World’s largest Ponzi scheme ‘fiat currency & banking’ on way to collapse, CEO of online investment platform tells Keiser Report


07-04-20 02:35:00,

As the global economy is struggling with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, concerns are growing about the stability of the international monetary system.

RT’s Keiser Report is joined by Simon Dixon, the CEO and co-founder of the online investment platform, to talk about the possibility of new digital currencies from central banks and governments around the world, as the debt-based fiat world disintegrates.

“This is really a global reset in the financial system,” says Dixon, adding that he does not want to sound dramatic.

“People are going to think about their own livelihoods and their own personal situation and conserving cash,” he explains, adding that it will inevitably lead to slowdown in mortgages and “the collapse of the fractional reserve banking system.”

“And then inevitably a bailout which I am forecasting will be the central bank, all the governments creating their own digital currency and essentially allowing banks to go bust without people losing their money by giving them the ability to open a wallet with the Central bank if they had $10,000 in their account,” he says.  

According to the expert, “we are going to see a real attack from central banks on traditional banks as we inevitably experience the ginormous consequences of essentially the world’s largest regulator Ponzi scheme that we’ve seen in our lifetime called fiat currency and banking.”

For more stories on economy & finance visit RT’s business section

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Hong Kong Reports Largest Surge In Infections Yet As Experts Warn ” We’re On The Edge Of All-Out War” With COVID-19: Live Updates


20-03-20 03:12:00,


  • Hong Kong reports largest daily jump in cases on record as travelers revive outbreak
  • NY rolls out restrictive new measures
  • NY case total tops 7k
  • Italy says Army will help enforce lockdown, effectively declaring martial law; might extend lockdown through early May
  • Spain death toll cracks 1,000
  • Italy reports another 627 deaths
  • Confirmed cases in US pass 14k
  • Drive thru testing site in NJ’s Bergen County has a line that’s over 1,000+ cars long
  • Switzerland bars all gatherings of more than 5 people
  • Trump says no plans for national lockdown
  • Germany to pass ‘shadow’ budget on Monday
  • EU suspends budget rules
  • Bavaria becomes first German state to impose ‘lockdown’
  • Johnson says UK can defeat virus in 12 weeks if ‘we work together’
  • Treasury now moving back both filing & payment deadlines for 2019
  • Novartis will donate up to 130 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to support global response
  • NBC News employee succumbs to virus
  • Dr. Fauci says social distancing should continue for several weeks
  • MTA confirms it has 23 sick workers
  • US, Mexico agree to shut southern border
  • China makes first purchase under ‘Phase 1’ trade deal
  • Altria chairman & CEO tests positive
  • Military confirms 35 American troops infected in Europe

*  *  *

Update (1320ET): As Italy’s worst outbreak spirals further and further out of control, Italy is reporting 5,986 new cases of coronavirus and 627 new deaths on Friday, raising the countrywide total to 47,021 cases and 4,032 dead, as the total number of cases in Europe surpasses the total ‘officially’ confirmed in China.

If you’re curious about how things are looking on the ground in Italy, this Channel 4 report is chilling.

*  *  *

Update (1240ET): In an alarming video that shows just how huge demand is for COVID-19 tests, a drive-thru testing site in Bergen County has a line that’s “several thousand cars long”.

Here’s a closer look at the drive-through testing site in Bergen County New Jersey.

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2nd Largest Insurance Firm, Swiss Re, Classifies 5G as a “High Impact” Liability Risk in Annual Risk Report – Activist Post


04-12-19 09:10:00,

By B.N. Frank

In February, telecom executives gave congressional testimony that they had NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe.  Many doctors and scientists say it isn’t.  People and pets have already become sick where it’s been installed (see 1, 2, 3).  Despite increasing worldwide opposition, warnings, and lawsuits (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) companies are still installing it anyway.  Most would consider that to be very risky especially considering that

  1. Insurance companies tend to NOT do business with telecom companies anymore (see 1, 2).
  2. Telecom companies have been warning investors for many years that they may eventually be held liable for harm caused by their devices and transmitters. In fact, there’s currently a Smart Phone Class Action lawsuit due to phones exceeding federal RF safety levels.

So it’s really not surprising that Swiss Re has classified 5G as a “High Impact” Risk.

