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A few days ago Ole Dammegard issued a warning concerning a possible larger scale European terror attack. Ole is always reluctant to issue warnings but with the information he had been given he felt now was the time to sound the alarm. He has predicted up to 18 international terror attacks before they happened and once more he saw signs that a possible very large wide spread attack was in the making. In this interview he talks about what he thinks might have been avoided and the chaos it might have caused to the international deep state that ever so often seems to be behind the terror attacks we are now all so tired of seeing. It is time for positiv change and Ole call upon all those good forces within military, intelligente and politics to do the right thing and say no to more fabricated chaos. It is time for moral courage and bravery within the halls of power. Due to the massive awakening that is happening around the world, the deep state have no other choice but to try and create more chaos in order to further their agenda of more restrictions and censorship upon the population. Let us all be a part in making sure there will be no more chaos but instead a bright future with harmony and love as a plattform for a new world. The key to stop further attacks is to quickly spread information that reveals who is behind the chaos. So please share far and wide on all possible plattforms. It is time for peace, love and light.

Ole Dammegård – En storskalig europeisk terrorattack kan ha undvikits.

För några dagar sedan gick Ole Dammegård ut med en varning kring en potentiellt storskalig terrorattack i Europa. Det är inte ofta Ole ringer i varningsklockan men med den information han fått kände han att det var dags. Han har förutspått upp till 18 internationella terrorattacker innan de har hänt och nu såg han tecken på att en ny mycket stor attack kunde vara på gång.

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War Criminals at Large – Global Research


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It is a common misconception that democracies do not start wars of aggression or carry out terrorist attacks. The historical facts for the period from 1945 to today show a completely different reality: time and again, democratic states in Europe and North America have participated in wars of aggression and terrorist attacks in the past 70 years.

There are so many cases that I am not able to list all of them here. As examples, I have selected three events from different decades:

  • the illegal attack by the European democracies Britain and France on Egypt in 1956;
  • the terrorist attack by the democracy France on Rainbow Warrior, a ship operated by the environmental organization Greenpeace in 1985;
  • and the illegal attack by US President Donald Trump on Syria on April 7, 2017.

Because mass media, neither in the European nor the American democracies, openly address and criticize these crimes and because so far the responsible politicians have not been convicted by a court, a stubborn misconception persists in the populations of these aggressor states that democracies never start wars and also never use terror as a political instrument.

But the three examples mentioned show clearly:

Democracies, members of the NATO military alliance and with a veto power in the UN Security Council to protect themselves from condemnation, have repeatedly attacked other countries.

This is illegal. For the UN Charter of 1945, Article 2 (4), clearly states:

All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force..[..]

The Charter only allows the use of force if an attacked state defends itself or if the United Nations Security Council has approved the military strike. In all other cases, the UN prohibits war. Terrorist attacks are always prohibited.

The attack on Egypt in 1956

Egypt is a strategically important country because of the 160 kilometer long Suez Canal, opened in 1869. It plays a central role in supplying Europe with crude oil. The canal connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea and saves ships from the Persian Gulf to Europe the detour around Africa. Today, the canal is plied daily by tankers bringing oil and liquefied natural gas to the European market.

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