Let’s Call the Geopolitical Operation of the “Global Elite” by Its Name, A Crime Against Humanity – Global Research


27-04-20 09:50:00,

Let’s Call the Geopolitical Operation of the “Global Elite” by Its Name, A Crime Against Humanity

What do we want to call the geopolitical operation of the “global elite” with its real “depopulation agenda” currently taking place before our very eyes?

The consequences of this gigantic, frightening swindle are being experienced by everyone personally at the moment.

Both the young and the old are deprived of their freedom and driven into despair, hopelessness and ultimately death. Is this geopolitical operation a “crime against humanity” as outlined under Nuremberg (1945/46 Trials)

I hereby publicly denounce the “main actors” and institutions who know what they are doing (“J’accuse…!”)

It is also allowed to speak on behalf of all those who either do not have a public voice or who do not dare or are not (any longer) able to speak: For example, the countless old and elderly people who are cared for in their families or who are waiting to die as residents of old people’s homes; the inmates of prisons or psychiatric institutions who are not allowed to speak at all; the infants and students who are no longer allowed to move freely, who are sometimes deprived of their educational opportunities and are not yet able to articulate themselves; the many day laborers, workers and parents who do not know how life should go on and who do not even take the right to freedom of expression for granted.

The restrictions imposed by the governments on the officially guaranteed civil liberties in connection with the so-called  “Corona crisis” must be lifted in their entirety, because in the opinion of countless independent scientists who do not bow down to criminal policies, there are no convincing arguments for the current arbitrary restrictions!


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Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is a certified psychologist and educationalist.


(1) Arendt. H. (2013, 8th edition) Eichmann in Jerusalem. A Report on the Banality of Evil. Munich, p. 399

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Open brief Dr. Rath: Let’s Stop the Virus – Create a Better World


23-03-20 11:58:00,

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Aan de mensen en regeringen van de wereld
Een open brief van Dr. Matthias Rath

Noot: Afgelopen week schreef ik al een artikel met daarin de boodschap, versterk je immuunsysteem en je hoeft niets te vrezen, exact de zelfde boodschap maar nu vanuit de wetenschap.

– Henk

Bron artikel Dr. Rath health Foundation: Let’s stop the virus!
Let’s end the hysteria!

Door: Dr. Matthias Rath

Een pandemie bedreigt momenteel de gezondheid en het leven van mensen over de hele wereld en verpest de economieën van hele landen. De schokgolf van deze pandemie wordt alleen overtroffen door het lef waardoor potentieel levensreddende informatie over de mogelijke beheersing van de pandemie systematisch wordt onthouden aan de mensen, evenals aan vele politieke besluitvormers wereldwijd.

Het sociale leven wordt verstoord, de burgerrechten worden ontnomen en economische schade in ongekende proporties wordt geaccepteerd, allemaal in naam van het inperken van de pandemie. En toch geven noch de zogenaamde ‘experts’ noch de politici die zij adviseren mensen het meest elementaire – en mogelijk levensreddende – gezondheidsadvies: een optimale inname van vitamines en andere essentiële micronutriënten is een essentiële maatregel voor iedereen om hun immuunsysteem. Dit wetenschappelijke feit – erkend door negen Nobelprijzen en gedocumenteerd in talloze studieboeken over biologie en biochemie over de hele wereld – is notoir afwezig in vrijwel elke aanbeveling voor volksgezondheid.

Hoewel de zoektocht naar een effectief en veilig vaccin om de huidige pandemie onder controle te houden belangrijk blijft, is de opzettelijke stilte over natuurlijke manieren om het immuunsysteem te versterken, die nu direct beschikbaar zijn, ronduit onverantwoord. Deze stilte is geen toeval. Het gebeurt in het belang van die bedrijfsbelangen die massaal economisch voordeel proberen te halen uit de aanhoudende crisis, namelijk de farmaceutische investeringsactiviteiten.

De publicatie van deze open brief zal deze plannen echter doen ontsporen en de ondergang van deze bedrijfsbelangen versnellen.

Als wetenschapper die – samen met tweevoudig Nobelprijswinnaar Linus Pauling – heeft bijgedragen tot een tot dusver ongekende vooruitgang in de natuurlijke menselijke gezondheid,

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Round Two: Let’s Make NIST Explain Latest Refusal to Release Data


05-11-19 08:26:00,

We’re not taking no for an answer.

The “no” in question has come from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in its response to several dozen emails from the public, sent at the urging of AE911Truth, asking NIST to annul its 2009 “Finding Regarding Public Safety Information.” This policy states that the disclosure of certain computer modeling data and other information used by NIST in its investigation of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 cannot be released to the public because it “might jeopardize public safety.”