The top five emerging risks in our SONAR 2019 report are digital technology’s clash with legacy hardware, potential threats from the spread of 5G mobile networks, increasingly limited fiscal and monetary flexibility by central banks, genetic testing’s implications on life insurers, and the impact of climate change on the life and health sector.

SONAR examines new and “slow-burner” emerging risks and their potential effects on the re/insurance industry. This year’s report features 15 emerging risk themes and five trend spotlights as well as an overview of global macro trends. Among the topics are the rising vaccine hesitancy, hazards of cosmetic surgery tourism, artificial intelligence and healthcare, concussion injuries in sports, the warehouse of the future, and the baby boomers’ skills gap.

Ever noticed how 5G rhymes with “insanity”?

Activist Post reports regularly about 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other sources of unsafe technology.  For more information visit our archives and the following websites.

Subscribe to Activist Post for truth,

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Drugmaker Pays Largest Opioid Settlement In History To Make Investigations Go Away


13-07-19 07:22:00,

A UK-based drugmaker has agreed to pay a record $1.4 billion settlement to the US government in order to end criminal and civil probes into allegations of illegal marketing of opioid addiction treatment medication, according to the Justice Department. 

The settlement with Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB Group) will include multiple investigations into a subsidiary, Indivior (formerly Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc.). 

“Opioid withdrawal is difficult, painful, and sometimes dangerous; people struggling to overcome addiction face challenges that can often seem insurmountable,” said assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt of the DOJ’s Civil Division. “Drug manufacturers marketing products to help opioid addicts are expected to do so honestly and responsibly.”

Suboxone, which proved to be a blockbuster-selling drug for Indivior, is an addiction-fighting medication that also contains opioids. Indivior was spun off into a separate company from the RB Group in December 2014, but the exposure and looming litigation and probes related to Suboxone were still attached to the parent company.

On April 9, a federal grand jury in Virginia indicted Indivior for “allegedly engaging in an illicit nationwide scheme to increase prescriptions of Suboxone,” according to the DOJ. The company denied the charges and trial is scheduled to start in May 2020.

Federal prosecutors charged that Indivior allegedly marketed a version of Suboxone (Suboxone Film) to medical professionals as less addictive and safer than other drugs containing its active ingredient, the opioid buprenorphine, according to the DOJ statement. –ABC News

According to the indictment, Indivior’s “Here to Help” web and phone resources actually funneled opioid-addicted patients to doctors who were actively prescribing Suboxone and other opioids “to more patients than allowed by federal law, at high doses, and in a careless and clinically unwarranted manner.”

The company was also accused of discontinuing its tablet form of Suboxone “based on supposed ‘concerns regarding pediatric exposure’ to tablets, despite Indivior executives’ knowledge that the primary reason for the discontinuance was to delay the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of generic tablet forms of the drug.” 

Included in the settlement is an immunity agreement, while RB Group will forfeit $647 million of proceeds from the sale of Indivior – nor will it manufacture,

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Notre-Dame: the Largest Real Estate Transaction in Europe has Begun in Paris


20-05-19 08:21:00,

The Ile de la Cité real estate renovation operation and its transformation into a tourist promenade began with the awarding of part of the Hôtel-Dieu to Novaxia, “philanthropist” Joachim Azan’s “transitory urbanism” group (photo).

This mega-operation was imagined in 2016, at the request of President François Hollande and the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, by the director of historical monuments Philippe Bélaval and architect Dominique Perrault.

It plans to take advantage of the renovation of the Tribunal de Paris, the Prefecture of Police and Hôtel-Dieu, in order to draw all the tourist potential of the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Sainte-Chapelle.

The cathedral fire constituted a “divine surprise” for the public authorities who will thus be able to carry out this project and commercially exploit the whole island. This, the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, summed up by declaring that Notre-Dame de Paris is “not a cathedral, it’s our common good”.

Rented for 144 million euros for 80 years, part of the Hotel-Dieu hospital will be transformed into housing, luxury shops and a gourmet restaurant. The hospital unions, observing the cuts to Parisian emergency services, are protesting against this choice.

The public tendering process had started before the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire.

