run out of the range of the taser, as he was already trying to do, would have nullified any potential threat to either of the two officers on the scene, because it would have been literally impossible for Brooks to tase them while continuing to run in the direction he was running.

This indisputable and self-evident fact hasn’t stopped people from bleating moronic police apologia in my social media notifications since the shooting occurred.

  • They claim Brooks could have tased an officer and taken his gun (again, let Brooks take himself out of taser range and there’s exactly zero risk of this happening).
  • They claim they couldn’t just let a “dangerous” criminal run around with a police weapon (it’s a taser; you can buy them at Walmart. What’s he going to do? Go on a mass tasing rampage?).
  • They claim the cop had to execute Brooks because he posed a “danger to society” (it is not a cop’s job to act as judge,

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How Shutdowns Will Keep Killing The Economy, Even When They’re Over


26-04-20 09:29:00,

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

Imagine what it is like right now to plan for the future as a business owner. The owner doesn’t know if he or she will even be allowed to be open for business two weeks from now, or a month from now.

Indeed, politicians and their unelected (and unaccountable) health advisors keep insisting that they might elect to close down businesses or impose new restrictions on large portions of the economy at any time.

The uncertainly associated with all this is immense. Consider some examples: thanks to moratoria on evictions in many cities, renters who can’t pay rent — thanks in part to government-forced lockdowns — can stay in their rental units indefinitely. Landlords have no idea when they will next be able to actually collect revenues again from paying customers. Meanwhile, “elective” healthcare services like eye care and dental care have been deemed “unessential” by bureaucrats and governors in many states. These offices will be closed and collecting little-to-no revenue. Restaurants, of course, aren’t permitted to do business beyond take-out service in places with lockdowns. (Although these restaurants still have to pay rent for their dining rooms.)

Even beyond the short term, business owners have no way to plan. If a business owner is allowed to actually conduct business during the summertime this year, it may still be that politicians will later elect to shut businesses whenever it is decided the risk of spreading viruses demands another “shutdown.” We’re even told this could go on for years.

One would have to be impressively naive and deeply ignorant about how businesses work to think that commerce, investment, and entrepreneurship would just continue as usual under these conditions. In reality,  the threat of a government-mandated lockdown hanging over the heads of countless business owners and entrepreneurs will mean there will be far less willingness and ability to invest in businesses, offer products and services, or employ people.

The Problem with Regime Uncertainty

This problem has a name: “regime uncertainty.” Economic historian Robert Higgs defines it as “a pervasive lack of confidence among investors in their ability to foresee the extent to which future government actions will alter their private-property rights.”

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Killing of Iran’s Quds Force chief Soleimani by US ‘MOST LIKELY violates international law’ – UN Rapporteur


03-01-20 01:59:00,

The UN’s top expert on extrajudicial executions said that Washington’s decision to assassinate the commander of the Iranian elite Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, cannot be justified under international law.

Major-General Soleimani and the second-in-command of the Iran-backed Iraqi paramilitary Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, were killed (along with others) in a US airstrike at Baghdad’s airport on Friday morning.
The “targeted killings” of both men “most likely violate international law incl[uding] human rights law,” the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, Agnes Callamard, wrote on social media shortly after the attack.

The targeted killings of Qasem Soleimani and Abu mahdi al muhandi most likely violate international law incl human rights law. Lawful justifications for such killings are very narrowly defined and it is hard to imagine how any of these can apply to these killings. #Iraq

— Agnes Callamard (@AgnesCallamard) January 3, 2020

Outside the context of active hostilities, the use of drones or other means for targeted killing is almost never likely to be legal.

The human rights expert said that such an attack may have been justified to protect against “an imminent threat to life” or in self-defense, but this “test is unlikely to be met in these particular cases.”

Lawful justifications for such killings are very narrowly defined and it is hard to imagine how any of these can apply to these killings.

The Pentagon argued that the airstrikes were aimed at “deterring future Iranian attack plans.” Callamard, however, dismissed this reasoning as being “very vague” and, therefore, unable to qualify as rationale to carry out targeted killings under international law.

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In total, eight more people died along with Soleimani and al-Muhandis. The UN rapporteur stressed that such “collateral” damage is also unlawful.

The airstrikes received praise among US President Donald Trump’s allies in the Republican Party, but were called reckless and escalatory by his opponents in the Democratic Party.

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