In response to those who contacted NIST last month, NIST’s Public Inquiries Office wrote:

“The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) stands by the conclusions reached in its WTC 7 investigation, as well as the finding under Section 7d of the National Construction Safety Team Act. Based upon this finding, NIST did not release limited and specific input and results files for certain models because they might jeopardize public safety.”

The big question is how could the release of NIST’s computer modeling data possibly jeopardize public safety?

Today, on behalf of more than 3,000 architects and engineers whose foremost duty is to protect the public’s safety, we’re asking you to keep up the pressure on NIST. Please email NIST Director Walter Copan to ask him how releasing this data could jeopardize public safety and how exactly terrorists could use this data to “devise ways to destroy buildings,” as claimed by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

It’s time to let NIST know that the boilerplate statements will resolve nothing and that the pressure will keep on coming.

As one AE911Truth supporter put it to NIST: “I would like to urge greater transparency in the scientific process regarding the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11. I fail to see how withholding this information ensures any type of public safety. This looks like a deception rather than anything in the public interest.”

NIST’s stonewalling stands in stark contrast to the full disclosure of all input data, results data, and simulations used or generated during the University of Alaska Fairbanks study of Building 7’s collapse.

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Let’s Have a Financial Crisis: First, We Need a Central Bank – Global Research


07-10-19 02:21:00,

Westerners have been for generations infused with a conviction that a nation’s central bank must, under threat of great ‘moral hazard’, be kept separate and independent of that nation’s government. The reasons are unclear, but since this mythology qualifies as a biblical pronouncement, it is by nature not open to question. The proposition is, of course, nonsense. How can a country manage its affairs without having control of its own money and its own central bank? Think of a corporation having no access to its own money or credit, having to depend on an outside “unrelated and independent” third party for all funding, a party with no common interests whatever with this corporation, and with its own commercial interests often diametrically opposed to those of the company. Even worse, imagine the company having to “borrow” its own money from this independent source, and repay with interest. How could that possibly make sense? Welcome to the world of secret bankers and privately-owned central banks, like the Bank of England, of France and Germany, and the US Federal Reserve, the ultimate source of financial crises, of recessions and depressions, and of wars.

The history of economic turmoil and of wars has always revolved around those who control the world’s central banks. In fact, recessions and wars tend to have the same broad objective which is to put yet more money into those same hands. History is not short of documented evidence of the European bankers, primarily the Rothschilds but including eight families in all, not only inciting and fostering wars and revolutions but profiting by financing both sides of the conflicts. One problem after a war is that we have a (rich) victor and a (poor) loser. The rich victor may be easily able to repay his war financing with interest, but the poor loser is in a precarious position. Therefore, the war financing contracts typically contain a clause obligating the victor to permit the defeated country latitude to accumulate sufficient funds to repay its war debt in full – usually to the same banker or his brother or cousin. This may have been the origin of the expression “a win-win situation”. In any case, in addition to the huge profits from financing international conflicts, wars provide much opportunity for those bankers and their closest friends to purchase for pennies all the attractive assets of the newly-devastated losers,

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Let’s Play Follow The Climate Money!


08-01-19 02:54:00,

Authored by Paul Driessen, originally published at CFACT.org

The climate crisis industry incessantly claims that fossil fuel emissions are causing unprecedented temperature, climate and weather changes that pose existential threats to human civilization and our planet. The only solution, Climate Crisis, Inc. insists, is to eliminate the oil, coal and natural gas that provide 80% of the energy that makes US and global economies, health and living standards possible.

Failing that, CCI demands steadily increasing taxes on carbon-based fuels and carbon dioxide emissions.

However, as France’s Yellow Vest protests and the latest climate confab in Poland demonstrated, the world is not prepared to go down that dark path. Countries worldwide are expanding their reliable fossil fuel use, and families do not want to reduce their living standards or their aspirations for better lives.

Moreover, climate computer model forecasts are completely out of touch with real-world observations. There is no evidence to support claims that the slight temperature, climate and weather changes we’ve experienced are dangerous, unprecedented or caused by humans, instead of by the powerful solar, oceanic and other natural forces that have driven similar or far more serious changes throughout history.

More importantly, the CCI “solutions” would cause unprecedented disruption of modern industrialized societies; permanent poverty and disease in poor countries; and serious ecological damage worldwide.

Nothing that is required to harness breezes and sunshine to power civilization is clean, green, renewable, climate-friendly or sustainable. Tens of billions of tons of rock would have to be removed, to extract billions of tons of ores, to create millions of tons of metals, concrete and other materials, to manufacture millions of wind turbines and solar panels, and install them on millions of acres of wildlife habitats – to generate expensive, intermittent energy that would be grossly insufficient for humanity’s needs. Every step in this process requires fossil fuels – and some of the mining involves child labor.

How do CCI alarmists respond to these points? They don’t. They refuse to engage in or even permit civil discussion. They rant that anyone “who denies climate change science” is on the fossil fuel industry payroll,

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