Fast-tracked, an ad hoc law was voted in first reading by the National Assembly to manage the collection of donations for the restoration of the cathedral. It provides incidentally that the Government will be authorized, by government order, to make any and all derogations:
- 1 ° “To the rules concerning town planning, environment, construction and heritage preservation, in particular with regard to the compliance of planning documents, the issuance of works and construction authorizations, modalities of public participation in decision-making and environmental assessment, as well as preventive archeology;
- 2 ° Rules relating to public commissions, public lands, roads and transport
. “

The real estate project provides, for its part, the construction of a network of tunnels that will allow tourists to access the crypt of Notre Dame, but especially to relieve traffic on the island.

The ultimate goal is to transform the island from an administrative city into one of the busiest tourist areas in Europe.

On the same subject: “The Hidden Stakes of the Restoration of Notre-Dame”,

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Largest Palestinian Displacement Project Since 1967 Underway in West Bank, Galilee – Global Research


02-03-19 01:56:00,

New plans to ramp up the largest wave of forced displacement in Palestine since 1967 are currently underway.

In response to pressure from far-right Nahala groups, a number of Israeli senior lawmakers agreed to the terms of an early February petition pushed forth by groups rallying in support of settling two million settlers in the West Bank, or ‘Judea and Samaria.’ 

The Nahala Movement, campaigning on an end to the two-state solution through a rapid settlement of all West Bank territory, joined the rightist factions in modeling a settlement vision pushed by former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, also an early member of the Lehi paramilitary organization.

Their statement read:

“I hereby commit to be loyal to the land of Israel, not to cede one inch of our inheritance from our forefathers. I hereby commit to act to realize the settlement plan for the settlement of 2 million Jews in Judea and Samaria in accordance with Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s plan, as well as to encourage and lead the redemption of all the lands throughout Judea and Samaria. I commit to act to cancel the declaration of two states for two peoples and replace it with the stately declaration: The land of Israel: One country for one people.”

The plan, upheld by New Right and Likud members, seeks to annex 61 percent of West Bank territory, threatening 297,000 Palestinians by the settlements.

In comparison, the 1967 mass exodus saw the displacement of between 280,000 and 325,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands.

The main proponents of the plan include former Jewish Home and now New Right members Naftali Bennett, the current Education Minister of the Zionist entity who recently accused Donald Trump of planning a “Palestinian state over our heads,” and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

While mobilization of the most recent settlement project went into full force this week, it followed a trajectory that took root far before early February.

This plan falls under the framework of last summer’s Jewish nation-state law, the Section 7 of Israel’s Nation-State Law, which where “developing Jewish communities” was legitimized as a “national value” and that the Zionist entity would “act to encourage, promote, and establish them.”

Last October,

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US and EU Support Largest Land Grab Since 1948


10-02-19 06:31:00,

“Largest Land Grab Since 1948” — Israel to Expel 36,000 Palestinians From Negev 

Given the Israeli state’s rejection of their existence, government officials have called the Palestinians living in these villagers “violators” and “squatters” – accusing them of illegally occupying “state lands.”

EL AVIV, ISRAEL — According to an Israeli media report, the Israeli government has completed work on a massive, far-reaching plan that would expel an estimated 36,000 Palestinians from “unrecognized” villages in the Negev Desert. If the plan is approved by the Knesset, Israel’s legislative body, its implementation could begin as soon as this year and would take four years to complete. News of the plan was first published by Israel Hayom – Israel’s largest Hebrew-language newspaper, funded by Sheldon Adelson, the top donor to both U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The plan — compiled by Uri Ariel, Israel’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and his staff — features the seizure of an estimated 260,00 dunams (64,247 acres) from Palestine’s Bedouins. The size of the territory in question and the high number of Palestinians set to be affected has led some to call the plan the largest “land grab” of Palestinian-inhabited land since 1948, when the state of Israel was founded.
Israel Hayom’s report stated that, per the new plan, the Palestinian villages would be demolished and the ruins of their homes would then become the sites of “national projects,” infrastructure projects, and “security” installations after the forcible “transfer” of the land’s current inhabitants to other “state-approved” settlements such as Tel Sheva, Abu Talul and Umm Batin. The report noted that a major motivation behind the plan’s creation was the transfer of an arms-industry factory from another part of Israel to the Negev, as well as the expansion of the “Trans-Israel Highway” system.

