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With the passing of David Rockefeller, I started to reflect on his views of the world. Time and time again he pushed for a New World Order and a one world government, which would allow the elite and world bankers to hold complete control over the global population. This got me thinking: Do people even understand the gravity of the situation at hand, or what a one world government would mean?

What the New World Order Would Look Like

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Throughout history, numerous politicians and members of the elite have spoken out about their support for a one world government or a New World Order, and the shadow government that’s pushing for it, but what do all of these terms mean?

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The New World Order is the supposed goal of a handful of global elitists who are pushing for a one world government and a heightened national security state. This group often referred to as the cabal, has been using foreign threats to heighten security, strip us of our rights, and invade other countries. The entire world is practically covered with U.S. military bases, with the exception of Russia and a few other countries.

Those pushing for the New World Order are the same members of the elite class who control the U.S. government, otherwise referred to as the “shadow government.” Numerous politicians have publicly discussed the people who secretly control the U.S. political system, creating laws and bending them.

John F. Hylan, former Mayor of New York City, explained:

The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation . . .  The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties . . .  [and] control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country.

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In my last piece for LewRockwell.com, entitled “The Quality of Mercy”, I discussed the excellent interview with UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer recently posted by RT on their program Going Underground. On 8 June 2019 Chris Hedges conducted a new, comprehensive, and powerful interview also with Nils Melzer, an interview that I feel is worth watching for all those concerned about the current state of Julian Assange, and the actions of the governments persecuting him.

Dr. Melzer states in the beginning regarding the health of Julian that, “what we’re talking about is severe traumatization, chronic anxiety, intense constant stress, inability to relax, to focus, to think in a structured straight line…someone in a hyper-stimulated state.”

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In response to Mr. Hedges question, “What are both the physical and psychological short-term and long-term effects and what do you attribute that psychological torture to? Because you have really pinned the blame on four different governments,” Dr. Melzer replied, “Obviously, psychological torture can have various consequences. It’s difficult to predict exactly how the situation will evolve. What we’ve seen now, during my visit, was already alarming. And what we have seen since then [is] that his state of health has rapidly deteriorated, as predicted by the psychiatrist accompanying my visit. What can happen obviously on the prolongation of this is that we’ll have irreversible damage, even on the physical level; first, on the psychological-emotional level, but then also on the physical level it can lead to nervous breakdowns or even actually then to cardiovascular damage that is no longer reversible. But it’s very difficult to predict with accuracy and I’m not myself a doctor. But we see today Mr. Assange is no longer able to participate in his own court hearings.”

He then explains why he believes the four states he mentioned are responsible, starting with the attempt by “the elephant in the room,” the United States to get Mr. Assange extradited and to prosecute him: “Mr. Assange had a credible fear to be extradited to the U.S. and to be exposed to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment there.”

Later in the interview,

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We are seriously worried about the condition of Julian Assange. He was too unwell to appear in court yesterday, and his Swedish lawyer, Per Samuelson, found him in a state where he was unable to conduct a conversation and give instructions. There are very definite physical symptoms, particularly rapid weight loss, and we are not satisfied that genuine and sufficient diagnostic efforts are being made to determine the underlying cause.

Julian had been held for the last year in poor, highly confining and increasingly oppressive conditions in the Ecuadorean Embassy and his health was already deteriorating alarmingly before his expulsion and arrest. A number of conditions, including dental abcesses, can have very serious consequences if long term untreated, and the continual refusal by the British government and latterly the Ecuadoreans to permit him access to adequate healthcare while a political asylee was a callous denial of basic human rights.

I confess to feeling an amount of personal relief after his arrest that at least he would now get proper medical treatment. However there now seems to be no intention to provide that and indeed since he has been in Belmarsh his health problems have accelerated. I witnessed enough of the British state’s complicity in torture to know that this may be more than just the consequence of unintended neglect. That the most lucid man I know is now not capable of having a rational conversation is extremely alarming.

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There is no rational reason that Assange needs to be kept in a high security facility for terrorists and violent offenders. We are seeing the motive behind his unprecedented lengthy imprisonment for jumping police bail when he entered political asylum. As a convicted prisoner, Assange can be kept in a worse regime than if he were merely on remand for his extradition proceedings. In particular, his access to his lawyers is extremely restricted and for a man facing major legal proceedings in the UK, USA and Sweden it is impossible, even were he healthy, for his lawyers to have sufficient time with him adequately to prepare his cases while he is under the restrictions placed on a convict.

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Chemical Torture – LewRockwell LewRockwell.com


07-05-19 03:47:00,

There is great evil being perpetrated by Washington D.C. here and around the world.

