LISTEN: Cornel West, Ben Wizner, & Max Blumenthal on Assange – Defend WikiLeaks


07-02-20 07:54:00,

LISTEN: Cornel West, Ben Wizner & Max Blumenthal on Julian Assange: Countdown to Freedom


Listen to the latest episode of Randy Credico’s radio show “Julian Assange: Countdown to Freedom”, an ongoing exploration of the prosecution and persecution of the imprisoned WikiLeaks founder, hosted by Covert Action Magazine and featuring regular updates from the Courage Foundation’s Nathan Fuller:


On this episode, Credico speaks with legendary civil rights activist, author, and Harvard University Professor Dr. Cornel West, who lauds Julian Assange as a revolutionary truth-teller and places his revelations in an historical context. Dr. West visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and he recounts their conversations on history and politics.

Credico and Fuller also speak with the ACLU’s Ben Wizner, lead attorney for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, in detail about the U.S. government’s unprecedented indictment of Julian Assange. Wizner discusses just how brazen and dangerous he finds the use of the Espionage Act against a foreign publisher, and the implications that an extradition would mean around the globe. He also talks about the ways in which a conviction would threaten other journalists and the U.S. government’s attempt to distance Assange from the profession.

Finally, Credico speaks to journalist Max Blumenthal, editor of The Grayzone, about the international value of WIkiLeaks’ disclosures. Blumenthal, who will be at the Courage Foundation’s panel event on Assange’s prosecution on February 15th in New York City, gave examples of the utility of the war logs and diplomatic cables for journalists, and reminded listeners that even as Assange is in prison, WikiLeaks continues to publish groundbreaking revelations from whistleblowers within the OPCW.

Listen to past episodes of “Julian Assange: Countdown to Freedom” here.

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Listen to Morales at the UN and see why he was overthrown by the Empire | The Vineyard of the Saker


15-11-19 08:01:00,

In the previous article,

Militarization of South America, Coup in Bolivia and Argentina’s rapprochement with the Eurasian powers,

by Fabio Reis Vianna publ. on November 15, 2019,

it was clearly stated (almost at the end):

“Curiously, shortly before the violent classic coup d’état against President Evo Morales, the government

of that country had announced plans to nationalize its production of Lithium.

Global demand for Lithium, essential in the production of cell phone batteries, laptops and electric cars,

is expected to triple in the next 15 years.

Not coincidentally, Lithium’s world’s largest reserves are in Bolivia. ”

Furthermore, there were multiple and rather secret negotiations with a number of countries about who is going to develop lithium extraction, processing and post-processing, and under what terms: Germany, USA, Russia or China.

Perhaps even other 3 South American countries were partially involved: Argentina Brazil and Chile.

Thus, Morales’ speech at UN, however pleasing in its fair description, is minor compared to the lithium mining rights. My guess is that those negotiations with USA were not going well, and that entrance into, and possible domination of, South American lithium market , by either China or Russia, makes hegemon apoplectic. So they activated economic A2D2 tools

Best regards, Spiral

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Listen to a Saudi analyst explaining why the KSA and Israel are cozying up to each other | The Vineyard of the Saker


28-02-19 08:35:00,

Saudi analyst Abdul Hamid al-Hakeem has defended the appearance of Saudi and Arab leaders alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a recent conference in Warsaw, asserting that Saudi normalisation of ties with Israel was no cause for embarrassment. The two-day US-organised Warsaw conference on “peace and security” in the Middle East was widely seen as another major step by certain Arab and Israeli leaders to achieve a normalisation of ties. Al-Hakeem, the former director of the Jeddah-based Middle East Center for Strategic and Legal Studies, suggested that by achieving peace with Israel, a new Middle East would be created free of the ‘Iranian threat’.

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Must Listen! Emeritus Professor Kees van der Pijl on Israel


03-12-18 04:59:00,

Must Listen! Sussex University Professor On Israels Involvement on 9/11 & More!

Richie Allen

Gepubliceerd op 28 nov. 2018


Kees van der Pijl is a political scientist who is emeritus professor of international relations at the University of Sussex. Kees explains to Richie why he believes Israeli agents were behind the demolition of the twin towers on 9/11. They also chat about the post 9/11 media landscape, the death of investigative journalism, academic freedom, Russia/Ukraine and more. This is unmissable. Support The Richie Allen Show by donating at Richie has been producing and presenting television and radio programs for the best part of twenty years. The Richie Allen Show airs Monday – Thursday at 5 PM GMT and at 11 AM UK Time each Sunday. Listen live here: (Channel 2)…

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