Furthermore, the plan involves calling for a budget increase to boost the presence of law enforcement officials involved in the forcible “transfer” and in the demolition of Palestinian villages.
Rights groups have yet to comment on the newly announced plan targeting Palestinian communities in the Negev. However, Human Rights Watch has previously condemned Israel’s targeting of “unrecognized” Palestinian villages in the region. In 2016, Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division,   » Lees verder

Largest Cache Of Hacked Data In History Discovered: Over 770 Million Email Addresses, 21 Million Passwords


17-01-19 10:00:00,

Security expert Troy Hunt has exposed a the largest publication of breached data in history, affecting over 770 million email addresses and 21 million passwords.

The new finding, called “Collection #1” by Hunt, consists of 2.6 billion rows and is made up of “many different individual data breaches from literally thousands of different sources.” 

New breach: The “Collection #1” credential stuffing list began broadly circulating last week and contains 772,904,991 unique email addresses with plain text passwords (now in Pwned Passwords). 82% of addresses were already in @haveibeenpwned. Read more:

— Have I Been Pwned (@haveibeenpwned) January 16, 2019

The database going back as far as 2008 is a staggering 87GB in size, and comprises 1.1 billion unique combinations of email addresses and passwords – many of which have been “dehashed,” or cracked and converted back to plain text. 

This is when treating the password as case sensitive but the email address as not case sensitive. This also includes some junk because hackers being hackers, they don’t always neatly format their data dumps into an easily consumable fashion. (I found a combination of different delimiter types including colons, semicolons, spaces and indeed a combination of different file types such as delimited text files, files containing SQL statements and other compressed archives.)

The unique email addresses totalled 772,904,991. This is the headline you’re seeing as this is the volume of data that has now been loaded into Have I Been Pwned (HIBP). It’s after as much clean-up as I could reasonably do and per the previous paragraph, the source data was presented in a variety of different formats and levels of “cleanliness”. This number makes it the single largest breach ever to be loaded into HIBP. –Troy Hunt

The collection was dumped on anonymous storage site MEGA before it was posted on a popular hacking forum for anyone to access. 

Last week, multiple people reached out and directed me to a large collection of files on the popular cloud service, MEGA (the data has since been removed from the service). The collection totalled over 12,000 separate files and more than 87GB of data.

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In Pictures: The Largest Strike in History Is Happening in India Right Now – Global Research


09-01-19 03:53:00,

Around 150 million people began a two-day general strike in India today against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti-Labour and anti-trade union policies in India.

Workers from both the public and private sectors were joined by teachers and students from across the country, forming possibly largest strike in history.

#WorkersStrike Photos from Haryana where thousands of people marched as part of All India General Strike.

— CPI (M) (@cpimspeak) January 8, 2019

Below are a selection of AP photographs from today’s general strike.

Mumbai: Trade union activists demonstrate, march and wave communist flags on the first day of a two-day general strike.

Bangalore: Another huge trade union demonstration. A large number of people carry the banner of the All India United Trade Union Centre (AIUTUC).

Kolkata: The strikers are joined by Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) activists.

Arrests: Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader Sujan Chakraborty and fellow activists are arrested during today’s demonstration in Kolkata.


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All images in this article are from AP

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The Centre for Research on Globalization will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article. The Centre of Research on Globalization grants permission to cross-post Global Research articles on community internet sites as long the source and copyright are acknowledged together with a hyperlink to the original Global Research article. For publication of Global Research articles in print or other forms including commercial internet sites, contact: [email protected] contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available to our readers under the provisions of “fair use” in an effort to advance a better understanding of political, economic and social issues. The material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving it for research and educational purposes.

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The Largest Conspiracy Theory Peddlers Are MSM And The US State Department


11-12-18 08:36:00,

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,

The US State Department has issued a statement accusing the Syrian government of having carried out a false flag chemical weapons attack in northwestern Aleppo with the intent to blame it on the jihadist factions in the region, citing “credible info” that the public has not been permitted to see.

Never mind the known fact that there are actual, literal Al Qaeda affiliateswho have admitted to using chemical weapons in Aleppo, and who are known to have used chemical weapons throughout Syria even by the State Department’s own admission: the Official Narrative is that only the Syrian government uses chemical weapons, so the chemical weapons usage must necessarily be a false flag staged by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Except they didn’t use the words “false flag”. Despite the accusation being the exact definition of the thing that a false flag attack is, you won’t see the US government using that term, nor will you ever see it used in this instance by any of the authorized mainstream narrative-framing institutions like CNN or Fox News. This is because the term “false flag” is reserved solely for mention when referring to crazy, kooky Kremlin propaganda, as in the insane, unhinged, tinfoil hat belief that terrorists in Syria might possibly have some kind of motive to stage a false flag chemical attack in order to get the US, UK and France to act as their air force in a retaliatory strike against the Syrian government. That kind of false flag would be completely inconceivable to any right-minded empire loyalist, and is forbidden to even think about.

