A Living Example of Political Anarchy – No State, No Police, No Gangs, No Crime | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

A Living Example of Political Anarchy – No State, No Police, No Gangs, No Crime | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

27-09-18 08:50:00,

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer
Waking Times

We live in a supremely statist world, and ordinary people find it practically impossible to think outside of this box. If you ask the ‘man on the street’ what he thinks of political anarchism, you’ll notice that their mind is altogether incapable of even entertaining the possibility. They’ll tell you that anarchy is chaos, blood in the streets, riots, fires, mayhem, and the utter collapse of civilization.

As a political philosophy, anarchy is something much different from the bad rap it has in the minds of the sheeple. It is a philosophy centered around the ideas of voluntarism and individual liberty, which, incredibly, are two ideas that are looked down upon by the pundit class and intellectuals that roam the halls of universities and state offices.

To them, anarchy represents too much freedom, something that if it were granted to any notable group of people would cause them all to devolve into the lowest common denominator of base emotions and animal behavior.

Re-Mind Me
by Ole Dammegard

‘Re-Mind Me’: The manual on how to dissolve the matrix, or how to reach enlightenment,or how to just live a better life.

Here is a simple guide that might help you unlock some of the most profound and deep secrets of your life. It is especially well suited for children, teenagers, adults, old timers and seekers of all ages.

It is a great tool to see if you are aware of what is going on in your life. What is real, and what isn’t? How do you deal with so

called good and bad? It might also help you make your life as easeful, peaceful and useful as possible.

Based on what might be universal truths, this game-manual gives you very valuable inside information that can change your life for the better – if you choose to listen.

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(With foreword by Nalanie Chellaram)

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In other words, the prevailing wisdom of the day is that the state is an absolute necessity for keeping people civilized.

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The Living Reality Of Military-Economic Fascism Exposed

The Living Reality Of Military-Economic Fascism Exposed

24-09-18 09:03:00,

Authored by Robert Higgs via The Mises Institute,

“The business of buying weapons that takes place in the Pentagon is a corrupt business – ethically and morally corrupt from top to bottom. The process is dominated by advocacy, with few, if any, checks and balances. Most people in power like this system of doing business and do not want it changed.”

– Colonel James G. Burton (1993, 232)

In countries such as the United States, whose economies are commonly, though inaccurately, described as “capitalist” or “free-market,” war and preparation for war systematically corrupt both parties to the state-private transactions by which the government obtains the bulk of its military goods and services.

On one side, business interests seek to bend the state’s decisions in their favor by corrupting official decision-makers with outright and de facto bribes. The former include cash, gifts in kind, loans, entertainment, transportation, lodging, prostitutes’ services, inside information about personal investment opportunities, overly generous speaking fees, and promises of future employment or “consulting” patronage for officials or their family members, whereas the latter include campaign contributions (sometimes legal, sometimes illegal), sponsorship of political fund-raising events, and donations to charities or other causes favored by the relevant government officials.

Reports of this sort of corruption appear from time to time in the press under the rubric of “military scandal” (see, for example, Biddle 1985, Wines 1989, Hinds 1992, “National Briefing” 2003, Pasztor and Karp 2004, Colarusso 2004, Calbreath and Kammer 2005, Wood 2005, Babcock 2006, Ross 2006, and “Defense Contractor Guilty in Bribe Case” 2006). On the other, much more important side, the state corrupts business people by effectively turning them into co-conspirators in and beneficiaries of its most fundamental activity — plundering the general public.

Participants in the military-industrial-congressional complex (MICC) are routinely blamed for “mismanagement,” not infrequently they are accused of “waste, fraud, and abuse,” and from time to time a few of them are indicted for criminal offenses (Higgs 1988, 1990, xx-xxiii, 2004; Fitzgerald 1989; Kovacic 1990a, 1990b).

All of these unsavory actions, however, are typically viewed as aberrations — misfeasances to be rectified or malfeasances to be punished while retaining the basic system of state-private cooperation in the production of military goods and services (for an explicit example of the “aberration”

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People Living in their Cars in California? | Armstrong Economics

People Living in their Cars in California? | Armstrong Economics

02-09-18 07:30:00,

A very interesting issue has emerged in California. The price of real estate rose so high that the median price for a home reached $600,000 and the price was just too high. Consequently, people began to take up residence sleeping in their cars. A recent article looked at the issue and found that 15,000 people live in cars, vans, and RVs in Los Angeles alone. They were citing the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. This was just LA alone. Real Estate is starting to crash in California because (1) it exceeded the cost of the average person, and (2) taxes are rising and that further reduces the net disposable income. It is not just the price of the house, as taxes rise they reduce the take-home pay and thus the price of a house after taxes rises even faster. These two trends are colliding and this is why California real estate has begun to decline.

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Het Living village festival start in Dalfsen – De Lange Mars Plus

Het Living village festival start in Dalfsen – De Lange Mars Plus

14-06-18 06:34:00,

Het LiVing VilLage festiVal 2018 zoekt naar een ‘nieuwe, schone en gelukkige toekomst’. Een vijfdaags festival met uitgebreid programma met muziek, theater, gemeenschapsleven, duurzaamheid, spiritualiteit, bewustzijn, kunst, levend bouwen, off-grid workshops en lezingen, leven in een ecodorp, kinderveld en Open Spaces. Biologisch eten en drinken.

Het doel van het festival is om een grote groep mensen samen te brengen en voldoende geld zodat ze uiteindelijke een stuk land kunnen kopen waarop het levende dorp, van huizen met een levende bomenstructuur, kan beginnen.


Het festival wordt al een aantal jaren gehouden. Deze editie is van 18 tot en met 24 juni 2018. Het festival is ontstaan uit de droom van het levende dorp, wat tien jaar geleden als ingeving voorbijkwam.

Ze komen met oplossingen om de mensheid zijn zelfvoorziening terug te geven en om nieuwe manieren te vinden om samen communities te bouwen.’ Kortom op het festival in Dalfsen zijn de verwachtingen hooggestemd.

Het festival terrein is verdeeld in 12 buurten.
In Machine Elves en Monkey Town zorgen een groot aantal DJ’s voor veelbelovende muziek. In de Off the grid sectie van het festival terrein worden allerlei workshops gehouden met ideeën over duurzaamheid. Ook zijn er de ‘temple’ gronden. Dit is een plaats voor healing, inspiratie, samenkomst, verbinding en magie.  Hier brandt altijd het gewijde vuur dat je verwarmt met workshops, ceremonies, zweethutten, Yoga & Satsang programma, lezingen, enzovoort.

In het Future Lab vind je nieuwe technologieën, uitvindingen en bizarre experimenten. Een kinderspeelplaats mag natuurlijk niet ontbreken. Al het eten en drinken dat verkrijgbaar is op de voedselmarkt is biologisch. Daarnaast is er nog een markt met handwerk en ecovriendelijke producten.

Living Village

Het idee voor het festival en de organisatie is afkomstig van Stichting Het Levende Dorp, dat werkt aan het eerste dorp ter wereld met huizen gebouwd van levende bomen. Een van de initiatiefnemers Bob Radstake woont al een aantal jaar met zijn partner en twee kinderen in een dergelijke woning. Zijn doel is een levend dorp, om te laten zien dat het anders kan.

Zij gaan van start met de bouw van The Living Village,

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