A persistent terrible hate for life, liberty and humanity arrived on little cat feet and has taken over our country.  This did not begin with Trump, but sadly it also is not going to end with him either.

Trump promised to drain the swamp, implying change, transparency and accountability.

Instead he brought in neoconservative king-makers and warmongers, and allowed their influence to grow disproportionately, while his co-dependents in the other party facilitate the agenda of death.

The criminal pursuit and indictment of Wikileak founder, Julian Assange is the proof in the pudding.   The 40 page criminal complaint contains a lot of detail but not much crime.  In fact, the “crimes” are more like descriptions of how journalism is done in the information age, if it is true that the job of journalism is to tell the stories, name the names, and state the facts that governments don’t want told, named or stated.  

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In a normal world, none of this is worth much energy or attention.  There is very little legally here to work with, and success so far on the part of the US Government has been solely via a reliable judge in the Eastern District Court of Virginia, and other people’s money and other people’s governments, beholden or paid by the US.

But in the world that exists today, we see these overblown aggressive tactics and we can feel the excitement, the goosebumps and the hot necks of the FBI and CIA suits as they make their bones.

Chelsea Manning is back in prison, ordered back into solitary.  She is not the person she was after years of torture, isolation and chemical interrogation.  Ironically, her cognitive function as a result of her previous treatment is likely to render any future interrogation useless in court, legally and practically.  She received the Jose Padilla treatment, albeit refined by some years of USG practice. 

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The Martyrdom of St. Julian – LewRockwell LewRockwell.com


30-04-19 06:15:00,

News of the arrest and imprisonment of Julian Assange has probably reached you by now, but, just in case, here is a recap. Julian Assange is an Australian journalist; as such, he is a towering giant among a tiny cluster of midgets. Google “great Australian journalists” and you get him and a bunch of people nobody has ever heard of, many of them already dead.

He is a towering figure outside of Australia as well. While other Western journalists run around trying to please their owners, sell advertising space, or struggle to avoid getting banned by the all-seeing eye of social media corporations, Assange has been both principled and fearless. Through his media outlet Wikileaks he has laid bare the dirty secrets of the US State Department and the war crimes of the Pentagon, corporate malfeasance and political corruption, hanging out for all to see the dirty laundry of many powerful and influential people. This made him a cause célèbre: Time Magazine pronounced him Man of the Year and he received human rights awards, standing in the same pantheon as Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. But such are the vicissitudes of fortune that now he is being martyred—a sufferer for the truth, unjustly accused and persecuted by a doomed race of inveterate liars.

This was inevitable. In the process of publishing evidence of dirty secrets and war crimes he made plenty of powerful, influential enemies, and they eventually scared up some false evidence to use against him. In 2012, faced with the unenviable fate of being extradited from the UK to Sweden, there to be humiliated before a Swedish kangaroo court, Assange opted to enter the Ecuadoran embassy in London, where he spent the next seven years living in a small room. It was, in essence, a form of solitary confinement, which is commonly considered to be a form of torture.

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It’s hard to tell whether seeking refuge in the Ecuadoran embassy was a good decision or a bad one to start with, but it turned into an increasingly bad decision over time.

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Special to LewRockwell.com

“Tell me who you cannot criticize and I will tell you who is your master”. Attributed to Voltaire.

Saying anything negative about Israel has long been the third rail of US politics and media.  Israel is our nation’s most sacred cow.  Any questioning of its behavior brings furious charges of anti-Semitism and professional oblivion.

I keep in my bookcase a cautionary book, ‘They Dared Speak Out’ written by US senators and congressmen who all lost their positions after rebuking Israel for its mistreatment of Palestinians or daring to suggest that Israel had far too much influence in the US.

Journalists learn this first commandment very early.  Criticize, or even question, Israel at your own peril.   Until recently, we journalists were not even allowed to write there was an ‘Israel lobby.’  It was widely considered Washington’s most powerful lobby group but, until lately, mentioning its name was seriously verboten.

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Now, young Democratic stars Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a feisty congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, have suddenly broken the taboo and said what dared not be said: there is too much rightwing Israeli influence and there must be justice for Palestine.

Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have come to the defense of Ilhan Omar against the usual charges that she is anti-Semitic.  So have black groups and smaller liberal Jewish groups.  The Democratic Party, that once received half its financial support from Jewish sources, is badly split over the Palestine crisis.  Its old guard is retreating and does not know what to do beyond issuing fiery denunciations of the heretical Miss Omar.  The Democrat Party split comes just at a time when it is trying to bring down President Donald Trump.

Many people seem unaware that Islam is now America’s third largest religion and may soon surpass the number of Jews.  In Canada, Muslims are already the second religion.

Ilhan is not anti-Semitic.  I grew up in New York and New England where vicious anti-Semitism abounded.  

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