#MSM trying to link the #GiletJaunes protests to #Russia and #Putin.

Only surprising thing is how long it took.

— OffGuardian (@OffGuardian0) December 8, 2018

At the same time we are seeing a push from the mass media to advance a narrative that the Yellow Vests protests in France are due to Russian influence, with Iraq-raping neocon Max Boot publishing a column today in the Washington Post that is based entirely around the talking point that two trending Russian topics on social media have been “giletsjaune” and “France,” and Bloomberg putting out an article blatantly titled “Pro-Russia Social Media Takes Aim at Macron as Yellow Vests Rage”.

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U.S. Completes Largest Ammo Shipment To Europe Since NATO Bombing Of Yugoslavia

U.S. Completes Largest Ammo Shipment To Europe Since NATO Bombing Of Yugoslavia

28-10-18 03:24:00,

Is something big coming related to heightened tensions either with Russia, Iran, or Syria? It appears the U.S. military is publicizing a “show of force” of sorts, but not exactly in the conventional way of deploying tanks, ships, and aircraft.

Instead the official US Air Force website,, has announced to the world late this week that Ramstein Air Base in Germany has received its largest shipment of ammo in 20 years. The official government Air Force website announced

The 86th Munitions Squadron on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, received its largest shipment of ordnance in recent history. Approximately 100 containers with a variety of munitions rolled into Ramstein during the month of October. 

Master Sgt. David Head, 86th MUNS Munitions Operations section chief, noted that a delivery of such magnitude has not taken place since the late 20th century.

This, according to the press release, is so that the Department of Defense (DoD) will have the “ability to provide a rapid response against threats made by aggressive actors.”

Image source: US Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa

It comes amidst dangerously heightened rhetoric from both the White House and NATO which are threatening to finally pull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, something which Russia says it will refuse to renegotiate. The build-up of ordinance in the heart of Europe also comes after months of back-and-forth threats between Washington and Iran as the latter attempts to survive an aggressive US sanctions regimen. 

An Air Force spokesman said of the unusual size of the munitions transfer: “This is the largest shipment of its kind since Operation Allied Force, which took place in 1999,” according to

The spokesman, Master Sgt. David Head, referred to the 78-day NATO operation over Yugoslavia to bomb Serbian military positions and cities like Belgrade. “The munitions that we received will be used for future theater operations and the evolving U.S. European Command presence,” he added. 

Interestingly, the press release even mentioned potentially supplying operations in Africa where US AFRICOM has been expanding rapidly, according to a separate official: “We’re a major airlift hub for U.S.

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NATO’s Largest Exercise Since the Cold War – Global Research

NATO’s Largest Exercise Since the Cold War – Global Research

21-10-18 06:00:00,

NATO’s Largest Exercise Since the Cold War

Trident Juncture 2018 is NATO’s largest exercise since the Cold War.

Around 50.000 troops, 250 aircrafts, aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, 64 vessels and 10,000 vehicles will participate to Nato’s collective defence scenario (Article 5) from 25 October to 7 November 2018.

All Nato’s members as well as NATO partners Finland and Sweden will participate.

NATO casually describes Trident Juncture as a peacemaking endeavour, as means to defending Scandinavia against Russia:

The drills will take part in Central Norway,  in the North Atlantic including Iceland, in the Baltic Sea and in the airspace of Finland and Sweden.

The aircrafts will operate from four Norwegian air bases, from northern Finland and from Kallax in northern Sweden.

In the Finnish archipelago more than 40 surface vessels will simultaneously hold naval exercise called Northern Coasts, which is connected to Trident Juncture.

Although the majority of Finns are against NATO membership, there is almost no public debate as to why Finland is participating.


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Arizona is home to the largest Bio Chemical Weapons Dump… | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

Arizona is home to the largest Bio Chemical Weapons Dump… | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

25-09-18 08:38:00,

San Carlos Apache Nation

Arizona is home to the largest Bio Chemical Weapons Dump for Agent Orange in the world. Whole military arsenals buried under schools, office buildings, and residential districts by design sealed under contract by the gate keepers.

San Carlos Apache Tribe a congress enacted corporation foreign to the Apache that a few pride filled misguided tribal members work for, our oppressors, on the never ending quest to keep Native American people subjugated Into Eternity. The ones who dealt our community the death sentence as Prisoners of War at Camp San Carlos Apache have sold the generations to come to slavery or terminal illness. Federal Agents the San Carlos Apache Tribal Government Mr. Victoria’s Secret Robert Howard included, hold $100,000.00 Christmas parties for the select families maintaining federal control over Apache resources while the rest are left to die in chemical cesspools.

The American population thinks natives are happy and contently represented, there could be nothing further from the truth. Compliments of McCain, the U.S. Military, Department of Interior, and Department of Defense classified chemical projects with this duel purpose were delivered to unsuspecting community. Unknowingly contaminating all of Arizona’s headwaters in eastern Arizona possibly forever. One Develop Bio-Chemical Weapons and tell the public its water conservation. 2. Remove the remainder Apache prisoners of war to gain access to valuable minerals corrupted politicians can make backdoor auction block agreements with international corporations.

One clear example is the public land exchange, former Apache Territories Oak Flat eastern Arizona, to Resolution Copper. Of the richest ore bodies ever discovered to date on earth at 7000 feet sub-surface will become fully extracted with remote robotic mining from Australia, no need to spend significant amounts when American minerals can be exploited without leaving harbor. McCain, an Indian Act Policy maker maintained the world’s most raciest nation by confining a heritage of people to oppression and 3rd world poverty in the name of nationalism and special interests for economic gain. When it was the sell out Apache and Navajo Tribal Governments of equal immorality whom violated a culture betraying the next generations to come for self interest. A motley crew since it always takes two to make dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Re-Mind Me
by Ole Dammegard

‘Re-Mind Me’: The manual on how to dissolve the matrix,

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Video: Largest US Weapons Store – in Italy – Global Research

Video: Largest US Weapons Store – in Italy – Global Research

13-09-18 09:24:00,

Note to readers: please click the share buttons above. Forward this article to your email lists. Crosspost on your blog site, internet forums. etc.

On 8 August, the Liberty Passion docked at the port of Livorno, and on 2 September, the Liberty Promise. On 9 October, they will be followed by the Liberty Pride. The three ships will then return to Livorno, successively, on 10 November, 15 December and 12 January.

These are enormous Ro/Ro ships (Roll-On/Roll-Off – vehicle transporters), 200 metres long. They have 12 decks, each one capable of housing 6,500 automobiles. However, they are not, in fact, carrying vehicles, but tanks. They are part of a US fleet of 63 ships belonging to private companies who, on behalf of the Pentagon, are constantly transporting weapons in a global circuit between ports in the United States, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Asia.

The main Mediterranean stop is Livorno, because its port is connected to the neighbouring US base of Camp Darby. During a recent visit to the Florence daily ‘La Nazione’, Colonel Erik Berdy, Commander of the US Army garrison in Italy, emphasized the importance of this base.

The logistics base, situated between Pisa and Livorno, constitutes the largest US arsenal outside of the home country. The Colonel did not specify what the content of the 125 bunkers of Camp Darby may be. However, it may be estimated at more than a million artillery projectiles, airborne bombs and missiles, to which should be added thousands of tanks, vehicles and other military material. It can not be excluded that in the base there may have been, there are, or there may be nuclear weapons in the near future.

Source: PandoraTV

Camp Darby, claimed the Colonel, plays a key role by supplying US land and air forces much faster than if they were supplied directly from the USA. The base supplied most of the weapons used for the wars against Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, and Afghanistan. Since March 2017, with huge ships that make monthly stops at Livorno, the weapons from Camp Darby are continually transported to the ports of Aqaba in Jordan, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern ports in order to be used by US and allied forces in the wars in Syria,

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Visualizing How The 50 Largest US Companies Are Connected

Visualizing How The 50 Largest US Companies Are Connected

07-08-18 06:23:00,

For any corporation, the Board of Directors plays a crucial role in corporate governance.

Elected by the company’s shareholders, the board is meant to represent shareholder interests – it ultimately hires the CEO, sets strategic objectives, approves annual budgets, and provides accountability to the shareholders regarding the performance of the organization.

These duties are no cakewalk, and, as Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins notes, finding capable and experienced board members to help run a multi-billion dollar corporation just isn’t easy.


To locate a qualified candidate, one option is to hire someone that already has experience working on a big corporate board – and because it’s a part-time gig, people can actually be on multiple boards at once.

Today’s data visualization is from Reddit user /r/qwerty2020 and it shows the overlap between boards of the top 50 largest companies in the United States.

It reveals that 78% of the multi-billion dollar companies here have at least one board connection with another company on the list.


Here are the three most connected companies:

3M (7 connections)

The 3M board has 12 members on it, including people like the retired CEOs of Kroger and UPS, and the current CFO of Microsoft.

As for board members in common, there are seven people on 3M’s board that have a connection to one of the other 50 large companies, including: Boeing, Coca-Cola, AbbVie, Proctor & Gamble, Amgen, Chevron, and IBM.

Boeing (6 connections)

Boeing’s board has 13 members, including the CEO and Chairman of Amgen, and Ronald Reagan’s former White House Chief of Staff (Kenneth Duberstein). The former CEO of Allstate and the former CEO of Continental Airlines also serve on the board.

It has six connections to other big U.S. companies through its board, including: 3M, AbbVie, Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, U.S. Bancorp, and AT&T.

Amgen (6 connections)

The large biopharmaceutical company has 13 people on its Board of Directors, including the CEO and Chairman of Phillips 66, the former CEO of Mattel, and a former CFO of Walmart.

In total, it has six people that also serve on other boards: 3M,

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Largest Iceberg & Crazy Weather | Armstrong Economics

Largest Iceberg & Crazy Weather | Armstrong Economics

20-07-18 06:35:00,

QUESTION: You said while the energy output of the sun declines, at the same time the summers can get hotter. It seems strange but my daughter lives near you in Florida and it is hotter here in New York. Is the weather just getting crazy?

ANSWER: This summer we should see sweltering heat build across parts the northern United States and over western and central Europe throughout the summer months. The temperatures will be hotter in the Northern regions which definitely seems crazy. It is more comfortable in the South than in the North. These regions will simply see high temperatures past 90 F (32 C) up to 100 F (38 C ) on numerous occasions from June through August from probably Toronto to the Carolinas in the USA and in Europe from Frankfurt down to Milan/Rome.and Berlin, Germany.

There seems to be a pattern historically of dry summers and cold winters for Europe while in the Eastern US there will generally be flooding. This can contribute to producing dangerous conditions for not just people, the young and elderly, but to further the cycle of drowning crops in the US to droughts in Europe. This historically also tends to create the cycle of famine. The entire process is plagued by higher volatility with the swings to both extremes. This builds in cyclical force much as a bull market in a volatility period.

Meanwhile, the largest iceberg to ever threaten the shoreline in Greenland has appeared. An 11-million-ton iceberg, 300 feet tall, is now hovering over the town of Innaarsuit in Greenland. The massive iceberg floats dangerously close to shore coming within just 500 to 600 feet offshore last weekend. This is all part of perhaps the shift in climate that is brewing.

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The World’s Largest Migration Is About To Begin

The World’s Largest Migration Is About To Begin

15-02-18 10:24:00,

This Friday, China is going to celebrate its new year, kicking off one of the planet’s great migrations.

Also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes that this the event sees hundreds of millions of people leave their cities in order to visit their families in more rural parts of the country. In fact, practically all of China takes holiday at once, making the new year the biggest human event on earth.

Infographic: The World's Largest Migration Is About To Begin  | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

This year, the number traveling to welcome the Year of the Dog will be approximately 385 million, marking a 12 percent increase on 2017 according to China News. 

Comparing China’s largest annual migration with North America’s is a good way to gauge its sheer size.

Thanksgiving 2017 saw 50.9 million travelers negotiate long tailbacks on the interstate and overcrowded airports. Even though Thanksgiving is a major travel event, China’s new year is still seven times bigger, with its massive population making a big difference of course.

Known as “chunyun”, the annual new year migration in China also easily surpasses the world’s biggest pilgrimages in scale with Arba’een and the Hajj not even coming close.

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